Đồng nghĩa của invalidating

Alternative for invalidating

invalidates, invalidated, invalidating

Đồng nghĩa: annul, avoid, cancel, nullify, quash, vitiate, void,

Động từ

Present participle for to put an end to, especially formally
nullifying annulling cancelling canceling quashing negating rescinding undoing voiding abolishing overruling abrogating overturning repealing revoking abating avoiding disannulling dissolving nulling overriding overthrowing reversing undermining vacating vetoing weakening rendering invalid repudiating terminating annihilating circumducting counteracting counterbalancing countermanding disqualifying impairing neutralising neutralizing nixing offsetting rolling back striking down unfitting vitiating blowing sky-high rendering null and void retracting setting aside withdrawing recalling declaring null and void axing obviating taking back wiping out doing away with obliterating recanting disallowing killing dismantling putting an end to scrapping ending removing scrubbing lifting discharging calling off dropping stopping reneging ruling against stamping out canceling out cancelling out eradicating erasing backpedaling backpedalling destroying aborting dismissing eliminating expunging making void disclaiming extinguishing abjuring calling back blacking out counterpoising blotting out discontinuing defeating ditching countervailing deleting rejecting renouncing dumping redressing counterchecking discarding disestablishing zapping effacing suppressing rubbing out bringing to an end balancing taking out denying upsetting disaffirming exterminating compensating for suspending cutting making ineffective backtracking on throwing out getting rid of making up for casting aside abandoning liquidating subverting disowning superseding declaring invalid forswearing bluing pencil rooting out snuffing out ruining wrecking demolishing sweeping away crying off giving something the chop backing out of knocking something on the head making null and void negativing retreating correcting altering trashing extirpating chopping counterweighing balancing out refusing torpedoing prohibiting contravening crossing deracinating frustrating blackballing reneging on calling ignoring finishing squashing washing out going back on outvoting counterordering weaselling out weaseling out inverting bringing down cleaning up dispensing with closing down going against turning down putting down conquering finishing off knocking out doing in excluding censoring decimating wracking shattering phasing out razing pulling down divorcing declaring discounting disregarding dishonouring disobeying breaking off forgetting backwatering abnegating bringing to a close holding a funeral interring putting to rest burying inhuming entombing putting six feet under laying in the grave bleeping getting off the hook waiving dishonoring withcalling banishing refusing to fulfil wangling out remitting hushing up bottling up shutting down corking up rebutting unsaying spooling back backing up winding back breaking doing a U-turn on crawling out of pulling the plug restricting nigging scratching compensating limiting confining blowing KO'ing putting damper on equalizing redlining refuting retiring knocking on the head calling in belaying turfing purging omitting putting the lid on prevailing dominating predominating defying flouting overcoming counterweighting defusing equalising deactivating rendering ineffective subduing forgetting it impugning traversing dinging stonewalling belying opposing disproving editing blacking shooting down opting out worming out standing down throwing over backing out backtracking riding roughshod over trampling underfoot eliding deleing evening up squaring up getting shot of driving out casting out putting out trampling upon editing out stroking out blanking out whiting out inking out putting a line through crosses out blue-penciling blocking out blue-pencilling striking out Xing out breaking with calling all bets off taking off turning thumbs down drawing back pulling back taking away bringing to naught rendering inert upending wiping slate clean ruling out going back on one's word disbanding banning changing oversetting forbidding flying in the face of adjourning ceasing prostrating downing slaughtering laying to rest concluding proroguing junking barring debarring embargoing destabilizing shedding breaking up winding up disuniting blocking proscribing knocking down rewinding supplanting unsettling sabotaging toppling jettisoning creaming totalling smashing vaporizing pulverizing desolating devastating wasting totaling nuking shooting disorganizing winding down severing destructing postponing loosing closing splitting up collapsing unmaking rebuffing massacring overwhelming vaporising wiping from the face of the earth wiping off the map wiping off the face of the earth quelling beating benothinging pulverising crushing overpowering tearing down murdering unseating deposing ousting disrupting dethroning remedying excising disavowing equilibrizing evening out resolving into fading out rendering void tabooing saying no to outlawing precluding zinging disacknowledging throwing inhibiting squelching stabilising responding halting righting lessening countering counterworking reducing rectifying bucking stabilizing fixing undercutting damaging keeping back giving the thumbs down to shutting out passing on putting kibosh on levelling destabilising leveling tumbling rebelling capsizing wreaking havoc on depressing bringing about the downfall of putting the kibosh on ravaging spoiling marring desecrating laying waste gutting despoiling flattening