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  • (viết tắt) tối đa

Tính từ

Of the greatest possible degree or amount
consummate last maximum most nth outside paramount supreme top ultimate utmost uttermost maxi highest extreme greatest topmost maximal utter superlative full best biggest all-out complete total absolute unrivalled largest unsurpassed matchless sheer unqualified transcendent major unsurpassable unrivaled enormous greatest possible incomparable optimum quintessential categorical furthermost profound downright pure peerless unparalleled outright preeminent unequalled ideal inimitable surpassing unmatchable stark unmitigated unmatched unequalable thoroughgoing towering thorough unequaled unconditional significant whole peak pre-eminent mostest greatest amount of flat-out out-and-out umpteenth unreserved apogean crowning undiminished unlimited greater lion's share determined concentrated leading first-rate first-class farthest larger better final prevailing record predominant outermost furthest remotest farthermost hugest uppermost upmost very aftermost outmost endmost categoric fair plumb definite unadulterated unalloyed arrant terminal dreadful rank solid bodacious dead flat deadly conspicuous clean blooming furthest away farthest away flawless excellent impeccable positive perfected chronic finished errant blank straight-out cotton-picking deep-dyed nonpareil unexampled only out of sight the most principal chief foremost primary premier main central dominant key cardinal prime sovereign master overriding grand superior perfect first exemplary essential head great capital lead arch overbearing primal overmastering number one numero uno ruling big number-one commanding sovran prominent fundamental classic supereminent presiding prior archetypal model prototypical definitive second to none outstanding crucial vital high core basic unique typical finest without equal beyond compare best possible idyllic representative prevalent exceptional paradigmatic underlying top-tier mother of all unprecedented extraordinary standard optimal apex controlling classical salient notable idealized pivotal rudimentary unexcelled ascendant focal utopian important copybook idealised critical elementary staple transcendental top-notch top-drawer arch- authoritative stereotypical eminent premium textbook conventional archetypical singular stock illustrious faultless culminating crack ace reigning senior select regnant preponderant governing unparagoned elite predominate accomplished unbeatable fairy-tale industry leading infinite boundless directing stellar elemental dream come true rare unblemished intrinsic true to type top-class root original beyond comparison without peer pie-in-the-sky a cut above the rest topflight top drawer top-ranking par excellence exquisite in a class of its own hors concours distinguished influential star strongest worthiest integral royal super climactic radical axial simple alpha regal unrestricted unrestrained unbounded world class constitutional top-priority untainted unsullied untarnished without match without parallel second-to-none imperial kingly higher bigger elder all-time best without an equal stand alone overruling compelling determining famous well-known renowned exalted severe intense acute A-list one-in-a-million foundational basal monarchical monarchal high-class of prime importance of greatest importance of supreme importance intervening first and foremost superseding of greatest significance best-example chad majestic guiding monarchial lofty exclusive novel special decisive untouchable tremendous unchallenged characteristic unassailable one-off standout irreplaceable alone dominating domineering indescribable raging mortal undefeated unbeaten extraordinaire signal sui generis one of a kind exceeding distinctive true proper signature fantasy predictable unmistakable symbolic habitual regular emblematic highest ranking very great sublime far-out unimaginable one and only in a class by itself usual idiosyncratic fitting magnificent excelling exhaustive top of the line top of the range vintage unrepeated something else remarkable incredible phenomenal unrepeatable noteworthy moving entire intellectual beyond grasp intuitive fantastic awe-inspiring uplifting primordial inspiring obscure hypothetical inspirational transcending unconfined intact innate abstract eternal theoretical magisterial reliable seamless immaculate irreproachable indefectible record-breaking first class imitable top-of-the-range prize-winning number 1 sans pareil dream recognized approved official established accepted at its best at her best at his best primo unheard-of unconventional purpose-built once-in-a-lifetime new one-of-a-kind separate amazing without precedent unordinary newfangled picture-book without fault picture-perfect letter-perfect fresh recognised have-it-all expert practised practiced good skilled skilful skillful versed adept gifted proficient virtuoso able talented experienced crackerjack superb masterful masterly veteran polished competent trained compleat virtuosic professed educated well trained well versed loftiest crown apical zenithal tiptop highest-ranking most extreme most significant most important most prominent most influential most excellent most outstanding most typical most perfect most scholarly most complete most reliable

Tính từ

Of the greatest possible degree or amount
supreme big great herculean immense massive colossal enormous extraordinary extreme gigantic incredible intense maximum phenomenal prodigious pronounced stupendous surpassing top tremendous utmost exceptional extensive gargantuan giant humongous humungous monstrous remarkable superb titanic uttermost acute astronomic astronomical excellent ginormous leviathan marvellous marvelous mountainous outstanding rare severe thumping vast high tall lofty imposing elevated soaring steep striking huge monumental multistorey sky-high impressive sky-scraping fancy unmerciful unconscionable undue baroque devilish mammoth Brobdingnagian excessive paramount overextravagant altitudinous magnificent extravagant overdue insane overweening stiff lavish superior overmuch immoderate intolerable inordinate plethoric exorbitant whopping sublime hulking transcendent stellar towering aerial unmeasurable unmatchable skyscraping ultimate preeminent airy spiring towery fantastic imperial sizeable large considerable sizable ample appreciable voluminous substantial hefty tidy abundant significant whacking grand profuse substantive immeasurable fat goodly king-size elephantine bulky oversize jumbo outsize oversized king size biggish expansive outsized king-sized bumper largish copious bounteous thick meaty respectable bountiful hulky plentiful grandiose liberal good plenteous full handsome generous measurable princely healthy whopping great large-scale whacking great solid consequential major heavy serious strong boundless terrible protracted extended vasty husky numerous spacious walloping mastodonic decided broad Bunyanesque cosmic massy Himalayan galactic bull supersized long brobdingnagian cavernous mondo prolonged heavyweight cosmical monolithic wide lengthy

Danh từ

The biggest serving of something

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max Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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