Đồng nghĩa của transcending

Alternative for transcending

transcends, transcended, transcending

Đồng nghĩa: exceed, go past, overstep, pass, surpass, top,

Động từ

Present participle for to be superior to
exceeding surpassing excelling outdoing outshining outstripping beating eclipsing topping outrivalling outrivaling outvying overstepping bettering capping leaving behind outclassing outdistancing outgunning outmatching outranking overtopping trumping going beyond overshadowing rising above upstaging besting towering over transforming going above leaving in the shade throwing into the shade leaving in the dust putting in the shade passing putting to shame outperforming surmounting outrunning going one better than leaving standing towering above outpacing doing better than dwarfing defeating going one better running rings around overtaking running circles around improving upon getting the better of trouncing outplaying improving on walking away from running rings round overrunning overcoming outstepping overshooting triumphing over licking overpowering dominating outreaching breaking leading conquering towering winning against knocking spots off overpassing vanquishing subduing leaving prevailing over extinguishing mastering outgoing overreaching getting ahead of shaming overriding overwhelming overdoing crushing triumphing wiping the floor with shaking off outhussling owning creaming getting further ahead of overbearing overmatching dispatching upending clobbering getting stopping taking outmanoeuvring smashing blowing away standing above shooting ahead of standing head and shoulders above blowing out of the water outjockeying outmaneuvering drawing away from ranking outweighing cutting across outsmarting predominating downing overthrowing trimming negotiating shooting ahead winning the race subjugating skunking resisting getting around routing thrashing whipping getting through beating hollow getting over coping with overhauling dealing with taking precedence making look pale by comparison outmanning overcounting crowning taking over outgalloping heading diminishing outfoxing minimizing standing out winning snowing trashing cooking bulldozing burying knocking off unseating knocking over exceeding in quantity swamping minimising outcompeting gaining on bypassing obliterating shading wallopping walloping drubbing preponderating faking out doing in leaving something standing putting something to shame worsting putting something in the shade going over running over scoring points off overtaxing distancing out-distancing outnumbering ruling over enduring having command over widening the gap waxing blowing out of water pulling a fast one breaking record going by having advantage stuffing prevailing leaping hurdling vaulting cresting throwing climbing doing down getting one over on gaining the advantage over outflanking getting the upper hand over putting someone in the shade outwitting scooping getting upper hand tanking undoing straining overacting overextending overstretching going over the limit of going beyond the bounds of having a jump on having it all over quashing slaughtering hosing making mincemeat of pipping at the post biting off more than you can chew bringing to their knees making it past making it over looming rising soaring mounting rearing overlooking ascending overhanging standing high reaching high extending above being above hanging over looking over hammering outthinking demolishing shellacking crucifying walking over taking to the cleaners pasting destroying murdering put somebody's nose out of joint killing making a fool of walking all over foxing outslicking humiliating quelling smothering marmalizing getting one up on winning over trampling over moving ahead of gaining a victory over bringing someone to their knees blowing out losing nullifying rivalling rivaling undermining finessing outguessing conning slamming having the edge over gaining an advantage over picking apart dismantling calling somebody's bluff catching somebody napping giving a hiding wiping out taking in breaking down stealing a march on somebody suppressing weathering flooring curbing surviving devastating stunning oppressing shocking reducing rendering outliving having the last laugh on rendering incapable knocking out rendering powerless rendering helpless annihilating flattening tricking circumventing grinding down coming out on top of knocking socks off coming out on top whomping smoking outgeneraling outgeneralling whupping pounding striking spanking whopping undertaking whapping pulling ahead of getting past going faster than going past dusting bombing pulverizing massacring tromping making rings round skinning stealing a march on putting one over on pulling a fast one on spearheading blasting settling steamrollering fronting pulverising defeating utterly preceding putting away mopping up giving someone a drubbing winning a resounding victory over taking apart giving someone a pasting snowing under having an advantage blazing a trail breaking away from the pack separating oneself trail-blazing coming first getting the jump on putting in proportion putting a distance between going out in front taking the lead leaving in one's wake

Động từ

Present participle for to pass beyond the limits of something

Tính từ

Above or beyond what is expected or normal
transcendent superior consummate pre-eminent unique unparalleled incomparable matchless peerless supreme unrivalled ascendant exceeding excellent extraordinary paramount predominant superlative unequalled great sublime transcendental unsurpassed excelling magnificent absolute abstract accomplished awe-inspiring boundless entire eternal fantastic finished hypothetical ideal infinite innate inspirational inspiring intact intellectual intuitive moving obscure original perfect primordial surpassing theoretical towering ultimate unconfined unequalable unequaled unlimited unmatched unrivaled uplifting whole beyond grasp second to none inimitable nonpareil unsurpassable unexampled beyond compare without equal only rare exquisite beyond comparison outstanding best exceptional out of sight top greatest alone unparagoned foremost in a class of its own leading topmost without parallel preeminent unmatchable singular highest without peer most utmost unexcelled hors concours chief distinguished finest renowned unapproached without match eminent prominent star major important sovereign one-in-a-million unchallenged famous celebrated illustrious top-tier par excellence premier arch- unbeatable faultless all-time solid-gold champion gilt-edge aces tops super prevailing first culminating final elite choice marquee supereminent world class stand alone without an equal all-time best maximum max uttermost extreme significant maxi exclusive the most quintessential model classic unprecedented novel essential exemplary prototypical special typical standout one-off irreplaceable one of a kind extraordinaire signal sui generis far-out phenomenal unheard-of unconventional unimaginable notable unrepeatable archetypal in a class by itself one and only noteworthy something else purpose-built separate once-in-a-lifetime newfangled amazing new without precedent remarkable unordinary primo one-of-a-kind incredible unrepeated fresh

