Đồng nghĩa của devoured

Alternative for devoured

devours, devoured, devouring

Đồng nghĩa: consume, destroy, eat, ruin, swallow, waste,

Động từ

(of food, drink or drugs) To have consumed
took drank drunk consumed imbibed ingested ate swallowed took in downed chomped on fed on gobbled up gorged on gulped guzzled ingurgitated munched on partook of put down scarfed tossed down inhaled gobbled put away wolfed scoffed bolted gorged gormandized crammed scarfed down wolfed down gulped down glutted polished off slopped shifted eaten ravened snarfed demolished scarfed up scoffed down tucked into snarfed down snarfed up packed away shoveled down munched pigged oneself on noshed chomped feasted on gorged oneself on pigged out on swilled hoovered pigged out chowed down got outside of stuffed fed feed tucked away dispatched finished off champed partaken of ate up eaten up snacked on tucked in gobbled down supped murdered overindulged disposed of englutted sloshed crammed in taken dined crammed down bolted down finished chewed swigged sunken sank sunk nibbled necked gluttonized Hoovered absorbed absorpt made short work of stuffed one's face grazed on banqueted banquetted masticated taken in quaffed feasted bit regaled satiated gourmandized ate greedily eaten greedily eaten hungrily ate hungrily sipped belted engorged manducated binged got stuck into disposed dropped chugalugged ruminated lapped up made a pig of oneself digested partaken partook gnawed filled grinded ground fared victualed refreshed crunched chewn sucked up hoist overeaten overate junketted junketed swallowed hurriedly sated lunched chumbled put choked snacked grazed chawed got down tasted surfeited breakfasted eaten like a horse blimped out had supper tossed off ate like a horse engulfed had dinner had mowed down feasted upon packed choked down wined and dined stuffed your face beat dined on bitten gnawn soaked up fore faren indulged sponged received subsisted knocked back slurped hoisted slugged down guzzled down chowed osmosed gorged oneself metabolized devoured greedily gasped chugged pigged lapped assimilated triturated killed pigged oneself gorged oneself with bevvied bibbed loaded up on swallowed up crunched on gourmandized on dissolved consumed food stuffed oneself tost chaveled suppered sucked in made a pig of oneself on cleaned out gummed pounded down sponged up chewed noisily had tea breakfasted on drank up shovelled it in scarfed out destroyed had breakfast mopped up chowed on lived on shoveled it in fared sumptuously porked out on had a meal crushed sustained oneself of sucked relied on for nourishment metabolised washed up belted down blotted devoured food dug in indulged in swallowed whole slugged squashed cloyed overindulged in drank in drunk up attacked porked out poured rent sopped up mealed on dived in teared congested binged on assumed fed one's face drunk in scrunched eaten to excess subsisted on delighted in lunched on jaded fared on pecked at picked at had lunch blotted up gnawed on swilled down jammed ate to excess steeped tossed washed down rended stuffed yourself preyed on chewed up ripped horked crammed oneself with existed on taken up took up putten eaten quickly ate heartily ate quickly eaten heartily taken over took over beaten ate between meals eaten between meals ate voraciously eaten voraciously took as nourishment taken as nourishment eaten to your heart's content eaten your fill ate sumptuously eaten sumptuously ate your fill ate to your heart's content bit on bitten on torn tore drawn up drew up drawn in drew in taken nourishment took nourishment drank milk drunk milk partook of food partaken of food ate out fallen to did lunch eaten out fell to broken bread done lunch broke bread

Động từ

Past tense for to use, empty or drain completely
consumed destroyed annihilated spent demolished engulfed ravaged absorbed absorpt burned burnt depleted devastated drained enveloped exhausted expended wasted gutted razed ruined wrecked dispatched drew down drawn down laid waste played out used up wiped out went through gone through been through dissipated finished emptied squandered used frittered away sapped bled impoverished sucked dry run through milked utilized employed bankrupted utilised gotten through got through eaten up ate up swallowed up bled dry washed up diminished strained attenuated slashed dried ran through cut back run down dried up run out run out of dug into put to use drawn drew wore out worn out reduced decreased evacuated lessened lowered voided occupied exploited frittered siphoned busted syphoned pared down slimmed down weakened undermined dispersed dispelled ate eaten tapped finished off made use of catheterized diverted had recourse to taken up emptied out ran down ran out of filtered off freed from pumped out frivolled away took last of run up finished up taken last of took up ran out burnt up burned up blew blown broke broken brake gotten rid of gotten last drop got rid of drew off drawn off got last drop ran up threw away availed oneself of blew through blown through thrown away deprived fleeced cleaned out squeezed disposed of pauperized frayed sucked the life out of brought to its knees trashed brought to ruin brought down burned through extracted pumped enervated drafted draughted payed out paid out disfigured pillaged beggared lapsed liquidated gobbled guzzled petered out crippled financially reduced to beggary made destitute decimated had no more ruinated wasted away crushed extraught went gone

