Đồng nghĩa của excepting

Alternative for excepting

excepts, excepted, excepting

Đồng nghĩa: aside from, barring, besides, deny, exclude, reject, save,


(also used as preposition) With the exception of

Tính từ

(exclusive of) Excluding items or members that do not meet certain conditions

Danh từ

Leaving out
exception barring concession debarment disallowment exclusion excusing expulsion noninclusion omission rejection repudiation reservation passing over elimination cut prohibition preclusion leaving out deletion excision erasure absence non-inclusion ban removal embargo expunction bar debarring veto refusal ignoring nonjoinder disregardance excluding cutting out withholding proscription banning ostracism disqualification boycott interdict disbarring banishment keeping out nonadmission forbiddance relegation blackball foreclosure separation blockade discharge segregation prevention coventry prohibiting dismissal occlusion ousting interdiction marginalization excommunication eviction sanction missing out marginalisation interdicting lockout ejection snubbing disentitlement shunning discard withdrawal unfitness ineligibility exile dropping sending to Coventry taking away spurning avoidance blackballing blacklisting isolation cold-shouldering injunction disallowance don't no-no restriction obstruction constraint negation taboo temperance off limits out of bounds ruling out unsuitability invalidity disbarment deportation subjugation alienation attainder outlawry expatriation displacement excretion eradication purification destruction riddance evacuation extermination forbidding outlawing expiation weeding out vetoing embargoing disallowing enjoining proscribing desertion rebuff abandonment forsaking tabooing ostracizing snub disenfranchisement making illegal inhibition incapacity shutting out brush-off purgation ostracising cutting dead incompetence awkwardness ineptitude incompetency lack clumsiness disenablement incapacitation excommunicating suspension disfellowshipment ejecting disfellowshipping damnation unproficiency disablement moratorium a kick in the teeth renunciation restraining order throwing out disfellowship ostracization boycotting cold shoulder

Động từ

Present participle for specify as excluded from a category or group
excluding barring omitting ruling out banning counting out debarring disregarding eliminating bating closing out disallowing exempting freezing out inveighing rejecting shutting out suspending tabooing leaving out passing over precluding prohibiting forbidding interdicting refusing ostracizing blackballing proscribing blocking keeping out discounting ostracising stopping preventing expelling locking out closing one's doors to evicting ignoring dismissing blacking disentitling vetoing obviating estopping discluding denying disqualifying shutting off declaring ineligible warding off getting rid of leaving out in the cold factoring out overlooking enjoining outlawing inhibiting restricting preventing the occurrence of leaving out of account marking off weeding out discarding checking thwarting failing to include not including limiting circumventing exiling overriding disfellowshiping disfellowshipping revoking recanting forestalling canceling abolishing forfending averting cancelling depriving shutting out of saying no to deterring standing in the way of refusing entrance to refusing admission to giving the cold shoulder to unfitting not considering staving off putting paid to forgetting about disabling incapacitating invalidating impairing nixing disenabling weakening paralyzing eighty-sixing not making the cut paralysing disfranchising embargoing boycotting removing banishing disbarring repudiating bouncing ousting covering hiding concealing masking ejecting veiling shrouding blacklisting denying access to occluding sidelining secluding closing obstructing not counting cutting out refusing to admit missing out screening blockading discontinuing beleaguering setting aside refusing admittance throwing out preventing from entering putting out sending to Coventry putting an embargo on forcing out driving out shutting the door on blocking out fencing off keeping off keeping at arm's length snubbing shunning spurning coldshouldering rebuffing avoiding excommunicating cold-shouldering discharging giving the cold shoulder voting against blanking casting out killing placing an embargo on steering clear of denying entry looking straight through denying admittance to turning on rusticating expressing pressing out gouging out locking someone out foreclosing dropping unchurching waiving giving somebody the cold shoulder denouncing turning against condemning anathematizing drumming out downing cashiering negativing takfiring cursing considering undesirable refusing to employ putting a price on someone's head squeezing out crosses out handing someone the frozen mitt leaving in the cold shooting down putting on hit list cutting off overruling overturning reversing disowning quashing countermanding squashing disavowing disclaiming abjuring brushing off imposing sanctions abstaining from washing one's hands of having nothing to do with withholding patronage refusing to take part in holding aloof from striking refraining from passing by icing out turning your back on staying away from passing up giving a wide berth to censoring declaring null and void giving the thumbs down to turning down keeping back zinging putting down disacknowledging passing on throwing

