Đồng nghĩa của vexed

Alternative for vexed

vexes, vexed, vexing

Đồng nghĩa: aggravate, annoy, disturb, irk, irritate, provoke, trouble,

Trái nghĩa: please,

Tính từ

Annoyed, frustrated, or worried
annoyed irritated exasperated bothered upset aggravated irked angry nettled troubled worried displeased distressed furious incensed inflamed irate peeved put out agitated choleric cross enraged fuming harassed infuriated maddened piqued wrathful hot-tempered huffy ill-humored ill-humoured miffed testy confused disgruntled dissatisfied fed up fretted frustrated perturbed resentful riled disturbed flustered harried narked provoked tormented afflicted in a huff in a temper in high dudgeon mad miffy perplexed ruffled eggy galled in a bad mood scunnered sore steamed teed off vex brassed off browned off cheesed off hoha ireful peed off snuffy tooshie wrath hacked off ticked off foaming at the mouth hot under the collar not best pleased out of countenance aggrieved indignant angered offended shirty affronted discontented outraged livid bent out of shape apoplectic hurt steamed up rabid unhappy rankled ballistic ticked roiled wroth steaming irritable enflamed hopping mad crabby sulky foaming grumpy hot infuriate ratty hopping riley fit to be tied horn-mad crook snaky malcontent up in arms pained sullen discontent bad-tempered ill-tempered wound up ropeable impatient disappointed seething surly disgusted stung in a lather querulous worked up going crook in a frenzy in a pet in a fume blue in the face petulant disaffected soreheaded tetchy snappy choked boiling grouchy irascible churlish insulted touchy bitter on the warpath unsatisfied chagrined beside oneself malcontented fretful ungratified stroppy out of humour aerated injured out of joint wounded waspish peevish as cross as two sticks acrimonious unimpressed complaining fractious moody cranky crabbed narky grumbling dark griping kvetching sour wild prickly short-tempered bugged chippy heated chafed antagonized waxy raging incandescent raving frenzied out of sorts spare ranting seeing red needled antagonised gnashing one's teeth off the air rattled crotchety grieved anguished snappish cantankerous embittered restive bellyaching hostile crusty perverse splenetic glowering unfulfilled short critical disquieted mardy envious faultfinding morose restless miserable antagonistic pettish grieving slighted picky moping quick-tempered unsated very angry depressed in a paddy dirty unglued filthy in a bate storming burned up with all guns blazing hot and bothered at daggers drawn blown a gasket beside yourself with rage goaded unpleased hassled reproachful wry snitty disheartened hateful snubbed crazy discouraged concerned tense disconcerted nervous anxious salty unamused rebellious defeated crackers dishonored humiliated rancorous wronged huffish insane factious p.o.'d scornful umbrageous dishonoured harmed grousing crabbing uncontent out of temper kicking edgy curmudgeonly hacked dissentious troublemaking rousted roused curt ill-used woeful saddened nitpicking fault-finding carping thin-skinned ticklish peckish whingy blue disapproving regretful dogged uptight scandalized buffaloed persecuted oppressed victimised victimized carrying a chip on your shoulder up the wall hung up frantic passionate shocked scandalised ill-disposed bad tempered ennuied sniveling plaintive put-out unassuaged begrudging insatiable fed-up grudging unappeased jaundiced fretting not satisfied jealous stewed sensitive like a bear with a sore head acrid weighty hard annoying distressing in a rage all steamed up overcome with anger bummed out at end of one's rope boiling mad pushed too far beside yourself at boiling point raging mad rubbed the wrong way in a filthy temper sick and tired sick to death belly-aching menacing snivelling fed up to the teeth hard done by threatening mopey with a chip on your shoulder fed up to the back teeth belligerent aggressive unfriendly vitriolic malignant glum pouting malevolent evil wicked malicious vindictive maleficent baleful mopish scowling malign louring poisonous malefic gloomy mumpish pouty aloof fierce black venomous frowning withdrawn dour uncooperative brooding ornery obstinate sourpussed sulking unsociable dismal gruff mean cheerless evil-intentioned hate-filled down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks in a funk in a mood in the sulks in a strop disagreeable captious dyspeptic fiery snippy snarky snippety liverish raspy stuffy jumpy caviling cavilling out of humor ill-natured bilious peppery scratchy brusque bearish quarrelsome shrewish on a short fuse spiteful nasty short-fused cross-grained harsh volatile truculent acid sorehead temperamental difficult contrary unpleasant argumentative on edge snarling whingeing bloody-minded saturnine rude contentious bellicose sharp pugnacious scrappy ungracious fussy awkward unkind vicious hotheaded whining combative feisty discourteous uncivil impolite tart arsey waspy defiant vinegary uncommunicative cussed ugly confrontational abrupt excitable inhospitable violent cynical militant blunt disputatious uncongenial whiny warlike joyless unmannerly unsympathetic unresponsive catty censorious unsmiling having got out of bed the wrong side inimical oversensitive hot-blooded hot-headed agonistic tough discordant taciturn ferocious assaultive obnoxious trying antipathetic misanthropic distant humourless humorless obstreperous cruel iracund iracundulous unapproachable hurtful sarcastic mean-spirited severe negative having got out of bed on the wrong side het up destructive easily upset abusive cold adversarial bristly cool disobliging unattractive snarly dejected envenomed chilly pertinacious crybaby atrabilious bad frosty stern hypercritical inconsiderate scathing boorish unhelpful unneighbourly frigid sombre somber unruly gladiatorial unlikable savage berserk brawly hasty chill wintry clammy cold-blooded cold-eyed wintery antiseptic uncordial hard-eyed gelid brittle frozen icy arctic glacial coldish intimidating impulsive impetuous chuffy growling childish easily offended uncharitable inflammable stiff foul-tempered ready for a fight nasty-tempered out-of-sorts sharp-tongued loudmouthed burning with excitement excited unsavoury uneasy offensive virulent distraught uncomfortable overwrought objectionable mighty good and mad mad as hell vehement stressed fidgety foul unlikeable disrespected terse disrespectful brief hypersensitive vinegarish blazing pernicious spunky acute acerbic bad-humored ready to be tied lugubrious wrought up ill at ease unsettled no-nonsense laconic rough bluff unindulgent uncontrollable ungenerous tempersome zowerswopped adverse recalcitrant offhand Eeyorish pessimistic sober wreck unquiet overstrung twitchy refractory forceful viperous perversely irritable emotional like a bear ill-mannered unceremonious froward murmuring apt to fly off the handle toey indomitable indocile uncompliant ill flaming offish off perturbable dicey hazardous unsafe unpredictable highly strung unsavory blazing mad flaming mad litigious agitable broody with a long face sharp-tempered raving mad got up on wrong side of bed crude boisterous disputative having short fuse unlovable evil-minded neurotic mopy kittle skittish out of control very upset warring wired up as black as thunder moaning wailing crying deploring lamenting grumbly bemoaning whimpering eristic hot under collar in a wax in a towering rage bundle of nerves desperate demented uncompromising energetic unreasonable corybantic full-on all-out crazed maniac bent smoking manic breakneck irrational concerted ghastly insufferable unbearable frightful irritating controversial polemical polemic battling fighting unloveable ructious arguesome wrangling bickering tempestuous extremely angry impassioned turbulent war brawling high-strung long-faced hard to please easily agitated easily frightened have chip on shoulder forbidding despondent huffy irascible steely uninviting flinty disconsolate sad downcast disillusioned serious formidable melancholic forlorn low down strict stony sinister stark lowering solemn ungentle fell austere grave unamicable antisocial inconsolable disenchanted crestfallen doleful gutted downhearted unsocial unwelcoming unaffable bolshie itching aggers resolute bleak reserved stand-offish sorrowful deadly terrifying cowing caustic terrorizing vituperous terrorising trenchant mordacious insolent frightening browbeating bullying mordant gray grey grim supercilious unforthcoming haughty impersonal indifferent disdainful adversary mortal sick Olympian starchy spoiling for a fight mean-looking boot-faced against conflicting opposite estranged competitive unpromising vengeful opposed unneighborly low-spirited not on speaking terms disparaging overcritical deprecating nagging pedantic quibbling niggling pettifogging nit-picking hair-splitting criticizing judgemental judgmental rejective pernickety pass-remarkable nitpicky thorny exceptive criticising exacting unjust unfair hairsplitting very critical petty demanding trivial cavillous finicky tricky

