Đồng nghĩa của huge

Alternative for huge

huger, hugest

Đồng nghĩa: enormous, gigantic, great, immense, monumental, tremendous, vast, diminutive, little, small,

Tính từ

(in size) Exceedingly large
enormous vast immense great massive cosmic colossal prodigious gigantic gargantuan mammoth monumental tremendous stupendous giant towering hefty bulky weighty heavy monstrous elephantine mountainous titanic epic Herculean Brobdingnagian princely jumbo mega monster whopping thumping humongous hulking bumper almighty extensive large stellar astronomical cosmical cyclopean galactic gigantesque grand herculean heroic heroical Himalayan humungous king-size king-sized leviathan mighty oceanic oversized pharaonic planetary super super-duper supersize supersized vasty walloping astronomic behemothic immeasurable magnificent oversize king size whacking ginormous thumping great very big very large whacking great whopping great big substantial considerable sizable sizeable voluminous gross ample extraordinary expansive wide handsome goodly broad capacious fantastic impressive terrific excessive outsized brobdingnagian boundless inordinate outsize generous imposing very great spacious significant roomy commodious extreme biggish Bunyanesque staggering tidy largish husky high grandiose formidable solid major behemoth abundant profuse blimp infinite ponderous large-scale striking limitless cavernous tall mastodonic pythonic awesome appreciable outstanding overgrown remarkable long phenomenal lofty boxcar complete dirty great extended copious exorbitant extra-large lavish full massy deep whale of a plentiful cumbersome sweeping unwieldy heavyweight notable whaling giant-sized comprehensive extravagant mondo substantive overwhelming severe plenteous thundering roaring awful resounding memorable serious exceptional terrible thorough good rip-roaring marvellous astounding decisive unusual fat marked cumbrous majestic giant-size conclusive emphatic lumbering elevated burly strapping widespread unmistakable noteworthy marvelous dreadful expanded extremely large laborious unqualified gaping Homeric out-and-out yawning incalculable profitable wonderful superabundant incredible healthy amazing measureless statuesque chasmal pronounced strong fabulous clumsy unbelievable open awkward monolithic titan super-colossal stiff steep airy brawny sturdy endless stunning breathtaking liberal ungainly superior mind-blowing unlimited global beefy man-size of considerable size man-sized sky-high splendid mind-boggling rambling thick powerfully built surpassing hunky meaty hulky full-size barn door august awe-inspiring abnormal comfortable far-reaching prolific ambitious important larger-than-life prosperous imperial exalted great big noticeable sufficient advantageous exceeding whopper entire lucrative arduous whole magnific tough unfathomable thunderous a whale of a intense onerous burdensome powerful super colossal miraculous soaring muscular sensational astonishing excellent disproportionate muscly eternal cracking kingly unreasonable spectacular stout thickset cavelike extremely big paramount interminable fearful illimitable jumbo-sized respectable Gargantuan eminent permanent unhandy dramatic wondrous Cyclopean classic solidly built mortal mahoosive wide-ranging unbounded sky-scraping wide open fine maxi catholic unreal illustrious wholesale bountiful glorious multistorey rich palatial transcendent broad-shouldered superlative stately altitudinous socking great noble universal immoderate protracted clunky sublime exhaustive skyscraping consequential lengthy bounteous all-inclusive spacey megalithic good-size good-sized regal clodhopping far-flung gallant extra large towery detailed royal all-encompassing heavily built well built baronial mastodontic unco numerous bull thewy stark deafening ear-splitting ear-piercing booming daunting Moby much worthwhile adequate superhuman crashing decent unmitigated fathomless Brobdignagian very loud OS competitive lasting not to be sneezed at reasonable rewarding Olympian prominent elephantic enduring historic unforgettable moving renowned irresistible dynamic desperate loud horrific fierce harsh startling catastrophic indefensible egregious unforgivable immortal abysmal wicked pleasing paying appalling high-ceilinged featureless impenetrable intractable faceless characterless immovable interplanetary cosmopolitan cosmogonic empyrean interstellar cosmogonal space intergalactic ecumenical flabbergasting wide-open frightful through the ceiling fleshy heavyset chunky shattering uncrowded inflated extortionate high-cost fantabulous spanking well-built mundo distinguished epoch-making consistent lank devastating remunerative gainful Falstaffian paunchy flabby fubsy dilatable distensible expandable prolonged thrashing ominous abiding oafish lumpish larger buxom greater zaftig superb never-ending life-size decided macro loutish mesomorphic measurable spread-out stretched-out vital crucial marathon not inconsiderable roly-poly big and strong muscle-bound broad in the beam corn-fed well upholstered well fed fair-sized family-sized fair-size crushing paralysing heightened intemperate escalated