Tính từ

Intensely felt
exquisite acute intense keen excruciating sharp agonising agonizing extreme piercing profound severe deep insufferable vehement vicious dreadful frightful harrowing heavy terrible torturous unbearable almighty blistering explosive fearful ferocious fierce ghastly hellacious unendurable violent concentrated desperate fearsome furious hard intensive poignant racking searing tormenting heavy-duty powerful strong burning stabbing shooting raging serious great consuming penetrating painful stinging excessive grievous harsh forceful vigorous distressing bitter awful heightened flaming strenuous uncontrollable overwhelming hellish cutting frenzied very great biting gut-wrenching passionate major all-out concerted drastic fervent extraordinary exceptional earnest full energetic ardent tough intolerable urgent close all-consuming overpowering thumping splitting assiduous wild pounding fiery deep-seated torrid hot shrill smarting savage potent heated torturing wrenching determined resolute rigorous sore stormy turbulent killing blustery forcible heartrending tumultuous tempestuous knifelike devastating tearing storming volcanic durable industrial-strength real right impossible proper heavyweight long-lasting grave diabolical inexcusable dire unforgivable reprehensible indefensible unstoppable disgraceful shameful parlous very bad heartfelt relentless sincere raw shrewd compelling emotional wholehearted fervid zealous abject impassioned eager fanatical peracute boiling baking scorching sudden enormous supreme drilling paralyzing paralysing significant deepest hearty finely tuned high feverish cruel hurtful afflicting heartbreaking galling protracted intensified unqualified marked perfervid sizzling roasting heart-rending critical deep-rooted deeply felt undue diligent exaggerated suffering tortuous disturbing struggling worrying cut-throat warm-blooded sweltering blazing thorough exhaustive strained vivid pungent complete mother of all cyclonic gusty tropical parching withering inclement menacing boisterous volatile thundery squally bumpy thunderous windy howling resounding ungovernable inordinate in-depth detailed comprehensive scalding rabid rampaging uncontrolled rampant intemperate riotous unrestrained typhonic blustering rough swirling choppy destructive uncurbed immoderate inflamed unchecked unbridled unmanageable unfettered emphatic all-inclusive all-absorbing all-encompassing thoroughgoing painstaking total demanding extremely painful blazing hot blistery baking hot broiling red-hot convulsive enraged ruinous peppery chaotic restless roaring rugged stormful paroxysmal dynamic outrageous aroused coercive conscientious all-embracing meticulous scrupulous methodical minute infuriating torturesome toe-curling tedious punishing embarrassing grueling stultifying gruelling rending chastening cringe-making irritating boiling hot very hot out of control full of force gale force sedulous sweeping extensive searching high-pressure elaborate widespread careful like a furnace out-and-out persistent accelerated fast insistent speeded-up radical tremendous aggressive incredible dramatic brutal mighty remarkable indescribable prodigious oppressive assertive unrelenting unutterable enthusiastic active committed dedicated crushing spirited tenacious titanic dogged weighty gutsy telling steadfast impressive punchy unwavering intent excellent muscular puissant stirring powerhouse bold onerous difficult brisk marvelous marvellous ambitious grim bad staunch hefty hard-hitting irresistible vital robust steady maximum utmost big driving true avid ruthless absorbing formidable arduous laborious compulsive devout massive passional affecting uncompromising superb constant driven full-blooded upsetting firm exhausting loyal faithful taxing consummate exacting persuasive rousing exciting enterprising focused arresting unsparing obstinate trying stiff thrilling in-your-face burdensome single-minded gripping persevering militant purposeful influential unbending uttermost unfaltering pronounced focussed stubborn incommunicable mean phenomenal pulling no punches besetting complex enthralling tireless fixed engrossing top stupendous abstruse awesome warm devouring immense herculean fascinating mettlesome considerable sound complicated dangerous colossal gigantic amazing stark dominating obsessive irrepressible stifling pervasive indefatigable uncommunicable riveting intriguing engaging moving touching brilliant outstanding ultimate suffocating towering blunt gargantuan devoted sad unpleasant attentive involving mortal overriding tender fabulous settled strict plucky cloying effective high-powered distinct unswerving super troublesome lusty deadly good consequential unforgiving knockout unflagging dependable Herculean merciless sentimental heady unremitting inspiring untiring all out reliable insane cool resolved pushy very strong toilsome wonderful wretched miserable pitiless unyielding distressful smart hardhanded hardy tragic daring stressful rotten strong-willed unmerciful hot-blooded pious murderous decisive self-assertive momentous remorseless grinding sure absolute afflictive true-blue down-the-line stalwart stanch calamitous out of this world inhuman offensive unalloyed unadulterated deliberate bound really hard inexorable very hard hard-hearted enduring abiding