Tính từ

Much debated, discussed or disputed
disputed controversial contentious contested debated debatable moot questionable problematic unconcluded undecided undetermined unresolved unsettled at issue delicate dicey in contention in dispute knotty ongoing problematical sticky taxing thorny ticklish dodgy hairy hot-button iffy open to debate open to question awkward difficult fractious open to doubt tricky troublesome much debated up in the air yet to be decided uncertain sensitive prickly tough complicated touchy complex involved tricksy catchy nasty spiny intricate open disputable arguable hard controvertible doubtful convoluted perplexing critical trying risky disputatious polemical irksome worrying upsetting polemic contended vexatious precarious pending equivocal bothersome contestable unsure concerning baffling provocative dubious borderline unanswered doubtable suspect dubitable unstable rocky open to discussion to be decided in doubt argumentative ambivalent scrappy quarrelsome paradoxical puzzling unpleasant negotiable issuable harassing unlikely severe formidable nettlesome like herding cats ignored neglected unquestioned unnoticed unrefuted unchallenged nice unsteady capricious fickle temperamental inconstant mercurial chancy dangerous volatile variable changeable touch-and-go embarrassing divisive emotive tendentious gnarly debateable quirky fiddly undependable inconclusive unsolved unconfirmed indefinite notorious hot heated vague ambiguous confused clouded unfixed unclear pendent waffling under discussion in a state of uncertainty up for grabs in limbo in a state of limbo betwixt and between open-ended not decided elaborate sophisticated uncomfortable tangled challenging confusing distressing unfathomable disturbing hazardous perilous bewildering tortuous impenetrable labyrinthine involute detailed unpredictable involuted enigmatic worrisome mystifying obscure byzantine abstruse uneasy rough grievous disagreeable undecipherable humiliating dark arduous compromising labyrinthian fancy Byzantine incommodious unsafe disconcerting Gordian serpentine entangled cringeworthy recondite discomfiting inscrutable cringey painful cryptic parlous interlaced flustering cringe-making high-risk bitter baroque inconvenient daedal cumbersome troubled fraught with danger impossible incomprehensible confounding advanced tight dire bleak Daedalian full of twists and turns onerous forbidding grim difficult to understand unchancy treacherous awful punishing shameful tense demeaning degrading barro briery pointed unsound annoying unfriendly spartan hostile profound discomposing discountenancing agitating unnerving problem shaky insoluble complicate mazy scratchy operose strenuous toe-curling unanswerable subtle excruciating exasperating messy deep circuitous serious demanding fraught ravelled jumbled mixed dense knotted mind-bending raveled hi-tech full of problems mixed up Daedalean beset by problems finicky loaded chaotic tender intractable echinated stimulating vulnerable discomforting scandalous searching penetrating shaming mortifying scary unhealthy wicked jeopardous erratic fluctuant stressful heavy laborious rugged insolvable threatening grave eventful incalculable insecure indivisible inseparable bemusing frustrating daunting hair-trigger kid-glove state-of-the-art elite kittle ignominious lively fiendish devilish disgraceful discreditable dishonouring blush-making winding sinuous twisted high-level higher-level ornate unpropitious discommodious distracting discommoding dishonoring inopportune troubling rattling unseemly charged rococo heterogeneous multifaceted multifarious variegated nuanced muddled devil of a very devil of a high-tech long-drawn-out can of worms maze-like drawn-out bristly barbed top-level tickly galling torturous roundabout indirect indissoluble inextricable impossible to separate briary thistly brambly irritating dolorous bumpy afflicted unintelligible abstract embarrassed radical extensive mind-boggling inexplicable itchy confronting distressed afflictive wearisome untimely sharp spiculate pronged bristled spiniferous spicular spiky aculeate spinous spiked trouble vexing rambling esoteric mysterious mystical thought-provoking fathomless causing discomfort ill-fitting hard to solve hard to explain beyond comprehension beyond one's grasp opaque misleading unstraightforward nervous anxious setaceous jaggy muricate pointy barbellate spinose enigmatical hazy over one's head above one's head unsolvable suspicious shady fishy queer verbose lengthy overlong devious deceptive nerve-racking restless unsettling creepy disquieting nail-biting distressful nerve-wracking drastic perverse cunning indecisive complete sweeping thorough extreme revolutionary uphill terrible ramified reticular effortful difficult to follow uptight apprehensive major emotionally charged unhandy unwieldy clunky cumbrous cranky impractical clumsy bunglesome ungainly ponderous unmanageable burdensome lumbersome a devil hard to use

