Đồng nghĩa của inimitable

Alternative for inimitable

inimitable /i'nimitəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không thể bắt chước được

Tính từ

Beyond imitation and without equal, especially in standard or quality
incomparable unparalleled peerless unmatched unrivalled matchless nonpareil unequalled unexampled unsurpassable unequaled unrivaled unsurpassed consummate faultless model supreme ideal superlative only perfect without equal beyond compare in a class of one's own one and only without match beyond comparison second to none out of sight unique transcendent outstanding paramount rare superior surpassing top best exceptional without parallel greatest singular exquisite pre-eminent ultimate excellent unexcelled towering par excellence leading foremost preeminent chief highest unprecedented unbeatable premier super extraordinary in a class of its own alone finest record unbeaten utmost special predominant prominent prime principal dominant head exemplary amazing main top-tier grand primary capital first-class top-drawer topmost unparagoned without peer sovereign distinguished champion one of a kind tops major star irreplaceable prevailing best ever illustrious supereminent key lead apex first central premium cardinal hors concours incredible world class notable select first-rate best possible a cut above the rest ace industry leading topflight top drawer top-notch number-one number one top-class unmatchable most unchallenged eminent maximum one-in-a-million unheard-of choice one-off arch- overriding optimal biggest commanding presiding absolute master governing complete arch sui generis optimum primal overbearing overmastering utopian dominating sovran undefeated uppermost phenomenal number 1 crack record-breaking first class prize-winning primo top of the line top of the range stellar high-class top-of-the-range terrific sans pareil numero uno unapproached aces all-time solid-gold gilt-edge renowned elite important famous celebrated one definitive decisive marquee culminating final prior untouchable high total directing senior higher better greater larger bigger elder individual unconditional of the highest quality out-of-sight big-time noted crown blue-ribbon vintage choicest boss estimable superfine A-1 Grade A highest ranking mother of all without an equal stand alone in a league of its own all-time best exclusive classic novel essential prototypical typical quintessential standout max uttermost unequalable extreme significant maxi extraordinaire signal the most far-out unimaginable archetypal in a class by itself something else remarkable unrepeatable noteworthy unrepeated separate without precedent unordinary fresh unconventional purpose-built once-in-a-lifetime newfangled new one-of-a-kind fabulous sensational splendid beautiful blissful wonderful too good to be true splendorous paradisiacal heavenly awesome marvelous superb gorgeous sublime brilliant paradisiac out-of-this-world A-OK fab divine magnificent to die for glorious marvellous fantabulous fine idyllic dreamy fantastic out of this world reigning peak authoritative ascendant regnant predominate ruling core unassailable big controlling prevalent domineering furthermost largest great tip-top sterling lovely cool neat swell cracking groovy smashing hot admirable peachy crackerjack dandy dynamite flawless supernal keen radical topping immense mean corking bully dope slick prizewinning wizard phat noble bonny gilt-edged nifty quality jim-dandy banner gangbusters gangbuster frontline boffo prize good top-shelf supercalifragilisticexpialidocious tremendous bang-up bumper righteous delightful top-of-the-line hype wicked bonnie brag down peachy keen five-star blue-chip first-string brave four-star gone accomplished bosting brill worthy very good world-class impressive high-quality beaut mega stunning on fleek high-grade mind-blowing ripping rad bodacious pleasing applaudable of the first water dazzling of high quality