Đồng nghĩa của unrelenting

Alternative for unrelenting

Trái nghĩa: forbearing,

Tính từ

Not yielding in strength, severity, or determination
implacable relentless unyielding inexorable intransigent unbending dogged inflexible merciless uncompromising cruel determined ruthless tough hard pitiless resolute stern unsparing unwavering adamant assiduous rigid sedulous tireless unflagging unshakeable unstoppable unswerving adamantine bullheaded grim hardened hardheaded hard-nosed headstrong immovable inconvincible mulish obdurate obstinate opinionated ossified pat pertinacious perverse pigheaded rigorous self-opinionated self-willed stiff-necked strict stubborn unappeasable unflinching unforgiving wilful willful harsh remorseless steely bound brick-wall hard-headed indefatigable insistent iron-fisted mortal pounding set stiff tenacious unabated unmovable hanging tough bound and determined dead set on steadfast firm persistent single-minded persevering fixed unfaltering staunch unshakable intractable steady resolved untiring strong-willed purposeful unremitting indurate constant strong-minded dedicated committed refractory earnest indomitable intent decided strong stalwart recalcitrant diligent solid forceful driven unshaken unmalleable unhesitating undeviating undaunted vigorous hard-line bold iron spirited iron-willed zealous bull-headed unbendable bloody-minded dead set contumacious unpersuadable rock-ribbed assertive patient set in stone industrious cussed importunate stout perseverant uncooperative balky sure active contrary unreasonable unfailing incompliant gritty cantankerous mettlesome emphatic strenuous uncompliant demanding deaf to reason unchanging unmanageable set in one's ways exacting stringent energetic locked in intense enduring stubborn as a mule serious eager true aggressive severe froward incessant decisive hardline persisting keen gutsy inexhaustible brassbound immutable unchangeable diehard dynamic plucky courageous enthusiastic unvacillating bent on sturdy bent bolshie stout-hearted unflappable difficult continuous unswayable pressing hard and fast purposive never-failing unwearied bulldog brave deliberate cross-grained dyed-in-the-wool inescapable laborious bent upon weariless ornery unadaptable die-hard pushy settled fierce full of determination exigent cast-iron unalterable spunky sustained unqualified urgent clamorous abiding hell-bent hard-core consistent entreating hard-working meaning business conscientious devoted burning ambitious set on wrong-headed clamant do-or-die pig-headed hell-bent on eager beaver hell-bent upon insubordinate manful focused unceasing draconian fanatical unaccommodating authoritarian enterprising painstaking compulsive obsessed wholehearted valiant imperious dire unwearying avid certain unfluctuating robust oppressive loyal defiant faithful invariable never-tiring focussed militant win-or-lose definite stroppy absolute four-square unvarying hearty dogmatic contrarious winner-take-all zero-sum out unswervable heavy-handed unabating hell bent on standing one's ground rugged rebellious frozen lusty irremovable untoward stony imperative crying secure concrete immobile Herculean busy unending stiffened mule picky inevitable motivated dour ardent all-or-nothing reliable restive critical uptight obsessional disciplinary studious hungry ferocious stable besetting troublesome unpermissive ironclad unmoving thirsty desirous unbreakable inspired high-pressure hardhearted narrow-minded jumping grind hyper perky bustling aspiring positive obstreperous standing pat possessed obsessive impulsive austere particular not giving an inch even uniform plugging plodding operose assured no-nonsense straight fixated tyrannical tough nut to crack opinionative continuing regular dug in irresistible invariant tough nut feisty self-starting go-getting hard-driving stand pat domineering hard-and-fast goal-oriented sticking to one's guns intent on on one's mettle insistent on stop at nothing self-assertive self-driven determined to committed to the idea of repeated high-stake unassailable inveterate unbudgeable noncompliant restless passionate awkward direct petrified unshrinking forbidding illiberal firmly-based non-compliant resistant unretiring well-founded fossilized bony indurated rigidified daring radical fearless unblinking immoveable renitent puritanical interminable irrevocable unavoidable non-stop hidebound unimpressible perseverative cohesive game blinkered indelible ingrained deep-dyed cocksure durable immalleable impertinent bullhead mean unrepentant uncompassionate unemotional trusty unstinting impassive haughty disobedient ungovernable wayward unintimidated careful stuffy coherent intrepid fossilised unquestioning stony-hearted unimpressionable pleading attentive unreceptive boneheaded inalterable unflexible crisp doctrinaire possessive unforgetful cold fish proof against persuasion unplacatable iron-handed unmollifiable unpacifiable meticulous unmodifiable permanent quiescent aloof proud hard-shell locked-in beseeching begging sticky set-on one-sided whole-hearted iron-jawed single-minded about firm about thorough punctilious set in your ways on the go ball of fire unsinkable unmoved heady ineluctable determinate dominant in earnest heedful instant emergent acute compelling necessitous nagging prevailing inexpugnable seasoned categorical convinced persuasive go-go unstinted undeterred fireball continued do or die hold the fort hard as nails hold your ground hold the line explicit going necessary compulsory engaged clear-sighted always urgent all out flat-out straight out as stubborn as a mule hang tough through-and-through set in concrete employed going all the way tall in the saddle intent upon obsessive about inflexible about fixated on fanatical about competitive hardworking pass-fail high stakes in for long haul disturbing solicitous annoying suppliant overeager harassing irreversible exact pushful peremptory never give up confident swotty working slogging mean business nose to grindstone static ramrod with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in like bad penny cutthroat disciplinarian callous drastic ascetical by the book astringent uncharitable hard-hearted browbeating extreme formidable rough ascetic unsympathetic autocratic grave consumed compelled changeless resounding reiterative monotonous progressive bloodthirsty pioneering no going back striving warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy galvanized monomaniacal impelled self-asserting full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face self-seeking fiercely competitive get up and go power-hungry having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough go for broke self-assured can-do power-loving gung ho high-reaching self-possessed self-confident like death and taxes induced infallible massed impermeable nonmoving decided upon writ in stone cut-and-dried strait-laced pushed steered guided galvanised solidified husky taut unbudging overly solicitous dependable endless boundless sealed blocked nonmotile concentrated immotile compact dimensional consolidated urged on ceaseless close compacted rocklike impliable overbearing unamenable hard to please fussy impervious thick congealed fail-safe unlimited surefire can't-miss unfading undying unerring continual ever-pressing dense fastidious boorish argumentative finicky unbeatable gripping tormenting neurotic consuming haunting jellied impenetrable bottomless invincible oafish bearish irascible trying discontented dissatisfied fractious brick wall rock-solid rock-hard non-flexible fiery invulnerable dominating all-consuming unquenchable bitter