Đồng nghĩa của intangible

Alternative for intangible


Đồng nghĩa: unsubstantial, untouchable,

Trái nghĩa: tangible,


Difficult for the mind to grasp
impalpable abstract invisible airy ethereal incorporeal insubstantial non-physical untouchable aerial bodiless dim disembodied immaterial unembodied vague elusive ghostly indefinite phantom shadowy spectral spiritual supernatural transcendental unbodied unearthly unreal wraithlike discarnate disincarnate evanescent phantasmal phantasmic unsubstantial abstruse eluding evading evasive hypothetical imperceptible imperceptible to the touch imponderable inappreciable indeterminate insensible rare slender slight unapparent uncertain unobservable unquantifiable unsure nonmaterial metaphysical nonphysical formless imaginary illusory indistinct dreamlike unworldly dreamy obscure celestial incorporate apparitional unfleshly spiritlike asomatous disbodied psychic uncorporal unclear heavenly subjective visionary nebulous vaporous fanciful chimerical hallucinatory tenuous thin indiscernible indistinguishable indefinable indescribable light delicate imagined fine hazy faint imprecise discorporate dainty non-existent fancied false obscured fuzzy fragile figmental delusive blurry rarefied diaphanous blurred unperceivable frail bleary gauzy murky foggy misty opaque pale blear nonexistent gaseous out of focus ill-defined non-material uncorporeal flimsy wispy weightless remote sketchy volatile frivolous not material obfuscated faded undescribable imperfect confused mysterious hard to define hard to describe unable to be touched illusive ghostlike exquisite gossamer ephemeral illusionary inexistent gossamery subtle puny fly-by-night unsound infirm petty idle decrepit beautiful elegant graceful make-believe undefined fictitious mythical fabulous inviolable sacrosanct fairy fluffy lovely refined pretend invented unrecognizable hidden made-up mock fantastic holy sacred hallowed unassailable undetermined nebulose concealed phantasmagoric ideal too little too late otherworldly waiflike filmy vapory eerie unseen inconspicuous unrecognisable cloudy legendary dreamed-up unseeable shrouded unnoticeable lacking definition fantasied seeming storybook chimeric mythic artificial fantastical fake theoretical imaginal fairy-tale fictional notional pretended unnoticed undetectable imperceivable unobserved cloaked ostensible sham insincere phoney clouded unexposed disguised surreptitious unobtrusive discreet fabled unnatural supposititious weird faux misleading romantic incredible reproduction reachy fictive suppositious replica phony imitation unbelievable undercover camouflaged masked veiled secret undetected eclipsed unrevealed perdu under wraps covert not in view not in sight not visible latent out of sight unviewable screened in the dark undisclosed covered out of view impossible to detect out of this world invulnerable


Difficult or impossible to define or understand
indefinable dim hazy indefinite indescribable inexpressible mysterious nameless obscure unclear vague elusive fugitive subtle unanalyzable unanalysable impalpable undefinable ineffable inconceivable incommunicable unutterable undescribable unspeakable uncommunicable inenarrable unimaginable defying description beyond words unthinkable beggaring description beyond description untellable nondescript unbelievable abstract unspecified unspecifiable preternatural sublime unheard of indistinct baffling ambiguous fleeting puzzling transient inexpressable unexpressible deceptive transitory incalculable incorporeal hard to define hard to describe unknowable wonderful marvellous fantastic incredible overwhelming untold marvelous impossible astonishing fabulous amazing astounding breathtaking staggering unthought of incomprehensible indeterminable evasive implausible mind-boggling misleading unimagined equivocal unconvincing fantastical improbable unlikely unheard-of incredulous unconceivable uncompelling empyrean divine empyreal transcendental sacred heavenly celestial ideal deep holy ethereal transcendent spiritual inapprehensible exceptional unique singular mind-blowing incogitable undreamed-of rare unordinary uncommon doubtful extraordinary elusory undreamed of fraudulent illusory not understandable beyond belief full of it unspecific oracular fallacious beyond the realm of reason beyond wildest dreams beyond your wildest dreams too sacred for words fugacious occult greasy deceitful imponderable insubstantial tenuous phantom shy evanescent stonewalling volatile tricky


Indicating the presence of a divinity
numinous magical mystic magic occult ghostly metaphysical weird ethereal otherworldly incorporeal extramundane immaterial nonmaterial divine supernal unworldly nonphysical airy asomatous devotional discarnate disembodied holy platonic pure rarefied refined sacred unfleshly unphysical theoretical intellectual conceptual philosophical speculative notional abstract mystical transcendent academic unsubstantial bodiless insubstantial hypothetical recondite spiritual theoretic ideational conjectural unreal unpractical transcendental other-worldly psychic psychological inner psychical non-material unrealistic formless unbodied suppositional conjectured putative suppositious suppositive nonconcrete impractical saintly heavenly ideal basic deep fundamental abstruse essential supernatural esoteric profound high-flown universal impalpable oversubtle superhuman jesuitic suprahuman difficult supramundane supranatural ontological eternal superior philosophic supermundane preternatural paranormal unearthly uncanny miraculous mysterious necromantic phenomenal unnatural secret spectral supernormal transmundane hidden unknowable eerie phantom dark arcane unusual mythical celestial abnormal thaumaturgic wizardly sorcerous ineffable orphic unfathomable fairy impenetrable rare obscure legendary mythological invisible superordinary unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible concealed unrevealed sublime unaccountable visionary exalted nonrational cabalistic witchlike anagogic thaumaturgical fairylike religious spooky inscrutable non-rational black shadowy oracular mystifying bizarre awe-inspiring fabulous superphysical supersensible extrasensory inexplicable hypernormal unbelievable hermetical astrological alchemistic extraterrestrial ghostlike extraordinary uplifting moving inspiring inspirational boundless nonmaterialistic special enchanted powerful spiritualistic astral supersensory daydreaming daydreamy dreamy fantastic cabbalistic shamanistic cryptic charmed strange creepy haunted ensorcelled witching parapsychological enchanting bewitched clairvoyant runic demoniac voodoo tranced diabolic odd queer eldritch entranced spellbound far-out grotesque spookish eery freaky haunting awful rum horrific ghastly dreadful ominous fearful Druidical exquisite perfect dreamlike fairy-tale flakey uncouth flaky out of the ordinary oddball whacko mysterial imaginary quixotic telestic


