Đồng nghĩa của disagreeing

Alternative for disagreeing

disagrees, disagreed, disagreeing

Đồng nghĩa: conflict, differ, dispute, quarrel,

Tính từ

Disagreeing or incongruous
differing clashing conflicting discordant discrepant incompatible incongruous inconsistent inconsonant inharmonious repugnant acrimonious disputatious dissenting frictional quarrelling quarreling at odds at variance mutually exclusive contradictory different irreconcilable contrary opposite opposed antipathetic antithetical divergent antagonistic disparate unmixable unharmonious in disagreement opposing dissimilar contrasting oppugnant in opposition in conflict mismatched dissonant disconsonant incongruent at loggerheads adverse jarring unsuitable counter not in keeping out of step out of line out of keeping out of sync ill-matched on the outs varying contrarient at odds with incoherent uncongenial arguing at sixes and sevens inconformable polar poles apart ill-assorted diverse fighting squabbling bickering unsuited anomalous nonmatching inappropriate disjoint dissentient paradoxical mutually incompatible irregular ill suited contrariant unfavorable unfavourable out of place on a sour note sour note factious offbeat warring inconstant antipodal unadapted estranged whale of difference at cross purposes at outs in contention on bad terms at daggers drawn conflicting with incompatible with differing from different to in conflict with disagreeing with opposed to irreconcilable with contrary to incongruous with discrepant with antithetical to discordant with in disagreement with in opposition to at variance with not in accord with diametrically opposed to oppugnant to repugnant to inconsonant with disconsonant with out of step with not in keeping with not in harmony with out of place with out of keeping with unlike distinct unalike unrelated variant contrastive unequal uneven distinctive nonidentical distant separate contrasted varied deviating hostile incommensurate independent disharmonious various uncoordinated distinguishable other heterogeneous non-identical exclusive unconnected asymmetric off-balance lopsided unjust misallied one-sided inequitable unreconcilable unequivalent unsimilar unfriendly irresoluble reluctant diametrically opposed hateful incomparable antithetic far cry like night and day nothing like like chalk and cheese not alike diverging discrete out of tune out of harmony bipolar foreign mixed inimical miscellaneous assorted motley alien diversified adverse to unacceptable to antagonistic to unusual for changeable hostile to foreign to inimical to unpredictable unstable variable piebald patchwork wide-ranging raggle-taggle eclectic ragtag kitchen-sink magpie promiscuous variegated sundry indiscriminate alien to erratic capricious fickle composite mongrel multiplex myriad multifarious jumbled mosaic mingled manifold odd legion amalgamate conglomerate confused divers unallied unsteady fluctuating mercurial unsettled volatile changing whimsical changeful unreliable self-contradictory flighty uncertain fluid flickery mutable protean temperamental chameleonic skittish ever-changing chameleon-like undependable vagarious labile fluctuant shifting lubricious illogical up and down blowing hot and cold