furious granite like a rock tried and true same delivering lasting there eternal counted on tried-and-true come-through trustworthy rock solid tried and tested fast irritable tiresome testy choosy snappy temperamental quarrelsome querulous negative grumbly irritating impolite really hard very hard excessive addictive fanatic controlling unconquerable vexed captious chippy disputative hypercritical prickly thrawn huffy delicate overcritical obstructive over-particular dictatorial ungracious disobliging finical unpredictable hard to handle invidious fiendish sensitive ill-natured crotchety uppity touchy sour rude crabby hard to satisfy disputatious perfectionist anchored rooted nailed quiet hitched hooked situated locked attached stationary still established located tight insurmountable uncontrollable pathological wackadoodle wackadoo made fast preoccupied infatuated impregnable overwhelming bulletproof insuperable overpowering lionhearted doughty vehement hardy heroic audacious gallant authoritative powerful dauntless intensive valorous potent unequivocal genuine conclusive go-ahead ballsy high-spirited all-out adventurous violent sound forcible impassioned muscular unambiguous unafraid resilient gutty in the bag have-a-go undeniable unquestionable commanding deep driving bullish pushing definitive fervent hard-hitting known clear nervy unmistakable real evident high-powered indisputable sincere supreme guaranteed irrefutable final predestined destined incontrovertible indubitable incontestable effective hopeful flat stouthearted heroical bossy undauntable punchy greathearted complete undoubted out-and-out on the make plain demonstrable inarguable unfearful total confirmable verifiable provable establishable ascertained safe undisputable full forward occupied as game as Ned Kelly thoroughgoing concerted animated lively salted away on ice sure thing having down pat express responsible unrestrained outright unconditional dashing influential good true-blue sprightly unchallengeable downright lion-hearted brisk red-blooded venturous two-fisted absorbed engrossed obvious convincing pulling no punches exhaustive concentrating immersed comprehensive specified independent brassy undivided fervid defined precise hellbent entire peppy determining blunt uncontrolled unbridled wild unmitigated distinct tried unarguable scrupulous minute resourceful irrefragable unanswerable vital unsurpassable ultimate utter searching elaborate accomplished zippy alert bouncy combative manly unalloyed unadulterated gingery profound dreadful contentious entrenched peppery heartfelt truculent daredevil honest zesty confirmed watertight wrapped up tough-minded hopping chivalrous proven venturesome racy storming assaultive predetermined undismayed vicious exquisite terrible highly motivated undefeatable decreed death-or-glory carnivorous spartan prescribed predictable beyond dispute herolike calculable frisky beyond doubt trustable antagonistic beyond question full of life full of spirit desiring success high-octane like a ball of fire not backward in coming forward serious-minded beyond a shadow of a doubt self-disciplined mature ended predisposed tending inclined leaning disposed devout professional realistic not joking hardboiled buckled down stanch observant sworn pious mullish sporting all exclusive enrapt whole uninfluenced watchful proactive great redoubtable unsentimental thrusting unthinking quick hasty snap undiscouraged mutinous self-motivated sagacious arduous taxing frightless ultra-careful pervicacious macho irrepressible mettled exhausting resolute about temerarious unhelpful unruly fit telelogical calculated adventuresome manifest patent believing in oneself perceptive take charge tied-up careerist orped unfearing sedate swashbuckling in place in position airtight self-evident clinching cynical impavid undefeated imprudent chin-up foolhardy fortitudinous involved Ramboesque firm in spirit desperate optimistic intending aspirant wannabe potential would-be budding wishful untameable undebatable clear-cut steamroller self-respecting powerhouse pedantic religious meaning what one says fire-eating cool hard-bitten resolved to with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way incontrollable rebel exasperating recusant riveted playing hard ball keen as mustard agreed impassable thick-skinned toughened imposing not discouraged future possible prospective likely deep-rooted long-standing deep-seated bred-in-the-bone intrenched arranged preset constructive formative creative developmental foundational seminal emulous not put off insistent about be out for blood nose to the grindstone allotted prearranged not in doubt apodictic enthralled vying arrogant longing tough as old boots quantified as tough as old boots obscene pornographic X-rated planned incommutable competing detailed in-depth effectual collected composed impatient pontifical shoo-in unanxious undoubtful sanguine easy nailed down able locked on carefree expectant endeavoring endeavouring poised determinant limited warring opposing oppositional stipulated stated all-absorbing all-inclusive all-encompassing triumphant resisting ringing glaring significant stressed important solemn trenchant impressive pointed sober cogent accented unnatural mannered with one's shoulder to the wheel with one's nose to the grindstone upwardly mobile extremely motivated very motivated high-handed intolerant arbitrary unwaivering one hundred per cent unreserved all-embracing methodical sensible opinioned not subject to change unrestricted no mistake self-reliant spoiling for a fight on the warpath ready for action magisterial small-minded malevolent maleficent malicious spiteful malign crucial explosive ghastly sweeping blistering almighty heavy-duty excruciating fearsome heavy widespread frightful extensive hellacious fearful for a face sparkling cool-headed Type A despotic fascistic high and mighty bigoted formal prejudiced egotistical dictative unbowed unfeigned undiluted warm exciting flourishing vivacious electrifying accelerated speeded-up effervescent flamboyant alive dazzling authentic fullhearted happening airy stirring virile humming colourful zestful kinetic colorful animate buzzing vivid rousing decent upright spry coruscating bubbly stimulating astir sparky fresh thriving abuzz posed honorable unimpeachable honourable truthful reputable impeccable respectable righteous high-principled bouncing springy vibrating pert radiant breezy responsive determinative bellicose pugnacious abubble jazzy pizzazzy pizazzy vibrant jaunty spanking aboil veracious incorrupt categoric full-scale gay belligerent confrontational discordant brawly agonistic alive and kicking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of the joys of spring full of beans full of vim and vigour bright and breezy full of pep full of get-up-and-go true-hearted plumb clean maximum consummate hundred percent whole-souled bona fide stark simple sheer arrant rank pure stone chirpy without reservations crashing deadly optimum dead very perfect flip hot-tempered hostile have a bone to pick on the outs at loggerheads hot have chip on shoulder battling fighting have it in for bodacious blank fair blooming unpreventable fated imminent preordained foreseeable impending expected ineludible ordained obligatory full-blown full-on fateful impreventable required unescapable cotton-picking straight-out mandatory foreordained doomed natural ineliminable to be expected bound to happen in the cards without recourse sure to happen for sure for certain no ifs ands or buts inevasible all locked up to be anticipated certain to happen binding open and shut