increased jacked up very long billowing pre-eminent utmost swelled family-size economy-size economy-sized resplendent gorgeous lordly proud dignified baggy wide-reaching mass ascending rising raised high-rise overcoming paralyzing prime momentous rolling outspread outstretched splendiferous haughty ridiculous silly above average intensified quantum nationwide over the odds latitudinous beamy high-reaching material urgent fundamental critical exciting eye-opening supreme leading heavy-duty packed across-the-board international chock-full stuffed intercontinental awash worldwide brimming crowded something else loose-fitting unmanageable acute essential central pressing buff muscled well muscled jacked bruising rugged hearty unmanoeuvrable unconscionable overextravagant overmuch undue overdue insane overweening intolerable plethoric baroque fancy unmerciful devilish incommodious spread out girthy unique legion sundry several convoluted many multifarious swelling simple multitudinous covering various absurd outlandish outrageous preposterous hollow uncommon singular far reaching high rise upraised wide physically uplifted alpine searing profound pervasive streets ahead sepulchral hard strenuous gruelling sinewy sturdily built obdurate stalwart robust ripped lusty manly pumped up stocky all-embracing rare earth-shattering ultra earthshaking preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate unmeasurable raging graceless dark unparalleled blanket rangy prevalent unimaginable inconceivable slow-moving heavy-footed slow back-breaking difficult interdisciplinary scopic indiscriminate across the board unrestricted scopious inclusive comprising multidisciplinary gloomy concave resonant echoing reverberant sunken dismal unprecedented brilliant cranky blundering uncoordinated bunglesome maladroit extraordinaire especial peculiar odd atypical preternatural unwonted aberrated aberrant freak unheard of uncustomary anomalous unexclusive cross-disciplinary lubberly supercalifragilisticexpialidocious unusually good chambered deep-set alveolate socketed wearying uphill Sisyphean demanding exacting exhausting taxing wearisome troublesome oppressive out of this world too good to be true out of the ordinary extra special wall to wall like a bull in a china shop fatiguing toilsome killing knackering curved inward grueling vigorous forceful backbreaking courageous opulent sumptuous luxurious elegant beautiful dazzling pompous commanding solemn plush venerable ritzy arresting swanky aristocratic queenly portly courtly posh celebrated divine splendorous bright deluxe fab splendacious magnolious heavenly smashing staid honorable honourable esteemed radiant famous ostentatious bombastic honored triumphant honoured formal pretentious gratifying shining stirring high-flown imperious eye-catching sovereign ceremonious magisterial elaborate bold showy famed first-class first-rate noted splendrous exquisite effulgent delightful well-known time-honored costly pleasurable acclaimed glittering classy fustian fashionable worthy brave expensive stylish flashy respected splashy flash gracious smart admirable daring intrepid mythological highfalutin' egotistic graceful dynamite high-falutin' high-flying proper fit for a king meaningful eventful steady bonny uplifting distingué enjoyable celestial palatine sightly grandiloquent Miltonian picturesque amazeballs splendent choice high-sounding high-born orotund legendary classical authoritative utopian luxuriant ornate godlike rarefied fit for a prince dressy fit for a queen fit for a princess swish plushy swank high-ranking effective penetrating absorbing decent-sized maestoso tall in the saddle palatian forcible colorful sonorous adored magnifico flamboyant shredded eloquent portentous overblown hallowed chic prestigious purple complex theatrical unsparing monarchial monarchical monarchic monarchal fairly large solid gold colourful gaudy decorous very good sensible cool highly regarded well-proportioned Junoesque queenlike full-dress reserved fateful landmark of repute of distinction ideal sedate upright one for the book blissful rapturous perfect high-minded of high standing well thought of poised shapely trim highbrow composed something to write home about on a grand scale overambitious unrealistic pivotal fulfilling groundbreaking snazzy modish quality sombre refined somber couth starchy grave nifty transcendental sacred inspiring inspirational holy spiritual abstract cheering satisfying epochal red-letter heart-warming real key snappy schmick sharp too much the most self-respecting firm sound tall and dignified touching affecting just so useful durable valuable principal high fashion tectonic big-deal major-league gee-whizz highly impressive challenging aggressive trying industrious energetic visionary hellish valiant fearless doughty valorous undaunted high-pressure dauntless gutsy audacious unafraid lionhearted indomitable stouthearted plucky stout-hearted mettlesome chivalrous greathearted exaggerated rock-ribbed spunky venturesome gutty undauntable manful venturous ballsy feisty lion-hearted fire-eating champion gritty impavid stand tall bigger than life

