Đồng nghĩa của paralysing

Alternative for paralysing

paralyses, paralysed, paralysing

Đồng nghĩa: paralyze,


Present participle for to cause (a person or part of the body) to become partly or wholly incapable of movement


Present participle for to make immobile
freezing stunning transfixing immobilising immobilizing petrifying halting numbing stupefying anesthetizing anaesthetizing benumbing gorgonizing becoming horror-stricken becoming horror-struck rendering motionless stopping dead becoming rooted to the spot deadening dulling cauterizing damping chillin dampening chilling blunting dazing paralyzing enthralling cauterising shocking hebetating cumbering desensitizing obtunding torpefying drugging fascinating desensitising mesmerizing hypnotizing spellbinding rendering insensitive knocking out engrossing bewitching captivating depriving of sensation entrancing holding rivetting riveting astounding enrapturing gripping rooting hypnotising palsying enchanting mesmerising rooting to the spot stopping someone in their tracks riveting the attention of stopping one dead stopping in one's tracks charming beguiling absorbing arresting delighting bedazzling alluring dazzling intriguing magnetizing holding spellbound enamoring magnetising pleasing ensnaring wiling rapturing grabbing wowing involving catching up ravishing attracting thrilling drawing bemusing diverting transporting entertaining witching engaging enticing occupying interesting tickling pink enamouring enwrapping amusing busying knocking dead immersing holding in awe winning luring compelling hooking preoccupying titillating killing seducing piquing enslaving carrying away winning over tantalizing infatuating exciting gratifying distracting delectating overwhelming tantalising gladdening appealing to subduing slaying subjugating taking turning on bowling over putting under a spell tickling appalling tickle to death ensorcelling impressing striking satisfying filling monopolizing fixating fixing influencing affecting subjecting tickling someone's fancy obsessing engulfing tempting monopolising stopping holding one's attention arousing inviting stirring appealing provoking intoxicating firing kindling overpowering interesting greatly stimulating animating catching grabbing the attention of holding the attention of vamping voodooing capturing forspeaking tricking bedeviling controlling sending bedevilling putting under magic spell putting the whammy on sweeping off one's feet casting a spell on putting horns on stopping in your tracks becoming motionless standing stock still going rigid becoming paralysed stopping suddenly prostrating incapacitating hamstringing crippling disabling bringing to grinding halt demolishing making nerveless laming destroying shutting down daunting making inert closing weakening disarming debilitating nonplussing enfeebling owning making happy sweeping off feet making a hit with getting under someone's skin


Present participle for to offend the moral feelings of
shocking appalling horrifying outraging disgusting offending revolting stunning nauseating scandalising scandalizing sickening agitating astounding disquieting jolting rocking staggering traumatising traumatizing unsettling amazing astonishing disconcerting repelling shaking startling surprising upsetting distressing disturbing dumbfounding flooring bewildering dazing discomposing displeasing perturbing provoking stupefying throwing unnerving dismaying dumfounding flabbergasting jarring abashing angering antagonising antagonizing overcoming overwhelming awing aweing devastating electrifying insulting numbing paralyzing thunderstriking bowling over giving offence to shaking up taking aback grossing out knocking out raising someone's eyebrows throwing a curve completely surprising knocking for six setting someone back on their heels shaking out of your complacency giving a turn giving someone a turn hitting like ton of bricks taking the wind out of your sails overpowering confounding nonplussing confusing flummoxing perplexing dazzling befogging benumbing addling bemusing knocking sideways disordering mystifying befuddling puzzling dizzying fuddling blurring petrifying distracting muddling baffling blowing away mixing up knocking the stuffing out of hitting like a ton of bricks rattling alarming consternating troubling worrying striking dumb discomfiting moving scaring flustering frightening daunting stopping someone in their tracks causing wonder leaving open-mouthed leaving aghast rendering speechless intimidating bothering springing something on striking with awe taking someone's breath away taking one's breath away unstringing getting to throwing off balance knocking props out making waves


Causing a loss of energy or strength
debilitating weakening draining sapping enervating exhausting tiring wearing devitalizing enfeebling incapacitating fatiguing enervative crippling devastating impairing paralyzing arduous taxing gruelling strenuous wearying demanding onerous laborious grueling punishing difficult back-breaking tough exacting hard burdensome uphill crushing trying rigorous challenging grinding backbreaking murderous killing tiresome knackering hellish harsh severe toilsome heavy stressful depleting brutal wearisome unsparing exigent testing formidable stiff rough toilful herculean effortful Herculean excruciating energy-consuming torturous oppressive bruising unremitting shattering operose relentless painful moiling ponderous tedious tortuous harrowing fierce troublesome agonizing bothersome unbearable agonising sweaty laboured labored tough going painstaking daunting unforgiving ambitious rugged tall intimidating upstream forbidding cumbersome serious unyielding vigorous thorny hellacious extreme killer hairy gargantuan slavish prostrating difficile cruel persnickety nerve-racking backbreaker intolerable galling stringent grievous mighty unpleasant weighty distressing grim jarring solemn distressful irksome immense intense staggering colossal gigantic uncomfortable really hard titanic very hard Augean physical punitive inexorable thoroughgoing immoderate hefty major dour dogged busy hectic overburdening strict slow boring wretched exerting insufferable dicey prohibitive awful problem ominous hazardous easier said than done merciless high-impact sticky torturesome unendurable tormenting not easy hard-won drudgy no picnic worksome vicious marathon like getting blood out of a stone troubling unnerving ferocious almighty impossible savage scabrous problematic uphill battle high-pressure discomforting pressing imperious tricky time-consuming pick-and-shovel vexatious bloodthirsty weary traumatic worrying homicidal bloody frustrating pressured fraught vexing sanguinary exasperating fell wicked energetic sanguineous bloody-minded destructive deadly lethal inconvenient awkward destroying cutthroat ruinous criminal dangerous tense slaughterous anxious Sisyphean excessive drudging sanguine murdering agitating monumental steep impressive bitter hardhanded inhuman searing mean disturbing anxiety-ridden soul-draining huge unreasonable massive exorbitant heart-pumping prodigious unfair stretching soul-sucking ruthless worrisome unrelaxing overwhelming withering protracted lengthy hardworking upsetting mammoth courageous forceful heroic murder pitiless aggravating a nuisance an imposition pestilent tight no piece of cake carking superincumbent butcherous a stinker of a responsible grave austere embittering overtaxing overpowering plodding headache aggressive bold daring grandiose frantic chaotic industrious active eventful frenzied frenetic lively grand elaborate extravagant intrepid visionary pretentious lofty turbulent restless magnificent flustering full tumultuous animated riotous madhouse furious tireless bustling wild large-scale racking chastening full on unruly spirited action-packed rowdy bumpy raucous

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