of the highest standard stupendous impeccable magic commendable immaculate spectacular enjoyable spiffing bonzer valuable crucial paradisal top-hole topnotch spanking class sound deluxe of the first order lofty unblemished striking rapturous amazeballs schmick goodly sik pure belting pearler chillin' exo barrie Elysian awe-inspiring skilful skillful invaluable Arcadian expert competent fancy gratifying nice prodigious elegant laudable meritorious praiseworthy awesomesauce marvy alluring def fabby beezer lank kif bosker breathtaking pleasant delectable A1 far out skilled transcendental proficient polished splendiferous moving inspiring too much precious tiptop unmarred unspoilt enviable desirable top-level satisfying outrageous paradisaical paradisical agreeable up to snuff pleasurable top-quality supernatural ravishing entrancing advanced crowning fantastical attractive priceless irreproachable acceptable congenial favorable entire welcome whole intact elevated imposing formidable adept really good enchanting effusive winning excessive charming masterly exalted ambrosial superhuman yummy lush adorable paradisaic scrumptious inflated exaggerated worthiest able happy spiritual majestic astonishing staggering holy favourable blessed comfortable banging august darling delicious proud resplendent uplifting inspirational abstract of the highest order of highest order thrilling wondrous above and beyond unlimited unconfined fascinating showy reliable better than expected certified radiant dexterous mint legit unreal unimpeachable paragon fly hunky-dory upmarket exacting blameless sup rior paradisic saintly all very well well and good good quality high-caliber a cut above dextrous well-executed non-materialistic progressive non-material socialist reforming unworldly immaterial refined improved enhanced ka pai thoroughbred inspired good-quality high-calibre solid bad honourable super-eminent shipshape unbroken super-excellent positive unimpaired undamaged honorable reputable uninjured satisfactory gnarly recherche unharmed unhurt lordly the very best state-of-the-art the best a standout better than usual of the best quality better than average of a high standard unbelievable Erewhonian Edenic inconceivable astounding unusual miraculous sacred stately cream celestial golden strong powerful mighty flagship deft adroit exceeding capable pretty clever angelic sweet beatific immortal luscious seraphic godlike empyrean extraterrestrial cherubic practised practiced versed top-grade uncommon award-winning profound highest quality very best otherworldly gifted virtuoso talented experienced masterful veteran excelling mind-boggling unusually good in a class all by itself sumptuous extravagant unmitigated eye-catching startling monumental arrestive lavish dramatic magnific electrifying confounding sightly arresting luxurious trained compleat virtuosic professed educated delicate infinite intellectual beyond grasp intuitive primordial obscure hypothetical transcending boundless innate eternal theoretical finished original cherished unheard of touching magical metaphysical paranormal preternatural unearthly aesthetic decorative very nice untainted stainless spotless indefectible prized glossy dainty flamboyant tasteful splashy lovesome flashy zingy stylish esthetic irie amusing delightsome exhilarating fetching lekker couthy dulcet captivating blest fun jolly felicitous entertaining joyous heartwarming comforting cheery cheerful mooi recreative euphoric rewarding intoxicating relishable fine and dandy engaging refreshing indispensable inestimable respected profitable treasured valued halcyon idealized well trained well versed peaceful pastoral rustic picturesque hot property rural arcadian Utopian unspoiled bucolic up to par up to standard up to scratch sylvan scenic restful relaxing calm serene idealised tranquil most excellent most important most influential most outstanding most prominent most valuable most precious