Tính từ

Not giving way to kindness or compassion
constant continual continuous steady endless incessant unbroken unremitting ceaseless perpetual relentless non-stop sustained unabating unceasing unrelieved persistent unabated unending unwavering interminable uninterrupted never-ending eternal everlasting nonstop continuing running continued permanent round-the-clock repeated lasting ongoing unfaltering perennial recurrent frequent unflagging chronic undying regular habitual unfailing dateless enduring prolonged abiding consecutive timeless immortal untiring indefatigable recurring dogged persisting always-on repetitive without respite lingering nagging deathless unyielding unwearied infinite undeviating persevering unswerving tireless unwaning unvarying staying unchanging imperishable oft-repeated around-the-clock unstoppable round the clock niggling day-and-night neverending periodic gnawing monotonous periodical unwearying interminate inexorable connected aeonian amaranthine ageless without end day and night on a treadmill pushy boundless limitless maintained unlimited unintermitted world-without-end unflinching implacable long-lasting never-ceasing unsparing remorseless diligent assiduous unchanged numerous many sedulous harsh unalleviated hard stern stable undiminished unrestricted countless sempiternal regularized regularised standardised very many a great many no end of no end to with no let-up standardized for ever and ever without surcease steady-going without a break uncontrollable protracted lengthy undivided unquenchable long unconstrained unfading inextinguishable extended closed unrestrainable uncontainable indestructible insuppressible unmanageable unrestrained extensive drawn out drawn-out irrepressible incorrigible intractable wild stretched out solid out of control immeasurable unbounded vast measureless illimitable bottomless fathomless indefinite immensurable unfathomable horizonless untold inexhaustible incalculable inestimable overlong numberless immense cosmic without limit indeterminate great unsurpassable self-perpetuating multitudinous undefined without interruption huge forever without ceasing 24/7 at all times all day and all night beyond measure long-winded uncontrolled unchecked without limits uncalculable unconditional absolute unbridled long-drawn-out wearisome innumerable myriad incomprehensible wide-open boring dragging lavish total tedious seemingly endless full utter no strings no holds barred rambling laborious ponderous meandering with no holds barred unbound looped dull unfathomed uncounted supertemporal perdurable extreme wide large million all-embracing stupendous tremendous strung out spun out dragged out 24-hour without number abundant abounding familiar common profuse reiterated manifold several successive reiterative thick iterated intermittent various lots of millions of loads of a good many heaps of masses of quite a lot of occurring often dozens of hundreds of thousands of quite a few having no end not stopping more … than one can shake a stick at

