Đồng nghĩa của harassing

Alternative for harassing

harasses, harassed, harassing

Đồng nghĩa: badger, beset, bother, bully, disturb, haunt, molest, persecute, plague, threaten, torment, trouble, vex, worry,

Động từ

To be irritating or upsetting, typically with repeated or unpleasant acts
annoying aggravating antagonizing bugging exasperating galling getting goading irking irritating narking nettling peeving pestering riling ruffling vexing frustrating nagging upsetting angering bothering displeasing disturbing hassling incensing infuriating maddening making angry needling provoking teasing agitating getting to incommoding making cross molesting perturbing troubling worrying badgering bedeviling bedevilling breaking chafing distressing enraging frosting gnawing grating harrying henpecking nudging persecuting piquing plaguing riding rubbing up the wrong way spiting beleaguering burning up driving crazy driving to distraction graveling gravelling rankling antagonising bumming out driving mad eating getting at getting under your skin getting up your nose getting your goat giving someone grief giving someone the hump hacking off making your blood boil teeing off ticking off winding up cheesing off driving round the bend driving round the twist driving up the wall egging on firing up getting in your hair getting on your wick getting your back up getting your dander up hacking you off heating up making someone see red making waves turning off working on asking for it getting on your nerves giving someone the pip putting your back up hitting where one lives tormenting hounding oppressing afflicting bullying torturing besetting picking on giving a hard time pressurizing hectoring baiting harrowing fretting browbeating coercing pressuring intimidating pressurising discomposing stressing dragooning burdening pressing racking disquieting agonizing paining putting out straining bulldozing taunting besieging rasping miffing agonising forcing disconcerting railroading chivvying cursing dogging heckling strong-arming rattling flustering leaning on griping hurting tyrannizing prodding trying terrorizing grieving fussing compelling unsettling importuning concerning anguishing offending victimizing itching terrorising tyrannising blackjacking perplexing fazing excruciating devilling deviling pushing niggling cowing bludgeoning mithering discommoding alarming wounding unnerving getting across gnawing at victimising ailing discomfiting distracting taxing flurrying impelling driving putting the screws on causing suffering to obliging haunting menacing inconveniencing constraining ill-treating frightening saddening pursuing going on at appalling dismaying keeping on at putting pressure on domineering prevailing on mistreating threatening depressing embarrassing abusing steamrollering discountenancing discomforting aggrieving making bullyragging frazzling distempering maltreating chivying exacerbating exercising abrading humping discombobulating hustling weighing down keeping after using strong-arm tactics on putting the squeeze on ridiculing stinging ragging insulting bogarting affronting unhinging alaruming derailing confounding hagriding inflaming mau-mauing undoing pushing around scolding roiling mocking harping on at ribbing blustering tantalizing fast-talking picking at weirding out rubbing the wrong way tantalising breathing down someone's neck freaking out chaffing squeezing confusing pricking brainwashing blighting having it in for scaring interrupting impressing affecting urging hazing obligating smiting mortifying assailing throwing crucifying dunning sandbagging muscling outraging disgusting imposing on preying on bringing pressure to bear on making anxious lying heavy on bending someone's ear putting down inciting prompting disrupting razzing stirring crushing subjugating influencing discriminating against exciting wringing inducing shaking attacking pecking at martyring dominating using pressure on throwing off balance grating on twisting someone's arm burning rankling with making things hot for someone weighing heavily on giving a bad time riding roughshod over stirring up causing trouble to exploiting joshing deriding bantering scourging wearying dejecting guying criticizing moving berating spurring leading on boring bewildering persuading chagrining gibing pushing about injuring wronging tiring quizzing disheartening instigating overbearing overwhelming whipping stewing sickening making uneasy triggering bouncing spooking grumbling at making miserable making wretched despotizing pothering press-ganging tearing enforcing sounding having a down on finding fault with driving bananas putting up to criticising getting in someone's hair turning on the heat ragging on weighing on getting on one's nerves siccing getting on someone's wick getting on nerves eating at nagging at jibing at getting on someone's nerves taking the mickey out of taking the piss out of making fun of causing anguish to getting someone's back up eating away at intruding upon suppressing destroying humiliating kidding roasting smothering facing satirizing testing subduing jiving joking rallying twitting carping obsessing daunting startling devastating confronting titillating harming terrifying festering dispiriting stretching rousing upbraiding abasing funning disappointing reminding belittling discouraging fearing chiacking punishing unfairly disobliging excoriating misusing overawing blackmailing baffling rending thwarting panicking cajoling sweating overpowering nonplussing nauseating dashing enslaving chiding stabbing puzzling shucking possessing smoking addling punishing gripping rotting buffaloing crabbing kicking flummoxing putting off sledging bringing down casting down rousting making nervous shaking up bossing about bossing around searing insisting carping at getting down stressing out beating treating harshly indisposing dissatisfying causing anxiety to making it hot for someone having on keying up putting screws to finding fault getting one's goat making a monkey of making someone's hackles rise flouting at messing with putting into a flap flipping out flooring rattling one's cage putting under an obligation turning the screws on putting someone off their stroke poking mullock at hanging over getting in one's hair taking advantage of having someone do something getting under one's skin falling on making uncomfortable ill-using infesting grinding down tightening the screws on putting someone's nose out of joint tyrannizing over causing someone to lose their composure getting across someone causing discomfort to singling out getting someone's dander up goofing on jeering at satirising throwing into a tizz grinding getting up someone's nose cutting up hurting somebody's feelings making someone's blood boil poking fun at poking borak at making sport of insisting on rattling someone's cage laughing at wearing mixing up putting on causing concern to coming at plying keeping