Tính từ

Unusually good or remarkable
rare exquisite incomparable peerless prodigious superb excellent exceptional matchless unique fine outstanding special unequaled unequalled consummate great unparalleled superior superlative unrivaled unrivalled unsurpassed admirable select stellar surpassing dainty delicate elegant extreme unprecedented amazing choice invaluable unexampled valuable astonishing awesome distinctive distinguished eminent incredible marked memorable notable noteworthy particular phenomenal precious priceless prominent recherche refreshing rich significant striking awe-inspiring first-class first-rate mind-blowing mind-boggling top-notch very fine extraordinary remarkable singular supreme sublime pre-eminent unmatched especial tremendous terrific stupendous fantastic fabulous greater wondrous better transcendent exceeding preternatural aberrant signal unusual unwonted odd abnormal atypical aberrated extraordinaire freak anomalous peculiar uncustomary beyond description beyond words unthinkable unimaginable uncommon out of this world marvellous marvelous sensational wonderful unexcelled magnificent splendid wicked mean glorious grand brilliant topping fab super neat swell cracking boss capital wizard tip-top without equal beyond compare of the first water world-class of the first order impressive smashing spectacular quality divine fantabulous heavenly beautiful lovely cool prime brill magic slick radical peachy dandy bodacious groovy sterling dope champion ace premium bosting spiffing phat boffo corking ripping formidable supercalifragilisticexpialidocious bonzer miraculous bully keen dazzling jim-dandy on fleek top-shelf astounding delightful perfect crucial novel new bad top standout mega unheard-of original premier dreamy freakish unknown def amazeballs gorgeous rad topflight nifty supernal fabby sound righteous optimum classic immense marvy spanking record untypical strange fresh groundbreaking revolutionary unaccustomed unfamiliar sovereign dynamite hot crackerjack prizewinning noble best beaut unsurpassable breathtaking outré momentous pioneering preeminent flawless faultless unbeatable gilt-edged beezer gangbusters accomplished hype famous untouchable tops bumper gangbuster banner outre idiosyncratic eccentric bizarre newfangled outlandish exotic too good to be true chillin' sik goodly crack frontline highest prize brag down bonny primo winning effusive brave bonnie excessive greatest far out exo kif lank good first-time top-hole gone exaggerated worthiest inflated unusually good ground-breaking without parallel high-class A-OK very good out-of-sight first-string above and beyond blue-chip sui generis four-star out of the ordinary unheard of of highest order one of a kind in a league of its own blue-ribbon second to none five-star gilt-edge peachy keen par excellence of the highest order number one out-of-the-way top-of-the-line A-1 in a league of their own bang-up one in a million numero uno conspicuous unreal colossal to die for eye-popping jaw-dropping high able competent A1 exemplary enviable laudable high-grade high-quality topnotch tiptop nice illustrious class leading worthy schmick star uppermost quintessential cream belting elite lead applaudable awesomesauce pearler barrie bosker renowned flagship top-class of the highest quality top-level top-grade too much prize-winning in a class all by itself highest quality very best top-tier of high quality top-drawer award-winning of the highest standard extremely good eximious all-time

Tính từ

Tending to counter, oppose, resist, argue

Tính từ

That cannot be replaced
irreplaceable unique incomparable invaluable priceless unparalleled unrepeatable cherished exceptional indispensable matchless nonpareil one-off prized rare treasured beyond price inestimably precious without price of immeasurable value of immeasurable worth of incalculable value of incalculable worth of inestimable value of inestimable worth worth its weight in gold precious choice expensive costly dear high-priced valuable inestimable fine rich exquisite extravagant premium pricey pricy spendy high-end ultraexpensive high-ticket big-ticket worth a king's ransom at a premium valued high prizable treasurable exorbitant lavish precieux recherché recherche worth eyeteeth worth one's weight in gold fancy opulent highly priced luxurious splendid overpriced extortionate high-cost immoderate pretentious unreasonable incalculable instrumental vital collectible out-of-sight peerless out-of-bounds critical crucial significant important consequential integral key helpful pivotal essential serviceable all-important extremely helpful of the utmost importance extremely useful of great consequence vitally important over the odds steep excessive big-budget highly-priced upmarket inflated stiff costing the earth costing an arm and a leg costing a bomb outrageous cher top an arm and leg profitable gorgeous sumptuous high-value deluxe executive inordinate daylight robbery unaffordable prohibitive OTT uneconomical sky-high criminal over the top unduly expensive highway robbery out of sight pretty penny very expensive an arm and a leg

