Đồng nghĩa của hampered

Alternative for hampered

hampers, hampered, hampering

Đồng nghĩa: basket, block, cramp, hinder, impede, limit, obstruct, restrain,

Trái nghĩa: assist, expedite,

Động từ

Past tense for hinder or impede the movement or progress of
hindered obstructed handicapped impeded curbed cramped frustrated inhibited restrained restricted thwarted encumbered fettered foiled hamstrung hamstringed held up retarded shackled stymied trammelled trammeled baulked blocked checked delayed held back interfered with slowed down constrained curtailed hobbled prevented bridled clogged crippled cumbered embarrassed handcuffed hog-tied manacled set back short-circuited borked baffled balked barred bound bounden debilitated entangled inconvenienced leashed tied tied up hung up weighed down cramped one's style dragged one's feet tied one's hands got in the way gotten in the way got in the way of gotten in the way of threw a spanner in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a monkey wrench in the works of stopped limited put a brake on arrested slowed confined halted forestalled stalled stifled interrupted repressed shut out deterred shut down held suppressed put a stop to stood in the way of derailed stayed controlled interfered put an end to burdened crimped detained nipped in the bud straitened prohibited regulated disrupted kept cut off stonewalled scuppered shut off smothered defeated counteracted kept back debarred precluded averted hemmed in ruined circumscribed held down scotched constricted delimited saddled slowed up put off opposed quashed reined in put an stop to loaded braked holden contained chained charged lumbered crushed spoiled spoilt shut in bottled up put the kibosh on laden laded withheld circumvented neutralized moderated governed reduced choked obviated neutralised staved off stove off tied down bogged down warded off headed off weighted caught decelerated sabotaged freighted snookered dashed countered tamed beat forbid interdicted upset ruled out put at a disadvantage put back intercepted fended off corked put paid to pulled in suspended closed off subdued kept within bounds put away squashed put a spoke in someone's wheel put a damper on stilled disadvantaged gagged intermitted crabbed squelched paused troubled muzzled overloaded shelved entrammeled entrammelled capped postponed nullified tethered bounded reined killed demarcated contravened stumped discomfited taxed stemmed landed ruled measured disappointed choked back fixed fixt kept in check defined pulled up terminated fetched up decreased checkmated loaden demarked brake held in saddled with fouled up made late screwed up cooled held off choked off forfended withholden kept under control frozen froze impaired overwhelmed incommoded resisted stultified discommoded discontinued remitted throttled sandbagged strained overburdened quelched discouraged hurt swallowed muffled deferred obscured secured fazed oppressed strangled garrotted stunted damped down confounded bottlenecked bit bitted brought up slackened damped rattled crossed imprisoned stamped out forbidden forbade setted limits on imposed limits on cut short overturned let dampened negated kept waiting put straitjacket on tempered dammed imposed jailed gaoled put on brakes offset lessened mired warded kept in avoided put out of commission canceled cancelled annulled turned aside loitered clipped someone's wings enclosed surrounded repulsed inflicted brought to a standstill diminished outwitted thrust specified placed at a disadvantage locked up encircled let up qualified stemmed the flow of held in check chilled put on hold loused up put in irons delimitated prelimited defended against backed off set marked off put the lid on pinned down kept lid on put on back burner put the stopper on brought to screeching halt put the brakes on put a ceiling on girdled kept the lid on kept within limits put the damper on cut back poured cold water on cut down on put in chains hit the brakes put a crimp in put the brakes on put in an unfavourable position put half nelson on kept a tight rein on let down flaps upset the applecart put end to cut down put a leash on put on ice put the mockers on thrust something on upset one's apple cart put a lead on retardated drawn up drew up straitjacketed given a hard time gave a hard time ended disturbed affected influenced tampered worried confused conflicted jammed destroyed extinguished silenced submerged pocketed deadened withstood screened netted captured ensnared enmeshed vitiated damaged complicated puzzled bothered snagged quenched overpowered muted quelled dissuaded sidelined mystified fenced stood entrapped enfeebled marred weakened harmed paralysed fastened constipated incarcerated interned nonplussed dissuaded from shushed made difficult flawed compromised bankrupted blemished bloodied disconcerted enjoined outlawed tabooed protracted caused to stay caused to wait made impossible flummoxed gyved pinioned enfettered enchained monkeyed with held captive dragged feet injured endamaged prorogued dead-ended dropped cornered braced sidetracked scrubbed pigeonholed beaten locked in disallowed immured shotgunned concussed necessitated fenced in closed in deprived