Tính từ

Tending to be different or develop in different directions
divergent different differing conflicting dissimilar varying unlike antithetical disparate unalike clashing contradictory contrasting contrastive diverse incompatible opposed separate deviating diverging variant anomalous atypical contrary dissonant distant factional factious irregular off-key opposing opposite unequal unnatural unsimilar untypical various at odds at variance in opposition poles apart adverse irreconcilable counter polar oppugnant antipathetic reverse inverse repelling obverse converse antipodal dissentient hostile inimical battling combating confronting defending controverting obstructive defensive warring disputed crossing exposing protesting gainsaying disputing facing enemy denying antonymous restrictive allergic objecting rival up against at cross-purposes in disagreement adversarial against the grain averse anti oppositional antagonistic inconsistent contrasted diametric antipodean diametrical cross unconnected competing unrelated reversed independent paradoxical contrapositive violative streets apart flip-side diametrically opposed distinct distinctive mismatched discrepant incongruous nonidentical distinguishable varied other heterogeneous assorted alternative discordant non-identical manifold sundry mixed diversified motley miscellaneous indiscriminate eclectic antithetic incongruent divers distinguishing unique like night and day ill-matched alternate incomparable multifarious disproportionate unassociated variegated inharmonious not the same omnifarious discriminable particular individual discrete uneven differential incommensurate offbeat odd otherwise differentiable like chalk and cheese unsuited altered ill-assorted aberrant confused jumbled some mingled myriad piebald patchwork raggle-taggle ragtag kitchen-sink magpie promiscuous colorful multifaceted varicolored disharmonious inconsonant lopsided conglomerate uncoordinated multiform single contradistinctive contradistinct many another incommensurable unmatched several colourful weird not alike far cry a variety of unequivalent complementary uncongenial respective express especial as like as chalk and cheese unmistakable foreign discriminatory bipolar farraginous specific nothing like asymmetric off-balance unjust misallied one-sided inequitable unreconcilable discriminating discriminative precise scrambled disordered scattered muddled unsorted derived modified exotic out of keeping discriminational sole detached disconnected many and different unattached separated not so not as such other than supposed diacritical numerous varietal disunited adapted mutant revised sui generis omniform variform multiple collected diversiform a mixed bag anthologized jarring multitudinous fluctuating unidentical variable many and various a few deviant exceptional rogue unsteady unbalanced erratic unstable random changing unsymmetrical asymmetrical polymorphic polymorphous not very many a number of a small group of a handful of optional abnormal inequal not uniform not matching remote removed wide-ranging protean composite mongrel multiplex mosaic legion amalgamate unallied unrelated to irrelevant to incompatible to incongruent with unequal to incomparable to inconsistent with immaterial to not similar mismated far from not capable of comparison march to a different drummer

Tính từ

In opposition to official policy
dissident dissentient dissenting nonconformist heterodox rebellious complaining heretic heretical iconoclastic maverick nonorthodox objecting opposed opposing opposition out-there protesting rebelling unconventional unorthodox non-compliant recusant revolutionary schismatic discordant nonconforming rebel sectarian differing anti- contradicting negative contrary gainsaying conflicting freethinking revisionist idolatrous agnostic impious apostate atheistical renegade unbelieving sceptical non-believing pagan separatist non-theistic heathen controversial paynim recreant nullifidian dissentive sacrilegious infidel misbelieving deviating miscreant profane atheistic skeptical radical eccentric individualistic original mutinous alternative irreverent blasphemous splinter subversive irregular insubordinate malcontent seceding offbeat insurgent oddball weird unceremonious informal insurrectionary breakaway beatnik way-out uncanonical disrespectful unsound questioning doubtful violating innovative critical inorthodox secessionist groundbreaking denunciatory disobedient defiant ungovernable recalcitrant fetishistic disaffected contumacious modernizing political pragmatic ideological progressive idol-worshipping icon-worshipping free thinking unconnected independent separate autonomous nonaligned refractory intractable froward incompliant resistant obstreperous restive bohemian clashing dissonant divisive polemical factional freak hippie willful untoward wilful insurrectionist wayward balky unmanageable unruly mutinying traitorous idol worshipping unusual unwonted abnormal modernising off-centre avant-garde uncommon novel new idiosyncratic exotic Bohemian fresh divergent off-the-wall anomalous bizarre aberrant extreme outlandish perverse zany cranky improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal heteroclite uncustomary out there far-out flakey kinky crazy anarchic different untraditional flaky out of the ordinary way out off the wall off the beaten path