Tính từ

Having thoughts occupied with unpleasant things or events that have happened or that may happen
worried anxious troubled upset nervous afraid concerned tense uneasy bothered disquieted distressed disturbed frightened perturbed apprehensive distracted distraught fearful fretting unquiet wired antsy fretful on edge overwrought stressed worried sick ill at ease quaking scared tormented trembling discomposed flustered hassled insecure restless strung out twitchy under stress uptight worked up anguished disconcerted edgy jittery jumpy nervy queasy queazy rattled spooked stressy unsettled aflutter agitated alarmed beset discombobulated dithery fidgety flurried irked riled ruffled shaken toey angstful bugged goosey plagued tortured uncomfortable angsty atwitter clutched hinky muddled overstrung solicitous spooky squirrelly unglued windy a wreck hung up in a flap in a sweat in a tizzy in a twitter keyed up on tenterhooks strung up a bundle of nerves beside oneself hot and bothered in a dither in a stew in a tizz in a twit shook up worried stiff all of a dither bricking oneself in a cold sweat in a state in a state of agitation having kittens het up on pins and needles all of a lather like a cat on a hot tin roof with one's stomach in knots shaking in one's shoes with one's heart in one's mouth with butterflies in one's stomach harassed annoyed dismayed irritated hurt sad confused grieved unhappy harried saddened inconvenienced unnerved embarrassed discountenanced gutted beleaguered self-conscious discomfited angry perplexed strained cut up put upon like a fish out of water shocked choked disappointed thrown hard-pressed angered pressured afflicted aggravated put out blue awkward pestered wounded harrowed pained broken up under pressure bummed out in turmoil all torn up out of place persecuted under the cosh restive hag-ridden asea impatient exacerbated puzzled displeased chagrined miffed provoked terrified mortified hounded fraught unrestful irritable palpitant suspicious wrung peevish irascible shaky excited overemotional all nerves emotional irrational histrionic hysterical on the qui vive up against it at wit's end badgered falling apart disorientated hesitant frantic offended fretted fazed low verklempt unzipped disoriented bewildered galled chafed in disorder amazed strange shy high-strung lost unrelaxed unsure come apart psyched out at sixes and sevens miserable frayed careworn wretched despondent disconsolate depressed dejected heavyhearted devastated broken melancholy sorrowful doleful bitter traumatized heartbroken dolorous desolate morose inconsolable cheerless mournful grieving despairing weeping heartsick down rueful overwhelmed hurting bereaved wrecked worn out stressed out mourning haunted woeful shook crushed agonized dolesome sorrowing broken-hearted woebegone suffering aching overcome with sorrow in pain heavy with grief racked with pain bewailing traumatised bemoaning grief-stricken brokenhearted wailing agonised racked with suffering angst-ridden with one's back to the wall at the end of one's tether downcast forlorn downhearted glum disheartened crestfallen dispirited discouraged gloomy low-spirited melancholic cast down joyless tearful panicky down in the dumps hyper heartsore heavy-hearted overcome down in the mouth horrified sorry in a panic dismal demoralized highly strung wound up frenzied droopy desperate neurotic weepy demoralised adrenalized hangdog excitable aghast teary affected timorous in tears bad hysteric timid pessimistic panic-stricken in the dumps sullen sombre somber sensitive wistful startled daunted moody wrought up bundle of nerves oppressed skittish in a state of nerves uncertain aroused disillusioned febrile shattered sobbing crying disenchanted touchy nonplussed tristful like a cat on hot bricks overexcited down-hearted unstable hopeless lugubrious shaking abashed raving chap-fallen intimidated crazed moved crazy sniveling howling unbalanced spiritless taut distrait lachrymose hectic in low spirits blubbering snivelling heated overactive brittle lamenting regretful blubbing shot down delirious aggrieved dissatisfied let down in grief in doldrums beside yourself wrought-up overanxious shivery frustrated terrorized mousy inhibited petrified affrighted pining listless fed up cowed lonely frozen bawling stunned nervous wreck horror-struck terror-stricken weighed down in a flat spin beaten comfortless defeatist worked-up insane weary saturnine bleak repulsed exercised terrorised gray grey cross in despair taken aback scared stiff appalled disgruntled vanquished worsted all of a doodah discontented in the pits at the end of your tether in a blue funk flighty dragged ripped careful whimpering spasmodic grumpy feverish hyperactive testy tetchy up the wall unstrung irresolute querulous lamentable basket case crotchety fluttery wavering retiring captious crabbed sick hot under the collar panicked shrinking out of sorts flummoxed in suspense bad-tempered short-tempered greeting low in spirits doubtful fuddled bleeding under a strain scary turbulent chapfallen in a spin ill-tempered wreck sick at heart larmoyant all of a flutter fevered white-knuckled mad unsteady morbid unpeaceful floored swivel-eyed crabby down in dumps critical cowardly quivering frazzled oversensitive taken down tragic close to tears faint-hearted triste resigned black funereal elegiacal elegiac chicken crummy shot to pieces yellow languid sulky negative out of your mind destroyed in pieces sunk on the verge of tears cast-down down and out languorous as sick as a parrot in awe knocked for six out of one's mind have cold feet shell-shocked running scared scared to death long-suffering sick as a parrot in shock thwarted uncontrolled infuriated exasperated battered jolted twittering trepidatious burned sore contused undone indecisive tentative skittery weak peeved injured damaged dithering vacillating remorseful intense flushed choked up unconsolable fussy aquiver swithering deploring heavy plaintive funeral plangent impaired unreluctant prostrated bummed-out afire hyped-up atingle hyperexcited easily agitated easily frightened caught up nostalgic bashful gauche faltering unnatural heart-sick lovesick blushing bruised subjugated overpowered physically conquered overpowered trounced routed panic-struck suicidal disorderly in a bad way watchful in distress creepy frisky dreading prickly emotive moving shot juiced up zipped up hot hot-tempered snappy temperamental chippy quick-tempered cheesed off strung-up distrustful a basket case sweating bullets unconfident complaining put out of countenance white knuckled wild in anguish biting one's nails butterflies in stomach emotionally charged mawkish teary-eyed maudlin fractious petulant diffident having butterflies in the stomach funky fearsome blanched tied up in knots emo grim yearning hankering missing longing for home inflamed addled unscrewed deranged nuts cynical strabilious no-win can't win not a prayer at end of one's rope in the soup with tears in one's eyes lonesome self-doubting unassertive self-effacing hapless pensive down in mouth dazed confounded bereft cowering stirred up flapping consumed berserk compulsive manic obsessive pusillanimous hurried changeable itchy roving sleepless bustling active transient unruly wandering intermittent fidgeting inconstant footloose fitful nomadic lacking confidence unforthcoming meek torn up in the toilet on a downer low-down disgusted very upset withdrawn afeared pressurized pressurised helpless cautious strict conventional scared out of one's wits alarmed at in a funk shaking like a leaf scared witless terror-struck feart apprehensive about intimidated by frightened out of one's wits in a fluster horror-stricken having cold feet frit tearing one's hair out like a chicken with its head cut off unhinged demented not self-assured lacking self-confidence introverted passive abject bearish downbeat ill-natured in a lather bowed down nerve-racking stressful nail-biting feeling anxious stressed-out on the rack dreary chill sunless darkening plutonian tenebrous godforsaken depressive sepulchral solemn depressing dreich murky dire drear Cimmerian tenebrific cold lorn dark cloudy phobic fixated doomed discouraging run scared sickened outraged revolted homesick emotionally defeated frenetic companionless unmitigable unfortunate cranky splenetic grumbling whining ratty lily-livered rabbity butterflies chicken-hearted numb sissy jellyfish unhealthy abnormal paranoid vague unassured questioning Delphic unpoised forbidding unwelcoming acheronian austere languished tooshie knocked sideways nerves on edge at one's wits' end carried away not knowing what to do with oneself in a frenzy out of one's wit dysphoric at sea repelled nauseated maladjusted keyed-up fired-up stirred freaked-out wound-up high hot-and-bothered strung-out worn tired spent without hope up the creek perverse faultfinding huffy mean snappish contrary ornery caviling carping old-fashioned tossing and turning on the defensive shook-up throwing a wobbly touch and go on thin ice up in the air hanging by thread very scared pushing the panic button in fear and trepidation numb with fear erratic deviant aberrant disordered obsessed steamed up flipped out psyched-out cavilling scandalized jarred hot under collar all shook up mixed-up messed-up caught off balance out of countenance in botheration thrown off balance scandalised blubbery pitiable moist pitiful wet watery unsatisfied baulked objecting balked

