Đồng nghĩa của dissipative

Alternative for dissipative

dissipative /'disipeitiv/
  • tính từ
    • xua tan, làm tiêu tan
    • phung phí

Tính từ

Not sensible or restrained
immoderate excessive extravagant undue extreme inordinate steep uncontrolled unjustified unreasonable unwarranted egregious enormous exorbitant intemperate profligate unrestrained exaggerated unconscionable heavy over the top imprudent lavish reckless self-indulgent uncalled-for uncurbed unlimited unrestricted baroque devilish fancy insane intolerable outrageous overdue overextravagant overindulgent overmuch overweening plethoric stiff towering unbridled unmerciful wanton wild debauched decadent dizzying over-the-top prodigal riotous too-too unbalanced unmeasurable violent over the odds uncalled for a bit much too much out of control uncontrollable passionate severe tempestuous unhampered runaway abandoned unchecked raw dissolute rampant unhindered unbounded O.T.T. dissipated ungovernable incontinent greedy unconstrained disproportionate uninhibited luxurious indulgent profuse overkill superfluous sybaritic hedonistic way out unfettered extortionate fierce unruly licentious wasteful free unimpeded needless turbulent furious intense boundless pleasure-seeking unjustifiable unwarrantable improper posh limitless overabundant fiery undisciplined irrational epicurean out of hand ungoverned forceful OTT unnecessary gratuitous vehement ferocious impetuous preposterous overboard unfair too great unjust superabundant super lotus-eating rabid too many rash full-on voluptuous sensual irrepressible lush surplus heedless frenzied out of all proportion untrammelled fast-living unrepressed thriftless strong improvident pretentious explosive unsuppressed powerful deep raging fanatical unreserved zealous untrammeled substantial redundant exuberant tumultuous rampaging audacious recrementitious stratospheric supernatural extra more shameless boisterous abundant sky-high senseless harsh illogical far-out costing an arm and a leg out of bounds absonant pricey unrightful up to here unlawful wrongful peremptory arbitrary unquenchable unstoppable uncontainable indiscriminate grand mighty spendthrift opulent frantic unconfined unmanageable unseemly ardent terrible loose great burning fulsome aggressive voluptuary luxuriant rich feverish bacchanalian parsimonious effete impulsive plush saturnalian copious pleasure-loving ritzy careless grandiose frivolous self-gratifying profound acute hedonic vast epidemic widespread supererogatory emotional plushy over pandemic irresponsible rife desperate louche swanky pervasive corrupt carefree inflamed sharp immense consuming prodigious running wild unrelenting unmitigated unyielding vigorous flaming potent gross carnal blistering keen huge monumental massive ludicrous hellacious proliferating flagrant tremendous extensive heightened serious humongous astronomical nonsensical unusual effusive giant whopping epic intensified high devil-may-care spreading like wildfire on the rampage in excess abounding dear illegitimate untamed frenetic mad untempered demonstrative absurd driverless dangerous capricious cavalier unacceptable squandering incorrigible unprincipled blind unopposed unobstructed blown up out of all proportion inclement affluent libertine high-rolling unthrifty far-fetched very too a lot unsubmissive large significant imbalanced unprovoked immodest ostentatious disobedient stubborn de trop sensualist unreasoned unshackled supererogative lacking self-control radical considerable volatile voluminous ample lux upmarket classy swish upscale pampered comfortable natural not controlled rank dominant touchy-feely miserly unconcealed chaotic crazed crazy noisy hysterical enthusiastic madcap berserk prevalent fluctuating fickle fitful unbound footloose depraved gluttonous gourmandizing sinful unsuitable inappropriate sizable extraordinary sizeable champagne spreading clamorous blustering rambling fecund predominant threatening multiplying flourishing growing luscious Dionysiac pompous fanciful drastic dire non-essential unneeded spontaneous frank flamboyant candid impertinent blunt immoral impotent plenary open lawless bizarre brash strict uncompromising stern unbending fit for a queen fit for a king big substantive exceeding bounds binge-eating fast exciting fast-paced temerarious daredevil slack salacious gadabout fast and loose foolhardy momentous tough far-reaching unmerited unbecoming undeserved rigid remorseless exceptional consequential gourmand connoisseur foodie sensuous rigorous punishing austere punitive draconian exceeding inept untimely ill-advised underhanded unapt unfitting forbidden indecorous sinister inapt ill-timed illegal unseasonable above average escalated handsome abnormal increased healthy jacked up major fervent impassioned overpowering inflated downright unconventional uncommon thorough absolute remarkable oppressive fervid bloated hyperventilated outsized outsize hyperbolized mass swingeing fabulous utter sheer not required earnest sumptuous overblown overdrawn overstated out-and-out out of proportion torrid marked monstrous infinite immeasurable stupendous fantastic astronomic over-elaborate hyped up heartfelt charged penetrating heated piercing vivid unqualified mega ridiculous mammoth overgenerous thumping silly monster mountainous gargantuan colossal gigantic avid eager enthused melodramatic perfervid passional overemotional sentimental emotive splendid super-duper hopped up spirited red-hot gung ho all-consuming deep-seated true blue hot-blooded deeply felt gorgeous ornate Lucullian elaborate magnificent costly regal luxury luxe palatial deluxe palace silken Lucullan Babylonian expensive resounding excruciating devastating storming vicious exquisite fearsome ghastly overwhelming frightful biting dreadful almighty emphatic fearful showy hot agonizing hard urgent energetic concentrated intensive strenuous peppery convulsive painful enraged blustery ruinous forcible paroxysmal volcanic coercive agonising stormy dynamic aroused first-class unstinging profusive impressive openhanded heavy-duty gale force full of force