Tính từ

Overweight or fat
heavyweight big bulky large elephantine hefty beefy considerable fat excessive gross chunky ample abundant fleshy cumbersome cumbrous corpulent copious l awkward built burdensome enceinte expectant gravid laden loaded lead-footed heavy obese overweight portly plump rotund chubby stout flabby tubby podgy blubbery pudgy roly-poly paunchy porky weighty thick morbidly obese pursy porcine massive bloated well upholstered well padded Falstaffian broad in the beam full lardy round replete poddy fubsy thickset abdominous wide clinically obese overstuffed overnourished overfed overheavy adipose solid outsize heavyset hulking pot-bellied beer-bellied buxom meaty gargantuan enormous well-padded potbellied husky oversize inflated whalelike burly lard-arsed heavy-laden lumpish colossal immense outsized great dense well-upholstered dumpy unwieldy well fed broad upholstered on the plump side substantial of ample proportions sonsy plumpish bull sizable ponderous bulbous lard butterball brawny jelly-belly well covered blimp distended bulging swollen bovine stocky of ample build rounded zaftig corn-fed well rounded fattish stubby squat stumpy sturdy squatty nuggety thick-bodied pyknic curvy mesomorphic short heavily built fatty squabby avoirdupois full-figured strapping well-covered well built solidly built cobby sturdily built very large matronly voluptous curved sarcous plenitudinous bearish lusty overblown embonpoint short and fat well-fed filled homely out of shape on the large baby elephant pleasingly plump bull-necked squab full-fleshed clumsy having a bay window having a spare tire diminutive undersized dwarfish splay compact blocky stodgy heavy-knit cable-knit well-built strong muscular sizeable buff biggish largish grand goodly robust oversized voluminous shredded boxcar handsome ripped hunky tidy jacked stalwart thewy extensive large-scale powerfully built tremendous major

Tính từ

Excessive or unduly high
exorbitant excessive extravagant immoderate inordinate unconscionable expensive extreme outrageous undue unreasonable extortionate high preposterous unwarranted prohibitive ridiculous sky-high steep stiff disproportionate monstrous punitive ruinous baroque criminal devilish enormous excessively high extremely high fancy inflated insane intolerable lavish OTT overdue overextravagant overmuch overweening plethoric towering unmerciful absonant dear exacting overboard overpriced pricey wasteful over the top a bit much a rip-off costing a bomb daylight robbery highway robbery over the odds costing the earth out of sight over one's head up to here costing an arm and a leg superfluous unrestricted unbridled exaggerated unrestrained intemperate profuse boundless gratuitous needless substantial profligate surplus unlimited wanton grandiose vast prodigal tremendous uncontrolled immense gross limitless improvident super dissipated imprudent infinite dizzying prodigious indulgent overabundant massive stupendous uncurbed humongous astronomical unmeasurable monumental immeasurable astronomic redundant unbounded fantastic unhampered thumping whopping giant superabundant epic mighty mega gargantuan more silly monster extensive colossal recrementitious supernatural stratospheric overkill unchecked overindulgent unfettered mammoth mountainous overgenerous gigantic extra unnecessary ludicrous uninhibited super-duper O.T.T. uncalled for out of all proportion self-indulgent too much too many way out irrational uncalled-for costly overblown unjustifiable unwarrantable absurd unfair over-the-top unacceptable nonsensical illogical unjust theatrical dramatic overdone extraordinary raised increased boosted overinflated very expensive supererogatory untempered unaffordable high-priced pricy senseless premium top unrelenting unyielding unmitigated unjustified far-fetched uneconomical unduly expensive an arm and leg inexcusable far-out unrightful posh imbalanced too-too unlawful wrongful improper peremptory unprovoked arbitrary de trop over the limit overripe spendy big-ticket priceless valuable high-end precious uncivilised unthinkable inconceivable shocking appalling uncivilized ungodly horrifying unholy sneaky conscienceless knavish reprehensible wicked barbarous too great out of bounds beyond the pale farcical wild implausible fanciful fantastical incredible foolish reckless unreal crazy bizarre unbalanced going too far extremist radical fanatical revolutionary subversive rabid overzealous rebel militant fanatic diehard rebellious revolutionist ultra combative swivel-eyed more than one can afford