Tính từ

Perversely inclined to disagree or to do the opposite of what is expected or desired
contrary perverse difficult wayward wilful awkward intractable balky disobedient disobliging froward obstinate recalcitrant refractory unaccommodating uncooperative contumacious cussed headstrong obstructive unhelpful annoying stroppy stubborn tiresome troublesome unreasonable vexatious capricious mulish obdurate thrawn bolshie cantankerous defiant incompliant insubordinate obstreperous rebel rebellious recusant renitent restive ungovernable unruly untoward willful adverse antagonistic arsey contrariant contrarious discordant dissident hostile nonconforming nonconformist paradoxical pervicacious antipathetic converse dissentient inimical negative ornery wrongheaded bull-headed self-willed cross-grained pigheaded bloody-minded pig-headed unmanageable unyielding inflexible uncontrollable mutinous intransigent fractious unbending disorderly uncompromising undisciplined stiff-necked immovable opinionated dogged quarrelsome wild pertinacious determined adamant resistant disruptive argumentative unrelenting truculent bullheaded hardheaded incontrollable implacable disaffected insurgent strong-willed hard-nosed noncompliant turbulent ossified pat adamantine inconvincible hardened hard tenacious riotous self-opinionated seditious unmalleable unpredictable persistent stubborn as a mule uncompliant indomitable unpersuadable naughty delinquent errant non-compliant out of control wrong-headed resolute opposing single-minded badly behaved insurrectionary incorrigible resistive resisting unrestrained inexorable unfavourable disputatious mischievous unadaptable inauspicious belligerent unbiddable crabby out of hand unfavorable unwilling factious irritable strong-minded revolutionary rock-ribbed relentless insubmissive anarchic persevering trying firm problematic unamenable indurate unpropitious steadfast tough unshakeable rigid ill-natured unshakable threatening bellicose challenging unflinching pugnacious untimely irrepressible peevish unfortunate inconvenient unsupportive confrontational ill-timed arbitrary impish deaf to reason alienated mistimed unsuitable inappropriate exasperating unseasonable roguish rascally unresponsive inopportune contentious malcontent insolent rowdy subversive uncontrolled infelicitous inapt scrappy insurrectionist dissenting unpliable indocile dissentious malapropos troublemaking steely boisterous lawless fixed iconoclastic attention-seeking chaotic resolved radical disputative loud badly timed irritating noisy disturbing hard-line insistent treacherous unpleasant combative locked in militant rumbustious unbridled iron-willed reckless prickly stiff importunate disagreeable feisty impetuous touchy chippy set in one's ways dogmatic opinionative rude hard to handle not helpful irreconcilable estranged haughty irrational morose tetchy grouchy biased illogical cross petulant shrewish nonobservant renegade blinkered grumpy ill-tempered sullen sulky inconsiderate obstinately disobedient prejudiced intolerant impudent heretical maverick assiduous purposeful malign malevolent maleficent malicious spiteful undisciplinable withstanding blocking stalling restrictive inhibiting delaying tireless indefatigable ominous up in arms sticky unorthodox mutinying apostate schismatic traitorous narky bad-tempered ratty shirty choleric ill-chosen uncomplying unconstructive hindering unrestrainable incurable not giving an inch aggressive as stubborn as a mule erratic fickle impotent rampant unbendable loath negativistic averse reluctant indisposed hesitant untrained disloyal ill frustrating making difficulties daring provocative audacious bold with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way unsteady unschooled unalterable hard-core hard-shell locked-in not cooperative unmoved unbreakable heady insoluble thorny locked knotty without law and order inexpedient bothersome precocious disadvantageous early premature convinced remorseless restless individualistic anarchistic warring armed sabotaging treasonable attacking inconsistent ungoverned unbearable undependable intolerable impossible vexing pesky vociferous rough tempestuous uproarious raucous with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in dead set on stalwart tough nut hang tough clamorous rampaging unobliging immoral aberrant rambunctious disregardful cheeky dareful sassy gutsy roisterous rackety tumultuous complex bulky discommodious incommodious cramped unanticipated unexpected uncivil unsympathetic discourteous lacking self-control rip-roaring ready for a fight rampageous roistering unfriendly unforeseen disastrous unusual surprising unpredicted spoiling for a fight difficult to handle piercing screaming booming strepitous blusterous self-indulgent unamiable uncongenial anti lively rollicking romping anarchical heedless lawbreaking unlucky unwelcome raising the roof raising Cain against opposed impulsive impervious violent rash intemperate imprudent forward assertive drunken bawdy mean grumbly overbearing pitiless strict boorish finical vexed testy invidious choosy fiendish captious snappy sensitive hard to please temperamental crotchety uppity uptight sour oafish discontented demanding tyrannical hypercritical picky dissatisfied querulous bearish huffy delicate oppressive hard to satisfy fussy overcritical grim impolite irascible perfectionist particular fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial critical ungracious out of line misfortunate hapless ill-starred star-crossed luckless dead set against hostile to disinclined to accept inimical to opposed to averse to reluctant to accept unenthusiastic about unwilling to accept unwavering staunch set unfaltering unswerving unflagging earnest dedicated intent decided untiring strong committed steady driven forceful spirited solid gritty settled bound dead set unhesitating ruthless undeviating undaunted unshaken decisive vigorous dyed-in-the-wool rigorous diehard constant enthusiastic harsh ardent inveterate zealous stringent mettlesome bent hardline fanatical plucky unsparing pushy set in stone patient emphatic full of determination diligent avid serious perseverant unremitting fierce rooted hard and fast sedulous unmovable iron bent upon entrenched bent on definite imperious deliberate severe devoted keen obsessive brave exigent ingrained stern sure courageous deep-rooted eager true compulsive deep-seated merciless unswayable pressing domineering stout-hearted certain