Tính từ

Inflicting suffering onto others without conscience
cruel brutal savage inhuman barbaric barbarous brutish bloodthirsty murderous homicidal cut-throat vicious ferocious fierce wicked evil fiendish devilish diabolical heinous abominable monstrous atrocious vile hideous ghastly nasty spiteful mean callous malicious sadistic ruthless merciless unmerciful pitiless malevolent unsparing remorseless uncaring unsympathetic malignant uncharitable heartless stony-hearted hard-hearted cold-hearted cold-blooded nefarious bloodless unfeeling unemotional unkind inhumane severe harsh stern inclement flinty draconian beastly dastardly bestial depraved immoral maleficent pernicious sanguinary truculent slaughterous uncompassionate violent wolfish wrathful brute butcherly hateful roughshod virulent wanton hard relentless unforgiving grim implacable inexorable insensitive inflexible stony unpitying tough obdurate hard-boiled affectless compassionless ironhearted stonyhearted desensitized bitter uncompromising unbending take-no-prisoners indurate soulless rough desensitised rigorous pachydermatous insensate stoney oppressive case-hardened thick-skinned slash-and-burn grievous strict cold rigid onerous unyielding excruciating intolerant unappeasable unmoved stiff hard-nosed rugged exacting vindictive torturous unremitting heavy steely hardhearted illiberal burdensome harrowing hostile searing lacking compassion mortal intense revengeful austere grave awful painful fell trying difficult tormenting cutthroat hardhanded dog-eat-dog frigid coldhearted hurtful authoritarian with a heart of stone marble-hearted punishing irreconcilable agonizing distressing bad solemn deadly serious heavy-handed terrible extreme no-nonsense sworn agonising stringent firm vengeful indifferent inconsiderate rancorous tyrannous adamant sharp tyrannical dour malign unpleasant tortuous unfriendly arch dire galling icy adamantine frosty ironfisted killer intransigent crushing despotic chilly ramrod acute upsetting repressive wretched rotten afflicting unsmiling distressful forbidding calamitous afflictive grueling sober gruff dreadful astringent sombre somber gruelling biting out-and-out very bad strong bloody stone-hearted unkindly flagitious egregious ravening cannibalistic constant punitive surly feral demoniac crazed satanic insensible hatchetjob coldblooded infernal hellish destructive browbeating bullying without pity abusive dictatorial unfair forceful abrasive unjust excessive killer instinct suppressive hard-line hardline antagonistic critical cool impassive unresponsive rowdy curt blank expressionless formal deadpan to the death hardened bleak hard-shell at each other's throats reserved unwelcoming fixed stuffy Rhadamanthine distant aloof louring poker-faced straitened inhospitable spartan scabrous disastrous unendurable uncomfortable comfortless discomforting horrific horrible horrendous nagging grudge-bearing resentful venomous ill-disposed remote solid intimidating lowering earnest ungentle mean-looking mean-spirited acrimonious poisonous woeful shocking appalling godawful worrying troublesome lousy piercing intolerable evil-intentioned ill-natured baleful avenging unbearable penetrating insufferable disagreeable wreakful out for revenge catty retaliatory grudging malefic wrenching stinging burning caustic consuming blistering cutting poignant demanding disturbing heartbreaking racking pounding disquieting heart-rending vexatious challenging taxing yukky traumatic unwelcome unhappy sour miserable distasteful unpalatable yucky heartrending chilling displeasing uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavory tragic sad unflinching icky sore mortifying great full of spleen arduous testing laborious unsavoury intemperate provoking annoying offensive tall strenuous toilsome backbreaking formidable herculean iron-fisted gut-wrenching uncalled-for humourless sedate humorless staid sobersided mean machine having a killer instinct back-breaking uphill moiling sweaty hefty hellacious effortful grinding weighty uncomic very difficult pick-and-shovel domineering Augean po-faced wild villainous aggressive dark dangerous furious foul unspeakable sanguineous sanguine black-hearted horrifying odious base loathsome abhorrent bloody-minded menacing murdering untamed horrid lethal devastating demonic gruesome grisly threatening frightful despicable explosive raging macabre black iniquitous killing ungodly fiery criminal turbulent stormy low-down unrestrained infamous gross tumultuous sinful impetuous rabid coarse maniacal crude contemptible tempestuous predatory diabolic low powerful mad disgusting revolting gory demonical frenzied blood-and-guts sinister outrageous cyclonic scandalous rapacious death-dealing dirty fearful cacodemonic ruinous destroying perverted nightmarish vigorous thunderous sapping exhausting delirious shameful execrable mighty frightening frenetic frantic convulsive feverish vulgar almighty ferine accursed morbid forcible repugnant tigerish potent ominous volcanic Mephistophelian primitive sickening knock-down-and-drag-out hammer and tongs sick ghoulish greedy animalistic terrific grewsome nightmare unconcerned perverse facinorous voracious lurid desperate corrupt uncivilized