Đồng nghĩa của fascinating

Alternative for fascinating

Đồng nghĩa: absorbing, bewitching, captivating, enchanting, engrossing, enthralling, entrancing, gripping, riveting,

fascinates, fascinated, fascinating

Đồng nghĩa: attract, captivate, charm, delight, enchant, enthrall, excite, interest, intrigue, thrill,

Tính từ

Having significantly interesting qualities
captivating engaging enchanting bewitching engrossing gripping alluring compelling intriguing riveting seductive absorbing enthralling entrancing interesting attractive beguiling charming enticing irresistible spellbinding enrapturing exciting mesmerising mesmerizing compulsive delightful hypnotising hypnotizing tantalising tantalizing thrilling transfixing appealing arresting charismatic consuming diverting elfin entertaining fetching stimulating amusing dazzling delectable glamorous glamourous immersing involving luring magnetic ravishing tempting titillating curious hypnotic magical mesmeric provocative provoking seducing unputdownable winning very interesting thought-provoking inviting stirring inspiring pleasing breathtaking beautiful dramatic desirable lively astonishing lovely impressive rousing electrifying pleasant siren winsome exhilarating striking sensational powerful moving dreamy preoccupying mind-blowing amazing intoxicating remarkable piquant wonderful come-hither sexy colourful galvanizing heavenly vivid attention-grabbing staggering readable memorable colorful strong hair-raising spectacular stunning brilliant drawing attracting galvanising agreeable divine racy arousing wondrous witty heady action-packed startling magnificent rip-roaring scintillating encouraging charged extraordinary suggestive astounding electric inspirational mind-boggling monopolizing incredible phenomenal heart-stopping lurid enjoyable sparkling mouthwatering persuasive overwhelming hot monopolising miraculous sublime eye-popping eye-catching refreshing glorious awe-inspiring graphic specious marvellous salacious viral pretty intense prepossessing animated gorgeous fairy-tale profound pleasurable imposing shock-horror marvelous affecting outstanding galvanic conspicuous kicky mind-bending exhilarative awesome noteworthy fabulous challenging buzzworthy exquisite invigorating notable shareable prominent spicy relaxing scandalous flirtatious clever perfect emphatic addictive commanding sensuous envigorating showy idyllic witching spirited jaw-dropping sensual appetizing magic erotic glitzy enchanted very exciting all-consuming distracting glittering fun dreamlike lovable taking disarming risqué ritzy sexually arousing sexually exciting raunchy passionate superb orphic funny juicy appetising picturesque sirenic humorous bonny sultry prestigious rich motivating inveigling rapturous fairylike detailed splendid noticeable evocative chucklesome exceptional droll clear hilarious likeable likable forcible smart emotional significant tremendous comical distinctive unusual stem-winding marked emotive distinct salient fab spine-tingling theatrical newsworthy fantastical portentous great vibrant extravagant bodacious noisy bold eye-opening splashy telling signal out of the ordinary eloquent highly coloured fresh gee-whizz out of this world arrestive confounding influencing prompting transporting ensational enveloping salty endearing obsessing controlling puzzling pulling illecebrous totally absorbing anodyne storybook romantic traditional fortunate happy sweet Orphean warm welcoming edgy escapist fantasy teasing pornographic comely stimulative cute fair cutesy influential saucy lewd sexually stimulating smashing mouth-watering strong in character immodest shameless immersive bright adrenalizing exalté hectic glossy cordial open full of personality come-to-bed coquettish slinky amorous steamy fantastic prodigious potent besetting devouring larger than life excellent stupendous unbelievable cosmopolitan tinselled exotic tarty invincible unconquerable inevitable scrumptious indomitable beckoning uncontainable overriding ineluctable exhilarant elating hallucinogenic mind-altering ebullient elegant giving one food for thought superior immoderate dominating obsessive ardent high profile jet-setting bling fast-lane royal super effervescent coruscating vivacious tense admirable fervid raging burning deep-seated exhausting obvious evident fashionable stylish eventful worthy of note fine manifest chic classy characterful suspenseful shocking horrifying unmistakable glam awe-striking realistic clear-cut visible unique transcendent well dressed first-class first-rate kenspeckle flamboyant rare grabby uncommon drop-dead pronounced surprising catchy glinting glimmering sprightly meaty trenchant topical unboring newsy relatable opulent foxy trendy righteous flashy nifty resplendent far-out sumptuous grand special out of sight majestic unmitigated splendorous towering monumental surpassing lavish magnific sightly luxurious observable perceptible appreciable climactic lifelike easy worth reading well-written easy to read satisfying worthwhile well written ingenious gratifying rewarding smooth entranced charmed bewitched dynamite forceful distinguished singular jazzy cogent lofty bizarre lucid effective high-octane drop-dead gorgeous appalling sensationalistic revealing visual faithful unforgettable authentic haunting sudden studied fiendish conjuring sharp sensationalist screaming important gee-whiz catchpenny breath-taking cheering pictorial delineated looking like a million shaking impassioned trembling emotion-charged graphical expressive yellow historic momentous melodramatic congenial recreative nice too good to be true shivering quaking vibrating soul-stirring anthemic inspiriting shuddering active definite true-to-life sharply-etched true to life crystal clear frantic blood-tingling large mad swinging boss wild tabloid vulgar coloured pointed rough pungent excessive livid coarse X-rated colored intellectual intelligent poignant scream riot cheerful fun-filled gas gay restorative side-splitting priceless zero cool be a ball cultured highbrowed cultivated serious deep scholarly heavy highbrow sophisticated heavyweight learned literary classical intellective

