Đồng nghĩa của nickel and dime

Tính từ

Trivial or unimportant
petty trivial insignificant slight trifling negligible paltry inconsiderable minor small inconsequential piddling unimportant footling inessential niggling inferior measly picayune piffling little penny-ante pettifogging chicken contemptible fiddling junior lower minute no-account nominal nugatory peanut piddly pimping twopenny-halfpenny lesser secondary subordinate base casual cheap de minimis frivolous inconsequent irrelevant light Mickey Mouse potty scratch shallow shoestring two-bit of little account worthless incidental foolish small-fry of no account not worth mentioning pitiful inappreciable derisory pathetic mingy poxy exiguous tiny inadequate insufficient of no consequence miserable minimal not worth bothering about dinky meagre immaterial insubstantial meaningless minuscule of no importance meager of little consequence peripheral pointless superficial puny non-essential token scanty lightweight small-bore of little importance silly valueless infinitesimal mean beggarly flimsy ignorable small-time nonessential marginal of no moment not worth speaking of time-wasting subsidiary wretched sorry scant imperceptible pitiable idle ridiculous laughable insulting ungenerous mere hollow ludicrous frothy useless preposterous miserly absurd outrageous risible low skimpy extraneous empty shabby stingy lousy unnecessary neither here nor there beside the point twopenny perfunctory impractical futile mild unessential hair-splitting fussy symbolic niggly hairsplitting hardly worth mentioning toytown unsubstantial unconsiderable slender neglectable nondescript undemanding peppercorn vain loitering jejune inane idling vapid insipid banal smaller everyday purportless senseless unintellectual trashy set common shoddy sleazy narrow ineffectual unconsequential limited commonplace unconsidered runt inappropriate wimpy shrimp trite wanky minus accessory tacky dependent second-string cockamamy derisive cockamamie comical farcical no biggie small potatoes two bit entry level of no significance big zero momentary diminutive atomic microscopic skin-deep evanescent vanishing no big deal no big thing featherweight imponderous failing incompetent all the same of minor importance of little import of no merit below the mark of no value low-ranking zero zilch tinpot zip nothing second-rate null indifferent no great shakes of no great concern sparse poor deficient modest scarce minimum slim short subtle weak sparing vague indiscernible minor-league impalpable indistinguishable unnoticeable undetectable fine lean bush-league faint gradual insensible inaudible shadowy barren ephemeral unproductive indistinct feeble mediocre lacking imponderable spare intangible scrimpy fractional reduced invisible bare wanting unobservable inconspicuous lamentable middling thin skimp restricted tenuous ordinary hand-to-mouth bitty subnormal outside rare remote under off nanoscopic occasional too little too late tangential frail fragile few frugal not enough too little scattered ancillary younger subaltern abject ineffective sporadic lowly dispensable stunted uncommon infrequent unsatisfactory stinted average unfinished substandard teeny-weeny unexceptional little bitty imperfect teensy-weensy unfruitful scrimp infertile unlikely less important barely perceptible smalltime unperceivable unremarkable undistinguished normal basal unexciting expendable distant vanilla lame straggling uninspired workaday disappointing improbable implausible dissatisfactory obscure unfrequent dubious doubtful far-fetched in short supply few and far between hard to find next to none collateral seldom seen run-of-the-mill bog-standard so-so thin on the ground low in numbers hard to come by nothing to write home about middle-of-the-road plain vanilla next to no at a premium smallish small-scale diddly humble quibbling picky local lilliputian rinky-dink cavilling finicky nit-picking gentle bogus sterile waste drossy counterproductive unprofitable ignoble inutile unavailing despicable abandoned profitless unusable caviling uncelebrated unsound unapparent background auxiliary by-the-way by-the-by illogical woeful sad little or no hardly any unobtrusive lower-level subservient isolated irrational extrinsic incomplete unclear unreasonable second-class barely sufficient undistinguishable imperceivable indefinite of less importance dicey inconceivable diminished iffy questionable sketchy incommensurate invalid least smallest littlest slightest shy impossible to detect inapposite unreasoning lowest parsimonious junk depleted related contributory supplementary contributing tributary substract subject second reserve barely visible hard to make out minutest tiniest fewest merest fallacious dry nonrational teeny bad inefficient impertinent irrelative inapplicable faraway far outlying wee too few subpar faulty flawed defective impotent suboptimal illegitimate very little smallest amount of least possible medium not up to par of no matter inconsiderate foreign not pertinent not germane passable fair less than ideal depthless itsy-bitsy adequate matter of indifference a matter of indifference makes no difference not to the point no never mind replaceable tolerable decent awful execrable appalling hopeless atrocious deplorable abysmal dire terrible diabolical dismal dreadful inept unacceptable found wanting not good enough undesirable not acceptable bereft not okay objectionable less-than-stellar displeasing unworthy itty-bitty midway median intermediate midsize midsized middle weensy teensy eensy-weensy bitsy weeny microscopical miniature microminiature rubbish low-grade rotten unneeded less shoal surface neutral sufficient fairish OK moderate unusual extremely small titchy very small tiddly little-bitty not so hot half-pie fair to middling not up to much fair-to-middling under-strength below par disposable superfluous invisible to the naked eye below standard glancing flat in the minority seldom found widely spaced out of the ordinary typical plain humdrum mundane bland drab uninteresting usual unmemorable pedestrian not essential consumable sacrificable not required excess able to be sacrificed redundant usable uninspiring dull routine boring unnoteworthy unimpressive not deep cursory prosaic uneventful characterless whatever a dime a dozen dime-a-dozen common or garden garden-variety nothing special garden variety not much cop bog standard