dour burning confirmed do-or-die ambitious exacting established bound and determined enduring self-assertive stout hell-bent on hell-bent upon valiant focused motivated unappeasable obsessed immutable spunky enterprising bred-in-the-bone hidebound rugged deep-dyed active narrow-minded urgent energetic unchangeable faithful persisting intense die-hard four-square cast-iron entreating hanging tough out positive purposive passionate focussed fervent clamant ironclad manful go-getting bulldog authoritarian hard as nails stony imperative illiberal strenuous invariable extreme draconian dire deep sturdy stable intrenched industrious aspiring thirsty long-standing inspired hooked hungry desirous unflappable fiery cruel ineradicable unchanging loyal cynical monomaniacal closed-minded unswervable seasoned unrepentant indurated explicit iron-fisted doctrinaire unforgiving hardy deaf meaning business standing one's ground self-starting hard-driving self-confident goal-oriented devout hell-bent self-driven continuous hard-and-fast chronic habitual nagging irremovable unassailable crying secure fervid set on resilient disciplinary insuppressible impassioned sworn compelling gung ho ferocious frozen unfailing indelible immobile striving high-pressure obsessional fixated intrepid untameable possessive wholehearted absolute hardhearted concrete autocratic unstoppable brick-wall addicted peremptory possessed heavy-handed no-nonsense callous vehement formidable irredeemable perennial lifelong high-powered assured progressive pioneering hard-headed heroic unabated doughty determinate deep-set inexpugnable confident thick-skinned uncharitable hard-hearted hard-bitten long-established accustomed habituated permanent self-asserting self-seeking get up and go stop at nothing power-hungry dug in standing pat stand pat well-set two-fisted mean business eager beaver power-loving as tough as old boots high-reaching hell bent on stupid repeated shortsighted blind unbudgeable incessant unconverted unreformed mullish stiffened firmly-based unreceptive boneheaded unsubduable aloof proud durable immalleable petrified hardboiled buckled down stanch never-tiring unimpressible well-founded hellbent cohesive game impertinent bullhead uncompassionate unemotional brassbound pathological fossilized bony rigidified true-blue responsible tried tried-and-true pious coherent unvacillating pleading cocksure unbeatable invincible obscene pornographic X-rated cold fish proof against persuasion unforgetful uncontainable forbidding close-minded categorical great unconquerable impassive instant emergent acute necessitous unvarying beseeching begging inalterable fossilised tough nut to crack stony-hearted unimpressionable unregenerate pounding mortal adventurous unwaivering jelled final flat set-on one-sided iron-jawed robust persuasive preconceived puritanical unmodifiable quiescent toughened competitive solicitous suppliant overeager harassing unplacatable iron-handed unmollifiable inescapable unpacifiable sagacious unflexible crisp telelogical playing hard ball calculated be out for blood nose to the grindstone good dynamic thrusting unsurpassable impregnable invulnerable solid as a rock clear-sighted all out flat-out straight out disciplinarian drastic ascetical by the book astringent browbeating austere ascetic grave stuffy unpermissive cutthroat sustained whole-hearted set in your ways lionhearted bloodthirsty powerful fit stick to guns set in concrete ineluctable do or die hold one's ground hold the fort sticking to one's guns hold the line dominant in earnest intent on warlike gladiatorial brutal freaked like a loose cannon excited overwhelming beside oneself badly-behaved abandoned overpowering prevailing unqualified firm in spirit independent perceptive keen as mustard animated tough-minded resourceful take charge like a ball of fire on the make desiring success fearless insurmountable bulletproof insuperable consistent going like death and taxes no going back necessary compulsory pushful hopeful tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon determined to committed to the idea of congenital full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face fiercely competitive having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough go for broke self-assured can-do self-possessed consumed compelled undefeatable impassable tough as old boots red-blooded in for long haul through-and-through never-failing resounding reiterative monotonous authoritative bossy overly solicitous abiding radicated long-lived continuing customary old usual like bad penny inbred innate long-lasting galvanized impelled high-handed nonmoving induced frenzied judgmental disapproving unbudging nonmotile pushed steered guided besetting galvanised immoderate infatuated thorough overexacting cavilling despotic brusque commanding immotile proved complete mad over-enthusiastic torrid thoroughgoing impenitent supreme unapologetic unashamed unreformable longtime quibbling disparaging sticklerish faultfinding overscrupulous needy hairsplitting caviling censuring cavillous abrupt imperial magisterial summary brisk dotty frenetic crazy potty visionary nuts gung-ho inured staid tyrannous autocratical tyrannic masterful arrogant lordly overweening hearty demeaning carping censorious sicker urged on rabid perfervid bigoted wackadoodle overenthusiastic wackadoo passional lusty high-maintenance well established red-hot through and through all-consuming firmly established bona fide card-carrying well-established nuts for partial bugged raving feverish high on credulous fanatic undeniable turned on finished unquenchable bitter furious granite fast case-hardened unconcerned indifferent oblivious fault-finding over-exacting anchored nailed quiet hitched situated unmoving attached stationary still located tight over-rigorous over-strict over-censorious unsentimental unhearing unmoved by made fast unfeeling compassionless desensitized soulless cold-blooded affectless slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners unmerciful ironhearted world-weary inhumane heartless pachydermatous insensitive insensate stonyhearted stoney inhuman unconcerned with insensible to unaffected by unconscious of impervious to dispassionate about oblivious to unresponsive to unaware untouched by indifferent to unaware of unmindful of unaffected heedless of to listen blind lacking sentiment hard-edged desensitised as hard as nails hard-shelled hard-boiled toughened by experience