Tính từ

Giving a sense of happy satisfaction or enjoyment
pleasant nice delightful fine lovely beautiful charming enjoyable amazing blissful entertaining cheery copacetic heavenly splendid delightsome likeable likable magnificent satisfying great joyous pleasing captivating enchanting exquisite marvelous balmy convivial good marvellous agreeable cordial happy refreshing divine jolly jovial pleasurable wonderful exhilarating fun gratifying rewarding superb brilliant congenial delectable glorious fine and dandy amusing engaging rapturous welcome blessed alluring darling dulcet blest acceptable favorable sublime super pretty ravishing neat capital commendable fetching comforting euphoric comfortable choice grateful savory intoxicating favourable savoury thrilling recreative supercalifragilisticexpialidocious relishable irie peachy delicious felicitous dreamy perfect heartwarming groovy cheerful mooi bonny lekker couthy diverting exciting magical fabulous grand fab terrific magic fantastic beaut smashing brill ducky cool ripping cracking tasty topping wizard sweet bonzer corking palatable spiffing champion luscious beezer frabjous swell ambrosial scrumptious ineffable yummy lush very pleasant very pleasurable very agreeable very attractive top-hole greatly to one's liking out of this world excellent exceptional satisfactory appealing positive stunning mild enviable lovesome flashy affable gorgeous worthy fair valuable glamorous photogenic elegant precious sound seductive presentable tasteful sunny amiable hunky clear tempting cunning resplendent A1 rad reputable drop-dead prime dollish glossy dainty cute honourable splashy snazzy eye-catching good-looking ace flamboyant sterling beauteous attractive admirable comely zingy soothing knockout superior taking aesthetic delicate slick pulchritudinous boss statuesque glamourous spanking well-favored hospitable showy sightly arresting in order dishy foxy hunky-dory radiant prettyish showstopping relief OK unspoilt not bad glad honorable elating splendorous paradisiacal deluxe super-eminent copasetic first-rate genial passable shipshape first-class paradisiac select gnarly ecstatic telegenic super-excellent paradisal recherche stupendous paradisaical calming esthetic paradisaic stellar superlative awesome noble sensational par excellence rare goodly very nice spectacular dazzling remarkable memorable striking bewitching entrancing impressive unique outstanding unforgettable skillful formidable masterful virtuoso masterly skilful mean tremendous keen bad amazeballs unreal wicked dynamite top-shelf phat quality bodacious frontline dandy hot prize out-of-sight gangbusters jim-dandy brag bully righteous crackerjack classic down first-string topflight immense prizewinning gone blue-chip four-star primo tip-top high-class A-OK hype brave bonnie blue-ribbon five-star top gilt-edge famous top-notch fantabulous top-of-the-line unsurpassed bang-up bumper gangbuster boffo gilt-edged radical banner dope nifty supernal moving breathtaking eloquent mind-blowing surprising incredible agitating peachy keen number one zero cool most numero uno unbelievable extraordinary