complaining to ruffling someone's feathers putting the heat on rubbing you up the wrong way putting on the spot rowelling getting under someone's skin hanging up causing agony to putting someone's back up acting on driving you up the wall cutting to the quick slinging off at roweling scoffing at moaning at wearing out sending up barraging causing anxiety walking all over flirting with buffeting making jokes about buffetting showing antagonism to disapproving of fooling around soliciting petitioning keeping at ruining ravaging feeling ill will towards showing ill will towards bearing a grudge towards telling off steamrolling scorning browning off calling names imposing upon compressing putting your nose out of joint sapping draining exhausting wheedling arousing hostility in preying on one's mind giving someone hell caviling cavilling pushing someon's buttons messing niggling at recurring getting on the nerves of getting in the hair of getting on someone disparaging touching harping on squashing condensing constricting giving the business frenzying deranging jeering arguing requiring foiling kidding around unquieting making fretful making restless shocking causing offense swaggering politicking twisting arm selling working over reviling reproaching preoccupying staying with coming back to tweaking running up the wrong way questioning examining souring causing to panic buttonholing barracking booing talking swaying violating manipulating madding iring embittering enflaming bringing one down dampening spirits breaking one's heart boning leading someone a merry dance playing cat and mouse putting through wringer rubbing salt in wound getting your hackles up raising your hackles trying your patience winding somebody up getting on somebody's nerves getting under skin riding roughshod walking heavy desolating making it tough for strapping doing a number on arousing anxiety in pushing buttons nit-picking castigating making blue putting into a funk chastening breaking the heart of dragging down putting a damper on belabouring fraying tattering eroding lousing up begrudging getting even grudging upsetting the apple cart cramping style fomenting overriding shouting down causing annoyance to causing resentment to sticking it to giving it to dishing it out weakening dishing out overcharging getting someone down becoming bored grating at having had enough making fed up trying the patience of making discontented losing patience throwing off incapacitating crazing rocking the boat laying up cramping turning on getting someone turning flipping debilitating making a scene piercing disgruntling causing commanding grilling cutting accosting obtruding encroaching intruding breaking in putting heat on lording it over twisting somebody's arm putting through the wringer convulsing putting the chill on setting on trying someone's patience putting someone out making blood boil sending into a rage taking a rise out of starting trying one's patience getting a rise out of setting one off working into lather hissing tiring out making severe demands on making demands on putting a strain on eating up steaming up enticing dumbfounding manhandling wearing down scouring sticking the knife into rocking causing pain to hunting exiling expelling getting the knife into despairing petting tiffing huffing prevailing upon effecting tightening the screw on having turning the screw on ordering demanding sticking in one's craw setting one's teeth on edge wearing on biting shaming abashing jangling disharmonizing disaccording hitting a sour note discording dissing bamboozling befuddling causing anguish horning in on intruding on butting in on causing someone distress interfering with causing pain barging in on curdling stimulating gutting scratching around yapping at searching high heaven mangling bringing pressure to bear putting the bite on making someone fed up entangling hampering playing the heavy with brutalising kicking around mishandling brutalizing messing over surprising shouting at butting in shouting catcalls at targetting making game of targeting aggressing dishonoring raging wearing away biting into gnawing away at scraping away wearing to shreds ramrodding motivating challenging jumping on one's case giving the needle giving one the business falling upon starting in on disadvantaging sweating out beguiling intriguing luring tempting alluring fascinating belaboring bombarding repressing dizzying catching somebody unawares astonishing catching somebody off balance starting on fiddling with toying with deflating humbling inspiring encouraging overcoming hegemonizing mastering suffocating going for jugular martyrizing giving no quarter dumping on laying a bad trip on doing an injustice to dishonouring stepping on the toes of charming subjecting lashing working up making it tough swindling interfering hoodwinking meddling putting in a spot tricking discommodating fleecing giving trouble cheating putting to trouble putting someone to trouble giving someone bother causing someone difficulty making someone go out of his way keeping down crossing hindering impeding horrifying handicapping beating down encumbering weighing heavy upon ruling with an iron hand bringing someone to their knees ruling over trampling overloading putting upon ruling with a rod of iron bringing under the yoke trampling on ruling saddling holding sway over trampling underfoot holding down bringing to heel overthrowing keeping hanging keeping hanging on keeping someone hanging on making mouth water making someone's mouth water putting someone to shame making someone eat humble pie disgracing taking down demeaning degrading taking the wind out getting one's comeuppance taking down a peg putting to shame fuddling furbelowing frilling stumping throwing into tizzy awing aweing immolating using demonizing affrighting having your knife into stacking the deck demonising tensing overtaxing overstretching scaring off scaring the bejesus out of bleeding conning traumatizing crowding macerating foraying noodging despoiling jerking around putting on trial crunching tensing up overdoing pushing to the limit overextending traumatising making tense causing to feel mental strain causing to feel emotional strain putting in traction surrounding making gloomy lying making despondent striking taking visiting croaking repining yammering bellyaching moaning bleating yawping yauping wailing maundering muttering hollering screaming grizzling complaining grumbling beefing squealing grumping squawking grousing growling grouching inveighing whimpering whining murmuring kvetching caterwauling whingeing keening yowling making desolate taking the heart out of overrunning moaning on at taking it out on egging encircling jostling slanging crowding around mobbing descending on crowding round converging on setting upon swarming around spoofing slamming snapping pulling somebody's leg messing around pulling someone's leg leading somebody on swipeing at