uncontrollable swinish unruly ravenous degenerate extortionate blustery uncivilised avaricious impassioned amoral boisterous squally agitated undomesticated gusty windy bearish vehement hairy subhuman hot howling stark paroxysmal roaring warlike bang-bang volatile overwhelming angry blustering repellent satanical fatal demoniacal sick-making flagrant maddened disgraceful disgustful loathly uncouth unrefined thuggish nauseating passionate abandoned beastlike damnable heated drastic insatiable damaging exorbitant lively demonian Luciferian unreasonable spine-chilling extravagant animal unprincipled debased animated lupine immoderate reprobate serpentine profligate shabby filthy dispassionate licentious ogreish fearsome red in tooth and claw crippling animalian dodgy foreboding imperturbable hotheaded troubling grotesque thoughtless prohibitive headstrong hysterical snide objectionable thundery matter-of-fact obscene stressful daunting overpowering choppy smart impossible torrid shattering knock-down drag-out terrifying ignoble full-blooded hard as nails tragical bad-tempered stormful storming dishonourable ill-tempered deplorable dishonorable not nice nerve-racking despiteful murky ogry ogrish harmful bellicose anthropophagous ignorant uncultured unlettered injurious repulsive gloating butcherous treacherous competitive gut-churning blood-and-thunder premeditated obnoxious decimating hard-fought involving bloodshed stupid boorish tactless unhallowed possessed unnatural aberrant unloving loutish crass barbarian from hell unholy degraded worthless unsafe disconcerting unrepenting indefatigable unregenerate uncontrite hard-bitten tremendous without sentiment worrisome irksome intimidatory ill-boding contaminated faulty lewd putrid insubordinate impure libidinous indecent reprehensible demoralised miscreant impious demoralized hooligan ardent unsettling perturbing wounding minatory viperous minacious gloomy inauspicious ignominious detestable low-minded scummy currish fervent spirited gutsy radical hard-hitting ungenerous unamiable uncivil unwholesome poor agitating dismal doleful rainy blowy ironhanded brassbound wilful powerhouse fervid dynamic unchristian unpermissive telling punchy puissant fraught troublous deliberate needless unjustified senseless arbitrary high sensational raw excited ill theriomorphic theroid deathly weird spooky scary eerie twisted bumpy graphic exaggerated unprovoked terminal cast-iron steep storm-wracked coming down raining cats and dogs riproaring damp unsettled irascible touchy inflamed passional melodramatic explicit typhonic intensive swirling scarring insupportable gratuitous groundless motiveless all-powerful zoomorphic zoic startling raving enraged incessive impoverished oppressed poverty-stricken unwarranted maddening OTT preposterous exasperating restless exquisite chaotic berserk demoralizing demoralising temperamental aroused excitable emotional distracted swingeing sky-high inflated infuriated O.T.T. grasping unjustifiable pestilent scurrilous too great shaming disgracing debauching notorious depraving debasing contumelious opprobrious biffo aggers extremely upsetting terrorizing pugnacious trashy sensationalist overdramatized colourful rubbishy unscrupulous debauched willed unmotivated zoological beast-like zoologic goatish heavy-duty inordinate vital over the top tasteless ribald cheap salacious kitschy pulp prurient shameless gusting internecine aimless assertive deceitful unlawful wrong unethical dishonest devious suggestive mercenary covetous ungovernable crazy fuming terrorising radge uninviting self-indulgent vitiated disparaging delinquent errant crooked exploitative shady libertine slippery unconscionable evil-minded self-seeking contemptuous conscienceless two-faced morally wrong decadent defiled scheming questionable improper corrupted disreputable dissolute scoundrelly unrighteous crafty scrofulous sly bent felonious squalid underhanded incorrigible scornful shifty unconscientious lawless disdainful shock-horror tacky unearthly vivid juicy undisciplined contrary ornery insolent wayward double-crossing acquisitive rampageous flaming intensified concentrated unapproachable sullen hot-tempered hot-headed yellow full-frontal unforgivable lascivious lecherous grabby churlish crabbed glum out of control scurvy off-color purple racy raunchy salty deep striking colorful distinct garish grumpy cross avid usurious plundering materialistic preying marauding coveting moneygrubbing high-impact drudgy tiresome thorny unnerving tough going titanic fatiguing operose ambitious worksome bothersome depleting uphill battle knackering hard-won backbreaker tedious immense no picnic energy-consuming marathon bruising sticky ponderous staggering colossal like getting blood out of a stone wearisome dicey hazardous easier said than done slavish torturesome wearying toilful labored upstream laboured wearing high-pressure really hard jarring tiring problematic difficile cumbersome problem draining Herculean gargantuan not easy debilitating painstaking very hard gigantic gluttonous lustful wolfy wolflike leering edacious resolute morose scowling sulky grody beyond the pale money-grubbing splenetic cantankerous glowering gray grey crusty grouchy boot-faced