Tính từ

Having no use, purpose or reason
worthless valueless useless futile pointless ineffectual meaningless unavailing paltry trifling empty ineffective nugatory unproductive fruitless inferior no use defective deficient hollow inadequate inconsequential insubstantial measly miserable poor senseless trashy trivial unsatisfactory banal chaffy insignificant junky lame negligible no-good null pathetic petty poxy rubbishy silly unimportant unusable vain wanky wretched bootless inutile of no benefit pants piddling to no avail unfructuous abandoned barren bogus counterproductive ignoble mediocre nothing profitless rubbish sterile unessential unprofitable waste not much cop two a penny a dead loss a dime a dozen not worth a hill of beans meritless tawdry second-rate third-rate shoddy crummy gimcrack cheap low-grade without value twopenny-halfpenny of little worth poor quality low quality of no value of no worth of little value of no financial value of low quality of little financial value of poor quality cheap and nasty ten a penny idle unsuccessful inefficacious abortive otiose purposeless hopeless aimless in vain impotent inept inefficient feckless failed incompetent weak to no effect to no purpose good-for-nothing of no use unrewarding feeble powerless unfruitful thwarted lazy non-successful unpurposed wasted needless irrelevant apathetic spiritless of no avail without rhyme or reason impractical no good purportless lousy vapid hamstrung inexpedient foiled slothful indolent inoperative frivolous irresponsible unambitious doomed shiftless without success insufficient unenterprising no dice unable lifeless unnecessary inane scrap expendable motiveless impracticable unremunerative spineless superfluous baulked unprolific bungled frustrated incapable unfit unavailable balked void no-account indecisive Sisyphean limited on a treadmill uninspiring lacklustre not worth the candle lackluster thankless unworkable footling nonfunctional unreasonable unfunctional misfired rambling mindless unreal dysfunctional dallying nonsensical dry goalless unsuitable forlorn vacuous vacant delusive unsubstantial stupid disadvantageous defeated disastrous unhelpful exhausted casual loafing redundant botched lost forceless withered neutralized defeasible neutralised innocuous anticlimactic broken gainless inapt drifting for nought ne'er-do-well impuissant pyrrhic unsalable specious uneconomic failing throwaway insincere groundless scant absurd unserviceable objectless bungling miscarried stillborn nonpractical emasculate slack-spined dead of no earthly use unimpressive time-wasting baseless insipid rotten unuseful inoperable insane fatuous no-win misleading unnotable puny slight shuck delusory frustaneous unlucrative wandering nonproductive uncreative slow unyieldly blocked wasteful ruined spoiled unfounded save one's breath no go no way not effective unanimated lustreless listless muted unneeded resultless dull sorry Pyrrhic nongermane for naught not useful pitiful adrift boring going nowhere spoilt lacking foundation not a prayer in vicious circle not needed stale spinning one's wheels wild goose chase invertebrate no good to gundy bad woeful tame messed up uninteresting helpless impossible lamentable deplorable meagre despicable contemptible without grounds without foundation arid tedious flat commonplace not pertinent wet not serious null and void dreary drab unstimulating prosaic monotonous humdrum witless indiscriminate designless thoughtless illogical irrational wanton ill-fated bleak flaccid unmeaning unsound ill-suited inappropriate unsuited unfilled clear pitiable sad unskillful unskilled desultory brainless random lackadaisical flimsy junk not proper unadvantageous inconsistent not good enough incompatible improper beyond remedy unachievable despaired of fustian reckless incautious uncareful carefree careless unreliable wild inexpert unskilful ridiculous floundering undirected haphazard shameful disgraceful dishonourable dishonorable meager unused unwanted inproficient bum unproficient wishy-washy uncalled for uncalled-for hit-or-miss lethargic improvident excess deceitful unindustrious dubious dishonest suspicious slack laggard directionless inattentive lagging unenergetic untrustworthy workshy devious procrastinating unmotivated lacking ability extra supernumerary leftover spare remaining discarded surplus left over

