Đồng nghĩa của terrified

Alternative for terrified

terrifies, terrified, terrifying

Đồng nghĩa: appall, awe, frighten, horrify, paralyze, petrify, shock, stupefy,

Tính từ

Extremely frightened
frightened scared horror-struck hysterical afraid alarmed horrified horror-stricken panic-stricken petrified spooked terror-struck affrighted feart frantic terror-stricken aghast awed fearful funky hysteric intimidated scared stiff scared witless scary shocked terrorised terrorized windy afeared beside oneself frightened to death frit frozen paralysed with fear scared to death bricking oneself in a funk shaking like a leaf in a blue funk in a cold sweat frightened out of your wits unnerved panicky startled nervous apprehensive anxious jittery dismayed daunted jumpy stunned worried cowed appalled timorous disturbed agitated shaky timid upset perturbed in a panic scared out of your wits have cold feet spineless uneasy shaken stupefied abashed cowardly overawed lily-livered faint-hearted trembling running scared fearsome in a flap in a tizzy tremulous troubled frenzied squeamish numb distressed dazed dumbfounded tense with your heart in your mouth shaking in one's shoes disquieted nervy aroused chicken nerveless rabbity yellow browbeaten unsettled overwhelmed discouraged overwrought worked up pusillanimous rattled weak-kneed numb with fear in a fluster in a state in a tizz put off pushing the panic button in fear and trepidation in awe threatened ascared traumatized panicked panic-struck traumatised awestruck shell-shocked antsy awe-struck overcome scared rigid speechless paralyzed paralysed bullied in a frenzy benumbed transfixed hesitant deterred disillusioned immobilised immobilized blanched perplexed disheartened suspicious edgy shrinking wired flustered diffident in a flat spin dispirited demoralized downcast worried sick phobic chickenhearted quivery unmanly sheepish aflutter goose-bumpy discomposed solicitous butterflies shivery chicken-hearted jellyfish sissy uptight mousy pathetic gutless impotent run scared spiritless characterless wet in a dither demoralised hung up having kittens very scared in a sweat irresolute concerned bothered cowering fretful yellow-bellied apprehensive about intimidated by soft on edge alarmed at having cold feet twitchy fretting careful uncomfortable stressed restless flurried unquiet shaking toey insecure dithery atwitter queasy queazy fidgety squirrelly watchful hinky overstrung angstful stressy goosey unglued hyper spooky angsty taut with one's stomach in knots like a cat on a hot tin roof a bundle of nerves having butterflies in the stomach keyed up ill at ease in a twitter all of a lather a wreck shot to pieces in a spin on pins and needles like a fish out of water all of a dither strung out in a state of agitation strung up sweating bullets in a state of nerves het up shook up on tenterhooks like a cat on hot bricks bugged in a stew in a twit a basket case hot and bothered dreading in suspense under stress

Tính từ

Agitated or stressed
excited stressed agitated antsy anxious apprehensive distressed worried distraught fearful hectic jittery nervy tense alarmed annoyed desperate edgy flurried flushed frightened hysterical intense scared shocked skittish startled uneasy unnerved unsettled adrenalized aflutter aquiver daunted disturbed fidgety high-strung in a panic distracted emotional flighty frantic frenzied irrational twitchy unreluctant afire atingle dismayed dithery febrile fraught heated het up hot under the collar hyped-up hyper hyperexcited ill at ease jumpy overactive overexcited perturbed troubled unquiet uptight wrought-up nervous upset wound up discomposed disconcerted provoked ruffled wired hot hot and bothered in a tizzy juiced up keyed up on edge overwrought worked up zipped up afraid disquieted hung up concerned obsessed tormented plagued anguished tortured panicky neurotic preoccupied surprised amazed astonished stunned spooked fixated phobic overanxious have cold feet paranoid shy oppressed bedevilled beleaguered bothered preyed upon haunted visited by bedeviled atwitter hinky queasy queazy goosey insecure harassed afflicted asea worried stiff riled pestered miffed shaken inconvenienced discombobulated aggravated pained flustered perplexed put out irked confused mortified harried vexed exacerbated beset puzzled harrowed displeased chagrined irritated hesitant restless foreboding strained mistrustful stressy suspicious trepidatious doubtful uncertain weak stiff shaky worried sick having a funny feeling frozen having butterflies in the stomach running scared having stage fright lily-livered on tenterhooks biting nails having cold feet in a dither in a cold sweat in a sweat angst-ridden in a state hyperactive feverish overstrung excitable inflamed restive spooky strung up highly strung strung out beside oneself squirrelly aroused angry sensitive on pins and needles animated moved in a flap touchy unrelaxed fretful beside yourself wrought up in a tizz windy all of a dither toey in a state of agitation in a state of nerves roused furious a bundle of nerves like a cat on a hot tin roof enraged stirred worked-up rattled tooshie creepy irritable in suspense irascible under a strain having kittens stressful in a lather impatient unstable in a twitter nerve-racking nail-biting brittle critical white-knuckled fluttery all of a flutter in a stew choked nervous wreck stressed out all of a doodah all of a lather like a cat on hot bricks bundle of nerves fervid fanciful overcharged impassioned incensed energetic irate under pressure at fever pitch shaking trembling quivering pressured fazed wreck moving shot shot to pieces up the wall white knuckled clutched under stress timorous tetchy frisky unrestful prickly testy crotchety peevish hurt saddened unhappy grieved sad feeling anxious stirred up flapping angsty overheated bad-tempered querulous short-tempered crabbed hot-tempered quick-tempered captious snappy temperamental chippy ill-tempered nerves on edge muddled moody oversensitive in a spin unsettling unnerving overemotional disappointed thrown in a flat spin disturbing disquieting waiting with bated breath wriggly charged hairy squirmy angered blue gutted histrionic discountenanced exciting wiggly swivel-eyed distressful weary strung-out freaked-out overwhelmed wound-up worn crazy unstrung tired high keyed-up affected fired-up hot-and-bothered spent agitating broken up cut up falling apart shook up throwing a wobbly uncomfortable taut steamed up flipped out out of your mind bricking oneself rigid worrisome all wound up all shook up hot under collar waiting for the axe to fall fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting anxiously waiting in a twit nervously awaiting at the end of your tether distressing concerning nerve-wracking skittery hyperexcitable fiddle-footed lively spasmodic hyperkinetic zippy giddy agitable spookish lightheaded peppy easily frightened scatterbrained wary spirited irresponsible light-headed harebrained skitterish whimsical dizzy frivolous very nervous combustible flappable volative unreliable alarmable undependable