Tính từ

Too great to be calculated or estimated
incalculable inestimable infinite untold boundless countless enormous immense limitless uncountable vast immeasurable incomputable indeterminable innumerable measureless numberless bottomless endless fathomless multitudinous cosmic innumerous unnumberable unnumbered unsummed without end capricious chancy erratic fluctuant haphazard hit-or-miss iffy jillion uncertain unfixed unforeseeable unforeseen unpredictable unreckonable whimsical without number zillion not to be reckoned no end of no end to unlimited unbounded illimitable inexhaustible never-ending unfathomable horizonless indefinite immensurable extensive myriad interminable great everlasting unending uncounted large perpetual without limit beyond measure abundant umpteen massive colossal unmeasurable considerable crawling with alive with unrestricted far down very deep eternal unfathomed incessant enduring million amaranthine all-embracing supertemporal sempiternal perdurable stupendous tremendous extreme wide undefined unflagging unceasing uncalculable incomprehensible wide-open constant no strings manifold many multiple no holds barred numerous unthinkable legion unimaginable indescribable unspeakable unutterable inexpressible monstrous titanic mighty unexpressed prodigious unknown staggering ineffable indefinable mammoth private hidden gigantic an incalculable number of an infinite number of undreamed of too many to be counted ceaseless undying continual continuous immortal uninterrupted unbroken deathless overlong indeterminate monotonous unfailing undivided permanent multifarious several unsurpassable self-perpetuating abounding unplumbed profound bountiful non-stop deep abysmal copious lasting plentiful beyond number voluminous various very many forever sundry populous thick on the ground unconfined imperishable unfading cavernous unsounded abiding chasmic persistent wide open protracted lavish long-winded yawning gaping unremitting wearisome dragging long boring dateless timeless long-drawn-out tedious multifold profuse divers sustained seemingly endless rambling ample beaucoup stacks of loads of heaps of diverse rife infinite numbers of oodles of zillions of gazillions of a multitude of a multiplicity of bazillions of masses of bags of a great number of scads of plenteous a bunch of lots of a slew of spun out dragged out unspecified undecided undetermined unresolved unsettled priceless invaluable unbottomed without limits unconstrained unchecked uncontrolled unrestrained unconditional absolute unbridled no catch precious total no strings attached full utter stellar valuable impenetrable sustainable full-out all-out full-blown complete totalitarian universal all-encompassing full-scale unrelenting unabating relentless indestructible chasmal beyond price with no holds barred steady on tap ad nauseam multiplex plumbless abyssal sunken perennial continuing ongoing immutable ageless unmeasured unplumbable deep-set plummetless heaps multitudinal soundless termless extendable viable generous superabundant bounteous extending far down a thousand and one thousand-and-one teeming varied assorted prevalent renewable replenishable overflowing miscellaneous liberal well-provided large-scale rich motley mixed disparate multiplied rampant replete well-supplied frequent thick nonstop millions of all kinds of a shedload of scores of a great many lousy with a great deal of billions of a swag of quite a few an abundance of a lot of a profusion of plenty of quantities of a quantity of dozens of tons of hundreds of piles of thousands of lengthy laborious ponderous meandering marathon unbound interminate looped dull day-and-night prolonged round-the-clock lank strung out on a treadmill extended stack mucho mint slew pile immeasurable numbers of peck endless numbers of mess heap loads oodles wad scads raft gobs incalculable numbers of having no end long-lived lingering long-term spun-out time-consuming dragged-out far long-lasting drawn-out not stopping overextended tardy wordy delayed prolix verbose dilatory diffuse diffusive slow late whole slew passel of tidy sum for ages forever and a day more than one can count more … than one can shake a stick at