Tính từ

Characteristic of a particular person or thing
individual characteristic distinctive distinct idiosyncratic innate particular respective patent peculiar personal unique specific disparate distinguishing original signature singular categorical intrinsic representative special typical emblematic especial essential exclusive individualistic inherent own personalised personalized proper separate different exceptional inborn inbred individualised individualized notable patented privy recognisable recognizable subjective unmistakable private express diagnostic natural symptomatic discriminating identifying identifiable precise set diagnostical idiomatic conspicuous remarkable concrete local classic endemic appropriate diacritic restricted indicative differentiating uncommon symbolic independent single extraordinary discrete marked distinguished discriminative particularized individualising individualizing odd particularised exact noteworthy demonstrative regular unconventional select off-centre eccentric strange standard suggestive sole definite archetypal prototypical quintessential particular to peculiar to found only in usual determining distinguishable customized very impressionistic unusual certain monogrammed tailor-made explicit internal resident fixed claimed absolute in character customised isolated very own exclusive to reserved characteristic of typical of native ingrained actual only abnormal weird aberrant quirky queer irregular anomalous lone solitary freakish bizarre outlandish warning signalling one-off alone indicatory denotive associated evidential designative significant indicating denotative signaling one sui generis one and only archetypical definitive true pointing to all your own copybook paradigmatic illustrative model vintage textbook exemplary classical stock ideal stereotypical prime prototypic prototypal stereotyped archetypic stereotypic patterned typic perfect unorthodox nonconformist atypical liberated unconstrained bohemian egoistic untrammelled groundbreaking free-spirited pioneering freethinking unfettered self-loving self-indulgent selfish vainglorious pompous narcissistic egomaniacal self-serving egotistical megalomaniac conceited individualist egotistic self-absorbed self-interested egocentric maverick self-reliant stuck-up egoistical self-concerned self-centered untrammeled self-centred wrapped up in oneself most typical