Động từ

Present participle for to cause to become tired, weary or fatigued
wearying exhausting draining fatiguing tiring frazzling wearing breaking busting outwearing killing wearing out knocking out doing in tuckering out washing out doing up prostrating enervating tiring out debilitating taxing wearing down weakening pooping overtiring sapping overtaxing tuckering knackering shattering fagging out pooping out enfeebling petering out jading whacking bushing straining devitalizing flagging sinking overworking disabling conking out growing weary taking it out of wearing to a frazzle exasperating making weary making sleepy bedraggling drooping fizzling languishing dropping succumbing sagging depleting taking shagging out getting the better of draining of energy wearing on rooting drawing overexerting overextending bankrupting nearly killing overdoing wiping out overfatiguing crippling making tired taking it out of one wearing oneself to a shadow wearing oneself to a frazzle running ragged running into the ground running out of steam stressing out getting tired becoming drained becoming exhausted breaking down running down etiolating wasting softening incapacitating folding overburdening collapsing failing fainting paining wilting overstraining ennuying putting to sleep going stale giving out undermining immobilizing paralysing paralyzing immobilising indisposing impairing torpefying laying low putting out of action making weak making feeble handicapping blunting attenuating diminishing hamstringing ruining wrecking marring hurting harming unstrengthening defeating sucking dry unnerving reducing depressing withering destroying emasculating eviscerating rendering infirm disarming making powerless damaging sapping the strength of mutilating maiming inactivating kiboshing shooting down unfitting rendering incapable mangling taking out sabotaging totalling throwing monkey wrench in battering pinioning spoiling hocking totaling unbracing hogtying hogtieing muzzling impoverishing using up exploiting overloading unhinging beating sickening bonking eroding disempowering hitting the wall burdening vitiating exenterating disemboweling disembowelling overdriving plaguing drowsing laming oppressing weighing fading glutting sapping your strength rendering powerless making unfit restricting spiking hampering injuring extenuating encumbering hindering causing ennui growing tired boring atrophying losing interest shrivelling emaciating shriveling shrinking consuming confining to a wheelchair confining to bed gnawing corroding eating away felling flooring levelling leveling downing overthrowing mowing halting knocking down stopping jamming knocking over disenabling deactivating freezing mowing down bowling over clamping bowling down making helpless preventing from moving actioning preventing from working invalidating bringing to a standstill making inoperative bringing to a halt disqualifying rendering inactive arresting tying rendering inoperative making impotent bringing someone to their knees bringing low