Tính từ

Selling very well

Tính từ

Significant in degree
very utter complete unmitigated downright outright total unqualified fair pure sheer absolute all-out arrant categoric categorical dreadful flat-out out-and-out profound stark straight-out thorough unadulterated extraordinary extreme horrible simple blooming bodacious consummate definite rank thoroughgoing cotton-picking inveterate supreme unalloyed unremitting eternal perpetual unrestricted unconditional perfect regular plumb flat dead stone deadly clean blank crashing positive unequivocal deep-dyed entire unlimited ultimate final real plain whole explicit veritable full unreserved direct gross right farthest undiluted through and through outermost furthermost remotest clear furthest farthermost utmost dyed-in-the-wool outmost certain right-down uttermost wholesale undiminished unambiguous proper exhaustive surpassing farthest away furthest away blatant last unquestionable unmistakable indubitable unmodified overt infernal blasted endmost aftermost terminal undeniable firm emphatic comprehensive wholehearted naked express conclusive unmixed blessed confounded sure full-scale flagrant all out glaring plenary point-blank clear-cut full-bore in every respect no catch no ifs ands or buts maximum straight prize unvarnished infinite limitless resolute genuine patent unstinting undivided unrestrained decisive undisguised brazen uncompromising assured without reservations obvious unbroken barefaced out and out unconstrained open no strings no fine print actual determinate wide full-blown no holds barred unquestioning straight out no kicker unbounded candid frank honest sincere far determined far-off palpable unstinted insistent adamant fixed assertive all-fired bald mere faraway outer outlying paramount top nth max most outside egregious optimum transparent all capital single altogether quite peremptory concentrated blunt unregenerate wholesome uncorrupted unadorned full-on true-blue through-and-through shameless monstrous atrocious notorious vile infamous solid resounding forthright definitive unembellished point blank austere relentless rigid unabated enduring steady steadfast abiding unfaltering never-failing severe untempered unmollified unbending intense unmoderated unabridged apodictic specific without reservation no strings attached one hundred per cent oppressive persistent unsoftened unalleviated in every way harsh grim unrelieved undisputed overarching uninterrupted inclusive totalitarian sweeping in-depth too-too preeminent ultra chief too much last straw worst case out of bounds true committed bloody overwhelming endless continuous sound royal constant serious exact detailed unswerving unfeigned matchless authentic conspicuous hearty deep concerted uncontrolled uninhibited bona fide flaming bleeding chronic precise flipping incessant earnest blithering sovereign systematic fervent blinking effing major valid unblemished unwavering maximal undoubted full-blooded omnipotent chuffing enormous everlasting double-dyed exclusive bally dedicated meticulous unmistaken enthusiastic all-embracing very great heartfelt scrupulous strict warm plurry ardent intensive muscular ruddy peerless strong robust rigorous continued minute loyal even fast unsurpassed undying abundant whole-souled brutal without limit stupid true blue grand outstanding signal singular marked long pronounced drastic faultless staring unfailing unrelenting overall customary bright full-frontal crass unfettered all-encompassing unimpaired arrogant usual quintessential freaking livelong doggone without reserve effusive gushing decided sublime careful painstaking methodical cordial nothing other than stone-cold right royal blimming eminent excellent unsurpassable errant perfected ideal inimitable transcendent flawless impeccable finished rightly so called superlative predominant unshakeable broad without qualification unbound tyrannical pre-eminent all-powerful boundless staunch zealous unflinching untarnished untouched unaltered habitual confirmed from the heart highest devoted round biggest topmost stalwart immense legit unsparing vigorous advanced greatest accurate hellacious no joke personal immediate impassioned passionate fullhearted significant straightforward upfront guileless upright outspoken strenuous unending developed intricate experienced great tremendous acute almighty unconcealed plainspoken heartless forthcoming unguarded natural whole-hearted spot-on extensive radical outrageous preposterous irrefragable dependable undisputable full-sized fully developed unchanging ceaseless dinkum greatest amount of greatest possible hundred percent aggressive violent vehement forceful energetic dynamic undoubting unquestioned reliable firsthand penetrating grievous thundering uber unvarying free-spoken matter-of-fact up-front no-nonsense plain-spoken bare-faced dead-on certified good faithful pukka on-target echt so satisfactory pucka sure-enough unerring certifiable unchallengeable guaranteed convincing fully fledged hard-hitting unbridled indisputable irrefutable incontestable incontrovertible uncontested unceasing essential elemental elaborate encyclopedic particular admissible factual uniform watertight veridical immaculate amen inerrant bang on undistorted solemn special encyclopaedic intimate virile hardy powerful vital uncontradicted unarguable persuasive accomplished tangible unanswerable fully formed fully grown continuing successive running undisturbed unencumbered nonstop unmortgaged continual invariant no end of secure full-bodied rich lusty potent first-hand progressive never-ending untroubled ongoing unruffled non-stop right on unshakable hands-down focused undistracted collective without stopping plush big heady pulling no punches engrossed unshared consistent beyond question beyond a doubt as sure as eggs is eggs united absorbed unflagging focussed unanimous attentive undeviating deliberate circumspect diligent vigilant intent in a straight line unmingled stuffed boiled down telescoped crashed undiffused lock stock and barrel most distant most remote most extreme