Tính từ

Unique, such that it cannot be mistaken for something else
unmistakable clear unambiguous unequivocal plain certain explicit definite indubitable manifest positive straightforward evident indisputable unambivalent undeniable categorical conspicuous distinct glaring nonambiguous distinctive lucid luculent noticeable obvious pronounced apparent bald barefaced palpable particular patent pellucid perspicuous striking telltale transparent decided luminous obtrusive ringing undoubted unique univocal unquestionable blatant broad sure clear-cut bald-faced well defined crystal clear open-and-shut self-evident bright-line open and shut no ifs ands or buts beyond a doubt beyond question for certain as plain as daylight as plain as the nose on your face self-explanatory visible perceptible open marked discernible observable overt recognizable unconcealed undisguised prominent bold perceivable recognisable detectable distinguishable salient absolute flagrant outright understandable emphatic unqualified direct tangible downright conclusive incontrovertible stark appreciable inescapable express sensible definitive out-and-out comprehensible arresting outstanding standing out a mile as plain as a pikestaff bodacious assured cut-and-dried writ large sticking out like a sore thumb decisive incontestable intelligible notable sticking out a mile complete plain to see simple standing out like a sore thumb remarkable brazen thoroughgoing specific showy genuine rank firm utter dramatic eye-catching signal sharp sheer unmitigated significant pointed precise arrant flat black-and-white strong frank straight unsubtle well-defined blunt flamboyant brilliant grabby commanding splashy catchy unhidden kenspeckle noisy thorough pure measurable unreserved unconditional easily seen confirmed concrete irrefutable axiomatic wholehearted written all over someone seeable staring someone in the face unadulterated identifiable cogent flat-out forceful revealed naked consummate beyond doubt impressive full real perfect final shameless regular under one's nose gross actual unrestricted very as plain as day demonstrable apprehensible total point-blank candid visual clearly expressed powerful verifiable straight-out graspable telling discoverable forthright categoric as clear as day limpid unblurred unalloyed effective profound forcible proven verified out in the open fair plumb big as life valid graphic clean dead dreadful stone clear cut blooming deadly easily understood black and white factual cotton-picking crashing cut and dried blank no catch all out straight out known compelling no holds barred all-out no fine print public egregious convinced avowed audacious fathomable seen undisputed ocular confident lucent macroscopic plausible audible exact user friendly user-friendly flashy resounding in view in sight viewable exposed crystalline substantial incisive knowable coherent noteworthy recognized authentic not hidden to be seen as clear as crystal recognised whole unlimited trenchant clearly visible authoritative true hard entire unquestioning unconstrained bona fide certified certifiable hard and fast determinate plenary wide straight from the shoulder easy to understand no kicker no strings decipherable unfeigned blinding ascertainable discernable uncontestable cognizable satisfied convincing articulate persuasive coercive legible stunning assertive insistent accessible comprehendible resolute implicit digestible guaranteed crystal influential gaudy loud garish glaringly obvious artless arrestive crisp great staring one in the face effectual honest weighty urgent intelligent sound efficacious matter-of-fact believable protrusive crying on view on display detailed plainly seen vivid wholesale transpicuous clear as a bell material clean-cut plain as day accurate written all over one notorious comprehensive pertinent as plain as the nose on one's face in plain sight crystal-clear straight-from-the-shoulder legitimate veritable extreme minute well-founded in evidence stated much in evidence defined objective standing out on show well-marked well-grounded on the nose sharply defined one hundred per cent out and out plain as the nose on your face authenticated de facto substantiated no strings attached literal demonstrated established existent familiar dinkum classifiable unexaggerated noted considerable unveiled thick perspicacious easily noticed unrestrained provable noncontroversial manifestly traceable outrageous fresh understood abrupt enunciated evinced divulged disclosed runaway storming momentous unquestioned evidenced colorable credible ostensible seeming above board exclusive controlled joined-up well-known sensational spectacular prima facie unmissable unfaltering thumping thundering attestable evincible cinched unalterable adamant fixed limitless unchallenged uncontested accepted unwavering doubtless persuaded unproblematic resolved set protruding easily distinguishable clear as day inordinate capital excessive well-established unmodified peremptory patently true scrutable spelled out for sure on ice staring you in the face intrusive protuberant thrusting easily grasped settled readily comprehensible exhaustive unconditioned satisfying formidable can't miss it in full view unstinting lurid logical penetrable anywhere to be seen unarguable in the bag self-assured self-conceited self-confident unhesitating published with no strings open-ended crystalling solid tacit make no bones sign-posted well-worn supportable sustainable confirmable checkable empirical empiric point blank affirmative cold free from doubt uncompromising ultimate right under your nose intrinsic easily understandable relevant virtual implied well-constructed publicized out of place sticking out right apodictic undisputable intuitive infallible ingenious insightful vigorous energetic cocksure inarguable severe undubitable silhouetted essential unacknowledged deducible inferable undiluted vehement without explanation clearly explained easy to follow dominant predominant acknowledged without reservations through and through in every respect full-bore deep-dyed right-down especial real-life real-world attested realistic sure-enough validated earnest veridical legit unimaginative clearly defined not vague publicised shared broadcast substantive forestanding in circulation freely available public knowledge in the public domain in the open widely known unabashed unashamed proper over-literal lacking subtlety lacking nuance astonishing extraordinary ardent determined impudent unblushing flaunting quantifiable easy to read orderly flowing tidy fluent readable easily deciphered smooth aggressive violent full-blooded muscular strenuous dynamic nailed-on brass-necked ostentatious unembarrassed brash insolent unrepentant wonderful honest-to-goodness well documented plainspoken forthcoming snazzy without shame meretricious deliberate glitzy screaming overbold brassy rare memorable uncommon astounding drop-dead amazing surprising incredible staggering dazzling sober accented dogmatic potent stressed important solemn to the fore in the foreground openhearted eye-popping phenomenal jaw-dropping gee-whizz truthful free outspoken natural unevasive uninhibited right under one's nose dynamite charming distinguished singular startling unusual jazzy lofty fascinating electrifying confounding bizarre wondrous for a face no mistake freehearted sincere upfront guileless ingenuous aboveboard out of the ordinary lay it on the line straight-talking free-spoken call a spade a spade saying what one thinks straight-shooting calling spade a spade plain-spoken up front bare-faced laying it on the line from the hip like it is unmixed

