Đồng nghĩa của unavoidable

Alternative for unavoidable

Đồng nghĩa: certain, inescapable, inevitable, sure,

Trái nghĩa: avoidable,

Tính từ

Impossible to avoid
certain ineluctable inescapable inevitable necessary sure compulsory fated ineludible inexorable obligatory assured unpreventable mandatory predestined predetermined preordained required unescapable impending inevasible manifest obvious prescribed set bound to happen for sure sure to happen in the bag in the cards locked up open and shut destined foreordained imperative doomed binding peremptory requisite forced incumbent nonelective essential involuntary imminent compelling demanded compulsatory urgent de rigueur enforced statutory predictable automatic guaranteed necessitous definite ineliminable imperious irresistible natural needed ordained critical impreventable undeniable unalterable clear stipulated fixed prerequisite coercive indispensable instant meant settled intended needful integral to be anticipated to be expected called for must-have determinist patent deterministic vital contractual enforceable infallible inerrant returnless prophesied prophesized pivotal recommended doubtless predicted crucial undoubted routine important meant to be out of one's hands overwhelming overpowering nailed-on robot-like repeated usual regular all sewn up mapped out in advance uncontrollable prejudged pre-elected potent compulsive undodgeable pressing irrepressible ungovernable besetting forceful driving commanding irremissible obsessive oppressive overmastering decided by fate in the stars importunate crying dire emergent exigent clamant acute burning called-for expected decreed foreseeable overriding reliable fateful inextricable unfailing decided irrevocable effective determined dependable without recourse all locked up bound impossible to escape from for certain no ifs ands or buts foredoomed designed certain to happen threatening that is to be near to come que sera sera in the air predesigned compelled condemned closed menacing nailed on sealed in prospect very likely way the ball bounces directed at hand hanging over in the wind stated written in the cards in store overhanging that will be looming forthcoming brewing coming OB the law

Tính từ

Not shunnable

Tính từ

Previous, former
foregone bygone earlier former old past previous prior ancient certain destined fated forepassed forgotten inescapable inevitable long-ago ordained predetermined predictable of old of yore olden gone by departed old-time extinct done primeval primordial prehistoric finished gone immemorial antediluvian defunct completed primigenial primaeval long gone over ended forepast spent accomplished no more elapsed remote ago dead and buried over and done with over and done pristine long departed long past long ago lost antiquated dead one-time nonextant outmoded erstwhile obsolete expired vanished bypast belated sometime long-gone late out-of-date quondam old-fashioned archaic dated oldfangled past recall in oblivion water over the dam out of date down memory lane sunk in oblivion water under the bridge historical ex- onetime preceding antique whilom once passé other foregoing lapsed way back concluded superseded deceased terminated wiped out way back when asleep cold fallen lifeless unremembered as was ancient history gone-by unrecalled invalid historic outdated redundant disappeared consigned to oblivion latter-day retired demised discontinued buried breathless low recent early then died out precedent ex nonexistent older exanimate from the past at an end passed on dead and gone in the past done for a thing of the past in the olden days back when in the good old days ages ago irrelevant run faded missing worn-out outworn last lost and gone lost in time overdue delayed inanimate kaput first back abandoned had it out of commission down the drain passed at the time of an earlier time one time once upon a time of a former period discarded disused left removed anterior antecedent behind one fossilized background dissolved dissipated dried up burned up moved on unemployed stagnant fossilised perished lamented no longer in use fallen into disuse very old passed away stiff with God at peace ci-devant destroyed extinguished inactive exterminated six feet under bought the farm pushing up daisies in the grave dead as a doornail as dead as a doornail laid to rest through complete doused abolished quenched out void closed vanquished unknown inexistent settled up no longer extant no longer existing down disregarded snuffed out no longer known over with wrapped up disremembered erased repressed done with finished with dispensed with suppressed blotted out gone clean out of someone's mind out of mind left behind past recollection blanked out

Tính từ

About to happen
imminent impending approaching coming forthcoming close near threatening looming brewing menacing gathering upcoming pending at hand nearing nigh oncoming proximate about to happen anticipated expected fast approaching fast-approaching in store near-at-hand upon us expectant following handwriting-on-the-wall immediate ineluctable inescapable inevasible inevitable in the air in the wind likely looming large next on the way overhanging possible probable unescapable in the pipeline on the horizon coming up in the offing in view on the cards to come in the cards in the stars just round the corner on its way on the agenda on the verge see it coming just around the corner future close at hand prospective in prospect planned eventual advancing subsequent ensuing later under discussion potential on tap downstream in preparation succeeding resulting coming soon in the wings on the go on hand consequent underway afoot up and coming about to be likely to happen latter down the line down the pike down the road successive considered awaited destined near at hand -to-be subsequential consecutive proposed soon-to-be coming after next off directly after coming next drawing near on us to be yet to come scheduled approximating short-term liable to happen onrushing convergent contemplated arriving in the works under way in production being prepared hovering happening soon portending awaiting ominous supplied predestined fated emerging round the corner foreseeable waiting to looking to moving closer appearing rising in the near future in sight nearly on us around the corner ultimate due about going on happening current circulating around abroad intended unborn converging progressing extended at large stirring going about in circulation long-term near-term after hoped-for intending would-be aspiring looked-for successional up-and-coming en route presumptive designate over the long term gaining upon almost on one getting near resultant posterior consequential postliminary pursuing succedent sequential running astir promised latent sequent supervenient late serial in the making later on in line following after on the trot next up doing the rounds hereafter foreordained ordained certain preordained bound doomed meant predetermined sure foredoomed guaranteed designed assured that is to be settled que sera sera predesigned compelled condemned closed nailed on sealed very likely way the ball bounces directed hanging over stated written in the cards instant that will be inexorable compulsory

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