Đồng nghĩa của idealistic

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Trái nghĩa: realistic,

Tính từ

Characterized by idealism
quixotic romantic visionary starry-eyed utopian optimistic perfectionist unrealistic dreamy idealist impracticable impractical quixotical starry Utopian castle-building abstracted chimerical dreaming idealised idealized naive radical fanciful unworkable impossible unfeasible improbable otherworldly speculative imaginary absurd wild unreal unbusinesslike head-in-the-clouds illogical theoretical unserviceable useless ivory-tower unusable inefficacious unattainable abstract daydreaming unreasonable unworldly inoperable out of touch with reality fairy-tale non-viable fantastic whimsical inapplicable infeasible vague astral introspective musing nonviable nonfunctional irrealizable extravagant unnegotiable no-go imaginative won't fly not a prayer out of the question hopeful foolish silly irrational illusory far-sighted pretentious lofty grandiose ambitious airy-fairy half-baked unpractical unlikely ineffectual nonrealistic ivory-towered delusory prophetic nonpractical unwise not sensible on cloud nine unviable unrealizable out there perfect ideal exaggerated high-flown idyllic impulsive chivalrous fantastical unachievable airy fantasy dream unpragmatic millenarian millenary revolutionary futuristic fabulous intangible gentle excellent phantasmagoric unsubstantial mythical marvelous woolgathering lulling soothing misty shadowy nightmarish preoccupied pensive immaterial introvertive calming phantasmagorical relaxing out of this world fantasizing implausible preposterous senseless impetuous ineffective fictitious legendary sentimental over-optimistic dreamlike inconceivable far-fetched transcendental pie-in-the-sky ultimate arcadian model supreme best ideological Panglossian Micawberish fantasising crazy potty unthinkable unimaginable made-up nonsensical gone reachy floating not applicable blue sky happy hoping contrary to reason hardly possible millennial marvellous moony inventive creative inspired prescient perceptive discerning ingenious enterprising insightful innovative penetrating intuitive clever shrewd gifted wise resourceful sharp talented hypothetical exalted noble original in the clouds with your head in the clouds innovational avant-garde pioneering innovatory originative artistic fertile unconventional trailblazing Promethean groundbreaking fresh unorthodox advanced novel experimental newfangled percipient unusual prudent cutting-edge state-of-the-art ultra-modern judicious productive new unique unprecedented different unfamiliar blue-sky sage sagacious astute unknown strange offbeat unaccustomed unheard-of high-tech cutting edge forward-looking knowing perspicacious expressive individual acute intelligent seminal formative refreshing tuned in singular artful incisive thoughtful off-centre vivid special poetic untried distinctive disruptive inspiring exotic modern ultramodern new-fashioned out of the ordinary way out keen ground-breaking contemporary space-age leading-edge out-of-the-box science fiction breaking new ground ahead of the times ahead of its time prolific constructive rational reasonable sensible rare eccentric fancy quirky flighty uncommon untested surprising neoteric freakish brilliant genius freaky curious atypical on the ball thorough vigilant tactical farsighted far-out head in the clouds ridiculous chimeric phantasmal bizarre crackpot phantasmic elaborate canny cautious provident nonconformist stimulating recent funky peculiar odd modernistic poetical strategic sophisticated progressive intricate left-field politic inspirational fictive far cry just out trendy neat fashionable groovy unexplored happening hot modish unhackneyed stylish in with-it far out cool modernist hip unexampled pathbreaking nontraditional worldly-wise germinal well-thought-out complex multifaceted forward-thinking well-designed highly developed involved well-planned well-built nifty foresighted brain wave breaking ground watchful forearmed careful individualistic levelheaded clairvoyant cool-headed commonsensical far-seeing well-balanced demiurgic avant garde deviceful knowledgeable sapient savvy profound penetrative deep observant sensitive awake appreciative understanding cute argute alert smart conscious quick aware brainy responsive whip-smart sharp-witted razor-sharp ear to the ground knows what's what