Given to or indulging in daydreaming
dreamy daydreaming musing preoccupied abstracted pensive vague distracted dreaming speculative distrait inattentive meditative reflective ruminative thoughtful absent absent-minded absorbed fantastic misty rapt shadowy unreal wool-gathering chimerical dreamlike faraway phantasmagoric phantasmagorical astral beautiful excellent illusory imaginary immaterial introspective introvertive lost in thought marvellous marvelous mythical nightmarish otherworldly superb unsubstantial whimsical wistful far away miles away in a reverie in a brown study out of this world with your head in the clouds soothing quixotic woolgathering visionary lulling calming idealistic gentle relaxing fanciful utopian impractical moony oblivious bemused distant engrossed scatterbrained unmindful forgetful brooding scatty unaware heedless careless contemplative unheeding cogitative ditzy deep in thought lost ruminant absentminded broody negligent neglectful thinking silly ditsy not with us pondering out to lunch vacant wandering in a world of your own unconscious giddy not with it unthinking disorganized birdbrained unobservant dizzy erratic studious thoughtless empty-headed unreliable intent removed prayerful feather-headed feather-brained somewhere else disorganised philosophical reflecting insensible immersed in thought imagining with a mind like a sieve blank withdrawn remote dozy unsystematic solemn inadvertent goofy diverted featherbrained serious detached distraught dippy dappy harebrained flighty fantasizing inclined to forget fantasising puzzled bewildered agitated not there mooning airheaded mystified nonplussed disregardful spacey deep woolly-headed apt to forget pipe dreaming attentive unfocused with one's head in the clouds a million miles away doty foolish daffy immersed wrapped up filled with dreams indifferent ruminating insensitive unconcerned out in space empty in brown study oneiric wonderful ethereal hallucinatory surroundings idle inconscient frantic frenzied hysteric hysterical delirious space cadet goofing off vacuous gone beside oneself unaware of events omitted minus bare hollow deficient devoid head in the clouds frivolous dream-filled with a memory like a sieve confused frothy lightheaded slaphappy puerile irresponsible light-headed madcap futile yeasty light-minded in short supply undependable stupid illogical bird-brained irrational perplexed flustered troubled disconcerted ruffled discomposed slapdash slipshod lax pestered worried harassed befuddled tormented baffled fazed confounded hassled amnemonic inattentive to slack negligent about nirvanic unwitting oblivious to sloppy remiss analytical in a flap sidetracked driven to distraction at sea not thinking clearly museful remiss in indifferent to remiss about lax about deliberative out of it looking out window having a memory like a sieve asleep on the job not on the job like an absent-minded professor discerning philosophic wary cautious calculating earnest retrospective observant observative grave regardless inobservant unobserving unwatchful unperceiving undiscerning unnoticing apathetic bored listless lacking concentration not concentrating off-guard off in a world of one's own


Hard to perceive or understand
unclear vague unsure uncertain unsettled indefinite ambiguous debatable obscure indistinct confused doubtful imprecise inexplicit incalculable indistinguishable inexact speculative unforeseeable unpredictable unresolved abstruse arcane cryptic dubious equivocal mysterious perplexing puzzling undefined undetermined confusing hesitant iffy muffled undecided unknown dicey dodgy equivocating indecisive indeterminate indiscernible irresolute shadowy wavering weak elusive vacillating open to question ill-defined in the balance up in the air in doubt evasive noncommittal loose general hazy fuzzy nebulous blurred unlimited gauzy dim blurry murky pale faint muzzy misty unfixed blear foggy opaque bleary oracular innumerable broad unspecific wooly indeterminable inexhaustible woolly wide open-ended undependable oblique indirect slippery prevaricating cagey misleading deceptive cunning devious shuffling tricky shifty dissembling gnomic deceitful roundabout enigmatic circumlocutory circuitous sophistical elusory periphrastic casuistical casuistic Delphic stonewalling false non-committal unconfirmed questionable pending unestablished doubtable dubitable untrustworthy in limbo up for grabs clouded unascertained disputable moot unreliable chancy flimsy conjectural hairy open to debate yet to be decided touch-and-go in no man's land on thin ice hidden undisclosed concealed tentative apocryphal uncommitted of two minds risky to be won or lost hanging by a thread touch and go precarious sketchy arguable inconclusive suspect open controvertible contingent controversial contentious borderline not definite unsubstantiated tenuous issuable improbable unlikely spurious negotiable open to suspicion queer open to doubt problematical unsound unreasonable suppositious subject to debate suppositive shaky shady unsupported problematic fishy implausible unrealistic fanciful unthinkable preposterous incredible fantastic ridiculous absurd unbelievable difficult to believe long shot unapt far-fetched scarcely credible hard to swallow fat chance beyond the bounds of possibility

Trái nghĩa của intangible

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