Tính từ

Feeling uncertain about something
unresolved unsure hesitant uncertain tentative undecided irresolute vacillating wavering doubtful suspicious unsettled faltering unconvinced ambivalent distrustful dithering divided fluctuating hesitating sceptical teetering dubious hinky indefinite mistrustful perplexed skeptical trustless undetermined confused iffy leery agnostic doubting faithless indecisive pussyfooting waffling in doubt shilly-shallying in two minds of two minds sitting on the fence blowing hot and cold in a dilemma like doubting Thomas without belief in a quandary torn equivocating uncommitted equivocal on the fence unclear wishy-washy noncommittal not sure on the horns of a dilemma hemming and hawing vague hazy oscillating split fickle halting betwixt and between running hot and cold on-the-fence floating ambiguous infirm vacillant changeable diffident weak shaky volatile unstable weak-minded touch and go weak-kneed hot-and-cold hot and cold wobbling swithering unfinished pendent inconclusive conflicting contradictory mixed uneventful astraddle dilly-dallying shillyshallying clashing warring conflicted debatable muddled opposed opposing fluctuant borderline hedging your bets in the middle unable to decide humming and hawing insecure inconstant unsteady unconfident nervous cagey changing halfhearted fearful wobbly loath reticent indisposed unconfirmed disinclined loth reluctant cagy full of doubt neutral fly-by-night unsavory questioning unassured unsavoury chancy untrusty apprehensive anxious shy timid uneasy cynical worried cautious wary uptight unbelieving troubled self-conscious edgy tense jittery antsy jumpy shrinking chary ill at ease disbelieving timorous retiring hung up self-doubting quizzical incredulous nervy unquiet goosey perturbed upset atwitter aflutter bashful inhibited dithery unassertive queasy afraid het up lacking confidence suspecting backward queazy awkward disquieted embarrassed slow agitated on edge concerned on tenterhooks meek mousy strained restless guarded stumbling gauche fidgety careful jealous circumspect impartial shaking negativistic broken stammering indeterminate self-effacing uncomfortable not confident modest unnatural sheepish untrusting disturbed scoffing keyed up introverted blushing discomfited unwilling skittish frightened on pins and needles mistrusting unaffiliated independent unpoised scared shamefaced twitchy non-aligned non-partisan undeclared vacillatory not self-assured lacking self-confidence passive unattached aw-shucks watchful show-me distrusting wondering stiff been hit before lacking trust up in the air having reservations bothered flustered variable tottery tottering irresoluteoscillating dubitable unknown questionable dissenting freethinking aporetic doddery doddering staggering possessive flickering trembling quivering solicitous in a flap withdrawn pendulous unimpressed unmoved unpersuaded permission-seeking attention-seeking validation-seeking non-believing all of a dither out of place clouded reserved not definite open unrelaxed restive on guard unsatisfied suspect rationalist irreligious nullifidian unassuming lacking faith jaundiced constrained unpresuming submissive lacking in confidence wimpy lacking assurance excited discombobulated fazed stilted affected mannered artificial ill-at-ease unobtrusive half-hearted without faith not born yesterday mousey scary fearsome fainthearted ashamed humble coy demure abashed recessive in question delaying out of countenance unsure of yourself like a fish out of water agog quiet flinching rabbity mim blenching stalling hanging back havering stuttering cowardly tremulous unenthusiastic grudging resistant cunctatory having misgivings having qualms uneager unpredictable dawdling averse lazy imperfect approval-seeking alarmed neurotic panicky stressy trepidatious foreboding terrified stressed resisting antipathetic laboured disjointed frozen lily-livered running scared having stage fright biting nails having butterflies in a cold sweat in a sweat worried sick having cold feet in a dither having a funny feeling angst-ridden non-fluent recalcitrant demurring bumbling inept unhandy lumbering ham-fisted labored ham-handed wooden clumsy claudicant maladroit uninvolved nonpartisan free nonaligned free-floating apathetic casual fence-sitting restrained free-spirited uninterested laid-back indifferent unforthcoming not involved middle ground middle of the road cut loose don't care Delphic touchy choked hanging by thread on thin ice