cooped up banned denied confronted invalidated scuttled saved helped pre-empted prolonged clapt clapped piled cuffed tasked chained up downed loafed poked flagged faltered paralyzed hesitated bogged dawdled harnessed repelled rationed fought back staunched come to a standstill bucked offsetted bilked disadvised scared diverted petered out not moved stood off delineated banjaxed wronged yoked weighed imposed on nobbled parried hung fire knocked off pegged rebuffed abated lagged boxed in directed impounded guided hogtied reined back contracted shrunk narrowed modified thrusted shortened inclosed licked conquered overcome picked off cooled off prevented from making progress counterplotted buried done for did for taken down took down environed encompassed snowed reefed embogged quieted procrastinated clapped in irons brought an end to prescribed turned off treated harshly kept a lid on slackened pace boxed up cracked down pulled back sat on kept down crossed up held off on brought to an end given the run around gave the run around threw a spanner in the works thrown a spanner in the works dumped on lost speed kept in line nailed down come down on cooled down tied someone's hands stood in the way messed up kept off wound down threw cold water on kept within the limits of marked out lost steam anticipated kept at bay inflicted something on rained on someone's parade made heavy hitched up played for time told against dashed one's hope forefended sent up treated unfavourably brought under control deflected thrown cold water on inflicted a handicap on got bogged down corked up imposed something on rendered null and void fobbed something off on to snowed under placed a limit on imposed upon had on a tight leash outlined staved held over treated unfairly caused setback stove beat down unloaded something on talked out of sank sunken sunk acted against canned took out gave disadvantage given disadvantage taken out holp holpen letten leet came to a standstill shrank shrunken thrown monkey wrench in threw monkey wrench in overcame undone undid bitten back bit back anchored it snew snown drawn the line on drew the line on taken out of play took out of play came down on threw a spoke in the wheel of thrown a spoke in the wheel of thrown a monkey wrench into threw a monkey wrench into beaten down got the better of gotten the better of took wind out of sails taken wind out of sails done a disservice to did a disservice to gave a disadvantage to given a disadvantage to acted like a wet blanket bore down on borne down on proscribed stanched mitigated vetoed excluded eased embargoed made illegal modulated cracked down on blackballed toned down clamped down on boycotted lowered ostracized softened estopped relaxed rejected clamped down barricaded ostracised sapped occluded closed blunted calmed blocked up blockaded evaded congested stopped up clogged up censored closed up closed out criminalized stoppered immobilized bunged up circumnavigated plugged up nixed skirted sidestepped criminalised played down put a limit on steered clear of immobilised spiked wrecked declared illegal put out put out of action shut up put the chill on buttoned up shut out of blacklisted revised devitalized dismissed dulled plugged deflated sealed caulked outvoted incapacitated filled blocked out filled up depressed come down hard on blacked packed jammed up choked up stuffed spurned clotted idled escaped bypassed banished decremented excepted eliminated bunged blocked off prostrated pacified disqualified allayed disciplined refused soothed palliated bottled tapered minimized depreciated downscaled downsized curst cursed illegalized concealed mellowed minced exiled gummed up relieved forbid to lamed mutilated indisposed maimed temperated suffocated declared ineligible lightened hid juked ditched crashed unsettled torpefied declared taboo closed down passed by officially forbid placed an embargo on iced out passed up snuffed soft-pedalled hushed brought to a screeching halt de-escalated made powerless heaped undermined exhausted totalled met halfway knocked out made unfit rendered incapable tightened up on kiboshed shrouded rendered powerless composed mangled showered soft-pedaled phased out got tough on turned down shattered unstrengthened dummied up enervated knocked back quietened disabled whittled down dried up battered come down on like a ton of bricks hushed up simmered down counted out stepped down totaled unfitted unbraced iced collected cooled out tailed off come down heavily on attenuated hocked kept tight rein on said no inactivated minimised shot down taken tough action took tough action came down hard on gotten out of got out of overthrown overthrew broke broken overrode overridden hidden officially forbidden forbidden to taken wind out of took wind out of tongue-tied froze out frozen out bitten one's lip bit one's lip gave the thumbs down to gave the red light to given the red light to given the thumbs down to gave the thumbs down thrown out given the thumbs down threw out took stern measures against came down heavily on got tough gotten tough took severe measures against taken stern measures against taken severe measures against came down on like a ton of bricks