Tính từ

Harshly sarcastic or satirical in nature
keen scathing cutting incisive searing pointed stinging trenchant acid sardonic satirical contemptuous ferocious nasty sharp unblunted virulent caustic corrosive heartless merciless piercing savage biting brutal fierce malicious penetrating satiric callous critical mocking sarcastic scornful tart venomous acerbic bitter harsh pungent salty snarky violent acidic cruel devastating edged hurtful mordacious acute derisive pitiless truculent vicious vitriolic acrid acrimonious grim sadistic scorching unsparing withering astringent belittling mordant ruthless scalding wanton cold-blooded extremely critical acidulous acerb waspish barbed razor-edged severe smart-mouthed smart-aleck smart-alecky sarky polemic spiteful poignant dry wounding rapier-like cynical unkind catty abrasive ironic telling peppery piquant snappy burning hostile rude ironical disparaging poisonous polemical forceful corroding racy emphatic tangy wry scoffing pithy spicy witty disrespectful brusque tongue-in-cheek acetose ridiculing rancorous unfriendly churlish stern sour chaffing burlesque zesty controversial alkaline zingy pert savoury savory contentious stringent mean rough snappish snippy testy short unpleasant disapproving hard argumentative disputatious offensive hateful provocative salt exciting stimulating strong vigorous destructive sneering double-edged forthright driving clear vinegary acidulated crisp explicit powerful distinct effective blunt erosive potent unequivocal blistering edgy acetic derisory crushing acidy taunting backhanded sourish tartish smarting clever implausible ridiculous defiant contradictory exaggerated backbiting alert arrogant jibing atypical twisted uncomplimentary curious quick-witted accurate venomed pertinent irreverent with a kick briny acetous soured green razor-sharp meaty meaningful insightful right-on insinuating short-and-sweet legit pregnant parodying Hudibrastic Rabelaisian lampooning humorous spoofing paradoxical spoof farcical bantering in a nutshell on the nose boiled down laid on the line right to it calling a spade a spade on the button sly subtle deadpan droll laconic deprecating waggish apathetic sharp-tongued matter-of-fact straight-faced low-key quietly humorous poker-faced snide vindictive maleficent malignant slashing malign pernicious malefic jeering malevolent derogatory abusive insulting antagonistic aggressive splenetic evil-intentioned slighting denigratory curt baleful resentful ill-natured contumelious squint-eyed vituperative ornery disdainful austere teasing dismissive detracting pillorying rigorous deprecatory vitriolous tough inconsiderate irritating grievous envenomed smart evil snidey vehement menacing hate-filled despiteful angry galling crabbed bad grudging cussed dirty terse drilling clear-cut impertinent strict exacting coarse rigid sound vengeful bilious shrewish overwhelming overpowering distressing ill-tempered bad-tempered tonic wicked harmful demeaning degrading derogative depreciative detractive decrying pejorative depreciatory denigrative sharp-worded thoughtless ungracious stabbing injurious damaging nauseating grating highly effective slanderous defamatory cold irascible unfeeling annoying viperous viperish toxicant twitting saucy scurrilous captious needling carping insensitive unsympathetic comfortless weisenheiming dripping with malice dripping venom full of spleen full of gall accidentally on purpose spiky gruff scathy lousy horrid negative hard to take rubbing the wrong way discouraging absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic silly cockamamy laughable risible comical preposterous unhelpful excruciating out-of-line flip cocky fresh cheeky crusty gally sassy nervy agonizing intense undermining disobliging invalidating contrary adverse obstructive awful harrowing terrible intolerable dreadful oppressive torturous discrediting vexatious grueling tormenting unbearable punishing extreme insufferable repressive grave for the birds wrenching painful consuming troublesome racking pounding agonising afflicting gruelling embittered very bad sullen begrudging sore aggrieved hurt disgruntled offended indignant morose discontented wounded dissatisfied choked jaundiced miffed peeved piqued peevish petulant with chip on shoulder put out hard done by grudge-bearing irreconcilable with a chip on your shoulder crabby ill-disposed sulky