Tính từ

Superseding others in importance or status
grand great leading master lead prime august chief dignified distinguished elevated exalted illustrious key major noble predominant preeminent primary aristocratic eminent esteemed greatest highest honored honoured main patrician premier premium refined respectable supreme venerable apex celebrated central dominant famous foremost notable principal prominent regal renowned respected revered top transcendent arch big capital cardinal elite first focal genteel head paramount biggest big-time core largest posh primal sovereign gentle grave highborn highbred large lofty overbearing overmastering overriding sovran upmarket wellborn number-one pre-eminent highly regarded number one numero uno well-known blue-blooded top-drawer upper-class of distinction upper-crust well born well thought of widely praised high-born major league silk-stocking important superior prior outstanding high commanding ruling influential essential vital high-ranking fundamental presiding supereminent ultimate prestigious noteworthy pivotal crucial noted uppermost prevailing powerful controlling significant senior famed high-level best topmost basic glorious acclaimed titled honourable prevalent honorable top-ranking imposing governing top-tier unsurpassed lordly incomparable critical salient utmost top-notch star peerless matchless unequaled unequalled consummate heavy mighty high-powered intrinsic preponderant high-profile superlative champion consequential top-level authoritative integral ascendant predominate regnant major-league seminal unparalleled reputable arch- weighty notorious potent puissant big-league highest-ranking magnificent astral admired of gentle birth indispensable stellar unrivaled unrivalled royal directing kingly signal first-class overruling ranking of note serious dominating well known all-important well-born big league top drawer high-class worthy underlying necessary elemental decisive rudimentary VIP absolute lionized alpha legendary maximum higher staple imperial majestic urgent surpassing luminous unsurpassable recognized towering select big-name gentlemanly top-priority high-up first-rate redoubtable determining material must-have reigning iconic exemplary upper formidable inimitable queenly lionised resonant storied radical recognised heavy-duty of greatest importance huntin', shootin', fishin' No. 1 stately high profile noble-born second to none heavyweight far-reaching silver-spoon upper crust well-bred of noble birth of great consequence of the first rank inflated intellectual finest immodest exaggerated excessive landowning landed remarkable four-star county successful bright extraordinary high-minded crack unprecedented conspicuous winning total superstar celeb fabled unconditional quintessential meaningful pressing sublime world-class prized valued trusted of high standing big-gun compelling eventful substantial deciding perfect well-connected industry leading headmost especial high-grade momentous effective unbeatable nonpareil distinctive historical of prime importance of supreme importance first and foremost telling almighty popular acute of influence high-priority unexcelled a cut above the rest topflight best possible top-class burning historic instrumental feted life-and-death accomplished expert finished excellent unmatchable number ideal unlimited characteristic inherent favoured favored chosen brilliant front-page special splendid particular strongest simple beginning opening crowning axial infinite unrestricted boundless unrestrained unbounded root strong constitutional prodigious operative keynote strategic elementary resplendent final skookum full utter oustanding public basal constitutive second-to-none purebred eloquent rich memorable oratorical marvelous cogent magnific phenomenal maximal optimal peak super intervening superseding of greatest significance of mark in the public eye energetic dynamic richest monarchical monarchal venerated of repute pedigreed privileged bluestocking thoroughbred immortal trendsetting big-wheel big-shot hot-dog record loftiest chad fine ace better world class crown self-important pompous overblown uplifting superb proud good marvellous top-rank apical zenithal tiptop complete unassailable optimum reverenced hallowed front guiding monarchial elegant omnipotent official imperious supervisory all-powerful overpowering efficacious arbitrary utopian domineering unexampled initial larger greater bigger elder magnanimous undefeated unbeaten inaugural A-number-1 A-1 exclusive pertinent considerable classy worshipped furthermost grandiloquent primo hotshot hotdog holding the reins heroic triumphal idealistic learned profound sweeping ponderous appreciable imperative cultured upper-level snobby top of the line top of the range top-of-the-range without equal par excellence beyond