Đồng nghĩa của fortunate

Alternative for fortunate

Đồng nghĩa: auspicious, lucky,

Trái nghĩa: unfortunate,

Tính từ

Điềm lành hay thuận lợi
fortuitous providential auspicious favorable favourable advantageous felicitous promising timely profitable propitious convenient helpful opportune beneficial welcome bright encouraging expedient favored favoured fruitful gainful golden happy rewarding useful valuable jammy rosy seasonable heaven-sent well-off born with a silver spoon in your mouth lucky good apt benign suitable fitting right well-timed well timed hopeful prosperous appropriate serendipitous fair fluky flukey full of promise proper optimistic ripe fit likely nice heartening ideal upbeat roseate salutary satisfactory beneficent rose-colored handy successful wholesome pleasing incidental enviable meet efficacious just benevolent blessed accidental merciful befitting applicable pat friendly benefic conducive dexter benignant toward desirable excellent best thankful charmed relevant pertinent timeous casual correct effective hot halcyon kindly moderate clement warm of benefit up-and-coming privileged palmy healthful reassuring pleasureful pleasant flattering constructive worthy cheering gratifying pleasurable charitable smiling well disposed healthy perfect becoming brave favouring favoring furthersome behooveful coincidental unexpected chance fitted seemly reasonable done due unique superb rightful unforeseen splendid tremendous fine brilliant special requisite adequate sufficient comely suited exciting set disposed wonderful terrific beautiful blissful utopian comme il faut first-rate one-off first-class crying out worthwhile productive of use of service strategic of assistance practical serviceable meritorious judicious of value advisable wise acceptable invaluable positive instrumental lucrative facilitative win-win commodious sensible kind worth it significant to one's advantage agreeable decent prudent needed contributive sound necessary tactical informative recommended suggested in one's interests of help towardly for the best to your advantage healing complimentary laudatory sympathetic gentle economic plus illuminating enriching supportive in one's favor on one's side in one's favour preferred remunerative preferable good for one politic recommendable rational pragmatic reasoned uplifting inspiring good for you tasteful well spent important in one's best interests logical accommodating essential vital pivotal crucial prompt altruistic humanitarian generous respectable usable utilizable satisfying well-suited usual punctual effectual big-hearted paramount indispensable imperative critical comfortable predictable expected apropos seasonal fit to be eaten consumable comestible safe to eat approving common versatile edible fit for human consumption sagacious best suited valid presentable definitive clear appreciated fundamental key respected admired in demand exigent immediate speedy in one's interest conformable congruous commending commendatory unobjectionable protean salubrious tolerable hygienic ample all right compelling normal for the time of year appropriate to the time of year central loved held dear estimable esteemed of the essence worth its weight in gold in the nick of time up-to-date in good time up-to-the-minute at the right time worthful scarce hot property utilisable productive of good for contributory aid helpful to facilitate favour favor leading benefit tending assist promotive encourage help useful for instrumental in meaningful instructive tend to promote calculated to produce accessory lead to contribute to make for contributing to most correct

Tính từ

Khá giả về vật chất
rich affluent wealthy prosperous successful moneyed opulent privileged advantaged comfortable favored favoured flourishing elite enviable thriving well off well-off well-to-do well heeled well-heeled socially advantaged sitting pretty in the gravy lucky booming honored honoured halcyon golden roaring lush prospering palmy flush boomy healthy loaded substantial special uptown snug entitled indulged glorious select triumphant monied going minted oofy happy fat joyous in clover blessed set for life on velvet leisure-class in easy street in the money well-fixed deep-pocketed fat-cat well-endowed on easy street doing it easy in luck upper-class silk-stocking rosy exclusive rarefied limited providential propitious auspicious elect cliquish powerful ruling favourable precious best delightful selected posh noble private favorable joyful encouraging idyllic paradisiac peak cliquey restricted palatine pecunious upscale propertied plutocratic financial independent of independent means cash rich in the chips quids in stinking rich on Easy Street worth a bundle filthy rich rolling in it of substance with deep pockets worth a packet rolling in money made of money multi-crore having it made of means buoyant fruitful profitable burgeoning productive expanding strong blooming robust vigorous boom easy main-line on top of heap on a roll on the up and up bountiful abundant plentiful ample luxuriant lavish prolific large doing well liberal bounteous gilded cornucopian plenteous full aplenty overflowing lucrative generous luxurious property-owning copious galore heavy voluminous unstinting handsome no end a dime a dozen stinking with no end in sight well-situated remunerative landed moneymaking money-spinning gainful fertile upper class growing developing profuse progressing infinite inexhaustible bumper huge great fast-growing teeming superabundant plenty lank going strong plenitudinous a gogo landowning not short leisured in the black eminent famous influential bloated happier old money upper crust nouveau riche prodigal worth a million well provided for solvent born with a silver spoon in your mouth elegant sizeable abounding big munificent commodious better-off profit-making lousy rich with money to burn in abundance in plenty gracious pleasant mushrooming paying cushy fecund fructuous juicy economic resplendent fancy improving suitable sufficient chic grand extravagant fine jammy ballooning rampant snowballing and up on the up thick on the ground satisfactory adequate living high off the hog in the lap of luxury free from hardship advancing blossoming arrived rolling cooking have it made have the wherewithal home free more fortunate

Danh từ

Cơ hội khó xảy ra, đặc biệt là một phần may mắn đáng ngạc nhiên
fluke accident chance coincidence stroke of luck break blessing freak lucky break quirk windfall chance occurrence fortuity strike stroke contingency fortune incident serendipity good fortune good luck happy chance lucky chance lucky stroke odd chance piece of luck a twist of fate piece of good fortune piece of good luck quirk of fate stroke of good luck stroke of good fortune luck happenstance fate destiny hazard providence hap twist of fate casualty kismet lucky strike circumstance adventure doom fortuitousness good break run of luck bonanza twist advantage oddity happening happenchance streak of luck way the cookie crumbles bad luck boon chance event turn godsend karma miracle fortunateness cast future haphazard destination gamble surprise happy accident lot unusual occurrence Lady Luck misfortune toss-up a fluke peculiar turn of events a bit of good luck a piece of good fortune wheel of fortune lucky hit a happy chance a bit of luck even chance heads or tails way the ball bounces Midas touch haza lucky occasion luckiness favorable circumstance the stars Dame Fortune hit or miss turn of the cards peradventure throw of the dice eventuality aberration anomaly irregularity benediction tripping over stumbling upon dumb luck happy coincidence rarity accidental happening freak occurrence random event start one in a million opportunity benefit rogue mistake hit random development arbitrary happening one-off probability mere chance mishap foot in the door way in leg up dynamite venture hundred-to-one fling possibility go wager occurrence occasion long shot risky business bit of luck bit of good luck portion history experiences condition predestination success life stars random occurrence adventures means circumstances expectation roll of the dice lucked out Moirai star fifty-fifty lucked into experience fighting chance certainty what is written in the stars jackpot mere luck luck of the Irish luck of the draw predetermination nemesis dole horoscope astral influence orlay cup divine will handwriting on the wall mozzle chance discovery accidental discovery unforeseen event divine intervention afterlife breaks God's will Fates outside influence one's lot one's portion divine decree Norns what is written Parcae big win heritage inescapableness wyrd calling purpose call vocation inevitability due one's lot in life objective constellation finality prospect conclusion design hereafter intention ordinance world to come foreordination intent

Trái nghĩa của fortunate

fortunate Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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