Động từ

Past tense for to cause to fail
thwarted frustrated hindered foiled checked stopped impeded blocked prevented obstructed curbed stymied restrained baulked forestalled defeated baffled scotched balked cramped derailed circumvented scuppered opposed trammelled trammeled ruined beat beaten spoiled spoilt dashed countered discomfited smashed snookered disappointed crimped checkmated confused upset outwitted crossed crabbed nobbled bilked traversed rooted snafued skinned held up put a stop to put paid to stood in the way of did for done for fouled up put the kibosh on loused up put the stopper on put the mockers on took down taken down upset the apple cart gave the slip given the slip upset one's apple cart cooked someone's goose played off put a spoke in someone's wheel took wind out of taken wind out of put an end to finished off finished something crippled eluded queered nullified dodged promoted juked rattled disconcerted halted messed up fazed screwed up buffaloed skipped ducked bollixed ditched made an end of brought to a close shuffled off hung up run circles around run rings around halted in its tracks nipped in the bud shaken shook shook off shaken off given the run-around ran rings around gave the run-around ran circles around threw monkey wrench in thrown monkey wrench in threw a spanner in the works thrown a spanner in the works thrown a monkey wrench in the works threw a monkey wrench in the works shut out evaded prohibited bypassed escaped staved off inhibited circumnavigated stove off overturned counteracted interfered with sidestepped headed off deflected held back retarded steered clear of disrupted repressed warded off defended against limited interdicted skirted restricted kept lid on held off avoided barred averted stonewalled crashed unsettled stumped wrecked stalled got out of gotten out of

Động từ

Past tense for to destroy or disrupt by means of sabotage
sabotaged destroyed crippled disrupted wrecked damaged hindered interrupted ruined spoiled spoilt smashed terminated thwarted undermined attacked broke brake broken demolished eradicated nullified subverted dispatched impaired stymied dashed foiled incapacitated quashed ravaged devastated eliminated ended frustrated prevented annulled disabled marred obliterated threatened upset abolished blocked quelled undid undone bollixed crushed decimated extinguished harmed killed aborted annihilated obstructed shattered suppressed broke down broken down broke up broken up interfered with messed up intruded on mucked up screwed up put at risk put an end to offset put the kibosh on defeated overturned scotched toppled scuppered squelched neutralized canceled out botched cancelled out played havoc with made a mess of rendered ineffective fouled up offsetted outmanoeuvred had unbuilt skinned abated neutralised outsmarted outfoxed outmaneuvered queered impoverished cramped loused up crimped overreached injured vitiated crazed razed wracked ballsed up made waves brought down worked against brought to naught rained on someone's parade blew blown did for overthrew done for overthrown blown a hole in blew a hole in thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of weakened compromised diminished hurt disturbed put out of commission put out of action encroached on destabilized jeopardized debilitated tarnished deteriorated devitalized corroded depressed afflicted tainted blemished impeded dismantled corrupted trashed blighted wound wounded enervated invaded eroded disfigured debased inconvenienced sapped withered flawed blasted endamaged scorched battered bloodied crossed up crabbed enfeebled defaced shocked torpedoed jeopardised smashed up roughed up destabilised detracted from checked curbed limited wreaked havoc on caused detriment to obtruded on violated encroached upon intruded upon placed a limit on trespassed on infringed on infringed impinged on shaken up taken out took out shook up wrought havoc done harm to did harm to wrought havoc on thrown a monkey wrench into threw a monkey wrench into broken into broke into