blighting dashing putting a stop to scotching putting paid to repressing dispatching pillaging sacking messing up quenching unbuilding leaving in ruins bulldozing defacing scuppering depredating disfiguring dilapidating devouring injuring cracking down on crashing sinking checking stifling harming weeding out thwarting crippling lousing up razing to the ground cracking vandalizing clobbering spoliating mangling disintegrating busting blasting curbing consuming vandalising leaving desolate screwing up fouling up battering smashing up taking apart butchering plundering burning ravishing fragmenting silencing fracturing routing tainting queering splitting raiding mucking up nipping in the bud making a mess of blowing to bits bringing to ruin disposing of clamping down on slapping down hindering blowing a hole in ransacking blemishing blowing away incapacitating compromising stymieing disabling tarnishing scorching uprooting raping flawing botching bursting splintering corrupting defiling endamaging ruinating scourging breaking down snapping scoring out crabbing blowing up corroding reducing to ruins shivering banjaxing playing havoc with dishing scratching out offing throwing down blowing to pieces blowing out riving knocking off doing for laying waste to putting out of commission cutting out wracking up laying in ruins slaying hampering executing looting foiling obscuring incinerating exhausting felling interrupting depleting preventing smothering marauding concealing striking obstructing trimming impoverishing disassembling depopulating pranging dynamiting hurting harrying vanquishing wounding covering sullying robbing interfering with trouncing dismembering bloodying afflicting shocking sapping mutilating separating scrunching rending fading smirching crossing up blotting tearing staining cruelling euchring taking down dividing bombing maiming smashing to smithereens wearing away snuffing wiping off map causing detriment to killing off knocking to pieces cutting off throwing a spanner in the works of putting out of action tearing up cracking up pulling to pieces reducing to rubble sitting on wreaking havoc busting up dashing to pieces making hash of removing all traces of damaging beyond repair trampling making mincemeat of throwing a monkey wrench in the works of parting wiping dusting stunning tormenting avenging lowering bankrupting cooling attacking displacing chastening chastising smiting threatening ripping down squishing exsecting letting down burning away rupturing cracking down kayoing messing bollixing rifling besmirching nicking prejudicing scarring shipwrecking cutting down committing genocide snowing under spray painting wrenching bowdlerizing wiping off redacting cutting a swath through decaying disappointing doing one in perforating puncturing putting out of your mind intruding on handling roughly spilling scattering glitching up putting a damper on making a hash of reaving piling up running onto the rocks assassinating laundering scraping off bowdlerising blanking falling to pieces falling to bits dumping on doing mischief to emptying making desolate dousing marking out destroying root and branch rubbing off wiping off face of earth havocking mullering mowing down blowing down casting down exploding worsting poisoning bodging wresting seizing stripping overrunning preying foraging pirating foraying capturing besting imploding choking eroding cleaning out bringing to nothing reducing to nothing wreaking havoc upon waxing wolfing jeopardizing disfeaturing covering over spending putting away bumping off cowing abusing scathing discoloring wronging denting dirtying rusting maltreating gnawing lacerating infecting knocking discolouring rotting laying low dampening diminishing deteriorating debilitating sundering rifting stabbing polluting bleaching contaminating gobbling up triumphing over arresting taking someone's life carrying off rubbing away smoothing away tampering with banging up causing injury driving a nail into the coffin of playing merry hell with doing damage to engulfing putting lid on driving underground beating down keeping inside trampling on shushing bottling clamping keeping in holding in holding down stemming spiking smattering crunching fragmentizing torching tearing to pieces putting in toilet driving to the wall moving in for the kill impeding enervating devitalizing obfuscating battening eclipsing darkening shading enveloping expending absorbing draining breaking into pieces damping down turning out stubbing out detecting debasing withering enfeebling inconveniencing blowing apart crushing to smithereens roughing up shaking up detracting from jeopardising scalding combusting cremating carbonising carbonizing doing harm to using up drawing down playing out throwing a monkey wrench into passing out holding back covering up making dark keeling over controlling burning up burning down destroying by fire burning to the ground burning to a crisp reducing to ashes putting at risk chucking unloading losing subjugating cashiering tossing going through exorcising exorcizing pitching binning ejecting skinning crazing outmaneuvering outsmarting overreaching outfoxing crimping cramping outmanoeuvring having expelling forsaking ballsing up casting working against making waves sloughing decommissioning recycling throwing away raining on someone's parade clearing out chucking out laying by consigning to scrap heap getting shut of casting off deep-sixing putting out to pasture flinging away sloughing off throwing on the scrapheap shucking off flinging off seeing the back of tossing out eighty-sixing chucking away