Tính từ

(also used as simple past tense under some contexts) Showing bewilderment
confused bewildered bemused mystified perplexed puzzled baffled stumped stupefied astounded befuddled confounded dumbfounded astonished dumbstruck flummoxed muddled nonplussed stunned bamboozled discombobulated discomfited discomposed disconcerted flabbergasted flustered fuddled staggered taken aback thrown disoriented fazed floored rattled unnerved amazed blown away bowled over clueless in a dither lost overwhelmed shaken shaken up shocked speechless startled surprised thrown off balance troubled at a loss at sea at sixes and sevens beaten bedeviled bedevilled besotted bushed dazed distracted had their heads messed with mazed uncertain uncomprehending wildered addled beat befogged buffaloed caused to be at a stand confusticated fogged foxed got graveled gravelled thrown off made to scratch their head dismayed embarrassed hard-pressed discountenanced frustrated hard put gobsmacked shell-shocked thunderstruck aghast agape open-mouthed awestruck nonplused dopey awed addlepated dizzy wide-eyed knocked for six awestricken at a loss for words mixed-up all at sea stuck overcome dopy goggle-eyed disorientated dumfounded muzzy openmouthed zonked silly spacy slaphappy mixed up spacey muddleheaded raddled spaced spaced-out punch-drunk lost for words upset benumbed wonderstruck marveling wondering marvelling pixillated pixilated blank punchy worried preoccupied absent-minded doubtful distressed ruffled incredulous breathless addle struck dumb vague zonked-out abashed filled with astonishment filled with amazement caught on the hop filled with wonder filled with awe caught on the wrong foot not with it shook up abstracted stymied agitated horrified engrossed perturbed disturbed tongue-tied dumb inattentive unsettled jolted agog absorbed staring dreamy faraway fuzzy foggy giddy distant numbed disorganized unglued in amazement spaced out put to it in shock in a muddle disorganised in a tizzy in a state of confusion at a complete loss unable to believe one's ears without ideas defeated paralyzed paralysed petrified overawed dazzled bugged gaga hazy groggy enthralled rendered speechless left speechless mortified spellbound unable to believe one's eyes woozy awe-stricken staring in amazement chagrined put out of countenance woolly frightened alarmed adhered rooted to the spot bollixed wooly numb awe-struck owly-eyed moon-eyed saucer-eyed off-balance off balance woolly-headed not knowing if you are coming or going taken by surprise shook at your wits' end uncertain which way to turn brought to a standstill at one's wits' end up against a brick wall without an answer unable to believe your eyes crushed appalled licked knocked knocked out knocked sideways mind-blown without a clue in a fog annoyed flurried shattered unzipped astray off-course adrift off-track absent diverted distrait in botheration psyched-out caught off balance out of countenance shook-up messed-up absentminded pestered harassed tormented hassled going round in circles all over the place not knowing whether one is coming or going unsystematic scatterbrained musing unaware vacant forgetful unreliable undependable sidetracked unfocused miles away feather-headed empty-headed erratic birdbrained daydreaming scatty feather-brained oblivious in a flap driven to distraction dippy unthinking unheeding dappy heedless with one's head in the clouds pensive with a mind like a sieve

Tính từ

Not easy to please or satisfy
difficult demanding stubborn uncompromising fussy grim hard to please intractable obstinate overbearing recalcitrant tough unaccommodating unamenable unreasonable unrelenting argumentative boorish fastidious finicky hardheaded hard-nosed inflexible obdurate picky pigheaded rigid tyrannical bearish discontented dissatisfied fractious hard-line immovable inexorable irascible oafish obstreperous opinionated perverse pitiless resolute stiff strict troublesome trying unbending unmanageable cantankerous choosy critical grumbly impolite irritable irritating negative quarrelsome querulous refractory set in one's ways snappy temperamental testy tiresome unflinching unyielding uptight bloody-minded dogmatic headstrong indomitable intransigent opinionative pertinacious rude single-minded sour steadfast stiff-necked strong-minded wrong-headed dictatorial oppressive overcritical delicate ill-natured importunate prickly sensitive touchy balky bolshie bull-headed contrarious contrary cussed disobliging finical froward hard to satisfy hypercritical over-particular particular perfectionist stroppy thrawn captious chippy crabby crotchety disputatious disputative feisty fiendish hard to handle huffy invidious obstructive ornery ungracious unpredictable uppity uncooperative wilful wayward contumacious awkward unruly uncontrollable disobedient ungovernable willful unhelpful insubordinate defiant rebellious undisciplined incompliant self-willed wild mulish disorderly rebel untoward disruptive restive recusant rowdy truculent mutinous annoying incorrigible vexatious incontrollable boisterous pervicacious out of hand out of control renitent turbulent inimical pat cross-grained impossible unwilling hard bullheaded resistant belligerent dogged adamant implacable hostile tenacious antagonistic determined troublemaking adamantine inconvincible hardened ossified problematic stubborn as a mule noncompliant unmalleable pig-headed self-opinionated lawless irrepressible adverse violent riotous uncontrolled unrestrained dissident unpersuadable firm capricious ill-disciplined unadaptable delinquent rock-ribbed exasperating anarchic deaf to reason unresponsive undisciplinable confrontational obstinately disobedient disagreeable attention-seeking complex insoluble clamorous dissentient unfriendly loud unsympathetic noisy contentious chaotic nonconformist unbridled opposing disapproving unpliable indocile rumbustious militant bellicose unpleasant antipathetic persistent uncongenial locked in relentless pugnacious strong-willed dead set on tetchy grouchy contradictory inimitable morose peevish irrational shrewish biased illogical inconsiderate unsupportive blinkered arbitrary grumpy ill-tempered sullen sulky naughty flyaway sticky prejudiced intolerant burdensome impudent insolent limit vexing pesky blocking stalling restrictive inhibiting delaying badly-behaved incurable disaffected narky bad-tempered ratty shirty choleric not cooperative disturbed maladjusted bulky discommodious incommodious cramped unconstructive hindering badly behaved tricky resisting insubmissive radical withstanding unobliging impossible to cope with frustrating making difficulties not giving an inch scrappy non-compliant uncivil discourteous thorny locked knotty paradoxical contrariant nonconforming discordant arsey disagreeing difficult to handle insurgent insurrectionary wrongheaded converse problem challenging unamiable tough nut hang tough vociferous rough tempestuous uproarious raucous lively rollicking romping anarchical heedless reckless lawbreaking seditious rampaging rambunctious threatening impulsive impetuous impervious rash intemperate imprudent forward assertive drunken bawdy mean roisterous rackety tumultuous resolved unbendable unshakable steely rip-roaring untimely unfortunate persevering unshakeable rampageous roistering uncompliant unalterable piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous inconvenient inopportune unfavorable unfavourable out of line unmoved indurate unbreakable fixed heady judgmental rigorous convinced remorseless raising Cain unanticipated ill-timed unexpected overexacting imperious insistent cavilling harsh nagging stringent exigent raising the roof with one's feet dug in iron-willed with one's toes dug in unforeseen disastrous unusual surprising unpredicted mistimed quibbling disparaging needy possessive hairsplitting caviling sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous censuring cavillous unsparing adversarial dissenting aggressive demeaning serious cynical carping censorious crazy hysterical nuts outrageous madcap insurmountable berserk unlucky unwelcome infelicitous inauspicious inapt unsuitable inappropriate angry opposed combative oppositional high-maintenance malapropos badly timed unseasonable spiteful over-rigorous over-strict over-exacting fault-finding over-censorious inhospitable wrathful conflicting vitriolic jaundiced virulent unpropitious misfortunate disturbing hapless ill-starred star-crossed luckless adversative accusatorial allergic oppugnant opposite unsociable reluctant unreceptive ill-disposed at odds oppugning