Tính từ

Naively or unreasonably optimistic
Panglossian hopeful buoyant cheerful bright sanguine positive upbeat confident sunny merry happy assured expectant high promising trusting encouraged utopian cheering hoping rosy roseate keeping the faith rose-colored looking on the bright side looking through rose-colored glasses on cloud nine on top of world ray of sunshine optimistic full of hope encouraging auspicious cheery bullish golden rose-coloured propitious heartening Pollyannaish fair likely of good cheer disposed to look on the bright side always expecting the best overoptimistic favourable winsome chipper eupeptic blithesome gladsome gay lightsome blithe canty reassuring unrealistic chirpy favorable pleasing alluring successful full of promise seen through rose-coloured spectacles disposed to take a favourable view inclined to look through rose-coloured spectacles can-do buoyed up joyful effervescent lively contented bouncy glad bubbly ebullient carefree jocund jovial vivacious jolly sparkling exuberant peppy frolicsome light-hearted zippy feel-good perky up zingy lighthearted full of beans welcome heartwarming animated breezy hearty enthusiastic jaunty joyous sprightly elated sparky grinning radiant genial gleeful smiling untroubled pleasant laughing mirthful smiley hilarious content zappy in good spirits in high spirits cock-a-hoop satisfying airy bucked unworried peart enlivening cheerly full of the joys of spring good-natured sunny side up full of pep without a care in the world happy-go-lucky glass half full snappy bright-eyed and bushy-tailed good-humoured good-humored full of vim and vigour high-spirited vital frolic crank gamesome zestful debonair supple full of zip elastic expansive invigorated resilient laid back good great comforting believing fresh determined uplifting go-getting stirring redeeming gratifying proactive unmarred delighted wonderful jubilant pleasurable delightful ecstatic enjoyable fantastic euphoric overjoyed blissful amusing rapt thrilled glowing humorous boon boisterous peaceful rapturous enraptured satisfied chuffed exhilarated riotous pleased stoked uproarious wrapped larking jumping festive grooving orgasmic rhapsodic saturnalian entranced paradisiacal beatific paradisiac rousing well thankful rollicking fulfilled paradisal rhapsodical enchanted fun paradisaical rocking rejoicing beaming triumphant paradisaic gratified sportive convivial tickled blessed captivated light comfortable playful blest entertained exultant magical wild intoxicated in seventh heaven tickled to death beside oneself with joy on top of the world starry-eyed at ease tickled pink rip-roaring flying high over the moon blissed out can't complain looking good as pleased as Punch as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy walking on air on a high floating on air as happy as Larry fun-loving in a good mood jumping for joy like a dog with two tails

Tính từ

Inclined to sob
tear-jerking sloppy corny soppy mushy mawkish schmaltzy touching saccharine sugary slushy maudlin romantic sappy syrupy weepy overemotional gushing pathetic tearful bathetic nostalgic tender gushy simpering soapy soft effusive dreamy softhearted sweet affected impressionable overacted sobby demonstrative passionate vapid inane insipid jejune silly affectionate languishing loving moonstruck rosewater visionary lovey-dovey dewy-eyed sentimental cloying drippy gooey spoony sticky spooney chocolate-box novelettish wet fruity sugarcoated soupy icky sickly over-sentimental twee cutesy treacly cheesy sloshy toe-curling sick-making emotional cornball hokey three-hanky sugar-coated hearts-and-flowers Mills-and-Boon three-hankie soft-hearted tacky fulsome enthusiastic ebullient rhapsodic excessive extravagant exuberant expansive hagiographical overdone unreserved unrestrained lyrical adulatory unctuous lavish oleaginous hagiographic overenthusiastic OTT over-enthusiastic over-effusive laid on with a trowel over the top hyped up oily oversentimental over-emotional sickly-sweet honeyed self-pitying ingratiating sickening candied lachrymose trite teary feeble nauseating banal oversweet moving poignant affecting emotive sickly sweet heart-rending cute stirring tragic melodramatic disturbing sad kitschy heart-warming evocative heartbreaking impressive romanticized plaintive impactful heartrending precious pretty fatuous romanticised pretty-pretty hacky sensitive exciting thrilling affective melting impassioned bromidic wistful poetic harrowing kitsch cornpone schlocky choking campy misty-eyed piteous pitiful upsetting saddening pitiable goo-goo dime-store expressive corn-fed histrionic warmed-over gentle disgusting over-the-top too much quaint bijou cloyingly sweet melancholy depressing dainty attractive picturesque soft-focus namby-pamby controversial dismal blubbery glib hammy voluble bitter painful distressing inflammatory contentious delicate down memory lane powerful sorrowful old-fashioned shopworn hackneyed stale commonplace dull uplifting dramatic soul-stirring haunting touchy miserable mournful wretched intense visceral perceptual noncognitive feeling intuitive warming agonizing gut-wrenching awkward hot-button difficult problematic uninhibited agonising agitating perturbing tragicomic affectional heartwarming stunning compassionate mind-blowing sympathetic responsive tactual tactile touchy-feely bittersweet old hat sweet-and-sour with a sting in the tail with mixed emotions