Động từ

Past tense for to plunder
spoliated pillaged despoiled ravaged plundered devastated ransacked looted ruined marauded spoiled spoilt depredated destroyed robbed stripped demolished rifled desolated wasted gutted desecrated raped fleeced havocked laid waste sacked wrecked razed annihilated raided reft decimated leveled levelled totalled totaled extinguished smashed pulverized shattered wracked nuked vaporized pulled down rubbed out vaporised pulverised wreaked havoc on reaved laid waste to wrought havoc harried foraged vandalized creamed depopulated obliterated left desolate left in ruins done in did in trashed tore down vandalised torn down flattened wrought havoc on razed to the ground profaned defiled violated dispossessed dishonoured contaminated polluted deprived denuded perverted blasphemed reived freebooted unbuilt ravished arrogated appropriated embezzled trespassed invaded confiscated debased made desolate degraded infected damaged committed sacrilege emptied befouled dishonored outraged abused treated sacrilegiously insulted defaced prostituted wiped out scourged reduced treated with disrespect blasphemed against dilapidated made lose face wiped off the map wiped off map disassembled knocked down removed laid low dismantled messed up stamped out crushed taken apart bulldozed committed sacrilege against wreaked havoc ripped down took apart stole from stolen from lay low broke up broken up tore apart torn apart done one in did one in torpedoed exterminated defeated put paid to eradicated erased blighted expunged extirpated effaced upset dashed marred crashed blasted abolished impaired liquidated broke broken brake brought down eliminated killed felled scuppered snuffed out slaughtered zapped blotted out canceled cancelled sabotaged swept away beat overwhelmed toppled nixed bombed finished off brought to ruin sank sunken sunk wiped off the face of the earth put out of commission put the kibosh on deleted rooted out blacked out cleaned up took out taken out dynamited destructed scotched injured ruinated busted undone undid overturned broke down disrupted squashed wiped from the face of the earth laid in ruins overthrown overthrew blew up blown up burst blown to bits blew to bits exploded terminated quashed fell massacred cracked split abated butchered obscured vitiated finished disfigured botched excised mangled banjaxed mutilated maimed dished let down trounced reduced to ruins put an end to put a stop to axed undermined battered crippled cut hurt blown to pieces blew to pieces knocked to pieces made a mess of loused up put down screwed up put out of action cut a swath through wracked up put the lid on fouled up brought to naught wiped damaged beyond repair struck out cut down cast down disposed of put a damper on put in toilet reduced to rubble did away with done away with blew blown broken down dispatched dusted wrote off written off ended blown away blew away chastised chastened imploded suppressed benothinged bankrupted lowered cooled smote smit smited smitten shivered splintered harmed struck burnt incinerated burned blemished fractured fragmented avenged tormented beaten scarred overcome disintegrated pranged executed mullered flawed shipwrecked queered poisoned cruelled euchred bodged smashed to smithereens exhausted snapped rended smattered fragmentized disabled rent scrunched crunched rived forayed preyed captured trampled consumed wrested disorganized seized prostrated pirated overrun offed scratched scrubbed depleted subverted scattered spilled waxed spilt unmade capsized wolfed brought to an end checked tumbled smashed up covered crabbed compromised endamaged bloodied blown sky-high blew sky-high messed disfeatured thrown down threw down gotten rid of prejudiced cleaned out gobbled up reduced to nothing committed genocide created chaos marked out blotted mowed down scored out cracked up scratched out knocked out got rid of blocked out KO'd disgraced run onto the rocks washed out done for tore up removed all traces of wreaked havoc upon crushed to smithereens teared up blew a hole in dashed to pieces crossed out piled up brought to nothing did for blown a hole in wiped off face of earth knocked off inked out brought about the downfall of killed off crossed up destroyed root and branch played mischief with rubbed off made useless shot down blanked out brast stricken overran taken down took down burned away burnt away took taken riven rove blown out blew out overcame taken away took away torn to pieces tore to pieces blued pencil ran onto the rocks broken into pieces broke into pieces blew down blown down taken care of took care of blown apart blew apart

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