Đồng nghĩa của above average

Tính từ

Higher than average in amount, degree or intensity
high elevated astronomical extreme great extraordinary copious large significant profuse voluminous enormous substantial ample excessive considerable inordinate disproportionate exorbitant abundant sizable extravagant sizeable vast big humongous intensified tremendous major whopping giant serious huge immense monumental unusual escalated epic abnormal substantive jacked up handsome increased limitless boundless super heightened massive intemperate healthy severe immoderate unreasonable raised colossal up mammoth whacking gigantic titanic prodigious towering gargantuan hulking stupendous monstrous jumbo mega Brobdingnagian elephantine mountainous bumper oversized ginormous hefty thumping king-size king-sized king size extensive grand mighty husky monster cumbersome unwieldy Himalayan outsize augmented humungous inflated cosmic bulky amplified astronomic long leviathan walloping galactic supersized cosmical thumping great whacking great whopping great unlimited tidy oversize herculean goodly supersize ponderous largish gross expansive pharaonic cyclopean super-duper vasty biggish outsized higher lifted upraised uplifted expanded enlarged numerous immeasurable comprehensive tall deep heavy weighty awkward spacious wide broad oceanic gigantesque planetary heroical stellar heroic unhandy cumbrous mondo overgrown unmanageable man-size Bunyanesque massy of considerable size mastodonic brobdingnagian man-sized dirty great beefy stout jacked stately aerial upheaved uprisen high-rise Herculean jumbo-sized hulky moving august notable dynamic eminent magnificent majestic intense renowned illustrious imposing impressive irresistible strong appreciable terrible behemothic swelled thundering fair-size good-size good-sized great big socking great roomy a whale of a economy-size super colossal life-size magnific fair-sized economy-sized capacious megalithic lofty full-size family-sized staggering grandiose family-size whopper commodious almighty protracted extended pronounced prolonged populous decided fat bull lengthy overflowing teeming superabundant opulent sweeping global plentiful good plenteous full lavish wholesale bountiful sufficient galore upped bloated measureless booming generous exhaustive heavyweight cavernous monolithic puffed up raised up marked up wide-reaching wide-ranging large-scale far-reaching added on generously proportioned ungainly boxcar unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy very large giant-sized giant-size

Trái nghĩa của above average

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