Tính từ

Having a naive or unsuspecting nature
unworldly green innocent naive unsophisticated raw simple inexperienced ingenuous trusting artless callow natural unaffected aw-shucks dewy dewy-eyed gullible immature naif primitive simpleminded uncritical uninitiated unknowing unsuspecting unsuspicious unwary wide-eyed childlike credulous guileless born yesterday clean corn-fed country folksy unartificial uncool unschooled unstudied as green as grass babe in woods wet behind the ears exploitable easy susceptible gullable unrealistic teary-eyed sinless pure sentimental undefiled uncorrupted soppy dovelike ignorant naïve impressionable unpretentious trustful unguarded jejune youthful easily taken in unsceptical untutored unfledged uninformed naïf nescient over-trusting easily deceived juvenile open untrained unacquainted spontaneous unfamiliar clueless childish unseasoned crude young easily led dupable genuine silly kid insensible confiding adolescent unripened unformed unripe accepting fresh unpretending incognizant tenderfoot infant uncomplicated childly unassuming modest down-to-earth new rustic without airs undeveloped plain rookie puerile untried unwitting unmindful unaware oblivious untaught deceivable unconscious unbaked sophomore jellybean unquestioning over-trustful believing simple-minded babyish frivolous like a babe in the woods easy mark not dry behind ears stupid slow idiotic brainless moronic dumb feeble-minded frank uninhibited inexperience ordinary vulnerable tender undeceitful unpractised unrefined homely unpolished gauche overcredulous exploitative exploitatory exploitive wholesome damp wet moist humble foolish green as grass quiet overtrusting provincial parochial lowly fictile defenceless bush-league corny homey unadulterated cornball authentic kidstuff unweaned amateur unqualified unskilled imprudent dew-covered malleable simplistic heavy with dew wet behind ears biting sucker mark fleeceable unskeptical real true readily swallowing whole readily taken in readily falling for tumbling for taken in kidding oneself swallowing whole cracker-barrel honest-to-goodness defenseless uncivilized savage falling hook line and sinker taking the bait being a sucker barbarian uncultivated barbaric uncivilised unlearned untamed animal brutish austere atavistic nonliterate fierce uncultured undomesticated vestigial underdeveloped wild barbarous fond unwise virginal virgin cute shallow unjaded uneducated quaint countrified Panglossian starry-eyed