Động từ

Present participle for to demand earnestly or pressingly
pushing pressing pressuring pressurising pressurizing urging encouraging influencing persuading advising compelling imploring admonishing driving hustling obliging promoting begging bothering hounding inciting spurring advocating constraining expediting badgering browbeating bullying forcing pestering beseeching inducing inspanning prodding soliciting hassling intimidating motivating nagging recommending harrying inspiring making obligating prompting railroading adjuring coercing dragooning goading nudging propelling entreating exhorting impelling insisting steamrolling keying up speeding up trying to persuade pushing around putting the screws to strong-arming press-ganging putting up to railroading into dragooning into pouring it on prevailing on insisting on pushing for steamrollering into bulldozing into turning on appealing to firing up selling on egging on exerting influence on using pressure on going to town on putting the heat on bearing down on browbeating into putting pressure on putting the screws on using strong-arm tactics on bouncing enjoining counselling counseling warning charging cautioning bidding pleading stimulating prescribing calling on leaning on suggesting preaching pricking forewarning recommending forcefully forcefully suggesting calling upon requesting appealing instigating moving maneuvering sanctioning asking manoeuvring proposing wheedling countenancing commending rationalising conjuring advancing tempting rationalizing strongly recommending twisting someone's arm psyching up

Động từ

Present participle for to lecture, berate, or complain to somebody, especially to find fault or criticize