Tính từ

Having great physical beauty
pulchritudinous lovely attractive ravishing stunning charming gorgeous handsome appealing pretty alluring cute beauteous comely fair bewitching delightful taking sightly exquisite elegant fine pleasing foxy dazzling enticing nice radiant graceful wonderful divine shapely splendid sublime delicate superb resplendent statuesque excellent angelic grand marvellous marvelous admirable classy ideal refined symmetrical magnificent good-looking well-formed easy on the eyes fetching captivating engaging winning enchanting winsome likeable likable adorable prepossessing lovable irresistible desirable glamorous striking magnetic inviting agreeable tantalizing endearing sweet tantalising seductive beautiful eye-catching pleasant beguiling amiable lovesome entrancing glamourous enthralling delectable charismatic bonny tempting smashing adorbs luring seemly nice-looking easy on the eye well-favored disarming intriguing dear darling aesthetic fanciable precious likely fit knockout esthetic titillating good provocative goodly bonnie tasty on fleek exciting nubile sexy sultry loveable ingratiating insinuating congenial genial elfin affable personable mesmeric dainty enamoring drop-dead teasing absorbing beckoning as pretty as a picture persuasive arresting interesting sexual lush cuddly luscious physically attractive arousing spunky aesthetically pleasing aesthetically appealing fine-looking drawing attracting drawing attention come-hither well favoured out of this world dollish voluptuous beddable curvaceous photogenic drop-dead gorgeous beseeching rapturous seducing warm-hearted cherished simpatico sympathique affectionate hypnotizing mesmerizing spellbinding dreamy magical telegenic heavenly cunning sympatisch cherishable friendly willowy fashionable sensual dapper camera-friendly presentable prettyish showstopping sheen debonair bodacious infatuating engrossing nurturable prizable appreciatable hypnotising as nice as pie mesmerising magnetising electrifying choice babelicious magnetizing compelling hunky subtle airy hot trim stylish ethereal tasteful neat light sensuous bootylicious buxom becoming fragile thin diaphanous dishy well-favoured intricate well-proportioned Junoesque gossamer scrumptious fabulous erotic gossamery insubstantial enhancing nuanced wholesome sensational blooming soft well-turned a ten filmy come-to-bed sexually attractive very beautiful frail recherche well favored flattering decorative artistic chic ornamental fancy well-chosen beautifying in good taste stately majestic regal imposing sophisticated cultivated noble dignified tenuous polite cultured civilized smart suave worldly witty poised impressive well bred civilised couthy larger than life worldly-wise fairy fluffy aerial rarefied tall and dignified intangible impalpable shadowy curvy otherworldly ghostly waiflike vaporous unworldly wraithlike vapory gaseous eerie slight petite clean-limbed slim curvacious opulent rounded full-figured pneumatic full-bosomed dinky rare select gainly balanced well shaped well-rounded proportioned regular sylphlike well formed built detailed lacy superior well-made deft tender feeble well turned wispy sheer gentle silky flimsy gauzy feathery papery chiffony floaty translucent transparent wafer-thin shimmering gauzelike see-through fine-grained fine-spun threadlike dreamboat eyeful picture-perfect bijou

Tính từ

Attractive or striking because colourful or out of the ordinary
exotic strange striking unusual outlandish bizarre colourful curious different glamorous fantastic peculiar romantic extravagant eye-catching off-centre remarkable unconventional unfamiliar weird astonishing outrageous sensational alternative attractive avant-garde bizarro Bohemian extraordinary fantastical foreign-looking glamourous marvellous marvelous mysterious offbeat out of the ordinary alluring colorful enticing exceptional external extraneous extrinsic interesting kinky outside peregrine avant garde far out from abroad off the wall way out out of the common intriguing charismatic captivating charming exciting appealing beguiling fetching engaging seductive arresting riveting compelling quixotic provocative nostalgic magical chivalrous adventurous uncommon novel new unknown odd unorthodox abnormal original eccentric rare atypical alien unique queer anomalous foreign unaccustomed quaint freakish fresh oddball aberrant unprecedented out-of-the-way unexplored irregular unwonted unheard-of singular unheard of funny uncustomary way-out unexpected quirky untried idiosyncratic surprising obscure revolutionary deviant outré remote newfangled special kooky off-the-wall uncanny freak out of the way nonconformist isolated divergent cranky kookie experimental uncharacteristic untypical preternatural groundbreaking freaky pioneering far-out little known distinct out there faraway distant left-field imaginative unreal distinctive ground-breaking whimsical far-off uncharted crazy radical wacky zany outstanding unnatural advanced extreme erratic funky incomprehensible unrepresentative wonderful beyond your ken undiscovered one of a kind outre grotesque untravelled unmapped surreal virgin fanciful particular dissimilar specialized wild artistic screwy innovative heterodox noteworthy whacky unconforming rum monstrous unthinkable unlike inconceivable contrary incongruous supernatural jarring disparate newsworthy perverse innovatory creative modern innovational inventive heteroclite unparalleled weirdo queerish trailblazing futuristic unrecognized ingenious untested unmatched unequalled unrivalled unrecognised neoteric awkward progressive specialised disruptive incomparable unrivaled prodigious new-fashioned contemporary uninvestigated recondite off-kilter spaced-out matchless unexcelled unequaled unexampled inexplicable untraditional record peerless amazing momentous phenomenal state-of-the-art first-time signal in a league of its own cutting edge just out without equal ultra-modern beyond compare something else sui generis miraculous without parallel exquisite non-standard alternate memorable anomalistic marginal impressive nonnative removed ornate elaborate intricate spooky recherche absurd mad rococo baroque Kafkaesque notable incredible nutty batty unplumbed detached far-removed other specific fundamental wacko scarce off the beaten track out of this world drastic unhackneyed arty altered imported not prepared variant ready mystifying off the air esoteric latest unresearched infrequent well away inaccessible quizzical errant nonconforming off-key discordant perverted unharmonious brand new up-and-coming forward-looking game-changing world-shattering weird and wonderful out of place astounding perplexing unordinary puzzling arcane thin on the ground nondescript startling egregious few and far between few arty-farty unsurveyed unidentified hidden uncultivated unnamed concealed previously unencountered outside one's experience boho bohemian left bank carefree laid-back relaxed desolate distinguished not mapped heretical characteristic custom customized exclusive signature personalized distinguishing individual far all-time dissenting out-there dissident nonorthodox unceremonious heretic iconoclastic dissentient maverick informal improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal flakey beatnik anarchic flaky sectarian schismatic visionary originative inspired inspiring refreshing recent seminal modernistic off the beaten path limited leading-edge cutting-edge out-of-the-box far cry breaking new ground personalised customised ridiculous ludicrous preposterous droll daggy barbarous in left field eye-popping