Động từ

To have triggered a passionate feeling or reaction
excited provoked incited riled stirred up fomented impassioned inflamed rallied roiled roused stirred triggered aggravated agitated animated electrified fired up goaded inspired instigated aroused enthused galvanized incensed irked primed ruffled stimulated whipped up baited charged egged on elicited encouraged enlivened grilled kindled piqued pumped up revved up set off vext vivified worked up wound up activated angered awakened brought about brought out caused charged up commoved energised energized enkindled galvanised jolted motivated needled pepped up sparked off touched off triggered off worked into lather chafed discomposed flustered induced infuriated intensified maddened offended shook shook up started taunted upset waked up woke up fed the fire shaken shaken up woken up moved inspirited invigorated spurred fired quickened sparked exhilarated envigorated vitalized livened up spurred on urged prodded revived thrilled turned on impelled prompted revitalized gingered up strengthened braced bucked up perked up jazzed up lit a fire under refreshed revitalised heartened whetted actuated emboldened fortified titillated filliped pushed intoxicated steeled fired the imagination of juiced up driven drove spiked jump-started buoyed buoyed up zipped up amped up wakened boosted incentivized elated set in motion fired with enthusiasm uplifted lift revivified put zip into put in motion influenced reinforced fired the enthusiasm of rejuvenated propelled swayed restored impressed promoted pricked cheered up gotten going got going empowered resuscitated kick-started innervated gladdened evoked tickled reactivated persuaded picked up fostered enhanced occasioned fanned tempted touched cheered grabbed instilled dynamized renewed heightened delighted bestirred restarted waked resurrected exalted zapped livened keyed up called forth set up switched on built up got someone going put new life in lifted initiated generated pressed nerved exhorted fueled fuelled brightened bolstered produced sustained precipitated inclined led leaded struck increased nudged reinvigorated elevated enabled got vivificated informed innerved activized psyched up geed up rebooted tickled pink challenged enraptured prepared gripped gave a buzz given a buzz reenergized infused imbued affected put some life into put new life into made more exciting readied tantalized astonished amazed engendered disposed reanimated compelled run supported teased pleased irritated reassured hooked captivated catalyzed made buttressed enthralled impacted mobilized deepened raised recreated astounded spiced brightened up sent entertained woke woken jumpstarted helped incentified sicced freshened abetted armed put new heart into started up psyched put a bomb under given a boost to made waves put up to put new heart in steamed up breathed new life into mobilised spooked cheered on acted as a incentive to acted as a stimulus to tantalised put life into hit the ground running built a fire under given someone a charge catalysed put new strength in gave someone a charge put pep into cranked up got ready spurred to action cut a figure brought back let sunshine in gave a boost to breathed life into brought on started off gave someone a kick geared up given someone a kick chirked up put some spark into made active made ready set going carried stricken stung gotten given a shot in the arm to come to life come alive gave a shot in the arm to pervaded permeated recrudesced penetrated interested suffused operated emphasized attracted modified transformed lightened rekindled tripped overwhelmed underlined overawed dazzled hotted up overcome zhooshed zhooshed up awed stressed cemented fascinated ravished coaxed seduced coerced seasoned accelerated startled disturbed overjoyed recharged reestablished ran championed hounded convinced cajoled pressured initialized warmed enchanted awaked recalled redeveloped refreshened reached reproduced overpowered chivvied regenerated speeded sped bred palpated brought dug amused forced intrigued grappled confirmed wowed steadied entranced forearmed created enheartened improved corroborated assisted maintained rewarded upheld underpinned aided invoked transported frenzied stiffened inveigled made lively converted advised wakened up flushed hardened lit up incented brewed exercised fermented countenanced gave life to given life to began begun cranked favoured favored bounced back made an impression on speeded up whipped told on magnified bowled over poured it on highlighted brought to life mounted added some zest to made more lively boosted up snapped out of it felt admiration juiced made a hit blazed a trail made an impression got to poised pressurized bolstered up contributed to made enthusiastic crazed killed summoned up drew forth made splash initialised called stirred embers jogged memory beghasted raced one's motor dispatched knocked out emphasised won over sped up had an impact on made your head spin added some colour to magnetized made for infected redoubled reminded spirited someone up rewaked leavened moved to action sprung bugged acted as a spur to prevailed on rooted on suggested to talked into substantiated blown away tapped wrought scored drawn forth grandstanded registered worked led on pressurised made alive given a new lease of life to necessitated borne up fazed knocked one's socks off drummed up made wild called to mind rooted for left a mark on sounded girt gave a new lease of life to revamped hinted to led to changed augmented backed up summoned braced up slayed jarred backed broadened magnetised blew away enriched given rise to rewakened heated up pushed around defended gave rise to re-established suscitated acted as a fillip to bore up endued shored up acted as a impetus to felt respect intensated alerted enticed reawakened buffaloed bulldozed diverted snapped up enforced crowded called up made confident asked for it girded showed off came alive came to life overcame awoken awoke upholden begot begat begotten added fuel to fire gotten to gave new life to given new life to rewoke rewoken got one going gotten one going gotten one started got one started gave a lift given a lift added zing to added zest to sprang grew grown given courage to gave courage to gave shot in arm given shot in arm took your breath away took one's breath away taken your breath away given a lift to taken one's breath away gave a lift to took out of mothballs taken out of mothballs gave the incentive to given the incentive to were responsible for was responsible for given one an idea gave one an idea been responsible for given impetus gave impetus given pleasure to given joy to gone over big gave joy to went over big gave pleasure to took someone aback slew taken someone aback slain shown off gone to your head went to your head gave someone a buzz