Danh từ

A difference in opinions, interests, etc
divergence difference disparity departure deviation disagreement discrepancy dissimilarity contrast deflection detour dissimilitude divagation divergency diversion incompatibility mismatch polarity unlikeness variance varying clash conflict nonconformity separation aberration alterity crotch dissemblance distinction diversity mutation otherness radiation ramification turning variety difference of opinion variation distinctness disparateness diverseness incongruity distinctiveness inequality inconsistency distance contrariety imbalance contradiction heterogeneity gap opposition unconformity digression unevenness disproportion contradistinction shift irregularity differentiation change split division imparity gulf discongruity discrepance incongruousness contrariness discordance differential divarication fluctuation anomaly nonconformance incomparability alteration antithesis breach incongruence diversification discord modification separateness peculiarity fork particularity lack of congruence idiosyncrasy nonagreement exception demarcation irreconcilability turn contraposition divide schism branching out branch veering declination unrelatedness variability differences straying veer non-uniformity bad fit bad match discrimination swerve turning aside nonuniformity inconsonance chasm contradictoriness curve characteristic asymmetry comparison singularity unorthodoxness unalikeness dissonance distraction segregation paradox bifurcation junction cleft lack of similarity circuitous route indirect course roundabout way branching off rift friction misalliance distinguishment unsuitability discordancy illogicality noncongruence mismarriage disharmonism parenthesis excursus disaccord polarisation polarization metamorphosis transformation revision severance offset discreteness miscalculation error dichotomy broadening expansion oppositeness delimitation yin yang far cry displacement break tolerance amount of difference variegation multifariousness heterogeneousness assortment oppugnancy repugnancy discernment delineation duality fine line dividing line abnormality rerouting redirection disproportionateness lack of accord changeability innovation novelty nuance wide area of difference miscellaneousness variousness lack of harmony departure from the norm break in routine antinomy antonymy rambling wandering gradation bias inequity prong red herring fake out latest thing last word in thing new wrinkle preferentiality inequation incommensurateness unequivalence extension lack of balance sidetrack side topic side issue alternate train of thought unrelated issue unrelated topic left-about change of direction about-face right-about change of course reversal turn-off refraction drift bending slew bend swerving glance swing ricochet turning away rebound drawing away twist bypass byway bypath roundabout route alternative route indirect route circumbendibus scenic route circumnavigation circuit runaround substitute ring road tourist route circumvention rat run relief road alternate route service road secondary highway back road temporary route long way around long way round