Tính từ

Filled with or revealing awe
awestruck amazed astonished awed shocked stunned afraid dumbfounded impressed astounded cowed dumfounded fearful flabbergasted frightened awe-inspired bowled over daunted dumbstruck horrified intimidated marveling marvelling openmouthed stupefied thunderstruck wondering wonderstruck open-mouthed reverential wonder-stricken wonder-struck filled with amazement filled with astonishment filled with awe filled with wonder lost for words struck dumb awestricken staggered confounded dazed overwhelmed surprised speechless startled nonplussed bewildered gobsmacked flummoxed aghast disconcerted agape perplexed floored taken aback knocked for six overcome wide-eyed bemused confused shaken unnerved discomposed shaken up blown away at a loss for words incredulous stumped goggle-eyed shell-shocked fascinated thrown alarmed puzzled bamboozled benumbed dismayed dumb jolted addled at sea at a loss unable to believe your eyes caught on the hop caught on the wrong foot unable to believe one's ears in awe of electrified admiring abashed rendered speechless in amazement taken by surprise paralyzed paralysed captivated rapt mesmerized spellbound enthralled petrified overawed breathless rooted to the spot left speechless stuck knocked out licked knocked beat buffaloed nonplused knocked sideways baffled mesmerised mystified discombobulated befuddled lost rattled flustered disoriented dazzled fuddled agog disorientated befogged muddled wildered bedeviled gaga giddy dopey uncertain dizzy bushed bedevilled mazed addlepated hazy distracted dopy thrown off balance off-balance mixed-up awe-struck off balance at sixes and sevens in a dither