immovable allegiant first-rate certain unquestioning rigid first-class never-failing competitive frantic dog-eat-dog inexpressible high-energy cordial genuine entrenched hard-core unfeigned honest rooted intrenched repressive undescribable amorous contentious caustic throbbing inveterate bona fide alert annihilatory gluttonous corrosive voracious insatiable edacious far-reaching stout supportive prickly twingeing tingling wearisome industrious pertinacious pressing ablaze tormentous anguishing confirmed bred-in-the-bone valid cogent challenging daunting wearying charged clamorous stringent virile unmixed crucial enthused melodramatic red-blooded achy gnawing hurting recondite solemn labored confused te knotty testing ponderous convincing pleading life-threatening disastrous disagreeable overemotional emotive crying telescoped crash out and out preoccupying backbreaking tiring punitive crippling austere nasty beseeching entreating begging obscure mightful exigent desolating damaging annihilating magnificent back-breaking fatiguing bruising toilful exorbitant unconscionable swingeing overweening steep draconian strengthy strengthful immersing interesting maximal plausible armed bleak efficient efficacious hazardous threatening ugly captivating vexatious disquieting bludgeoning unwelcome unhappy distasteful yucky chilling unlovely unpleasing yukky traumatic sour wicked unpalatable displeasing uncongenial unsavory very grave climacteric torrential spectacular egregious downright tiresome forbidding thorny operose uphill bothersome staggering upstream wearing intimidating cumbersome draining debilitating hardheaded overextravagant extravagant headstrong plethoric baroque intractable overmuch overdue devilish importunate whole icky mortifying true blue sobering precarious perilous hypnotic mesmeric spellbinding nauseating eloquent conclusive credible unanswerable compulsory entire unsavoury provoking annoying clamant self-asserting pushing pressurizing go-getting crazy fantastic unbelievable unreal utter round-the-clock total-immersion laboured paramount highest greatest hairy energy-consuming sapping killer effortful overbearing shattering sickly astringent acrid sickening nauseous all-powerful copious enchanting entrancing transfixing mesmerizing rich spicy hopped up gung ho pushful pressured thrusting incomprehensible enigmatic esoteric abstract thundering gross uber sheer preposterous arrant rank flagrant veritable pure ridiculous terrific far out dominant commanding sublime superlative breathtaking fetid aromatic unmistakable invincible mephitic hard-working pressurising loud horrendous horrific horrible nagging exclusive addictive lustful teeming bucketing pouring drenching rounded fattening fatty buttery succulent oily creamy sensational splendid not taking no for an answer overshadowing foetid pathetic sovereign fleet whirlwind swift nippy snappy lightning fleet-footed quick speedy breathless rapid-fire galloping zippy rapid flying dizzy breakneck rattling hasty unbroken undistracted collective elemental involved unfathomable arcane trusty mesmerising woeful overmastering appalling irrefutable abominable unmitigated unshared consistent engrossed unreserved swell imposing awe-inspiring groovy dandy delicious lavish glorious primo grand divine striking like wow majestic hunky-dory monumental stately luxurious decided surpassing resilient greatest possible vibrant calorific united absorbed piteous pitiful sonorous resonant set do-or-die positive motivated out unputdownable unanimous continued shocking godawful lousy vile atrocious beastly unshakeable pitiable saddening sorrowful humungous humongous monstrous giant circumspect all vigilant lock stock and barrel dense undivided iron-willed feisty plush obdurate stable liege immobile adamant tried-and-true trustworthy unmovable changeless established telelogical hell-bent on bent on bent upon playing hard ball dead set on undeviating mean business bent calculated be out for blood hell-bent upon nose to the grindstone accomplished impactful mournful tearful hammering lashing hard-nosed unflinching hot and heavy skilled skillful skilful admirable masterly astronomic rare leviathan max vast mountainous ginormous astronomical tear-jerking plaintive sheeting down sagacious self-confident audible clear clarion ace stellar crack world-class expert fine full-bodied agitating nostalgic perturbing expressive strong-minded brave gritty courageous gee-whizz important cracking crash-hot nifty independent perceptive heroic indomitable unhesitating take charge wizard callous stern cold firm in spirit keen as mustard animated confident two-fisted stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad resourceful ringing as clear as a bell bell-like amazeballs crackerjack well-done authoritarian unfeeling unkind implacable hostile cold-blooded affectless desensitised heavy-handed heartless no-nonsense tyrannical stoney browbeating gruff unsympathetic bullying stony-hearted compassionless desensitized hardhearted ironfisted ironhearted uncharitable cold-hearted insensitive stonyhearted take-no-prisoners more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand more than flesh and blood can bear

Danh từ

A loss of significance or power in relation to another person or thing

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