Động từ

Present participle for to make or prove (an argument, statement, or theory) unsound or erroneous
disproving refuting contradicting negating rebutting discrediting belying exploding gainsaying compromising confuting debunking exposing undermining weakening controverting negativing shooting down proving false proving to be false showing to be false making a nonsense of shooting full of holes giving the lie to knocking the bottom out of shooting down in flames blowing out of the water driving a coach and horses through disconfirming denying confounding falsifying quashing challenging blowing sky-high repudiating proving wrong demolishing calling into question countering breaking disaffirming busting overthrowing contravening disavowing disclaiming overturning disputing opposing blowing sky high disowning disallowing puncturing destroying deflating nullifying contesting discounting questioning querying defeating rejecting silencing finding unfounded blowing up disagreeing disagreeing with raising doubts about tearing down showing to be wrong proving to be wrong casting doubt on setting aside showing up impairing conflicting with running counter to ruining overwhelming proving unsound annihilating oppugning deceiving going against ridiculing crossing discarding vanquishing subverting picking holes in proving impossible putting paid to impugning cutting down to size traversing showing in its true light shutting up bringing to naught putting down throwing out poking holes in shooting holes in knocking bottom out of knocking props out arguing denouncing uncovering catching unmasking condemning nailing setting straight throwing light on examining addressing mooting answering altercating bandying canvassing canvasing contending wrangling crushing pettifogging arguing against squelching debating pooh-poohing giving thumbs down to dissenting against taking issue with bandying words concerning picking an argument with wondering about hammering away at arguing about picking a bone taking a stand against differing with quibbling about agitating against putting up argument quibbling over objecting to arguing the pros and cons of declaring to be untrue contending over protesting against having an argument about retracting backpedaling backpedalling putting under suspicion poking full of holes dissenting from declaring untrue rebuffing taking back revoking recanting sacrificing disacknowledging forgoing preventing tabooing doubting blocking spurning begrudging disbelieving excluding curbing forbidding banning withsaying restraining holding back taking exception to calling on not buying enjoining from turning thumbs down keeping back saying no to standing in the way flying in the face of renouncing arguing with confronting abjuring resisting abnegating fighting combatting combating calling in question attacking defying abandoning forswearing withstanding eschewing reneging brushing aside quarreling with taking on forsaking casting off bucking parrying canceling cancelling casting aside reversing standing up to fighting against giving up battling disapproving of having bone to pick impeaching cancelling out canceling out facing down refusing to acknowledge dismissing retorting surrendering responding relinquishing faulting criticizing backtalking deflecting censuring naysaying calling in topping convicting everting burning discussing finding fault with burning down disposing of replying to cavilling at finding lacking complaining about knocking counterclaiming calling out rendering null and void daring counteracting differing withspeaking enquiring criticising carping at defending against pleading against retaliating against throwing down investigating demurring about rebelling against feuding with rallying against remonstrating interrogating coming to blows with rivalling testing litigating tackling demurring against rivaling accosting inquiring saying the opposite of refusing to accept defending oneself against refusing welshing disinheriting dropping ditching cutting off dropping out worming out of weaseling out of washing hands of weaselling out of going back on word sending packing ending relations with refusing to recognize cutting off without a penny washing your hands of divorcing oneself from having nothing more to do with turning your back on checking barring counterattacking facing disliking obstructing thwarting hindering repelling contending with taking struggling against dissenting encountering taunting protesting withstaying assailing gainstaying bombarding neutralizing assaulting disapproving neutralising putting up a fight against striving against speaking out against setting your face against taking a stand searching out turning the tables taking issue not countenancing speaking against frowning at standing up and be counted against