Động từ

Present participle for to admonish or reproach angrily

Tính từ

Causing worry, distress or anxiety
troublous upsetting distressing disturbing troublesome disquieting perturbing unsettling troubling worrisome discomforting discomposing nagging worrying bothersome nasty trying annoying irksome irritating aggravating unpleasant vexing provoking difficult dismaying discouraging wearisome alarming tiresome inconvenient painful distressful burdensome disconcerting disagreeable frightening startling discommoding severe agitating ominous depressing foreboding gloomy onerous sinister perplexing creepy hard laborious pessimistic toilsome consequential disruptive impeding intrusive threatening embarrassing prophetic uncertain vexatious exasperating maddening awkward taxing nerve-racking harrowing niggling concerning pesky hairy pestiferous pestilential pestilent nettlesome galling tricky problematic rankling tormenting thorny harrying riling abrasive plaguy peeving chafing carking frustrating nettling displeasing pesty rebarbative plaguey infuriating unnerving daunting traumatic prickly sticky agonizing scary anxious-making agonising nerve-wracking tedious fraught unwelcome teasing infernal grave grating nail-biting antagonizing mean confounded enraging jarring ugly wicked antagonising cussed wearing enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall tense demanding knotty wretched disappointing anxious tough boring restless nervous uneasy bedevilling unamusing unpleasing impossible gnawing punchable uncongenial gut-wrenching bedeviling confronting hurtful shocking apprehensive discomfiting devastating humiliating off-putting arduous oppressive stressful importunate distasteful unpalatable plaguing acid afflictive ticklish intractable ungovernable undisciplined murder rough damaging heavy repressive uphill rowdy messy infestive dangerous disorderly dreadful delicate dire panicky menacing terrifying intimidating controversial dodgy complex tricksy problematical complicated involved spiny intricate sensitive touchy catchy convoluted vexed objectionable formidable baffling repugnant irking challenging forbidding lamentable deplorable puzzling incommodious afflicting festering antipathetic unsatisfying unattractive sad heartbreaking awful tragic terrible appalling heart-rending grim heartrending horrible grievous pitiful saddening poignant woeful horrifying ghastly pathetic unfortunate horrendous disheartening regrettable dismal horrid bitter frightful affecting horrific moving miserable bad offensive pitiable hideous piteous tear-jerking vile dispiriting sorry mournful atrocious harsh touching macabre sickening monstrous gruesome bleak repellent disgusting unhappy foul demoralizing dreary sorrowful doleful grisly nauseating excruciating unlucky hopeless sombre revolting somber repulsive tragical cheerless loathsome abominable plaintive fearful rotten demoralising lurid obnoxious melancholy nightmarish unfavourable detestable unfavorable unsavoury unsavory odious yucky drear abhorrent direful joyless stirring intolerable dark emotional nauseous crushing unspeakable uncomfortable godawful undesirable chilling dejecting black beastly shameful funereal cruel hateful yukky grewsome icky sour morose gross unlovely nightmare poor tearful terrific impressive repellant precarious desolate impactful fearsome tender melancholic unacceptable calamitous morbid depressive mortifying redoubtable solemn comfortless exacting heinous stunning glum inauspicious obscene hair-raising spine-chilling lousy hellacious haunting teary brutal perilous hostile noxious emotive disenchanting drab rueful disastrous scaring bewildering execrable tight heart-warming petrifying dread lachrymose intense outrageous forlorn critical weighty egregious harmful reprehensible sullen testing abject heart-wrenching torturous unpropitious scandalous uninviting chancy heart-breaking exigent unbearable noisome unfriendly rancid evil fulsome sick-making distracting parlous disgustful rocky yucko loathly from hell unpopular scarring undesired injurious dampening dolorous surprising mind-blowing sober grotesque melting ignominious disconsolate astonishing amazing staggering disgraceful blameworthy sentimental hazardous telling soul-stirring stupefying humourless humorless lugubrious meagre meager unwanted murderous stiff hardhanded inhuman rugged searing ill-advised iffy punishing astounding brackish unkind savage anguished overwhelming dramatic affective too bad glaring abysmal expressive unsought inexcusable dubious spartan suspect questionable pressing bloodcurdling weak stomach-churning stomach-turning hellish unrelenting grody vomitous emetic exceptionable sepulchral tortured austere putrid very bad gut-churning God-awful bogging troubled serious causing fear extreme vomit-inducing barro anxiety-inducing confusing desolating gory offending bothering disillusioning accursed dreaded terrorizing mirthless dispirited dolesome flustering embittering shattering godforsaken squalid powerful wounding disorienting dazing warming crummy sordid cold depressed dissatisfying uplifting unsatisfactory stinking sedate diabolical unendurable acute evocative terrorising derisible dingy plangent pensive uncool grotty unappealing eerie despairing untoward inferior to be pitied unpardonable tremendous unforgivable fierce ruthless anticlimactic indigent scurvy scungy impoverished iniquitous nefarious flagrant rejected unforgiving irritable relentless merciless ferocious fatiguing spooky useless petty puny commiserable afflicted grieving compassionate sympathetic wistful responsive hefty heartsickening heartwarming sore remorseless great drag dislikable pain excluded uninvited flagitious mephitical revulsive distressed agonized extremely upsetting eldritch baleful intemperate rigorous inclement strong unappetizing anxiety provoking extremely bad blood-curdling spine-tingling ill-favoured inadmissible catastrophic racked agonised feeble paltry sickly villainous emotionally moving pressured sobering life-threatening risky nice unwished for unwished-for hard-hearted tiring gruelling exhausting unpromising despicable contemptible insufferable chunderous unsightly arousing affect unsteady unstable extraordinary unexpected not wanted ill-favored flat strenuous straitened dour ill-fated hard-pressed inhospitable shadowy discommodious full of hardship doubtful gray strained adverse ill-omened treacherous ill-boding negative grey jeopardous apocalyptic passionate nostalgic grueling woozy blue capricious temperamental mercurial changeable inconstant volatile fickle variable repressing dissuading hindering inopportune disadvantageous deterring unforeseen jaw-dropping uncanny ghostly dim faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural deathlike beyond the pale corpselike unnatural unearthly anemic ghoulish anaemic inspiring numbing sudden jolting dumbfounding flabbergasting dumfounding eye-opening blindsiding remarkable exciting arousing not hopeful emotionally exhausting not encouraging emotionally depleting a stinker of a impelling gripping breathless meaningful striking significant rousing sententious thrilling heartstopping dirty desperate hurting god-awful emotionally draining