Tính từ

Of the greatest possible degree or amount
consummate complete total absolute utter categorical maximum outright profound sheer categoric downright extreme pure supreme thorough thoroughgoing ultimate unqualified arrant definite fair max nth paramount plumb stark top unadulterated unalloyed unconditional unmitigated utmost uttermost blooming bodacious clean conspicuous dead deadly dreadful flat matchless rank solid blank chronic errant excellent finished flawless ideal impeccable peerless perfected positive transcendent unsurpassable whole flat-out all-out cotton-picking out-and-out straight-out deep-dyed perfect simple regular stone crashing very full unequivocal real entire unreserved veritable right unlimited proper most unrestricted plain undiluted last dyed-in-the-wool infernal surpassing right-down blasted outside direct greatest highest comprehensive explicit wholehearted through and through gross in every respect undivided blessed confounded wholesale genuine final full-bore unambiguous clear exhaustive maximal superlative certain unrestrained indubitable unbounded topmost firm conclusive blatant undiminished plenary overt intense unmodified unmistakable inveterate major true unbroken unquestionable unremitting enormous all-fired sure unrelieved clear-cut full-scale straight out prize undeniable patent greatest possible no catch unmixed express naked emphatic flagrant glaring unstinting terminal sweeping unvarnished fixed unquestioning concentrated point-blank extraordinary all out without reservations full-on constant quintessential no ifs ands or buts optimum infinite limitless maxi honest straight best severe apodictic palpable sincere unmistaken mere elaborate brazen decisive accurate steadfast uncompromising intensive biggest detailed unblemished exact obvious assured unabridged authentic barefaced undisguised exclusive resolute determined unalleviated unconstrained open rigid everlasting double-dyed all determinate actual wide in-depth rigorous out and out specific steady pre-eminent full-blown minute true-blue perpetual eternal endless abundant uncontrolled greatest amount of no holds barred without reservation no kicker no strings no fine print umpteenth incessant royal true blue candid pronounced frank continuous unrelenting serious staring largest capital egregious quite single altogether customary unstinted transparent adamant assertive insistent bloody bald unregenerate usual shameless decided monstrous atrocious infamous notorious vile farthest peremptory relentless austere blunt stone-cold enduring abiding never-failing unfaltering arrogant uncorrupted wholesome unadorned unabated effusive gushing mostest rightly so called untempered unmoderated unmollified unbending through-and-through horrible huge unembellished point blank great oppressive outermost furthest furthermost sublime untarnished habitual undying confirmed persistent unsoftened harsh grim high acute remotest farthermost resounding definitive forthright no joke unhesitating untouched unaltered overarching undisputed outmost endmost aftermost unrivalled totalitarian uninterrupted inclusive unshaken deep unsurpassed in every way unshakeable personal immediate incomparable preeminent completed exceptional tremendous unshakable farthest away furthest away intricate meticulous experienced unequalable unmatchable indescribable raging sovereign mortal fulfilled extensive significant apogean embedded constructive virtual practical inevitable implicative inarticulate intrinsic hidden inferential unquestioned implicit unuttered contained precise one hundred per cent no strings attached mother of all very great firsthand penetrating unrivaled towering developed accomplished mature essential elemental encyclopedic particular spot-on valid dinkum special encyclopaedic intimate first-hand faultless ripe strict dead-on certified good faithful pukka on-target echt so satisfactory pucka sure-enough unerring certifiable focused undistracted collective admissible sound factual engrossed unshared consistent undoubted watertight veridical immaculate amen inerrant bona fide bang on undistorted solemn unswerving dedicated united absorbed unflagging focussed unanimous committed scrupulous attentive continued concerted fast deliberate circumspect diligent vigilant intent right on lock stock and barrel straightforward upfront straight from the shoulder outspoken unwavering plain-spoken incontrovertible incontestable evident indisputable manifest staunch set truthful matter-of-fact brutal unexaggerated irrefutable resolved unconcealed convincing no-nonsense