Đồng nghĩa của aggressed

Động từ

Past tense for to take violent or aggressive action against
attacked assaulted assailed hit hat hitten hurt ambushed beat beaten mugged battered harmed beaned kicked overwhelmed sicced booted clocked pummelled pummeled besieged bothered clipped clipt jumped brained larruped larrupped slogged struck stricken bopped pasted trashed biffed busted harassed wallopped walloped beset boffed bushwhacked thrashed batted blistered cooked punched clubbed pounded stabbed whopped assaulted physically beat up beaten up chopped down descended on descended upon did over done over fell upon fallen upon jumped on knocked about knocked around knocked cold laced into laid into lit into pitched into pounced on pounced upon roughed up sailed into set about set on set upon struck at tore into torn into turned on worked over beat up on duffed someone up got stuck into went in on gone in on knocked block off lashed out at laid siege to let fly at turned to violence had a go at knocked for a loop let someone have it beat the living daylights out of beatbeat the living daylights out of the living daylights out of charged rushed stormed invaded pounced descended raided afflicted devastated assaulted someone launched an attack made an assault made an attack dealt a blow to dealt a blow laid into someone setted upon someone smote smited smitten smit fell on fallen on fallen upon someone fell on someone fell upon someone fallen on someone lobbed uppercut let fly let have it sent shot smacked knocked slapped thumped belted cuffed bashed socked clouted hammered swatted whacked clobbered slammed flogged hooked drubbed welted decked smashed banged whipped sucker-punched swiped caned boxed licked crowned slugged bludgeoned pelted cracked floored nailed popped jabbed buffeted belaboured bobbed quilted tanned buffetted flailed rapped bonked thwacked clapped blasted chinned whomped whaled laced clapt sloshed lammed zapped tagged knocked into the middle of next week lathered percussed knocked out stoned tonked rained blows on belabored swinged laid one on cudgelled dinged pelleted sticked one on birched KO'd punted zonked cudgeled basted whanged donged dotted blitzed lambasted tapped dabbed shotten given a black eye given someone a good hiding given someone a drubbing given someone a good beating gave someone a beating rode roughshod gave someone a hiding gave someone a good hiding gave someone a good drubbing swonge given someone a hiding ridden roughshod given someone a good drubbing gave someone a drubbing gave someone a good beating given someone a beating swongen gave a black eye

Trái nghĩa của aggressed

aggressed Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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