Động từ

Present participle for to have a diminishing effect on
impairing damaging harming marring spoiling reducing injuring undermining vitiating weakening blunting decreasing diminishing hindering lessening worsening debilitating deteriorating compromising enervating enfeebling blemishing bloodying breaking crabbing crippling defacing disabling disfiguring endamaging flawing hurting impeding threatening blighting cheapening debasing destroying devaluating devaluing dinging disqualifying prejudicing queering ruining tarnishing totalling totaling tweaking unfitting crossing up fouling up losing strength making useless messing up roughing up putting the kibosh on watering down wrecking thwarting endangering scuppering devastating smashing shattering scotching imperiling foiling disrupting undoing imperilling botching jeopardizing blowing bodging jeopardising putting at risk playing havoc with mangling maiming distorting mutilating scarring defiling blotting sullying vandalizing tainting deforming crushing trashing wounding disfeaturing vandalising staining sabotaging uglifying scratching ravaging incapacitating demolishing battering lousing up shaking up discoloring discolouring upsetting dirtying bruising polluting annihilating corrupting dismantling corroding desecrating scathing scorching contorting despoiling burning smashing up putting a damper on screwing up making unattractive wreaking havoc on making ugly degrading befouling soiling besmirching obliterating bending detracting warping perverting speckling blotching disfashioning tagging wrenching twisting cramping touching misshaping dilapidating making a mess of hamstringing hampering paralysing bankrupting restricting gutting limiting smirching razing paralyzing stifling abusing cracking maltreating tearing disintegrating gnawing wronging denting lacerating splitting infecting knocking rusting rotting stabbing contaminating bleaching fading tampering with wearing away banging up causing injury doing damage to playing merry hell with driving a nail into the coffin of squashing wasting plundering pillaging depredating sacking spoliating desolating disgracing raining on someone's parade knackering taking apart grieving torturing waxing piquing fouling tormenting distressing paining cutting stinging aggrieving hacking up doing mischief to doing in drawing blood cutting up destabilizing subverting impoverishing afflicting devitalizing depressing inconveniencing shocking sapping torpedoing blasting withering taking out destabilising detracting from interfering with mucking up putting out of action doing harm to putting out of commission causing detriment to throwing a monkey wrench into

Động từ

Present participle for to cause to be ineffective or immobilized

Danh từ

Cancellation or cancelation
cancelation abandonment abolition annulment dissolution elimination overturning repeal retirement reversal revocation termination withdrawal abrogation deletion dissolving invalidation nullification recall repudiation retraction undoing abandoning abolishing cancelling canceling overruling quashing recalling retracting reversing revoking withdrawing cancellation voiding rescindment abolishment negation rescission defeasance avoidance abatement rescinding abortion recision dropping calling off calling voidance ending annihilation countermanding overthrow obliteration vitiation setting aside eradication destruction end extirpation suppression subversion wiping out disannulment erasure expunction refutation overriding scrapping removal discontinuation stopping disaffirmation vetoing axing ditching dumping chopping deracination denial contradiction rebuttal refuting disproving suspension disclaiming countering extinguishment veto discrediting disproval erasing neutralization split discharge breakup dedomiciling extermination neutralisation extinction backpedaling turnaround doubleback U-turn rescinsion turnabout switch volte-face split up going phfft backpedalling stamping out effacement doing away with scrubbing junking excising annulling closure blotting out change in direction closing down disavowal abjuration disclaimer abnegation forswearing disowning recantation gainsaying about-face contraversion unsaying renouncing reneging backtracking palinode retractation renunciation disaffirmance renouncement apostasy renege changing alteration upsetting change disallowing riddance recanting taking away loss demolition ruination liquidation wastage desolation ruin extinguishing decimation devastation havoc wreckage mincemeat demolishment utter destruction. slaughter massacre rooting out total destruction

Danh từ

The act or state of destroying or being destroyed, especially completely
obliteration destruction extermination annihilation demolition elimination ruin devastation eradication extirpation decimation ruination demolishment desolation end extinction havoc liquidation loss mincemeat wastage wreckage killing wiping out zapping abolishing abolition assassinating bane carnage crashing crushing disintegrating disrupting dissolving downfall extinguishing extinguishment invalidation massacre murder overthrow ravaging rooting out sacking shattering slaughter slaying subjugation subversion subverting undoing wrecking wreck perdition wrack calamity dismantling smashing defacing levelling spoiling spoliation razing scarring marring wipeout felling blighting damage wasting death disfigurement impairment tearing down blasting dynamiting injury laying waste leveling knocking down violation bombing razing to the ground harm blowing up torpedoing breaking up pulling down termination dissolution demise expiration depredation doom passing quietus expiry decease catastrophe curtains passage grave disaster exit fate rack and ruin collapse great divide waste finish plunder excision sleep ravages disintegration defacement pillage flattening bulldozing dispatch explosion rapine clearance nullification erasure utter destruction. kiss of death terrible fate grim fate ravage retribution sentence dying out oblivion disappearance vanishing rape depredations obsolescence total destruction isolation bleakness wildness no life solitude barrenness loneliness end of life despoliation solitariness bareness thing of the past ravagement despoiling dilapidation cataclysm vandalism grimness sterility starkness aridity dismalness acts of destruction cessation ending remoteness forlornness desolateness butchery butchering massacring slaughtering overwhelming destitution rack finishing off putting to sleep rubbing out killing off snuffing out taking out putting down dereliction emptiness blue ruin complete distruction dying croaking passing on snuffing passing away decline Waterloo

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