Tính từ

Having strong moral principles
high-minded principled moral ethical good honorable honourable upright worthy high-principled honest noble righteous virtuous decent elevated fair noble-minded pure right-minded right-thinking upstanding magnanimous conscientious respectable just scrupulous incorruptible proper law-abiding trustworthy reputable right true nice straight exemplary stand-up blameless anti-corruption correct laudable irreproachable morally correct admirable conscionable all right guiltless reliable unimpeachable moralistic dutiful innocent clean faithful straightforward respected sinless meritorious angelic praiseworthy lawful squeaky clean equitable saintly trusty venerable uncorrupted clean-living dependable self-righteous kosher commendable immaculate dignified unbribable lofty distinguished wholesome chaste irreprehensible estimable squeaky-clean creditable square whiter than white pure as the driven snow chivalrous punctilious solid saintlike godly incorrupt pious impeccable responsible true-blue obedient truthful fitting proud peaceful gallant of good repute fastidious orderly civilized peaceable duteous tractable well behaved respectful esteemed above board charitable of principle impartial faultless civilised sanctimonious reverent deserving inculpable lily-white cultivated legit aboveboard decorous fair-minded holy spiritual seemly humane loyal up front clean-cut sincere unobjectionable knightly true blue unstained forthright salt of the earth on the up-and-up fine unerring on the level full of integrity glorious strict particular notable prudish great eminent courteous morally right morally acceptable Christian strait-laced prissy finicky prestigious rightful in the clear on the up and up untarnished without reproach of excellent character high redoubtable modest celibate delicate fussy rectitudinous unmarred highly regarded dapper alright inoffensive goody-goody precious greathearted natural lordly compliant undefiled guileless above reproach above-board honest-to-goodness veracious professional pernickety undestroyable perpetual persistent unchanging inextinguishable immortal untouchable constant vestal G-rated excellent sterling justified justifiable first-class of good report model valuable trusted applaudable invaluable A-1 worthwhile untainted favoring balanced sound incorrupted heedful punctual exact precise critical squeamish well-behaved above suspicion biddable submissive amenable conformable manageable docile extremely careful thinking twice favouring religious prim lenient sportsmanlike saving dinkum sportsmanly God-fearing disciplined deferential devoted matchless philanthropical devout philanthropic godlike peerless beneficent independent valiant great-hearted self-sufficient stately gracious self-respecting regal edifying uplifting improving non-erotic non-violent apple-pie simple sanitary open invigorating helpful ruddy sane normal practical open-faced sensible together fresh-faced envigorating hygienic safe commonsensical blooming all there hale and hearty in fine feather in the pink circumspect

Tính từ

Ambitious or difficult to achieve
aggressive ambitious challenging audacious bold difficult hard grandiose demanding lofty monumental tough daring extravagant formidable unrealistic exigent impressive onerous ballsy brash herculean improbable unfeasible fanciful impossible killer unreal unreasonable unlikely far-fetched large-scale difficult to achieve exacting arduous strenuous trying exhausting taxing industrious severe elaborate intrepid toilsome grand visionary energetic stiff hellish pretentious killing magnificent knackering high-pressure grueling gruelling rigorous testing laborious rough backbreaking punishing stressful oppressive back-breaking effortful harsh burdensome daunting torturous tortuous excruciating tedious ponderous wearisome tiring bruising rugged wearying agonizing brutal troublesome grievous moiling draining forbidding harrowing uphill thorny fierce crushing bothersome fatiguing unsparing heavy agonising mighty painstaking hellacious intense stringent extreme colossal unforgiving weighty titanic wearing grim toilful debilitating galling tiresome cumbersome operose upstream vigorous intimidating unyielding grinding sweaty tall painful sapping hairy gargantuan energy-consuming Herculean tricky immoderate crippling merciless immense unremitting staggering gigantic prohibitive imperious murderous really hard very hard intolerable unbearable unpleasant distressing jarring solemn distressful shattering backbreaker depleting exorbitant excessive unfair steep persnickety pressing time-consuming Augean pick-and-shovel dicey awful hazardous easier said than done nerve-racking high-impact slavish torturesome unendurable hard-won drudgy labored serious no picnic vicious marathon cruel uncomfortable troubling difficile laboured unnerving tough going problem ominous insufferable sticky tormenting not easy worksome like getting blood out of a stone ferocious almighty savage scabrous problematic uphill battle discomforting stretching hefty thoroughgoing major