Động từ

Present participle for to express a different opinion
arguing debating bickering clashing disputing quarrelling quarreling wrangling opposing altercating challenging conflicting contesting contradicting feuding gainsaying rowing sparring contending scrapping spatting squabbling controverting disaccording discepting dissenting objecting quibbling battling brawling discording fighting haggling paltering skirmishing warring zapping having words laying into taking issue taking issue with taking on crossing swords jumping on locking horns contradicting each other setting to letting have it ripping into each other going for the jugular differing jarring falling out argufying hassling tiffing brabbling bandying words having a row chopping logic failing to agree going at it hammer and tongs varying diverging fighting like cat and dog having a fight contrasting colliding having a disagreement having a tiff having a misunderstanding bumping heads dividing having a barney threaping having a spat putting up a fight mismatching objecting to protesting against struggling coming into conflict caterwauling nonconcurring tangling having a dust-up having an argument argy-bargying doing battle having at it mixing it up coming to blows locking antlers countering engaging in conflict having a dispute deviating wrestling grappling demurring begging to differ differing from diverging from cavilling caviling having a scrap disapproving butting heads disharmonizing departing pettifogging having an altercation hashing over taking exception breaking with picking a bone screaming at questioning contravening fencing tilting interfering encountering taking exception to dissenting from calling into question scraping digging lighting to having shouting match trading zingers picking at nastily arguing discussing scuffling having a difference of opinion getting into conflict getting into a dispute causing a scene interfering with carping complaining striving bumping charging embroiling bandying agitating dueling duelling cutting and thrusting canvassing mooting canvasing waging war taking up arms differing in opinion having a different opinion banging heads finding fault going at it rassling scrimmaging having it out getting tough with talking over hashing out fluctuating changing having a squabble having a quarrel vying sassing rehashing thrashing out exchanging views jumping on one's case kicking around batting around tossing around tussling exchanging blows romping boxing hammering away facing down verbally fighting knocking around talking back fratching having a slanging match scolding berating reaming jawing having a punch-up going up against having a set-to sticking it to picking an argument socking it to going one on one putting up a struggle having at each other getting in one's face diversifying digressing jumping on each other bawling out tongue-lashing calling on the carpet taking up on separating divaricating standing out running counter setting off sticking out like a sore thumb going against rejecting repudiating refusing rebelling abjuring protesting stickling renouncing shying balking bucking declining baulking arguing with quibbling over disagreeing with expressing disagreement with saying nothing doing failing to agree with withholding assent refusing to support saying no way declining to support expressing objection expressing disagreement putting up an argument flying in the face of saying not a chance combatting combating engaging attacking confronting competing going to war shifting waffling chicaning evading avoiding pretending flip-flopping jousting hypercriticizing paralogizing nit-picking assaulting arguing over hemming and hawing catching at straws making a big thing about blowing hot and cold making war engaging in hostilities jostling campaigning roughhousing jockeying facing squaring off essaying rivalling rivaling raising Cain clashing with going for prevaricating niggling nitpicking equivocating criticizing picking to pieces splitting hairs criticising kicking up a row slugging playing off mounting an attack trading punches messing tourneying duking it out manhandling tackling engaging with battling with closing with pushing trading blows entering the lists breaking a lance cuffing messing with crusading exchanging blows with coming to blows with tussling with scrapping with doing battle with struggling with coming up against squaring up becoming involved raising fists starting fighting going for each other slugging it out demonstrating pressing driving shooting bombarding advocating straining endeavoring exerting grunting working taking the field carrying on hostilities joining battle engaging in combat taking the field against bearing arms skirmishing with marching against conducting a war campaigning against grappling with raising a fuss crying out stirring up opinion endeavouring fighting over coming to grips getting to grips trying to win battling for laying a finger on repelling struggling for trying for putting up dukes ganging up on traversing fighting for knuckling with contending for competing for tussling for putting on gloves striking crossing defending withstanding vying for challenging for laying out socking stoushing swedging racing rumbling emulating trying striving against bidding attempting struggling against pitting oneself against matching strength going up against in contest going head to head scrambling for going for broke participating in matching wits pitting yourself against pitching oneself against jockeying for position going after coping with seeking prize running for going for the gold trying to beat going the knuckle fighting like Kilkenny cats fighting nastily