Động từ

Past tense for to make (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters
annoyed irritated bothered irked upset provoked exasperated riled galled aggravated angered nettled disturbed bugged troubled piqued ruffled peeved worried harassed narked distressed infuriated displeased needled agitated offended perturbed plagued hassled pestered incensed maddened miffed tormented chafed got gat gotten persecuted enraged rankled grated afflicted discomposed rasped rode rid ridden ate eaten outraged spited harried fretted disquieted griped grope gripen frosted inflamed pained nagged teased gravelled graveled itched flustered hounded depressed embarrassed frustrated fussed tried molested chagrined disgusted dissatisfied abraded mithered bit bitten hacked off got to gotten to ticked off burned up burnt up wound up rubbed up the wrong way put out bummed out got across gotten across drove up the wall driven up the wall gave someone the hump given someone the hump made someone see red hacked you off grated on got on your nerves gotten on your nerves rankled with gave someone grief given someone grief got your back up gotten your back up got under one's skin gotten under one's skin put your back up turned off gave a hard time given a hard time drove bananas driven bananas got in one's hair gotten in one's hair gave a bad time given a bad time mixed up beset hurt antagonized bedeviled bedevilled rattled affronted disconcerted antagonised goaded dismayed perplexed tortured exacerbated badgered roiled unsettled oppressed discomfited humped agonized concerned disgruntled burdened wound wounded ailed harrowed fazed mortified racked grieved unnerved agonised got at flurried alarmed discomforted strained stressed beleaguered aggrieved unhinged distempered frazzled teed off distracted saddened insulted appalled made angry confused cut to the quick baited niggled curst cursed disheartened besieged gnawed at freaked out exercised weirded out derailed hagrid discommoded discountenanced anguished dogged rubbed the wrong way confounded haunted excruciated alarumed gnawed discombobulated put off stirred up put someone's back up put someone's nose out of joint made cross weighed down ired gotten at made anxious madded discouraged embittered drove crazy driven crazy made uneasy drove mad driven mad taxed dispirited got in someone's hair steamed up got in your hair abashed inconvenienced made waves picked on taunted burned burnt ruffled someone's feathers pursued enflamed bullied crushed incommoded shocked disobliged cast down put down frightened blighted hectored affected got your goat got under someone's skin excited made someone's hackles rise stung lied heavy on scared disappointed rattled someone's cage chivvied slighted made someone's blood boil deviled devilled sent into a rage assailed injured pothered put someone off their stroke made your blood boil pressed prest dejected daunted hurt someone's feelings hagridden hagrode hurt somebody's feelings horrified intimidated hit where one lives driven to distraction drove to distraction nonplussed driven round the bend drove round the bend heckled fired up pricked undone undid gnew gnawn got on your wick caused suffering to bewildered puzzled egged on caused offense driven round the twist drove round the twist wrung given someone the pip gave someone the pip got on someone's nerves gotten on someone's nerves jarred crucified dissed roused jarred on demoralized tired obsessed dashed cheesed off gotten on one's nerves got on one's nerves tried someone's patience worked up spooked prodded cut gotten someone's back up got someone's back up breathed down someone's neck put the squeeze on soured cut up made uncomfortable rattled one's cage demoralised weighed heavily on made miserable made wretched humiliated put pressure on let down caused anguish to put a damper on got up someone's nose gotten up someone's nose put on the spot crossed stirred got someone gotten someone disillusioned browbeat confronted eaten away at ate away at grinded ground got across someone teared scandalized startled nudged unmanned acerbated crazed empurpled threw thrown tantalized interrupted tantalised chilled martyred panicked kept on at preoccupied caused trouble to possessed sickened scandalised importuned seared rubbed you up the wrong way psyched nagged at got your dander up eaten at ate at tried the patience of wronged worked on raised your hackles caused anxiety to weighed on gotten on someone's wick got on someone's wick shaken shook got one's goat gotten one's goat shamed gotten someone's dander up got someone's dander up envenomed got someone's goat gotten someone's goat faced disaffected gotten under your skin got under your skin cramped chivied tested victimized deranged wringed wrang smitten smote smit smited disrupted stewed attacked worsened repelled bored struck cowed got someone's hackles up bummed henpecked sweat disrespected hacked zinged despaired grilled put into a flap browned off worn on wore on abused crabbed put overwhelmed disgraced imposed on grizzled nauseated wearied carped at floored raised hell sticked in one's craw flummoxed moved pressurized tyrannized put your nose out of joint victimised disenchanted criticized aroused kept after setted one's teeth on edge umbraged bent someone's ear shook up shaken up tried your patience terrorized criticised dragooned tried one's patience made discontented tyrannised beat consumed muddled pressurised scourged dumbfounded deterred complicated thrown off balance threw off balance terrified made unhappy upset the apple cart made fretful terrorised loused up hung up got up your nose hung over forced infested put through wringer mystified made your hackles rise gotten on somebody's nerves got on somebody's nerves made despondent caused concern to got down heated up het up brought down interfered put someone out pushed coerced intruded caused discomfort to flipped out repressed made you see red indisposed caused anxiety put into a funk preyed on psyched out put someone to trouble made blood boil put in a spot put off his or her stride put somebody's nose out of joint set one off hit on beat down put someone to shame set on put to shame put screws to put a strain on made a scene put the heat on put the screws on put the wind up someone set someone's teeth on edge setted someone back on their heels put to trouble put upon browbeaten torn tore ached gotten under skin got under skin broke broken brake got on nerves gotten on nerves pinched compressed squeezed worn out wore out ate up eaten up poisoned alienated took aback taken aback gave offence to given offence to got someone's wick gripped harmed scorned ribbed chaffed hindered impeded festered bedogged visited made nervous buffeted buffetted chid chided foiled thwarted discontented rattled someone's chain petted tiffed huffed made resentful empoisoned made bitter tattered frayed eroded fouled jaundiced muddied devastated scolded bristled spurred entangled hampered stumped fuddled blustered frilled furbelowed steamed intruded upon rended rent capped curdled sounded cooled mispleased winged revolted aggressed absorbed interested ignited awaked attracted motivated grabbed absorpt quickened bore repulsed sapped stretched drained exhausted straught stricken worn wore grudged begrudged ragged stressed out boiled hazed upbraided scoured berated slapped intensified sweated feared subjugated suppressed tangled caused someone to lose their composure occupied gutted snubbed bullyragged macerated punished boned forayed despoiled noodged surprised lambasted caused anguish mourned caused sorrow bled caused suffering humbled maltreated deflated caused annoyance to caused resentment to incited jumped on one's case questioned examined tweaked dunned quizzed slurred palled shattered wigged cramped style imposed upon excoriated played dirty subdued heightened compounded increased disadvantaged riled up compelled dispraised slandered started in on yawped inveighed growled murmured grumped complained squealed maundered grouched whinged bleated kicked whined kvetched caterwauled yowled hollered beefed pecked at screamed groused yammered muttered abased croaked whimpered squawked wailed grumbled moaned bellyached carped keened yauped repined started made sore lost one's temper went on at gone on at jarred upon grated upon raged jangled estranged acidulated made rancorous venomed made livid caused disquiet to caused agony to pushed the buttons of unquieted rubbed one the wrong way magnified made worse amplified augmented paralysed disordered wheedled cajoled impelled pressured steamrollered made jerked around rousted setted your teeth on edge made gloomy lied enslaved exiled expelled overcharged hunted touched asked for it dazed disarranged affrighted wound somebody up suffered from got your hackles up gotten your hackles up bruised sweated out turned one off dumped on ill-treated hegemonized overpowered overcome mastered made restless railroaded argued obligated obliged bulldozed leaned on thumbed nose at ridiculed demeaned urged harped on at degraded egged made desolate grumbled at belittled moaned at debilitated turned incapacitated flipped thrilled overawed made one see red pushed one's buttons caused someone difficulty astounded impaired paralyzed meddled discommodated amazed scraped away dampened spirits brought one down run up the wrong way brought pressure to bear on obtruded subjected encroached exploited mistreated accosted got a rise out of gotten a rise out of made somebody's blood boil disorientated recurred niggled at muscled impressed constrained talked swayed sandbagged made blue dragged down rubbed salt in wound leaded someone a merry dance played cat and mouse caused to panic tired out messed made downhearted pierced moaned on at found fault with kept complaining to dashed hopes knocked sideways compounded the problem made matters worse fanned the flames broke one's heart broken one's heart treated harshly singled out kept down made fed up worked into lather keyed up layed up turned on laid up made it hot for someone dampened the spirits of added insult to injury strapped disparaged aroused hostility in screwed up pushed someon's buttons made someone eat humble pie got someone down encumbered knocked for six preyed on your mind resented smothered saddled brought someone to their knees picked at made indignant trampled underfoot overloaded dashed the hopes of drooped come back to prevailed on become bored fouled up beaten down dished it out trampled on aroused anxiety in weighed brought under the yoke blackjacked boiled over lied heavily on fanned the flames of dominated got the knife into deprecated made it tough for filled with consternation shattered the illusions of chastened awed desolated had had enough made turbid despotized made self-conscious made someone scratch their head caused to lose heart brought to heel held down resent made severe demands on twisted someone's arm messed with rubbed salt in a wound dished out made things hot for someone ground down puts somebody's nose out of joint rubbed salt in the wounds messed up added fuel to the flames worsted used strong-arm tactics on ruled with an iron hand fed the fire made it tough held sway over pushed buttons handicapped rocked the boat trampled stayed with had someone do something insisted on stuck it to ruled with a rod of iron dampened come at ruled caused offense to made someone go out of his way ruffled one's feathers lost patience made demands on grated at tyrannized over caused offence to found fault walked all over pushed one's button prostrated ruled over gnawed away at mucked up enforced whipped up sticked the knife into weighed heavy upon oke aken driven nuts drove nuts took taken awoken awoke blew up blown up got even gotten even thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz putten worn down wore down gave the business given the business thrown into tizzy threw into tizzy given one the business gave one the business wore upon worn upon beaten fell upon fallen upon fallen on fell on driven drove drave druv given the needle gave the needle wore away worn away driven you crazy drove you crazy thrown off threw off ran up the wrong way overcame snafued drove you up the wall driven you up the wall trodden on someone's toes given offence gave offence trod on someone's toes added to broken the heart of broke the heart of drove you to distraction driven you to distraction gotten on someone got on someone given a zinger given the cold shoulder gave the cold shoulder gave a zinger became bored taken it out on took it out on took a rise out of taken a rise out of came back to nit-picked done a number on did a number on gotten in the way got in the way driven you round the twist drove you round the bend drove you round the twist driven you round the bend worn to shreds wore to shreds bit into bitten into broke in broken in given it to took the wind out of someone's sails taken the wind out of someone's sails gave it to gave someone a turn threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy given someone a turn took the heart out of taken the heart out of rode roughshod over overthrown overthrew ridden roughshod over given someone bother gave someone bother gave trouble given trouble drove you off your head driven you off your head came at went from bad to worse gone from bad to worse added fuel to the fire drove out of mind driven out of mind driven you out of your mind drove you out of your mind took the wind out taken down a peg took down a peg taken down took down got one's comeuppance gotten one's comeuppance taken the wind out driven somebody up the wall drove somebody up the wall gotten on the wrong side of gotten up somebody's nose got on the wrong side of got up somebody's nose