Động từ

Present participle for to rebut or argue against an opinion
remonstrating objecting protesting demurring kicking expostulating complaining opposing taking exception taking issue disagreeing griping disapproving inveighing challenging dissenting disputing condemning criticizing moaning arguing expressing disagreement raising objections deprecating resisting raising objections to fighting combating combatting criticising kicking up a fuss sounding off kicking up a stink grumbling cavilling caviling grousing beefing protesting against crabbing arguing against nagging kvetching balking taking exception to lodging a protest expressing disapproval expressing disagreement with lodging a protest against expressing disapproval of baulking denouncing taking issue with making a fuss hollering squawking taking a stand against making a fuss about kicking up a fuss about making an objection making a stink kicking up a stink about deploring opposing strongly objecting strongly to squabbling finding fault decrying speaking out against bickering complaining vociferously about frowning upon animadverting picking at disparaging withstanding recriminating censuring raining blaming railing fulminating revolting blasting rebelling howling putting up a fight saying no speaking out voicing disapproval kicking against taking a stand saying no to making a protest making a stand inveighing against crying out taking up the cudgels back-talking expressing opposition grouching whingeing whining grizzling fussing repining keening carping grumping bleating bellyaching screaming growling wailing caterwauling croaking squealing murmuring yammering yawping whimpering maundering muttering mumbling execrating yowling yauping anathematizing cursing stickling scrupling expressing objections boggling minding expressing objections to quibbling remonstrating against having a problem spurning quarreling with disapproving of reasoning dissuading grousing about grumbling about cavilling at having a problem with drawing the line complaining about moaning about admonishing reproving discommending drawing the line at crossing disavowing beefing about quibbling about discountenancing disesteeming griping about ranting about expressing doubts expressing doubt raising doubts begging to differ frowning on kvetching about taking on mixing it up with going-one-on-one railing against raising objection tangling with protesting to complaining to objecting to making a protest to mithering groaning chuntering lamenting creating crying bemoaning grieving bewailing sniveling snivelling chirping scolding going on sobbing puling bawling nattering cribbing yelping finding fault with whispering screeching knocking upbraiding reproaching berating plaining over weeping squalling mewling sighing shrieking blubbering yelling ululating nitpicking storming mourning picking on castigating reviling ranting vituperating raging nit-picking putting the boot in railing at protesting strongly at attacking abusing picking holes in lodging a complaint making a complaint tongue-lashing disagreeing violently with running down carrying on yapping sniffling pleading blubbing sulking niggling raising Cain blowing off rumbling crying softly charging greeting fretting wauling baying contravening indicting defying accusing laying differing twining ascribing imputing gainsaying refuting gabbling sputtering muddling swallowing slurring snarling droning burbling wittering hypercriticizing sorrowing roaring miaowing looking askance going on about panning objurgating pecking splitting hairs bothering jowling declaiming quarrelling quarreling sorrowing for sorrowing about sighing over grieving over picking holes talking under your breath impugning lashing lambasting kicking up a storm raising a ruckus crying the blues crying loudly roasting trashing vilifying making screeching thundering against raging against fulminating against denigrating scorching jumping down one's throat sounding off about working over grouching about cracking down on letting have it bellyaching about laying into complaining vehemently about going after having at ripping into laying out expostulating about remonstrating about declaiming against criticizing severely thundering bawling out putting up a fight against chewing out complaining bitterly about vociferating making a protest against fuming kicking up making a stand against rating whipping taking great exception to jawing harassing harrying badgering hounding henpecking chivvying hassling pestering persecuting worrying bullying needling pecking at dogging plaguing vexing keeping on at riding going on at carping at keeping after urging baiting eating grumbling at teasing heckling disturbing moaning at harping on at importuning prodding provoking hectoring nudging goading distressing egging moaning on at keeping complaining to working on taking it out on breathing down someone's neck bending someone's ear giving a hard time

Động từ

Present participle for exempt from responsibility
dispensing excusing releasing exempting relieving reprieving absolving exonerating sparing letting off privileging from granting someone a dispensation granting someone an exemption freeing discharging liberating clearing pardoning dismissing unburdening disburdening divesting disencumbering ridding excluding granting immunity unbinding grandfathering unchaining disembarrassing acquiting unshackling whitewashing untangling unfettering stripping acquitting relieving of giving immunity unleashing setting free letting go letting off the hook going easy on passing by wiping the slate making an exception for making an exception of exculpating lightening making exempt wiping the slate clean delivering forgiving vindicating emancipating remitting springing declaring innocent amnestying disenthralling disculpating finding innocent blinking at winking at dealing leniently with saving from showing mercy to finding not guilty having mercy on removing abandoning dropping immuning protecting assoiling condoning overlooking safeguarding privileging granting immunity to giving immunity to manumitting uncaging excluding from enfranchising pronouncing not guilty granting an amnesty to loosing wiping off letting someone off enlarging disimprisoning letting out shriving turning loose letting loose allowing to leave sending away setting loose allowing to go sanitising laundering bleaching sanitizing wiping it off letting off easy letting up on resigning pulling yanking pitying forbearing absolving from freeing from booting out removing blame unburdening of getting rid of excusing from releasing from delivering from discharging from exempting from disencumbering of extricating from freeing of liberating from setting free from disburdening of disembarrassing of rescuing from leaving unpunished having pity on leaving uninjured refraining from hurting bailing out saving from harm pulling out of the fire granting pardon to giving quarter to granting a pardon to getting off the hook giving a break getting out of hock saving bacon saving neck leaving unhurt leaving unharmed

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