Tính từ

Concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare
humanitarian altruistic benevolent compassionate charitable good humane beneficent generous civilised civilized do-good eleemosynary magnanimous merciful philanthropic philanthropical unselfish benignant kind sympathetic caring giving kindly liberal considerate indulgent helpful selfless benign loving noble tolerant self-sacrificing big-hearted kindhearted chivalrous open-handed bounteous thoughtful unstinting bountiful public-spirited gentle gracious understanding decent kind-hearted clement self-denying tender forbearing munificent mild lenient disinterested devoted denying incorruptible self-effacing extroverted all heart self-forgetting big bighearted openhanded free goodhearted soft tenderhearted empathetic soft-hearted forgiving good-hearted self-forgetful pitying ungrudging patient tender-hearted freehanded great-hearted warmhearted large-hearted softhearted friendly obliging greathearted unsparing human empathic warm hospitable warm-hearted feeling genial good-natured lavish bleeding-heart solicitous well-disposed easy neighbourly supportive sensitive easy-going affectionate comforting neighborly responsive amiable princely bleeding heart maternal motherly fatherly fatherlike sweet accommodating gallant nice fulsome open freehearted free-handed socially concerned moralistic openhearted almsgiving high-minded useful approachable moderate concerned lofty permissive honourable accessible doting sparing commiserative ruthful honest just fair honorable attentive open-hearted calm easygoing righteous open-minded propitious amicable benefic well meaning heart in right place well-meaning vulnerable immaculate natural woke socially aware gratuitous social-minded respected approving holy pharisaical inoffensive goody-goody spotless angelical esteemed unerring creditable understandable receptive culturally sensitive fond unmarred pietistical chaste pristine graceful pietistic unflawed touchy-feely beneficient valuable mindful aware unprejudiced beneficial pardoning pitiful condoning advantageous redeeming virginal untouched prayerful unblamable redeemable sentimental nonprofit excellent acceptable reasonable loose soft-touch favorable broad-minded courteous profitable socially conscious cordial respectable elevated upstanding conscientious upright valiant goodish moral virtuous ethical great high principled heroic lordly good scout Robin Hood wholesome angelic lovable agreeable soft touch cooperative polite brotherly congenial tactful cheerful affable likeable unoffensive likable mellow sociable dutiful delightful good-tempered regardful well intentioned good-humoured respectful sweet-tempered good-humored pleasant pleasing engaging well-mannered deferential long-suffering salutary not-for-profit non-profit non-profit-making stoical uncomplaining stoic favourable restrained resigned self-controlled self-restrained longanimous soft-shell cool unflappable going easy on going easy with living with being big consoling sympathizing encouraging condoling commiserating piteous sympathising having heart in right place old softie well disposed loving and giving well-intentioned complaisant light lax compliant mollycoddling pampering excusing accepting spoiling temperate allowing permitting yielding docile humoring placid pacific meek humouring peaceable unassuming modest bonhomous peaceful easy-oasy submissive knightly mild-mannered bland full of pity moved overindulgent placable mushy emotional emollient assuaging assuasive favoring letting accommodative cosseting gratifying favouring nonmalignant generous to a fault consolatory sorry non-malignant nonthreatening soft-shelled overpermissive nonjudgmental live with willing to forgive perceptive comprehending appreciative reassuring catholic undemanding acquiescent flexible hearty unbigoted pliant going along with handsome courageous able to live with weak unbiased spineless boneless quiet matey companionable comradely palsy chummy palsy-walsy hail-fellow-well-met collegial hail-fellow buddy-buddy courtly deceivable latitudinarian dupable humble soft-spoken shy non-confrontational laid back lamblike demure sisterly dovelike reverent retiring dove-like harmless paternal amenable trusting naive tractable unsuspicious deludable unoppressive biddable unburdensome gullible susceptible fleeceable easy on progressive advanced easy with radical sophisticated wide broad free and easy brave sublime worthy serene fearless intrepid stout-hearted bold dauntless auspicious Santa Claus has heart in right place noble-minded valorous lucky fortunate conciliatory tranquil providential opportune urbane civil forthcoming unctuous stately suave equable chilled right conducive tame jejune vapid dull flat subservient subdued spiritless obeisant smooth forbearant dexter smiling bright