Động từ

To have frightened or caused fear
scared frightened panicked petrified startled alarmed shocked horrified intimidated daunted unnerved scarified affrighted dismayed frighted spooked terrorized filled with fear gave someone the heebie-jeebies made nervous put the wind up scared stiff scared the pants off scared to death struck terror into appalled terrorised upset awed alarumed put the fear of God into cowed scared the bejesus out of disconcerted disturbed agitated browbeat bullied chilled perturbed disquieted scared the living daylights out of put off made one's hair stand on end ruffled unsettled overawed disheartened discouraged rattled flustered deterred fazed astounded scared witless scared someone out of their wits subdued hectored browbeaten bothered amazed confounded tormented worried surprised repelled bulldozed discomforted consternated stricken terror into frightened the living daylights out of made one's blood run cold threatened distressed threw into a panic thrown into a panic stunned persecuted shaken shook disgusted menaced sickened abashed discomposed confused paralysed perplexed troubled stupefied astonished unhinged demoralized depressed frightened to death paralyzed made someone jump out of their skin frightened the life out of made jump scared off made one's flesh creep freaked out chilled to the bone scared away psyched out made teeth chatter demoralised harassed harried thrown into a blue funk threw into a blue funk beset discomfited revolted outraged unmanned jolted oppressed plagued impressed bewildered scandalized tyrannized nonplussed overwhelmed coerced badgered vexed buffaloed dragooned haunted nauseated stiffed shaken up shook up dumbfounded scared the hell out of mystified scared the life out of flummoxed sent into a cold sweat made someone's hair stand on end strong-armed made someone shake in their shoes frightened someone out of their wits mau-maued pothered flabbergasted gave a turn gave someone goose pimples given a turn given someone goose pimples given someone the heebie-jeebies leaned on let down chilled to the marrow got the wind up tyrannised bludgeoned got to put chill on scared the pants off of pushed around scandalised put the frighteners on frightened out of your wits filled with terror put heat on scared silly picked on enthralled threw thrown taken aback took aback curdled the blood curdles the blood given one the creeps gave one the creeps pressured pestered annoyed floored saddened pressurized domineered hounded bugged irritated repulsed dispirited concerned transfixed railroaded afflicted insulted teased made anxious made uneasy periled adventured hazarded endangered ventured risked imperilled compromised imperiled jeopardized jeoparded disappointed dashed discountenanced forced obliged harrowed freaked destabilized unbalanced baffled victimized exercised psyched frazzled chagrined fussed frustrated distempered disillusioned hagrid ailed flurried derailed distracted compelled bullyragged rousted offended immobilized made fearful made afraid disenchanted disgruntled blustered steamrollered blackjacked constrained bogarted enforced given someone a fright gave someone a fright grandstanded worked up made it hot for someone dazzled mistreated portended twisted someone's arm pressurised weirded out lowered impended made things hot for someone heckled thrown into a fright loused up benumbed victimised grossed out threw into a fright pulled the rug out from under discommoded encroached hotdogged messed up inspired panic in uttered threats to whipped around staggered screwed up puzzled used strong-arm tactics on distressed greatly paralysed with fear gotten to blinded intruded showboated issued threats to knocked for a loop chilled off immobilised pushed about baited filled with panic jeopardised threw into a tizzy struck molested filled with consternation knocked for six made someone jump out of his skin thrown off balance scared hell out of embarrassed made shudder obtruded accosted dazed frozen your blood numbed bedevilled irked sprung scared someone half to death knocked sideways destabilised thrown into a tizzy scared the daylights out of threw off balance made your gorge rise loomed stampeded made flesh crawl gambled with interrupted fouled up made someone want to throw up froze your blood mucked up frightened off pursued blinded someone with something sprung on pulled the rug from under bedeviled rode ridden undone hagridden undid hagrode thrown into panic threw into panic stricken terror in struck terror in broke in broken in snafued took your breath away taken your breath away blew away stricken blown away given someone the creeps gave someone the creeps frozen froze gave someone a jolt sprang on given a shock gave a shock sprang given someone a jolt thrown into disarray threw into disarray thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz stricken fear into struck fear into discombobulated hassled fretted goaded subjugated hurt aggrieved nagged grieved pushed abused despotized needled tortured put through the wringer put out made waves put down hurt somebody's feelings put into a flap set back put someone off their stroke put the chill on put the squeeze on chased off put pressure on frightened away put someone off their stride put out of countenance put the screws on stirred up walked heavy put under an obligation turned on the heat warned off overbore overborne excited stressed dejected taxed displeased moved warned strained maltreated inconvenienced angered disarmed pressed despaired beleaguered besieged burdened manhandled dominated hustled prodded brainwashed traumatized jarred peeved incommoded influenced impelled persuaded castigated misused overpowered mortified deranged importuned weighed down tried tested chafed narked wound wounded indisposed miffed muddled addled bossed around flushed messed over ill-used sapped bowled over played the heavy with made fretful gnawed at inhibited unquieted scowled growled complicated rattled one's cage keyed up comminated interfered looked daggers galled ill-treated made threats to crazed treated harshly undermined flipped out layed up made restless driven away held a gun to one's head blackmailed twisted one's arm rode roughshod over made threats against teared hacked off turned pained tantalised fired up rocked the boat bummed out made a scene threatened to harm brought pressure to bear on wound up given a hard time sweated out knocked props out prevailed on lied heavy on enfeebled admonished worked on forewarned ticked off lorded it over brutalised egged on bossed about enervated snarled piqued sprung something on gave a hard time turned on got at incapacitated weakened flexed muscles cautioned drove away caused someone to lose their composure aroused threatened to kill debilitated tantalized used pressure on dunned provoked cramped walked all over unstrung tired kicked around fast-talked traumatised flipped caused anxiety to press-ganged brutalized ridden roughshod over roused got across fulminated mishandled made threat laid up torn tore rode roughshod acted on ridden roughshod shaken fist at shook fist at thrown a curve threw a curve gotten in the way burned up got in the way burnt up taken someone's breath away took someone's breath away gotten across gotten at given someone grief gotten on someone's wick gave someone grief got on someone's wick got someone gotten someone sprang something on uncalmed threw off thrown off

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