Tính từ

In a continued fashion, to an utter or complete degree, without relief
unrelieved unmitigated absolute complete outright total unqualified chronic constant incessant thorough utter consummate continuous pure thoroughgoing unequivocal unremitting downright unreserved sheer stark unlimited arrant perfect plain unbounded dead entire flat blasted blooming crashing infernal unalleviated unbroken all-out flat-out out-and-out straight-out all-fired categorical unadulterated unconditional unabridged positive abundant confounded uncontrolled endless unrestrained blessed inexorable whole unbearable undeniable steadfast unfailing utmost definite rank categoric unambiguous relentless profound austere veritable undiminished rigid regular unabated simple real unalloyed fair plumb untempered severe unmollified unbending intense gross unmoderated oppressive very cotton-picking dreadful deep-dyed persistent unmixed in every way unmodified bodacious harsh unsoftened grim undiluted deadly blank clean stone clear-cut full unrestricted right extreme proper ultimate undivided dyed-in-the-wool genuine explicit right-down comprehensive blatant wholesale clear in every respect surpassing supreme through and through wholehearted exhaustive solid certain direct plenary unquestionable straight out indubitable full-bore emphatic glaring true all out naked sure final overt unmistakable full-scale unconstrained patent no catch flagrant conclusive undisguised inveterate without reservations prize sincere unstinting no ifs ands or buts full-on no holds barred limitless maximum firm mere infinite express obvious palpable serious steady uttermost authentic decisive brazen assured unquestioning barefaced open determinate wide matchless full-blown point-blank out and out apodictic no kicker no strings no fine print overarching unblemished huge straight honest everlasting double-dyed enormous committed determined resounding unfaltering unvarnished bald unmistaken enduring overall unswerving dedicated concentrated abiding resolute blunt transparent all max pronounced unadorned sweeping paramount strict uncompromising egregious conspicuous top nth fixed last never-failing very great shameless peremptory unsurpassed peerless terminal atrocious actual monstrous bona fide capital extraordinary true-blue preeminent perpetual without limit eternal true blue royal candid staring frank bloody grand quite single altogether most customary adamant assertive insistent definitive forthright overwhelming faultless unstinted common decided usual quintessential optimum unregenerate crass specific infamous notorious vile uncorrupted wholesome intensive bare horrible systematic unimpaired maximal stone-cold nothing other than point blank through-and-through unembellished undisputed without qualification long-range long-term rightly so called totalitarian uninterrupted inclusive no strings attached one hundred per cent sovereign untarnished untouched unaltered habitual undying confirmed no joke superlative predominant excellent unsurpassable errant perfected ideal inimitable transcendent flawless impeccable finished without reservation pure and simple unbound tyrannical pre-eminent all-powerful boundless unconditioned omnipotent in-depth unshakeable farthest staunch fervent earnest zealous enthusiastic unflinching hearty farthermost unwavering devoted outermost furthermost open-ended with no strings heartfelt stalwart unfeigned ardent warm furthest accurate exact precise shocking manifest outrageous great massive remotest loyal impassioned passionate fullhearted audacious evident heinous exclusive outmost unconcealed terrific tremendous spot-on inordinate shameful scandalous striking terrible grievous reprehensible disgraceful endmost aftermost whole-hearted focused undistracted collective iniquitous apparent exorbitant villainous wicked significant excessive major valid dinkum engrossed unshared consistent immoderate hundred percent whole-souled fantastic dead-on certified good faithful pukka on-target echt so satisfactory pucka sure-enough unerring certifiable united absorbed unflagging focussed brass-necked last straw ultra out of bounds chief too much farthest away too-too worst case furthest away unanimous scrupulous attentive continued concerted admissible sound factual fast deliberate circumspect minute diligent detailed vigilant intent rip-roaring thumping whopping undoubted watertight veridical immaculate rigorous amen inerrant bang on undistorted solemn lock stock and barrel right on roaring most distant

Tính từ

Very severe or serious
extreme radical excessive dire drastic desperate harsh severe stern strict unbending uncompromising far-reaching forceful inordinate momentous serious tough consequential exaggerated exceptional heavy immoderate outrageous remorseless rigid sharp substantial undue unmitigated unreasonable unusual unyielding zealous austere draconian egregious exorbitant extravagant fanatical punishing punitive rigorous steep stiff absolute baroque devilish downright ferocious flagrant gross intemperate oppressive overkill preposterous remarkable thorough uncommon unconscionable unconventional unmerciful unseemly fabulous fancy improper imprudent insane intolerable irrational lavish nonsensical overdue overextravagant overmuch overweening plethoric sheer swingeing towering utter out-and-out over the top too much O.T.T. out of proportion hard stringent cruel rough grievous onerous hardhanded bitter brutal rugged crippling grim unrestrained overboard burdensome murderous excruciating searing trying strong prodigal disproportionate profligate extortionate hardheaded pitiless relentless headstrong inhuman intractable inexorable superabundant superfluous overabundant uncurbed intense robust great prodigious a bit much way out OTT de trop out of all proportion too many unwarranted unnecessary uncalled for unfair uncalled-for unjust needless unjustifiable unwarrantable surplus wanton too great illogical too-too out of bounds unmeasurable ridiculous supererogatory unjustified senseless far-out unrightful posh costing an arm and a leg up to here shocking unlawful wrongful absonant peremptory beyond the pale pricey arbitrary gratuitous extra unrestricted unlimited overindulgent ludicrous profuse surplus to requirements excess additional incredible dizzying wasteful enormous uncontrolled supernumerary absurd unbridled self-indulgent reckless unacceptable implausible far-fetched wild monstrous uncivilised spare silly in excess unbalanced inconceivable redundant uncivilized over-the-top over the odds crazy fantastic barbarous over the limit overblown overripe dear illegitimate eccentric going too far imbalanced unprovoked untempered unreasoned unreal fanciful fantastical foolish bizarre farcical unthinkable inexcusable appalling ungodly horrifying unholy criminal sneaky conscienceless knavish reprehensible wicked outre inessential out of control decadent violent dissipative riotous debauched boundless unhampered thumping whopping giant mega dissipated infinite indulgent monster extensive vast recrementitious stratospheric immense huge monumental unchecked mountainous immeasurable astronomic super-duper epic mighty gargantuan sky-high more massive stupendous grandiose colossal humongous astronomical supernatural tremendous unfettered mammoth overgenerous gigantic limitless unbounded improvident super uninhibited thick troublesome unconvincing unlikely dubious questionable unbelievable doubtful overdramatic last straw high-flown elaborate sensationalized overstated inflated highly unlikely sensationalised overdone highly coloured unsuitable inappropriate fulsome non-essential unneeded unbecoming undeserved unmerited exceeding underhanded inept untimely unapt unfitting forbidden indecorous ill-advised sinister inapt ill-timed illegal unseasonable not required