Tính từ

Having a handicap
handicapped incapacitated infirm invalid lame paralysed paralyzed wheelchair-using crippled disabled disadvantaged learning-disabled paraplegic quadriplegic tetraplegic baulked balked blocked burdened checked curbed deterred encumbered foiled hemiplegic impeded limited monoplegic obstructed paraparetic paretic restrained restricted stymied wounded differently abled having a disability physically challenged physically handicapped physically impaired having a mental disability having learning difficulties having special needs mentally disabled physically disabled maimed debilitated weakened hurt impaired damaged enfeebled injured sidelined bedridden weak helpless deformed powerless hamstrung harmed game laid up immobilized halt sickly limp ailing mutilated impotent broken-down laid-up out-of-action confined incapable housebound defective run-down frail stiff bruised sore feeble gimp hog-tied immobilised out of action out of commission vulnerable fragile unfit indisposed limping hobbling bad compromised wornout undermined battered tender hors de combat disadvantageous exceptional challenged immobile lifeless gammy disarmed worn-out out-of-commission wrecked stalled decrepit strengthless impuissant impoverished diminished raw pained gimpy handcuffed hindered toothless high and dry ruined destroyed spoiled palsied with a disability spoilt mangled broken confined to bed marred sick ill unwell valetudinary poorly valetudinarian weakly peaked down in poor health below par on the sick list laid low unable useless in hospital in the hospital numb inert afflicted aching prostrate stricken smarting painful throbbing hurting flat on your back stinging cut inflamed paralytic crushed discoloured scarred discolored black-and-blue benumbed dead insensible ineffective inactive nerveless torpid beaten grazed scratched burning sensitive lacerated gashed crook gutless chafed reddened agonised knackered ruptured mauled bleeding agonized disfigured scraped nicked in pain struck busted up hit unmoving fractured deadened smashed shattered unfeeling frozen at a loss bedfast bedbound insensitive insensate desensitized ill in bed effete incompetent diplegic off colour smitten palsified enervated unproductive forceless inept infecund puny dud desensitised excruciating agonizing delicate tingly distressed paper tiger past it under the weather achy afflictive prickly twingeing irritated severe gnawing suffering biting uncomfortable smartful laborious nagging sharp troublesome searing piercing pounding tingling agonising hurtful caustic abscessed flat on one's back harrowing red tired nasty achy breaky grievous ulcerated defenceless ineffectual inadequate dependent subject tied disenfranchised unarmed wishy-washy supine etiolated without power blank disfranchised defenseless resistless chicken wimp passive not able over a barrel with no say out of gas shot buffeted tortured warped

Tính từ

Constrained under authority or power

Tính từ

(of a space) Restricted in area or volume
confined restricted small cramped limited constricted confining narrow poky compact inadequate incommodious meager meagre pinched squeezed strait tight uncomfortable enclosed exiguous incapacious bedfast bedridden bound chilled circumscribed compassed cramp curbed detained grounded held hog-tied iced immured indisposed invalided kept narrowed pent restrained sick bottled up cooped up flattened out in chains in jail laid up locked up on ice sealed up shut in tiny delimited sparse defined finite constrained bounded packed determinate definite jammed checked measured minimal crowded congested controlled little fixed particular straitened contained spare scanty scant matchbox slim slender choked close specific paltry compressed thin shrunken short hemmed in precise jam-packed trapped kept in check suffocating stifling restricting airless unrelated non-native stymied thwarted wedged oppressive localized not enough room to swing a cat boxy very small cell-like bijou claustrophobic overcrowded shabby awkward overfull localised local two-by-four irregular minute hamstrung non-local qualified demarcated with no room to swing a cat terminable definable tucked up closed in predefined conditioned jammed in belted ringed flanked rimmed fringed encircled girdled contiguous enveloped boundaried encompassed surrounded walled fenced bordered limitary hedged edged dense reserved predictable set subject to limitations predetermined exact not infinite insufficient skimpy sectional topical solid stingy modest deficient thick concentrated poor negligible miserable miserly puny beggarly skimp pitiful light measly scarce sparing hand-to-mouth crammed close-packed serried condensed cropped impenetrable crushed diminutive pathetic bare tenuous slight piddling petty substantial consolidated secure impermeable closely packed close-grained tightly packed tapered skinny tapering hairline needlelike ultrathin fine contracted near narrowing taper threadlike thin on the ground narrow-gauged paper-thin slim-jim low flimsy nominal mingy slimline polished flexible long elongated stipulated shallow remote minuscular marginal frail outside faint off reedy trivial fragile trifling insignificant express determined explicit clear-cut established direct confirmed concrete clear black-and-white derisory sketchy cut-and-dried hard plain outright wretched sorry piffling thinning unimportant pitiable base picayune poxy minor inconsiderable worthless mean assigned convinced well defined prescribed too few too small too little not enough toytown niggling piddly footling pimping ungenerous inappreciable no-account inconsequential chicken peanut mere rare shy wanting failing scrimpy clearly defined dinky twopenny-halfpenny nickel-and-dime in short supply trashy beyond doubt common shoddy sleazy de minimis ineffectual unconsequential Mickey Mouse few and far between barely sufficient

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