reliable unveiled plainspoken bluff forthcoming unyielding distinct undeviating openhearted ardent realistic uninhibited undiplomatic immovable tactless freehearted inexorable established overwhelming single-minded dependable free-spoken warts and all devoted true to life dead set on unfailing untiring loyal unchanging unvarying unflinching apparent pat unfluctuating indefatigable tireless stalwart unvacillating unguarded authoritative bare dogged sustained unflappable verifiable literal persevering straight-from-the-shoulder hard stubborn bound up-front out-front straight to the point crystal clear stable open and shut straight-talking straight-shooting speaking as one finds not afraid to call a spade a spade undoubting undisputable black-and-white guaranteed omnipotent earnest unchangeable uncontestable doubtless confident changeless cut-and-dried abrupt tangible secure beyond question artless demonstrable settled inflexible devout even uniform black and white outrageous foursquare whole-hearted proven as sure as eggs is eggs univocal lucid invariant rude pious perspicuous ringing trenchant tenacious stanch well defined understandable obdurate unalterable down-the-line brick-wall raw concrete grievous inexpugnable allegiant stated in the bag bent on up front set in stone call a spade a spade unmovable not beating around the bush without limit hard-and-fast from the hip like it is clearly expressed plenipotentiary neat nonblended strong full-strength telling free from doubt persuaded convinced satisfied for a fact grand unfettered all-encompassing fundamental shallow simplistic drastic forward overall unconditioned jejune naive glib crass cold unimpaired systematic trusty without qualification without reserve no beating around the bush unblended no lie open-ended unornamented plain vanilla undecorated with no strings easily understandable on the nose infallible hellacious predominant patchy threadbare worn liege immobile tried-and-true trustworthy pigheaded mulish stiff-necked unbound tyrannical all-powerful boundless forceful beyond doubt compelling unassailable foolproof irrevocable right royal almighty shocking deciding clinching fervent zealous enthusiastic hearty for real supportive durable recognized surefire confirmable energetic vigorous free natural unevasive audacious heinous establishable inarguable radical preposterous vehement guileless ingenuous forcible scandalous disgraceful inordinate shameful striking terrible reprehensible heartfelt unfeigned warm fail-safe sure-fire can't-miss recognised questionless safe failsafe going all the way meaning business bound and determined thundering uber authenticated especial effective substantiated de facto legitimate perceptible inescapable demonstrated verified existent saying what one thinks calling spade a spade lay it on the line aboveboard bare-faced laying it on the line exorbitant villainous excessive iniquitous wicked concluding state-of-the-art settling limiting terminating determining completing finishing closing ending impassioned passionate fullhearted unambivalent immoderate irrefragable nonambiguous luculent brusque obstinate intransigent brass-necked agreed pellucid unblurred hard-line implacable dominant in earnest purposeful unmalleable unchallengeable aggressive violent full-blooded strenuous muscular dynamic prevailing hardened domineering seasoned bold round arranged preset comprehensible luminous intelligible short curt unceremonious nailed down uncontested going bent predetermined allotted specified prearranged limpid broad lucent crystal hell-bent on strong-willed bent upon hang tough stand pat do-or-die hell-bent upon hundred percent whole-souled defined decreed prescribed dogmatic stressed important impressive pointed sober cogent accented potent sharp indelicate terse gruff unarguable persuasive uncontradicted unanswerable planned inalterable frozen incommutable immutable invariable bald-faced plain-speaking caustic crisp unblinking irreversible open-and-shut crystal-clear short-spoken brusk snippy crusty hard-hitting to the point impolite easily understood self-evident bright-line nailed-on no mistake for a face unmodifiable hard and fast not subject to change cast-iron writ in stone stipulated still unpolished uncivil discourteous ultra chief too much last straw out of bounds too-too worst case snappy brief hands-down pulling no punches beyond a doubt not mincing one's words speaking one's mind calling a spade a spade not beating about the bush most extreme most significant most distant

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