Tính từ

(applied to persons) Recognized for possessing power, talents or achievements
great celebrated elevated eminent glorious grand important major prominent august capital chief dignified distinguished esteemed exalted famed famous honorable honourable illustrious influential leading main noble notable pre-eminent primary principal renowned seminal superior supreme commanding fabled iconic lofty magnanimous noted noteworthy paramount predominant premier regal respected stately sublime all-important alpha authoritative dominant extraordinary formidable heroic highly regarded honored imposing learned legendary notorious number one powerful preeminent prestigious prevailing prime puissant recognised recognized reputable resonant revered superlative triumphal trusted high-level high profile outstanding prized valued well-known major league well-connected acclaimed admired arch- big league foremost gifted highly rated high-minded high-powered honoured incomparable matchless peerless top unexcelled unsurpassed well known arch first greatest highest mighty overbearing primal prior senior signal unequaled unequalled unparalleled first rate of the first rank potent redoubtable big central key sovereign cardinal master overriding overmastering sovran numero uno venerable star magnificent majestic head significant ruling big-time high vital of note crucial essential splendid well thought of of high standing proud lionized remarkable lead memorable of repute fine resplendent pivotal impressive popular imperial lionised big-name topmost critical superb excellent brilliant major-league bright number-one lordly controlling aristocratic big-league royal fundamental gallant monumental uppermost respectable immortal serious ultimate heavy lauded basic exceptional marvelous presiding high-ranking epic supereminent magnific grave core estimable focal marvellous worthy name visible conspicuous storied unforgettable grandiose vaunted baronial of distinction kingly heroical best massive high-profile striking Homeric luminous preponderant prevalent salient champion shining top-tier acknowledged stellar astral considerable well received beautiful four-star superstar utmost admirable awe-inspiring gorgeous triumphant front-page gratifying VIP consequential ascendant predominate wonderful applauded upper-class regnant good feted patrician world-class surpassing gentle professional genteel elite praised extolled transcendent highborn biggest towering indispensable wellborn intrinsic top-ranking highbred palatial spectacular posh elemental celeb celebrious high-power redoubted arresting dazzling much touted large strictly business laureate playing hard ball momentous splendiferous overruling effulgent radiant top-notch staple princely time-honored much publicized heavyweight blue-blooded material historic infamous of consequence silk-stocking weighty pleasurable of greatest importance high-born first-rate governing upper-crust dominating widely known hallowed No. 1 big-shot much-publicized in the public eye remembered unrivalled consummate solemn staid venerated apex portly absolute blue-chip refined chivalrous unrivaled successful necessary lavish opulent sumptuous breathtaking special top-level deluxe luxurious maximum eventful reputed highfalutin' integral rich largest top-priority especial big-gun creditable winning greathearted underlying sedate public first-class magnolious ritzy splendacious must-have established meaningful high-up rudimentary ranking imperious urgent radical reigning directing effective sterling praiseworthy headmost top-drawer of prime importance of supreme importance first and foremost far-reaching well born up there big name well-thought-of talked about heavy-duty of mark in the limelight having made a name for oneself on the map splendrous heavenly delightful enjoyable finest accomplished expert finished ok splendorous decisive unsurpassable unmatchable rightly prized favoured favored chosen elegant terrific characteristic inherent unlimited familiar utopian enduring perennial evergreen abiding traditional timeless classic time-honoured ageless awesome statuesque extravagant fantastic tremendous divine benevolent particular simple strongest telling crack root queenly high-status reverenced known flaunted substantial marked splashy monster proverbial axial constitutional common inflated infinite unrestricted boundless unrestrained unbounded premium crowning singular beginning opening titled basal constitutive everyday operative keynote strategic quintessential of influence eloquent distinctive historical oratorical upper cogent phenomenal deciding richest oustanding higher strong adored landmark fateful generous second-to-none total unconditional full utter victory commemorative ceremonial celebratory worshipped second to none final compelling determining worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out well-regarded touted top-rank nonpareil energetic dynamic instrumental trendsetting big-wheel hot-dog underlined monarchical monarchal something else of importance intervening superseding of greatest significance commemorated grandiloquent just fine paraded tall in the saddle upmarket huge groundbreaking fulfilling decorous formal sacred decent reverend sage considerate guiding monarchial front noble-born of gentle birth of noble birth interesting far-famed high-flying promoted overhyped advertised publicized hyped talked of initial in spotlight in limelight uplifting high up exemplary wise sensational inaugural A-number-1 A-1 paragon genius reserved courtly ceremonious omnipotent official supervisory all-powerful overpowering efficacious almighty arbitrary leonine lionlike page-oner publicised boasted about bragged about made much of shown off higher up cheering satisfying epochal red-letter heart-warming rewarding pleasing matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful worshiped fit for a prince primo hotshot hotdog much vaunted commended hailed cheered natural upright proper topical fit for a queen fit for a princess holding the reins exulted in crowed about prated about widely praised highly esteemed highbrow composed gracious at the cutting edge at the leading edge heavy stuff hot stuff exciting relevant buzzworthy pompous maximal couth sombre magisterial distingué starchy somber nifty highly thought of fit for a king loftiest crown made a display of newsworthy apical zenithal tiptop just so self-respecting highest-ranking out of the ordinary of substance most important most prominent most influential most illustrious most powerful most skilled most obvious most noticeable

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