compare record-breaking first class prize-winning number 1 sans pareil uptown requisite severe large-scale sizable dire intense pronounced exceptional exigent at the cutting edge at the leading edge heavy stuff hot stuff cultivated courteous determinative climactic sacred decent reverend sage high up definitive prerequisite mandatory needed required impactful immediate striking worthwhile pointed monumental polished in charge higher-ranking of higher rank first-string higher-level superordinate loftier unmatched higher up wise much needed earth-shattering vitally important very important life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence gifted first rate highly rated untouchable overshadowing life-changing dangerous grievous of consequence of concern life and death civil gentlemanlike blue ladylike Brahmin ennobled polite aristocratical princely born with a silver spoon in one's mouth knightly sedate matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical admirable worshipful estimable worshiped top-people's highest ranking mother of all leonine lionlike celebrious page-oner name redoubted innate foundational natural ingrained substantive needful necessitous native deep-seated inborn inbred rudimental bottom-line structural deep-rooted relevant meat-and-potatoes connate compulsory introductory called for immanent obligatory engrained indigenous hardwired built-in all important congenital organic germane primitive original appropriate hereditary ingrain intimate indwelling deep-down hard-wired valuable applicable nitty-gritty in one's blood bread-and-butter apposite apropos true marked real instinctive abecedarian majority inseparable genuine indelible permanent ineradicable ineffaceable useful expedient connatural inner fabulous choice instinctual inbuilt internal extensive moving inmost impressive extravagant upscale deluxe fab quality precious invaluable costly sterling dear pricey cracking frontline priceless luxurious expensive responsible spendy fantabulous ultraexpensive slick sensational selected pricy supernal in demand earnest in-built blue-chip big-ticket highest quality high-end top-quality out-of-sight everyday five-star high-quality top-end emphatic high-ticket defining mainstream comprehensive noticeable arresting executive foundation mainline initiative nucleus standard all-embracing all-encompassing most general causal tough obvious widespread demanded underlined lion's share bulkiest embedded entrenched fitting high priority constituent vulgar overall received current common actual business-critical mission-critical gut rooted incumbent name-of-the-game world-shaking decision-making component connected big time primordial intrusive projecting protruding obtrusive arrestive jutting intuitive apt involuntary nonelective peremptory forced coal-and-ice relative base compulsatory at the heart of indicative appurtenant applicative wanted desired recommended preferred proper binding specified transcendental categorical overarching natural-born bred in the bone dyed-in-the-wool inherited rife rampant immense tremendous de rigueur inexpungible implicit pointful associated sustaining axiomatic supporting substratal underived groundlaying deep axiological substrative grass-roots theoretical bottom subjective genetic fixed latent integrated unalienable inward resident individual empyrean empyreal incumbent on enormous sizeable name of game testing climacteric searching settling trying exceeding ultra titanic astronomic ample earthshaking vast astronomical ad rem to the point to the purpose psychological in your blood part and parcel goodly biggish epoch-making desperate clamorous showdown climatic touchy insistent helpful touch and go on thin ice hanging by thread now or never persuasive inspiring inspirational convincing motivating effectual constructive favorable advantageous beneficial practical favourable stirring touching rousing competent provocative contributory motivational robust stimulating animating fateful swayful formative masterful efficient forcible affecting vigorous swaying capable enticing forceful encouraging able inducing impelling purposeful hard-hitting alluring seductive profitable handy propitious conducive gainful productive timely rewarding serviceable behooveful commodious auspicious beneficent appreciated fruitful meritorious opportune of help of use of service loved worth its weight in gold of benefit held dear hot worthful hot property of value of assistance worth it scarce most important most prominent most influential most illustrious most powerful most obvious most noticeable most skilled most excellent most outstanding most significant

Phó từ

In a large amount or to a large extent

Trái nghĩa của huge

huge Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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