Đồng nghĩa của rasping

Alternative for rasping

rasping /'rɑ:spiɳ/
  • tính từ ((cũng) raspy)
    • kêu kèn kẹt, cọt kẹt, cò ke
      • rasping sound: tiếng kèn kẹt, tiếng cọt kẹt, tiếng cò ke
    • chua ngoa, gay gắt
      • rasping voice: giọng nói chua ngoa gay gắt

Tính từ

Sounding harsh, grating or unpleasant
grating harsh hoarse gravelly croaking croaky jarring raspy rough scratchy gruff husky throaty coarse creaking creaky discordant dissonant gravel rusty guttural stridulant abrasive raucous snarling thick strident dry cracked growling cacophonous deep screeching growly stridulous unmelodious sharp unmusical squeaky jangling clashing squawky low piercing shrill scratching noisy grinding ear-piercing squawking rugged uneven hard scraping unharmonious earsplitting loud tuneless astringent caterwauling incompatible out-of-tune out-of-key off-key rough-sounding brassy indistinct tumultuous clamorous erosive blatant stertorous inarticulate boisterous disagreeing acrid glaring bleak unrelenting flat rigid jagged asperous severe grim unlevel sour bitter disturbing craggy blaring inharmonious not smooth tickly uncomfortable harsh-sounding glottal sepulchral unoiled squeaking muffled stentorian brittle gular jugular distorted metallic riotous penetrating ear-splitting scarifying abrading tinny ragged croupy breathy whispering stridulatory stentorious forceful baying persuasive vociferous vocal vociferant obstreperous jangly slurred attritive tempestuous roily heavy choppy inclement dirty stormy blustery turbulent blustering violent squally stridulent furious ugly raging buffeting agitated wild polishing unpleasant incongruous offensive roiled irritating annoying inappropriate conflicting contrasting coarse-grained caustic scuffing rubbing grotesque disagreeable unsuitable unaesthetic displeasing irksome vexatious corrosive chafing frictional corroding eroding mordant unbearable upsetting uncharacteristic out of place smoothing grainy sharpening

Tính từ

Hacking or barking

Danh từ

A mix of discordant sounds
cacophony din racket discord discordance dissonance noise stridency babel blare bluster bowwow brawl bruit caterwauling chatter clamour clamor clangour clangor decibels disharmony katzenjammer rattle raucousness roar grating harshness jarring loudness screeching unmelodiousness unmusicality jangle tumult uproar clatter clash pandemonium crash sound row lack of harmony bang clang commotion hurly-burly hubbub atonality hullabaloo jangling tintinnabulation boom blast outcry inharmoniousness vociferation ruckus howl peal clinker loud noise charivari turmoil shouting confused noise hue and cry decibel serialism twelve-tone scale tolling ringing knell ding-dong chime bedlam sour note confusion twelve-note scale disorder babble clank clink chaos babbling yelling screaming stramash rumpus clanking jingle honk thunder jingling clashing clinking clanging chink chinking tower jargon ring thud shot sonance rumble wail bellow fireworks eruption drumming detonation explosion car crash roaring jar reverberation rattling resounding burst screech thundering blasting loud sound stridor bellowing booming shrieking honking shriek hubba-hubba upheaval brouhaha remonstrance hassle hoo-ha shout lament to-do exclamation bustle agitation protesting convulsion complaint buzz ferment furore furor ado ruction fuss stir welter clutter riot disturbance mayhem kerfuffle bother ballyhoo hoopla pother fracas storm blather whirl moil bobbery shindy foofaraw stew squall williwaw hurly splore corroboree hurry hurricane zoo coil do fun helter-skelter hoo-hah hurry-skurry hurry-scurry hubble-bubble alarums and excursions turbulence maelstrom anarchy frenzy havoc bangarang melee free-for-all disarray madness shambles disquietude disquiet strife trouble all hell broken loose big scene baying blaring ululation madhouse unrest bagarre craziness outburst lawlessness broil roughhouse shivaree bickering violence snafu ructions palaver hype talk all hell breaking loose song and dance carry-on cry chaotic situation uproariousness fanfare squawk lamentation bewailing boisterousness yelp disorganization muddle disorderliness perturbation untidiness mess disarrangement consternation disruption entropy dishevelment disorderedness wilderness complication jumble imbroglio muss misorder disorganisation hell intricacy tumble rout dislocation haze messiness mix-up a three-ring circus mare's nest a madhouse slip-up affray outbreak altercation quarrel unsettlement dither lather wildness seething upturn excitement fight