Tính từ

Giving strength, energy and vitality
invigorating bracing refreshing stimulating rejuvenating tonic restorative energising energizing exhilarating uplifting reviving fresh galvanising galvanizing vivifying cordial electrifying encouraging enlivening exciting fortifying healthful heartening rallying rejuvenative revitalising revitalizing rousing salubrious stimulative vital vitalizing animating brisk charged aesthetic esthetic exhilarative health-giving healthy high hyper interesting lively quickening strengthening stirring thrilling inspiring breathtaking hair-raising moving arousing intoxicating gripping spine-tingling provocative adrenalizing thought-provoking titillating inspiriting challenging appealing exhilarant hectic mind-blowing electric reinvigorating renewing kicky mind-bending mind-boggling rip-roaring heart-stopping crisp heady cool galvanic inspirational revivifying roborant striking motivating activating pick-me-up innerving vigorous spirited thirst-quenching strong dramatic dynamic life-giving emotional powerful beneficial energetic restoring keen salutary chilly cold sharp clean cooling vivid biting motivational life-preserving influential life-sustaining persuasive affecting bold exhilaratory livening enthralling refreshful exalting provoking colourful impelling riveting explosive startling shocking animated instigating affective touching instigative colorful bright eye-popping triggering meaningful enthusiastic hearty cliffhanging graphic knife-edge life-saving stem-winding anthemic inciting awakening piquing soul-stirring enabling spiriting activation invigoration analeptic trophic generous inflammatory heart-pumping invigorative generative agitational overwhelming resuscitative resurrectional nippy freshening envigoration life-restoring reanimating impassioned life-renewing sexy potent emotive passionate cheering gladdening pure clear impactful memorable parky zesty tense poignant impressive elating hallucinogenic mind-altering compulsive enchanting brilliant dazzling regenerative vibrant giddy animative elevating emotion-charged rescue jolting advantageous untainted airy unpolluted pleasant uncontaminated volatile buzzy adrenalized compelling warm blinding radiant power-driven magnetic AC plug-in DC juiced motor-driven absorbing electrical captivating electronic rechargeable salutiferous sanative medicinal sensational suspenseful intense sparkling glaring notable hot noticeable gleaming pronounced definite hygienic wild battery operated marked sanitary nerve-racking edge-of-the-seat adrenaline-charged imaginative racy effective forceful