Tính từ

Inclined to waste or squander money or resources
wasteful extravagant prodigal profligate spendthrift thriftless improvident lavish squandering uneconomical unthrifty careless excessive high-rolling imprudent needless reckless ruinous cavalier destructive immoderate incontinent inefficient liberal overdone overgenerous pound-foolish profuse squandered useless wanton wild supererogative supererogatory not needed irresponsible free-spending heedless thoughtless shiftless negligent inconsiderate shortsighted intemperate rash short-sighted feckless myopic incautious throwaway impetuous hasty uneconomic self-indulgent indulgent bad with money uncontrolled dissolute dissipated overextravagant frivolous gratuitous unreserved unrestrained fickle unfettered fitful outrageous fluctuating fanciful uncalled-for unthinking ill-considered injudicious ill-advised foolhardy foolish impulsive unconsidered indiscreet unwise unwary impolitic overhasty stupid irrational hotheaded misguided ill-judged precipitate mindless unguarded headlong madcap brash silly unintelligent senseless immature impractical inadvisable temerarious imperceptive witless slapdash short-term harum-scarum premature harebrained unsound devil-may-care naive hare-brained idiotic brainless inept imbecilic blind unsagacious astigmatic moronic bold inappropriate headstrong unimaginative adventurous venturous venturesome ill-conceived inane reactive inattentive unobservant precipitant neglectful jumping to conclusions illogical unreasonable unmindful unthought-out idiotical knee-jerk dim-witted near-sighted scatterbrained crackbrained nonsensical clueless lacking foresight daring indelicate graceless tactless undiplomatic damfool fiery frenzied audacious determined furious insuppressible passionate inadvertent blithe uncaring remiss unsafe sloppy forgetful asinine unheeding unwatchful careless of regardless childish hot-headed undesirable unfortunate playing with fire lamebrained nearsighted unreasoning unreasoned simpleminded meaningless pointless futile nonrational lamebrain fruitless birdbrained half-witted spur-of-the-moment not thought through ad hoc badly thought out misjudged short-range restricted limited wrong-headed risky insensitive unsympathetic offhand uncircumspect abstracted napping unreflective oblivious uncreative ill-thought-out unadventurous narrow-minded narrow small-minded absent-minded ignorant ridiculous fatuous absurd ludicrous laughable risible farcical preposterous dumb provincial insular parochial crazy obtuse daft derisive wacky dopey derisory comical doltish off-guard indifferent unalert uncautious wary unvigilant hurried pathetic cockamamy cockamamie lax sudden disregardful irreflective caught napping asleep at the wheel fast-and-loose sticking one's neck out not careful leading with one's chin any old way off guard asleep on the job foot-in-mouth pay no mind heedless of without regard regardless of taking no notice of paying no heed to disregardful of unconscious of inattentive to neglectful of blind to deaf to not paying attention oblivious to unheeding of giddy tearaway featherbrained flighty fast and loose asleep at the switch out to lunch feather-brained unadvisable inexpedient leaving self wide open off the deep end

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