Động từ

Present participle for to scrape or abrade through the application of friction

Động từ

Present participle for to bother or aggravate, especially by being harsh on the senses
irritating annoying vexing irking exasperating nettling aggravating galling riling piquing peeving bugging ruffling bothering getting narking grating chafing spiting persecuting frosting eating griping itching putting out hacking off burning up rubbing up the wrong way grating on jarring on rubbing the wrong way grating upon jarring upon wearing upon setting your teeth on edge provoking angering miffing needling displeasing getting to infuriating upsetting winding up riding rankling graveling gravelling disturbing harassing getting across humping hassling giving someone the hump ticking off exacerbating goading incensing driving up the wall maddening pestering enraging offending bumming out worrying getting on your nerves antagonizing making someone see red hacking you off troubling plaguing driving mad antagonising roiling making angry driving to distraction driving crazy teeing off teasing inflaming nagging making cross driving round the twist driving round the bend giving someone the pip bedeviling bedevilling fretting frustrating affronting disgruntling agitating harrying giving a hard time niggling abrading badgering rattling outraging distressing baiting burning getting at rankling with stinging tormenting getting on one's nerves getting in your hair getting your back up perturbing discomposing molesting hurting paining getting on your wick taunting getting one's goat making waves putting your back up getting your goat getting under your skin hounding pricking disgusting discountenancing discomfiting dogging picking on gnawing giving someone grief getting on somebody's nerves getting under one's skin getting on someone's nerves getting under skin putting someone's nose out of joint rubbing you up the wrong way afflicting prodding affecting flustering disquieting disconcerting insulting besetting deviling devilling mithering embarrassing injuring inconveniencing wounding dissatisfying enflaming madding iring discommoding pursuing getting across someone intimidating jarring browbeating nudging bullying trying steaming up exciting wearing on bumming incommoding hacking hectoring working up getting in someone's hair cheesing off sticking in one's craw turning off setting one's teeth on edge egging on driving bananas making someone's blood boil getting your dander up making someone's hackles rise getting on someone's wick getting on nerves getting someone's back up eating away at ruffling someone's feathers trying your patience getting up someone's nose getting under someone's skin aching pressing distracting compressing squeezing cramping pinching rousing embittering fraying eroding tattering chiding scouring wearing down sending into a rage confounding grinding steaming ruffling one's feathers spurring browning off trying the patience of raging exercising wearing out wearing away imposing upon breaking henpecking harming souring hazing heckling distempering tiffing huffing stewing petting beleaguering putting your nose out of joint thwarting foiling winding somebody up driving you up the wall getting your hackles up raising your hackles acerbating putting someone's back up making your blood boil working on hitting where one lives rattling someone's cage getting up your nose firing up getting someone's dander up asking for it heating up unsettling confusing scraping away biting into wearing to shreds examining tweaking questioning quizzing mortifying wigging unnerving victimizing running up the wrong way trying one's patience rubbing one the wrong way riling up eating at crabbing grudging begrudging putting on the spot flurrying trying someone's patience getting someone getting someone's goat jangling terrorizing motivating igniting quickening awaking absorbing grabbing attracting interesting getting on someone gnawing away at stirring fazing hanging up getting even upsetting the apple cart cramping style lousing up setting someone's teeth on edge throwing putting off hunting crucifying beating victimising exiling expelling wronging dragooning terrorising aggrieving giving the business getting a rise out of discombobulating making nervous shaking up throwing off balance flummoxing furbelowing blustering flooring wearing frilling cowing fuddling disrupting stumping making it hot for someone sticking the knife into making things hot for someone singling out getting the knife into putting someone off their stroke putting into a flap rattling one's cage throwing into tizzy causing someone to lose their composure throwing into a tizz depressing fussing chagrining biting getting in one's hair giving a bad time mixing up grieving chivvying perplexing chivying scaring tantalizing interrupting boring impeding crossing hindering tantalising intruding upon imposing on bending someone's ear breathing down someone's neck carping at

Động từ

(with reference to a person's nerves) Present participle for to set or be set on edge

Động từ

(of a donkey or mule) Present participle for to utter a bray

Trái nghĩa của rasping

rasping Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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