Động từ

(disagree with) Present participle for to disapprove of
opposing disputing challenging refuting disliking disapproving of dissenting from thinking wrong demurring about demurring against disagreeing with not supporting having a problem with objecting to frowning at frowning on going against arguing against arguing with speaking against taking issue with shaking one's head resisting withstanding defying countering combating confronting fighting combatting taking on contradicting counterattacking preventing checking blocking barring crossing contesting facing attacking hindering obstructing fighting against thwarting battling controverting standing up to gainsaying oppugning bucking rebutting repelling contending with struggling against taking arguing taunting not countenancing dissenting setting your face against gainstaying bombarding running counter to calling in question flying in the face of exposing putting up a fight against encountering protesting standing up and be counted against withstaying facing down assaulting quarreling with disapproving striving against turning the tables denying reversing neutralizing taking issue assailing speaking out against taking a stand taking a stand against searching out neutralising debating frustrating impeding impugning counteracting dueling duelling kicking against rebelling against beating contravening balking unseating negating disaffirming negativing meeting head-on baulking traversing holding out against stemming inhibiting stopping halting restraining relucting curbing refusing countervailing stonewalling baulking at dissenting with taking up arms against refusing to accept locking horns with digging in one's heels

Động từ

Present participle for to express an objection to what someone has said or done
protesting objecting complaining remonstrating demurring dissenting expostulating disapproving opposing challenging denouncing fulminating griping inveighing kicking railing disputing excepting resisting revolting blasting combatting combating fighting hollering howling moaning rebelling squawking taking exception expressing disapproval expressing opposition raising objections speaking out taking issue crying out expressing disagreement making a protest making a stand sounding off making a stink saying no voicing disapproval making an objection taking a stand inveighing against kicking against kicking up a fuss kicking up a stink making a fuss back-talking putting up a fight saying no to taking up the cudgels arguing cavilling caviling deprecating balking raising objections to baulking lodging a protest stickling scrupling boggling reasoning dissuading admonishing reproving expressing doubts contesting protesting about expressing doubt raising doubts protesting to complaining to objecting to expressing objections protesting against grousing minding taking exception to condemning expressing objections to arguing against expressing disagreement with quibbling lodging a protest against expressing disapproval of grumbling remonstrating against making a protest to beefing taking issue with having a problem spurning quarreling with disapproving of grousing about taking a stand against grumbling about cavilling at kvetching having a problem with drawing the line complaining about moaning about discommending criticising drawing the line at crossing making a fuss about disavowing beefing about quibbling about criticizing discountenancing crabbing disesteeming griping about ranting about begging to differ frowning on kvetching about taking on railing against raising objection kicking up a fuss about kicking up a stink about tangling with mixing it up with going-one-on-one deploring censuring decrying blaming disparaging animadverting resenting taking offence at demurring at raising an objection disagreeing with taking umbrage at opposing strongly taking offence taking offense taking umbrage objecting strongly to squabbling finding fault speaking out against nagging bickering complaining vociferously about frowning upon picking at withstanding recriminating raining coming out against thinking wrong rebuking reproaching not supporting taking a dim view knocking looking askance at dispraising reprehending slamming passing on panning finding fault with chastising zinging disfavoring raising an disfavouring negating detracting expressing a poor opinion of

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