Tính từ

Persistent or pressing, often annoyingly so
importunate clamant exigent pressing urgent indefatigable intransigent obstinate stubborn tenacious tireless unremitting acute aggressive burning clamorous compelling critical crying demanding dire dogged emergent entreating exacting imperative imperious insistent instant nagging necessitous obdurate persevering persistent pertinacious unrelenting annoying avid disturbing earnest forceful high-pressure overeager pushy solicitous suppliant troublesome overly solicitous crucial vital important serious essential grave desperate necessary drastic determined immediate resolute continuous severe peremptory pivotal pertinent extreme emphatic unyielding significant relevant terrible sore great high-priority key climacteric paramount parlous fundamental principal primary foremost of interest life-and-death of the utmost importance of the essence repeated incessant needful binding overriding coercive unavoidable immoderate demanding attention major prevalent adamant controversial active current topical constraining firm unfaltering assertive contemporary lively heavy integral emergency intense impelling decided unwavering inexorable patient live inescapable leading required capital driving indispensable resolved pushful momentous weighty demanded chief clamouring hurry-up distressing forcing requiring persuasive claiming obliging heat-on irresistible clamoring reiterative resounding monotonous relentless perseverant called-for top-priority very great life and death must-have of great consequence pre-eminent now or never dangerous perilous main hazardous awful precarious salient germane dreadful profound operative standout alarming egregious bad decisive sudden solid of note noteworthy high marked definite of concern vigorous afflictive life-threatening all-important consequential considerable far-reaching requisite central substantial needed mandatory cardinal solemn portentous material vitally important heavyweight of consequence meaningful somber of moment sombre prime sober big historic of great import sedate heavy-duty compulsory obligatory monumental staid of significance large-scale no joke no laughing matter humourless humorless prerequisite earth-shattering appreciable called for of great importance no-nonsense core intrinsic big deal influential underlined ponderous determining sizable exceptional prominent fateful extensive eventful basic special uncomic top large uppermost extraordinary focal remarkable premier telling high-level especial predominant supreme notable deciding dominant pronounced sensational powerful arch grand preeminent big-time big league tough very important substantive conspicuous determinative front-page newsworthy earthshaking all important hefty life-or-death outstanding worthwhile tremendous prodigious worrying invaluable first greatest imposing highest impactful striking mighty almighty difficult unforgettable life-changing grievous major-league constitutive radical involuntary nonelective master forced major league hard impressive of great moment nitty-gritty landmark strategic grim ruling meat-and-potatoes primal bottom-line world-shaking quintessential incumbent particular much needed sad fatal deep crash best interesting basal super utmost without lacking needing head rush eminent vehement fierce furious dynamic arresting maximum super colossal mammoth valuable overruling vicious page-one unmissable business-critical mission-critical climactic real necessitating involving exciting buzzworthy tectonic elevated time-dependent time-sensitive crisis immense of import name-of-the-game coal-and-ice enormous sizeable huge very grave commanding calling for out of the ordinary of substance apocalyptic prevailing overbearing prior elemental sovereign exceeding ultra titanic vast astronomic astronomical ample staple overmastering controlling appropriate compulsatory inherent rudimentary innate impromptu much strong distinctive headline noticeable preponderant obvious rare signal resonant memorable keynote worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum uncommon generous milestone conclusive glaring unusual unordinary ponderable potent glorious earth-shaking epoch-making number one star sovran stellar No. 1 numero uno expedient wanted desired preferred proper de rigueur incumbent on name of game specified elementary recommended goodly biggish life-saving glum stern high priority world-shattering life or death gloomy dour sweeping of vital importance extremely important austere quiet downbeat time-critical cold sober pointed instrumental matter of life and death top-level overshadowing big-league high-profile disheartening harrowing discouraging deadly wretched ill-fated forbidding sobering shocking forlorn strenuous devastating ill-starred unamusing destructive ruinous desolate ugly depressing most important most prominent

