Đồng nghĩa của prohibiting

Alternative for prohibiting

prohibits, prohibited, prohibiting

Đồng nghĩa: ban, bar, deny, deter, disallow, foil, forbid, prevent, restrict, thwart, veto,

Trái nghĩa: allow,


A rejection by right of veto
veto ban prohibition embargo dismissal interdict rejection vetoing declination boycott denial proscription suppression knock-back preclusion turndown bar interdiction restriction stoppage nonconsent blackball censure negative notice order sanction red light thumbs down refusal disallowance injunction rebuff repudiation negation nonacceptance no nay moratorium renunciation disapproval restraining order taboo refutation contradiction cold shoulder court order abnegation disclaimer exclusion order disavowal snub non-acceptance forbiddance don't no-no exclusion repulse renouncement turning down dissent nix summons gagging order ruling disqualification brush-off withholding gainsaying no way spurning obstruction constraint legal ruling off limits retraction refutal forswearing rebuttal ruling out disproof disaffirmation adjuration out of bounds dismissing renegement rejecting repudiating barrier refusing refraining controversion banning block barring declining restraint forbidding prevention knockback rahui outlawing temperance repulsion declension pass non placet limitation thou-shalt-not disowning denunciation disconfirmation denegation defiance inhibition brushoff reversal making illegal casting off kick in the teeth no dice no go lack of acceptance avoidance shunning snubbing cold-shouldering check blockage dissension unacceptance objection hindrance impediment dissatisfaction ostracism protestation statement disfavor interdicting anathema disallowing proscribing embargoing enjoining discountenancing disclaiming abjuration tabooing counterstatement noncompliance regrets disfavour writ choice enjoinment confutation abstention retractation failure to grant tapu noncommittal disaffirmance abstaining relinquishment disacknowledgement negative response reservation superstition law stricture regulation smack in the eye smack in the face giving up statement abnegation casting aside refusal to acknowledge the elbow withdrawal religious convention social convention traversal begrudging deprivation opposite contrary reverse antithesis inverse censorship converse lack absence antonym want opposition deficiency official forbiddance neutralization counterpart negatory nonexistence blank neutralisation abandonment eschewal forget it bounce elimination bum's rush nothing doing hard time the old heave-ho slap in the face kick in teeth


Intended to keep someone under control or prevent someone from doing something
restraining forbidding restrictive constraining governing coercive suppressive repressive proscriptive prohibitory inhibitory prohibitive undemocratic tough severe harsh oppressive authoritarian tyrannical despotic dictatorial anti-democratic fascist tyrannous autocratic totalitarian draconian iron-fisted strict brutal cruel dominating absolute illiberal exploitive arbitrary bossy domineering imperious overbearing peremptory high-handed authoritative masterful dogmatic rigid monocratic autarchic overweening inflexible tyrannic autocratical doctrinaire arrogant czarist tsarist magisterial heavy-handed one-party unyielding ruthless summary haughty willful wilful fascistic absolutist iron-handed lordly dystopian unlimited uncontrolled Neronian stern demanding pompous cocky pushy ironhanded high and mighty disciplinarian all-powerful commanding unaccountable unconstitutional single-party monolithic Stalinist merciless communist total totalistic unrestrained drastic downright pushing driving czarlike no joke flat-out no ifs ands or buts straight out officious punitive swingeing stringent relentless extreme hard dogmatical pitiless exorbitant rough austere firm egotistic dictative clamorous imperative crack-the-whip proud binding narrow limiting traditional classical customary insistent pontifical enforceable conventional unjust uppish huffish lofty self-assertive supercilious self-asserting chesty assumptive high-and-mighty uppity presumptuous huffy high-hat bumptious important stiff-necked pretentious cavalier highfalutin hifalutin superior toplofty toploftical presuming sniffy throwing weight around pushful very severe legislating preceptive sanctioned didactic unbending normative accepted prescribed inhuman unreasonable inconsiderate dominant bullying prescriptive mean