Động từ

Past tense for to confound or perplex someone
baffled confounded confused bewildered perplexed puzzled mystified bemused flummoxed bamboozled befuddled addled discombobulated beat beaten fuddled muddled foxed buffaloed befogged disoriented gravelled graveled mazed got gat gotten posed muddied nonplussed stumped stupefied fazed disconcerted fogged floored wildered dumbfounded mixed up dazed obfuscated stunned made someone scratch their head distracted threw thrown flustered flabbergasted rattled amazed caused to be at a stand astounded setted someone thinking disorientated upset astonished staggered frustrated surprised stymied disturbed blew one's mind blown one's mind went to one's head gone to one's head clouded obscured overwhelmed eluded discomposed ruffled setted thinking made punchy brought up short inebriated bothered intoxicated beset threw off thrown off snowed complicated stumbled caught off balance balled up put off messed with one's head boggled the mind of got to shaken shook took aback taken aback thrown off balance threw off balance blurred startled beclouded unnerved bedevilled bedeviled dismayed dulled deranged mooned paralyzed daydreamed daydreamt paralysed exercised worried left open-mouthed tangled left aghast involved thickened made unclear confusticated snew snown knocked out bowled over entangled knocked sideways jumbled encumbered foiled profundicated stirred mulled wondered stuck embarrassed sticked struck dumb stricken dumb knocked for six mucked baulked raveled ravelled thwarted perturbed balked confuscated setted one thinking defeated gathered wool stopped someone in their tracks boggled the mind psyched out knocked the stuffing out of someone muddied the waters got at mixed you up screwed up snarled up gotten to shaken up shook up blew away taken by surprise blown away took by surprise thrown for loop gotten at threw for loop vext shocked rocked dumfounded surprized overcome devastated knocked the stuffing out of jolted overpowered shattered thunderstruck thunderstricken appalled hit like a ton of bricks benumbed dazzled crushed numbed rendered speechless moved overcame impressed unsettled electrified knocked for a loop hit put one away hit for six greatly upset boggled affected touched struck prostrated awed alarmed traumatized whelmed overmastered petrified swamped oppressed distressed knocked over knocked senseless snowed under traumatised left speechless consternated agitated disquieted abashed spellbound jarred knocked over with feather taken someone's breath away took someone's breath away put away put out of action sprung something on ground down laid out killed setted someone back on their heels knocked unconscious swept someone off their feet hit like ton of bricks stricken thrown a curve threw a curve besotted damaged horrified outraged ruined harmed offended revolted disgusted sickened scandalized nauseated gobsmacked repelled sprung on dizzied disordered brought around boggled someone's mind discomfited hat hitten displeased provoked made emotional took your breath away taken your breath away overawed galvanized made speechless angered antagonized caused wonder delighted subordinated steamrollered destroyed grossed out stirred up swept over completely surprised run circles around had a negative effect on sprang something on taken the wind out of your sails had a negative impact on scandalised galvanised grinded took the wind out of your sails downgraded demoralized lay out ground wrecked insulted raised someone's eyebrows antagonised demoralised besotten taken someone aback took someone aback sprang on threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy took breath away given a shock gave a shock taken breath away thrown for a loop threw for a loop thrown a curveball threw a curveball did in done in ran circles around gave a turn gave offence to given offence to given a turn gave someone a turn shaken out of your complacency shook out of your complacency given someone a turn broke someone's heart broken someone's heart struck with awe took one's breath away taken one's breath away stricken with awe done harm to did harm to

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