Động từ

(rare) Instigating the curiosity or attention of someone
interesting attracting appealing to drawing engrossing exciting intriguing tempting captivating entertaining enthralling luring snaring tantalizing titillating affecting amusing arousing distracting engaging gripping hooking perking up pleasing pulling touching mesmerising mesmerizing moving riveting rivetting tantalising turning on beguiling bemusing enchanting grabbing immersing piquing absorbing bewitching floating someone's boat lighting someone's fire occupying preoccupying sitting up tickling someone's fancy arresting busying enwrapping charming alluring spellbinding entrancing enrapturing hypnotizing hypnotising delighting involving enticing magnetizing magnetising holding diverting seducing transfixing bedazzling wiling catching up ravishing dazzling thrilling wowing witching rapturing bowling over killing tickling pink enamoring winning over ensnaring gratifying transporting overwhelming holding spellbound carrying away gladdening catching tickling stirring knocking out capturing winning knocking dead tickle to death stimulating enamouring inviting sending slaying persuading impressing monopolizing leading on amazing sweeping off one's feet monopolising striking astounding inveigling stupefying stunning satisfying infatuating baiting awing aweing blowing away holding the attention of rousing overawing inflaming astonishing teasing dazing overcoming cheering exhilarating decoying flooring coaxing intoxicating betraying soliciting staggering overpowering provoking bedevilling bedeviling wooing solacing elating inducing regaling rapping delectating enslaving taking catching the eye of sucking in holding in awe electrifying employing influencing consuming engulfing disporting obsessing cajoling fixating compelling dumbfounding overjoying humouring beckoning humoring courting turning someone on inspiring vamping taking up pulling in giving pleasure to sweeping off your feet steering putting under a spell whetting the appetite of appealing making a hit with making happy sweeping someone off their feet roping in coming on bringing in taking somebody's breath away tormenting contenting sparking plaguing whetting wakening pleasuring taking aback leaving speechless gaining seizing fixing misleading elevating rejoicing deluding stirring up kindling blinding entrapping harassing recreating confusing filling indulging tricking quickening concerning controlling giving someone a thrill doing it for someone getting going subjugating enlivening grooving trancing arriding fulfilling ensorcelling sending into raptures pleasing greatly soaking taking someone's breath away holding one's attention giving someone a kick keeping busy going over big relaxing drawing one's attention catching hold of making someone's mouth water tying up sweeping off feet striking dumb taking your breath away rooting to the spot subduing giving a buzz hitting the spot bewildering keeping maintaining getting someone going subjecting grabbing the attention of keeping amused turning one's head turning one on agitating giving joy to giving great pleasure to giving someone a charge obtaining getting securing picking up tickling the fancy of sending into transports galvanizing charging scoring jubilating exulting glorying wrapping up binding arousing the curiosity of arousing curiosity tickling your fancy tickling one's fancy burying arousing one's curiosity capturing one's imagination mattering to whetting one's appetite engaging one's attention catching one's eye leading freaking out calling holding attention using up attending prompting dragging training hitting on roping drawing in palpating grappling fracturing one panicking knocking 'em dead getting one's jollies put ting'em away breaking one up endearing making merry cracking up comforting ecstasizing inspiriting enveloping blurring surprising eliciting calling forth bringing forth arguing into bringing around keeping up keeping alive absorbing yourself in throwing yourself into losing oneself in getting lost in switching on pumping up galvanising inclining deceiving trapping filling with delight exerting influence on catching someone's eye exerting a pull on holding your attention cornering becoming lost assimilating hogging sewing up upping on applying giving the come-on to getting under someone's skin owning putting under magic spell forspeaking putting the whammy on voodooing casting a spell on putting horns on ruling egging one on mousetrapping conning leading astray tolling touting shilling leading up garden path dominating possessing haunting hounding petrifying paralysing indicating signing summoning demanding commanding asking bidding besetting befooling besotting halting gorgonizing immobilizing freezing torturing having a get-together nurturing treating to laughing it up partying fracturing tossing a party giving a party refreshing preying on sweeping you off your feet making a fool of palsying stopping in one's tracks rooting stopping dead riveting the attention of paralyzing stopping one dead stopping someone in their tracks immobilising appeasing mollifying having a grip on becoming an obsession with eating up preying on your mind taking control of taking over having a hold on heartening uplifting firing interesting greatly animating converting placating taunting warming brightening up making content bringing joy to suiting making a hit with someone agreeing with giving someone pleasure getting one's kicks cheering up making someone feel good bucking up warming the cockles of the heart buoying up gladding giving a lift propitiating conciliating pacifying sweetening annoying thwarting worrying badgering beleaguering pestering gnawing frustrating baffling harrying assuaging gentling keeping someone hanging on winding up making mouth water flirting with keeping hanging keeping hanging on putting off guard urging winning the affection of unarming convincing disarming setting at ease

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fascinating Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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