Đồng nghĩa của absorpt

Động từ

To have involved or engaged in deeply
lost immersed engaged involved absorbed engrossed consumed enmeshed obsessed occupied threw affected assimilated connected enraptured enthralled hooked mired preoccupied fascinated captivated intrigued held rivetted arrested riveted gripped mesmerized interested enwrapped amused entertained beguiled diverted bemused distracted bewitched busied mesmerised held one's attention monopolized fixated spellbound fixed entranced fixt filled transfixed charmed overwhelmed engulfed monopolised holden attracted excited appealed to tempted drew titillated snared tantalized lured aroused concerned perked up touched pulled pleased whetted one's appetite moved engaged one's attention grabbed mattered to piqued caught one's eye turned on lit someone's fire tantalised sat up tickled someone's fancy enchanted floated someone's boat aroused one's curiosity captured one's imagination hypnotized hypnotised delighted allured caught up magnetized ravished magnetised bedazzled transported raptured seduced carried away dazzled thrilled held spellbound wiled rapped wowed stimulated enticed witched enamored drawn caught won over tickled pink put under a spell knocked out knocked dead won captured gladdened sent swept off one's feet enamoured intoxicated killed gratified bowled over tickled cast a spell on slayed held the attention of electrified infatuated wooed ensnared elated seized compelled stirred roused invited enslaved vamped inflamed held in awe exhilarated cheered employed gained impressed buried overcome elevated inveigled solaced overjoyed ensorcelled courted inspired overpowered tranced soaked put under magic spell swept off your feet put horns on roped in slain tickle to death slew satisfied put the whammy on provoked whetted the appetite of tied up made a hit with sent into raptures subdued turned someone on sparked whetted teased wakened stirred up taken took taken up blew away took up blown away amazed astounded bewildered thrown dumbfounded regaled plunged persuaded ensorceled spelled overcame enveloped influenced endeared cajoled disported staggered confused hexed recreated stoked beckoned got going inclined stunned caught someone's eye got someone going sent into transports tickled to death got lost in drowned made merry pulled in held your attention become lost knocked one's socks off sucked in obtained grabbed the attention of brought in kindled controlled caught the eye of drawn one's attention inspirited exerted influence on got wrapped up picked up tickled one's fancy given pleasure to enthused secured hogged applied turned one on cracked up attended enlivened bound made someone's mouth water comforted used up humoured gave pleasure to tickled your fancy kept busy ecstasized subjugated given a buzz struck cornered fired interested greatly exerted a pull on steered animated indulged gave someone a kick gave a buzz filled with delight lost oneself in bedevilled voodooed swamped pleased greatly appealed given someone a kick upped on caught hold of moved to tears humored subjected reduced to tears relaxed agitated held attention tricked drew one's attention aroused the curiosity of tickled the fancy of bedeviled quickened gotten aroused curiosity stricken forspoken forspoke taken someone's breath away took someone's breath away became lost sewed up sewn up thrown yourself into threw yourself into absorbed yourself in gotten going given someone a thrill gave someone a thrill done it for someone did it for someone sunken sank sunk gave joy to given great pleasure to gave someone a charge gave great pleasure to given joy to given someone a charge

Động từ

To have understood or accepted the validity of
took understood comprehended apprehended got grasped appreciated followed saw accepted cognized discerned recognized fathomed noted registered took in absorbed acknowledged agreed with dug empathised with empathized with identified identified with related to sympathised with sympathized with accepted the validity of acknowledged the validity of admitted the validity of commiserated with recognised took on board was cognizant of were cognizant of assimilated processed digested intuited caught learnt conceived integrated deciphered savvied learned compassed seized twigged imbibed perceived decoded realized mastered sensed soaked up caught on to picked up familiarized oneself with tumbled to realised made out got into cottoned to cottoned on to soaked in latched onto made of gotten gat seen known knew taken in taken up gotten the hang of drunk in took up absorbed mentally gotten into got the hang of drank in got the picture read figured out got the message grokked sussed made beheld worked out latched on to sussed out got the drift of made sense of got a fix on deduced caught on ascertained made head or tail of got it divined interpreted got to the bottom of saw the light distinguished puzzled out were aware of was aware of became cognizant of discovered unravelled unraveled gathered determined fathomed out became aware of kept up with got the idea cottoned on envisaged got one's head around conceived of had an aha moment got the point of got the drift got to know penetrated told found fand inferred became conscious of hit on found out heard detected noticed established thought cracked acquired construed got the point pieced together latched on got the idea of got wise to had saw daylight came to know sponged wiped mopped up ingested sopped up picked out decided believed diagnosed imagined ferreted out had knowledge of apperceived wised up picked up on got on to envisioned got the message about got the picture about caught the drift pierced hit upon concluded incorporated felt saw through got one's mind around clicked with had a handle on tumbled got the gist understood the situation tracked sucked up observed got clued up about took notice of suspected saw the point of tapped into untangled disentangled got a grip took meaning saw into got your head round kenned took on wrapped one's mind around picked up what someone is putting down translated saw the light about made sense scented guessed searched out fixed fixt smelt smelled deemed tasted received remembered settled confirmed verified felt in gut felt in bones held considered anticipated got the impression had a hunch felt in your bones had a feeling got the impression of just knew got vibes had a funny feeling credited got to the bottom caught the drift of thought through measured gauged pinpointed gaged estimated attracted checked got one's head round descried analyzed judged pinned down pegged dug up double-checked hunted up made certain routed out got down cold checked out checked up on rooted out tracked down nosed out ran down got down pat dug out scouted up scared up turned up hunted down dredged up made certain of sized up made sure was absorbed in diagnosticated determinated got a load of analysed visualized got through one's head fancied became aware of the fact that visualised featured visioned became conscious of the fact that imaged became conscious paid close attention to

Động từ

Past tense for to receive and reduce the force of an impact

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