Tính từ

Likely to injure or damage
harmful damaging dangerous detrimental hurtful pernicious baleful baneful deleterious injurious noxious destructive unhealthy evil hazardous unwholesome risky toxic unsafe bad deadly dicey maleficent nocent parlous perilous precarious threatening wounding adverse crippling disadvantageous inimical lethal negative nocuous painful poisonous unfavourable calamitous cancerous cataclysmic catastrophic corrupting counterproductive dire disastrous fatal ill incendiary malefic malevolent malicious malign malignant mischievous murderous prejudicial prejudicious ruinous sinister subversive undesirable unfavorable unfortunate annihilative corrosive critical devastating eradicative extirpative insalubrious internecine lethiferous menacing noisome pestiferous pestilential sinful slaughterous suicidal undermining venomous virulent wicked wrackful wreckful corroding environmentally unfriendly mortal nasty hostile awful dreadful grievous terrible vicious distressing cruel cataclysmal spiteful bitter fateful life-threatening foul unpropitious contaminated terminal deathly untoward damning tragic grave woeful pestilent death-dealing mephitic septic unlucky violent infectious offensive ominous serious severe evil-intentioned mean rancorous vindictive vitriolic direful lamentable hateful catty annihilatory devastative disturbing troublesome appalling diseased unhealthful savage abusive black shocking fell impure unfriendly insanitary unhygienic unsanitary inauspicious unkind incurable killing unpleasant unsound disease-ridden disagreeable alarming skanky hard festy miserable objectionable antagonistic killer gross dirty rotten infective unnutritious inopportune ill-fated brutal filthy unclean vital unconducive polluted vengeful vile crushing ravaging homicidal infested repulsive repugnant agonizing fierce horrible deplorable distasteful forbidding destroying poison insidious despiteful jeopardizing germ-ridden germy costly harrowing heartrending afflictive disquieting upsetting unwelcome mortiferous regrettable obnoxious rancid dark corruptive ill-natured acute shattering heartbreaking harsh jeopardising frightful ill-boding agonising difficult apocalyptic messy inexpedient sickly unsympathetic antipathetic disgusting carcinogenic counter frightening acrimonious infected minatory repellent iniquitous revolting contagious ruining abhorrent displeasing wretched abominable corrupt horrid envenomed excruciating sickening nauseating insecure viperous consumptive defamatory bodeful nefarious odious ill-starred ugly poisoned spoiled minacious sharp hapless mortuary ill-disposed unsavoury unpalatable detestable tragical distressful rank execrable yucky tough off-putting uncertain stinking bothersome galling toxicant immoderate wasteful unsalutary hairy beastly jeopardous spoilt morbid chilling unsavory high-risk treacherous venturesome worrying chancy dodgy ill-omened foreboding touchy touch and go dismal aggressive tainting contaminating uncontrollable bad for you unbeneficial aching hurting cantankerous reprobate nullifying invalidating annulling counteractive neutralizing miasmatic miasmic afflicting contrary opposed dirtied feculent intimidating invasive final mortifying hate-filled oncogenic tumorous carcinomatous loss-making artful untimely causing death desolating annihilating intimidatory disease-causing morbific metastatic irremediable toxiferous splenetic climactic climacteric wild necrotic louring aspersive sacrificial capital rapacious unadvantageous resentful heavy tormenting torturous thorny troubling spreading peccant full of hate neutralising rough withering cutting bad-natured unwelcoming peracute unnourishing dead untreatable imperilling imperiling concerning of evil intent blighting earth-shattering shrewish unpromising erosive cutthroat scathing stinging slighting innutritious very dangerous not conducive oppugnant inimicable inimic disaffected at odds unpredictable cussed low impetuous maddened intemperate unrestrained epidemic communicable significant infelicitous catastrophal impoverishing extravagant depleting draining exhausting barbed insulting portentous slaying bloody bloodthirsty ruthless cannibalistic uncool ornery envious petty predictive prophetic revealing oracular junk tainted catching sordid touch-and-go iffy sticky tricky intense evil-minded raging maniacal furious creepy eerie unsuccessful mighty vexatious irksome gnarly caustic stained sullied dusty squalid tarnished scungy grimy muddy soiled sloppy abortive doomy scary evil-looking spooky eldritch decayed pathological trying icky yukky annoying unappealing uncomfortable lousy uncongenial unlovely irritating unpleasing plague-like vituperative hot fraught with danger haphazard shameful outrageous heinous pathogenic doomed luckless sinistrous minatorial crashing invidious grody fearful acid trenchant mordacious pointed acerbic ill-intentioned atrocious glaring egregious pesky sour suggestive of evil doomful dishonest perverse blackhearted lowering scarring gut-wrenching monstrous unbearable flagrant intolerable terrifying flagitious weighty villainous heart-rending pathetic pitiful taxing mind-blowing horrifying disheartening gloomy straitened dour discouraging sombre hard-pressed lurid inhospitable joyless hopeless shadowy discommodious tortured morose troubled full of hardship doubtful glum gray mournful strained exacting doleful austere grey oppressive nightmarish bleak pressing comfortless grim desolate exigent solemn rocky somber sad depressing very bad cheerless loathsome malodorous fetid traumatic putrid uninviting nauseous ghastly smelly vulnerable repellant hideous sick-making scandalous God-awful bogging horrendous fulsome obscene reeking niffy yucko disgustful loathly olid exposed defenceless insalutary foetid immoral unstable threatened unreliable unprotected on the nose explosive unsteady erratic fearsome ticklish slippery defenseless undependable wobbly untrustworthy tottering rickety on a limb on thin ice hanging by a thread open to attack unhappy sorry poor sorrowful pitiable gruesome afflicted insufferable abysmal melancholy forlorn jinxed unspeakable piteous unutterable inhuman godawful desperate cursed star-crossed paltry crummy disappointing indescribable out of luck horrific abject grisly formidable dejected disgraceful spine-chilling dread redoubtable hair-raising anguished disconsolate blue chronic unsatisfactory despondent inferior inadequate rueful grieving terrific plaintive contemptible dolorous depressed heartbroken downcast substandard woebegone shabby unacceptable diabolical crestfallen snakebitten snakebit downhearted stricken down inept grief-stricken forsaken awkward destitute unprosperous wrong despicable heartsick hard luck in a bad way heartsore cruddy down in the mouth down in the dumps inexcusable irretrievable ignominious reprehensible extreme moving poignant mediocre unsightly base melancholic sorrowing lugubrious heavy-hearted blighted regretful blameworthy lame inconsolable rubbish despairing cheap inexpressible god-awful saddening plangent laughable feeble brokenhearted overwhelming grewsome macabre nightmare grubby scummy scurvy ratty scabby shoddy sucky agonized saddened pants ridiculous great dishonourable dishonorable droopy heavyhearted hangdog broken-hearted tear-jerking dolent affecting opprobrious from hell hellacious mirthless low-spirited faulty unrelenting agonised cast down a load of pants rigorous second-rate ruined pained shattered broken unbecoming unsuitable inappropriate burdened convulsionary ill-chosen ill-advised fire-and-brimstone apocalyptical undescribable disadvantaged unforgivable hellfire irredeemable senseless inglorious preposterous unpardonable unconscionable foolish indefensible inconceivable unbelievable heart-wrenching touching stirring insupportable ignoble discreditable disreputable too bad distressed accident-prone unimaginable racked lewd unjustifiable ineffable tough luck behind eight ball bad break down on luck incriminating duff a pity criminal worthless absurd ludicrous third-rate foolish-looking silly derisory mourning sullen too horrible for words preternatural indescribably bad beyond description undefinable indescribably wicked indescribably evil beyond words beyond contempt damnatory condemnatory shuddersome frozen devastated sneaking like death warmed up spiritless useless pits dreary drear lonesome depressive lonely elegiacal choked poxy untold gutted funereal sleazy helpless bummed long-faced powerless dispirited cut up in the pits down-and-out chap-fallen downtrodden downer bummer implicating derogatory condemning dilapidated trashy punk threnodic elegiac dirge-like onerous burdensome relentless stiff hardhanded merciless rugged searing ferocious crying crucial not much cop subpar wanting bush crumby suboptimal junky deficient dissatisfactory rubbishy sore remorseless urgent bereft hard-hearted provoking inclement implicatory strong accusatorial conclusive implicative dooming drastic grotty common schlock in pain in sorrow full of sorrow in mourning tortuous spartan scabrous stern sober unendurable biting inexorable stringent discomforting misfortunate run down flimsy bush-league cut-rate shlocky wack low-grade schlocky gimcrack off cheapjack godforsaken low-quality cheesy bum low-rent el cheapo seedy shlock weak coarse bargain-basement down at heel trumpery meagre meager oppressing scowling weeping lachrymose teary bewailing bemoaning wailing tearful funeral deploring dolesome weepy dolorific ruthful