Tính từ

(in size) Very small in size
tiny small puny micro miniature minute wee imperceptible minuscule petite teensy teeny pygmy atomic bitsy bitty microminiature microscopical pocket slight tiddly midget nano minuscular baby nanoscopic microscopic dwarfish infinitesimal weeny mini diminutive titchy eensy weensy minikin miniaturised miniaturized peewee pintsize runty scrubby shrimpy smallish toylike underdeveloped dinky pintsized bitesize toy bantam Lilliputian flyspeck scaled-down small-scale teeny-weeny fun-size knee-high pocket-sized teensy-weensy itsy-bitsy itty-bitty pint-sized vest-pocket bite-sized eensy-weensy fun size little-bitty not worth bothering about pee-wee pocket-size bite-size little bitty yea big little undersized dwarf half-pint negligible undersize fine pint-size insignificant subnormal stunted short very small compact elfin meagre meager trifling slim knee-high to a grasshopper inconsiderable dainty stubby fragile marginal reduced minimum feeble slender faint runtish ickle measly frail minimal inappreciable remote nominal weak delicate squat outside homuncular peanut scant sparse dwarfed exiguous low unlikely vague undeveloped improbable portable distant small-boned off dubious doubtful skimpy shrimp poor bijou light knee high to a grasshopper cramped paltry not large modest stocky far-fetched scanty lilliputian insubstantial squatty mite scrawny invisible sawn-off neat trim thin skinny shrivelled narrow cute babyish invisible to the naked eye embryonic shriveled wizened flimsy small-fry minor itsy bitsy not big poky implausible weedy teeny weeny spindly nanosized unimportant model very little teenty tincy teentsy bonsai indiscernible unnoticeable atrophied underweight smaller button extremely small barely perceptible microbic granular submicroscopic fragmentary runted scrub shot undergrown dumpy molecular piddling piffling pygmaean sprightly fubsy minim youthful munchkin efficient handy abridged potted concise condensed dear adorable capsule shallow yea high small fry incy wincy tincy wincy teensy weensy lesser secondary bush-league adorbs minor-league small-time natty pygmyish low-lying not long low-slung boxy with no room to swing a cat not tall sawed-off economic of space underfed weakly knee high to a gnat close to the ground far faraway outlying sickly meek reedy slightly built twiggy lank mere a slip of a … scarce undernourished isolated second rate wispy dicey iffy absurd rare inconceivable fractional questionable diminished unsubstantial niggling zero useless zilch inferior picayune nothing unsound runt infirm two-bit unconsequential worthless not heavy subtle gentle small time insufficient limited snub truncated young immature infant fleeting junior hasty brief short-lived hardly any

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