Tính từ

Given freely and generously
unsparing liberal unstinting bountiful generous free munificent lavish ungrudging abundant open-handed profuse unselfish beneficent benevolent big-hearted bounteous free-handed kind-hearted ready bighearted charitable freehanded freehearted fulsome kind magnanimous open openhanded plenteous prodigal willingly given cruel excessive extravagant giving inexorable procrustean unkind philanthropic altruistic hospitable kindly considerate thoughtful big handsome kindhearted helpful greathearted noble princely self-sacrificing eleemosynary good tolerant soft-touch loose humanitarian humane willing high-minded lofty indulgent honourable unstinted benignant fair honest moderate excellent easy reasonable just honorable selfless sympathetic obliging compassionate philanthropical ample plentiful full openhearted equitable profligate wasteful thriftless great-hearted rich immoderate unrestrained exuberant unstinging acceptable wild large-hearted over the top warm-hearted understanding soft-hearted almsgiving substantial unreasonable effusive unprejudiced disinterested eager public-spirited self-denying devoted self-forgetting caring good-hearted friendly overgenerous loving chivalrous incorruptible self-effacing extroverted decent denying overabundant open-hearted improvident intemperate immaculate merciful casual free-and-easy social-minded pharisaical inoffensive goody-goody benign moralistic spotless respected angelical esteemed unerring creditable do-good approving holy copious generous to a fault gentle unmarred well-disposed pristine gracious graceful pietistical pietistic chaste goodhearted unflawed untouched prayerful redeeming virginal unblamable redeemable teeming luxuriant superabundant opulent riotous sumptuous lush luxurious moneyed abundant in abounding in accommodating good-natured neighbourly tender amiable neighborly pleasant warm polite genial agreeable affable supportive cordial tender-hearted warmhearted cooperative solicitous gallant lenient civil complaisant nice tenderhearted mild affectionate soft amicable attentive courteous upright all heart tactful self-forgetful patient sensitive good-humored good-humoured softhearted feeling comforting sociable congenial easygoing clement cheerful mindful forbearing righteous forgiving well disposed sweet respectful eager to please concerned diplomatic worthy eager to help regardful empathetic companionable human lordly elevated great virtuous ethical respectable empathic commiserative motherly fatherly maternal high approachable moral principled upstanding pitying mellow responsive knightly amenable good-tempered bleeding-heart well meaning accommodative heedful compliant social socially concerned civilized natural heroic consoling brotherly sympathizing condoling commiserating bleeding heart lovable civilised fatherlike likeable sympathising delightful engaging even-tempered open-minded sweet-tempered stand-up likable well-mannered hearty community-minded convivial harmonious patriotic contributing donating prosocial useful beneficient valuable good scout Robin Hood idealistic favourable observant circumspect discreet accessible very kind nonmalignant well-meaning conscientious valiant goodish broad-minded sentimental thoughty public- spirited favorable nonthreatening helpful to others personable like a sport well-bred easy to get along with easy to get on with acquiescent breezy happy lovely large non-malignant angelic soft touch propitious unoffensive dutiful well intentioned deferential wholesome benefic calm heart in right place pleasing reputable softie marshmallow sublime uncorrupted cultivated redoubtable illustrious encouraging unpresumptuous charming prepossessing winsome unassuming doting piteous ruthful outstanding brave courtly refined adaptable pliable easy-going sparing having heart in right place mushy as nice as pie appealing taking mild-mannered captivating simpatico sweet-natured barley-sugar winning enchanting harmless perceptive extraordinary remarkable meritorious willing to please favourably disposed noble-minded anti-corruption Santa Claus loving and giving old softie well-intentioned receptive handy accepting long-suffering trustworthy incorrupt dependable careful intuitive aware comradely has heart in right place user friendly on tap on deck conscious discerning cognizant mannerly peaceable soft-centred right straight true sensitized reactive impressionable welcoming willing to help paternalistic maternalistic sisterly paternal perceiving impressible turned on to finely tuned touchy feely supersensitive sensitised tuned in insightful knowing emotionable clean-living well mannered all right on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded

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