Danh từ

ribbing teasing badgering badinage banter bothering chaff disturbing exasperating irritating joking kidding mocking plaguing provoking raillery taunt taunting tickling tormenting vexing joshing repartee persiflage mockery derision jesting ridicule ragging chaffing kidology jeering wordplay ripostes crosstalk sallies quips sport pleasantry give-and-take backchat witticisms drollery razzing witty conversation witty remarks bons mots scorn contempt scoffing satire disdain sarcasm irony sneering parody disparagement wisecracks jibing jeer swordplay josh jocularity witticism chiacking gibe wit goofing play fun leg-pulling asteism winding up taking the mickey bantering wisecracking joke disrespect japing gibes contumely borak fool insult good-humoured mockery roasting lampoonery cut and thrust aggravation botheration vexation bugging importunity disturbance pestering annoyance harassment bedevilment harrying quipping bants gossip exchange dissing chitchat small talk playful jab playfulness caricature burlesque sneer travesty dig lampoon rib laughter farce jab comeback slam razz swipe mimicry sneers taunts roast jibes twitting rally needling foolery mordancy buffoonery put down leer sardonicism put-on parting shot pulling someone's chain catcall brickbat Bronx cheer hiss boo hoot abuse raspberry obloquy scoff bird scornfulness snort shout lampooning horseplay crack slap dump ridiculing backhanded compliment wittiness fooling around whistle frivolity frolic merriment jest mirth contemptuousness despite escapade jollification mummery tomfoolery trifling nonsense jollity wolf whistle heckle shout of derision jeers denigration insults vilification backhander pilgarlic barb provocation patter sally riposte pooh-poohing despisement slight misprision despitefulness derisiveness skylarking clowning about antics jokes mischief clowning around rejoinder humour answer quip reply humor pleasant conversation bon mot response jibe cut goading practical joke disapproval hissing heckling catcalling hectoring booing shouting interruption sledge disregard despisal reproach affront criticism outrage censure barracking aspersion knocking slap in the face dirty dig verbal abuse snappy comeback larking about high jinks playing the fool clowning larking around

Trái nghĩa của harassing

harassing Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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