Present participle for to prohibit or interdict the use, participation or inclusion of
forbidding banning outlawing interdicting proscribing barring disallowing vetoing enjoining embargoing restraining tabooing criminalising criminalizing debarring blocking cooling corking excluding forfending freezing gridlocking halting inhibiting killing making illegal nixing ruling out spiking stymieing zinging bottling up boxing in hanging up holding up jamming up locking up passing on placing an embargo on putting down shutting out tying up keeping lid on putting chill on bringing to screeching halt putting a lock on putting a stopper in putting half nelson on throwing cold water on pouring cold water on precluding preventing stopping rejecting obstructing impeding dismissing hindering checking restricting denying blackballing obviating boycotting refusing putting a stop to thwarting forestalling eliminating warding off counteracting estopping putting an end to excepting defeating disqualifying avoiding nullifying averting banishing ostracizing staving off foiling circumventing blacking suspending ostracising repudiating curbing baulking disapproving throwing out turning down frustrating counting out arresting balking heading off putting the kibosh on opposing negating disregarding countering giving the thumbs down to limiting blacklisting steering clear of cancelling canceling derailing quashing rebuffing withholding suppressing freezing out closing out invalidating passing by scuppering holding back giving the red light to disentitling interrupting declining negativing declaring ineligible evading scotching bating expelling stonewalling spurning spoiling bypassing ruining repressing retarding crimping skirting sidestepping deterring putting paid to passing up saying no to standing in the way of neutralizing hampering defending against leaving out doing for holding off fending off neutralising knocking back nipping in the bud disenabling overruling censoring declaring illegal destroying letting overturning forbidding to censuring squashing disabling depriving cramping keeping out circumnavigating discounting omitting getting out of setting aside beating dashing ignoring wrecking escaping icing out cutting ceasing crushing reprobating declaring null and void trammelling trammeling stalling discountenancing passing warding baffling fettering interfering with locking out intercepting refraining from revoking shooting down shunning cutting out missing out snubbing stumping outwitting putting an embargo on turning aside passing over helping annulling skipping chillin chilling leaving off giving something a miss anticipating leaving out in the cold putting the lid on abstaining from staying away from condemning giving the red light dooming sentencing plugging rendering repulsing discarding begrudging overthrowing disfellowshiping disfellowshipping declaring incapable outvoting recanting abolishing voting against keeping off damming staving keeping at bay declaring taboo redlighting giving the brush-off to shutting down saying no refusing to employ considering undesirable putting on hit list unfitting placing injunction on placing an injunction on refusing entrance to refusing admission to giving the cold shoulder to disappointing penalising penalizing deselecting downing ruling against quitting discontinuing reversing disowning countermanding closing one's doors to not considering forgetting about stoppering giving thumbs down to balking at throwing over disavowing disclaiming abjuring extinguishing ending putting the chill on disrupting deflecting making it impossible for making it impracticable for making impossible dissenting burning incapacitating disacknowledging throwing quelling making something punishable snookering confronting stifling crashing unsettling juking putting the stopper on taking wind out of upsetting taking down ditching checkmating hamstringing crippling discomfiting hobbling smashing shattering weakening impairing paralyzing eighty-sixing paralysing disfranchising throwing away refusing permission to illegalizing exiling overriding cursing banjaxing fouling up staying keeping not going for giving thumbs down cutting off making impracticable keeping back declaring something a punishable offence overcoming cramping one's style screwing up putting a brake on upsetting the applecart rendering null and void giving the run around licking dashing one's hope conquering damping queering dishing closing up closing down officially forbidding giving the thumbs down pre-empting saving shutting off dropping scaring dampening diverting disadvising shutting out of acting like a wet blanket talking out of putting a damper on bringing to an end turning off striking missing withholding patronage dodging brushing off imposing sanctions washing one's hands of giving a wide berth to having nothing to do with cold-shouldering refusing to take part in holding aloof from turning your back on not making the cut bouncing removing ousting disbarring eliding shaking steering clear resisting shrinking from shying from counterbalancing making up for forgoing skipping out on staying away forbearing from eschewing restraining from abstaining denying yourself forbearing giving up doing without desisting withholding from desisting from renouncing kicking breaking the habit of shaking off shirking withstanding keeping from getting around evicting ejecting overleaping overpassing pretermitting discluding denying access to sidelining occluding casting aside failing to include slighting factoring out failing to mention taking out dispensing with letting slide not bothering skipping over refusing to admit not counting putting out sending to Coventry refusing admittance preventing from entering driving out forcing out shutting the door on getting rid of


Present participle for to forbid, disallow, or proscribe officially
preventing hampering hindering stopping constraining impeding precluding restricting obstructing ruling out making impossible restraining blocking curbing checking inhibiting retarding barring handicapping encumbering deterring holding back interfering with slowing down frustrating hamstringing cramping fettering shackling trammelling trammeling arresting thwarting hobbling stymieing baulking halting slowing handcuffing manacling embarrassing balking hog-tying holding up short-circuiting tying up delaying forestalling interrupting bridling forbidding stonewalling stalling cumbering foiling crippling discouraging interdicting borking interfering crimping putting an end to crabbing clogging contravening counteracting sandbagging debarring putting a brake on hanging up throwing a spanner in the works of getting in the way dissuading from cutting off disrupting suppressing repressing stifling quashing smothering dissuading reining in putting off keeping from outlawing tabooing bitting withholding enjoining averting warding reducing fazing putting on brakes keeping in holding in nipping in the bud putting an stop to stemming the flow of holding down curtailing opposing bottlenecking neutralizing muzzling baffling burdening choking resisting neutralising lousing up boxing in throwing a spanner in the works throwing a monkey wrench in the works of throwing a spoke in the wheel of shutting out setting back limiting derailing staying sabotaging throttling obscuring screening complicating standing in the way of getting in the way of monkeying with weighing down

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