Đồng nghĩa của clear as day

Tính từ

Quite clear
crystal clear clear lucid unambiguous transparent plain perspicuous distinct clear-cut obvious understandable comprehensible intelligible straightforward pellucid luminous luculent explicit sharp translucent coherent crystalline simple definite thin crystal-clear filmy limpid crystal perceptible bright direct pure vivid transpicuous sheer lucent see-through diaphanous liquid apparent evident decided broad barefaced unequivocal patent ringing unambivalent unmistakable nonambiguous bald bald-faced open-and-shut manifest palpable bright-line glaring well-defined noticeable understood conspicuous striking self-evident pronounced marked indisputable visible blatant undeniable overt observable recognizable open unquestionable discernible recognisable categorical undisguised perceivable prominent graspable certain indubitable writ large as plain as a pikestaff detectable bold salient incontrovertible self-explanatory fathomable beyond question cut-and-dried standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb sticking out a mile well defined standing out like a sore thumb open and shut user friendly user-friendly tangible apprehensible knowable positive unconcealed definitive distinguishable beyond doubt black-and-white digestible accessible incontestable comprehendible flagrant express easily understood unblurred precise conclusive outright stark as plain as day easy to understand as plain as the nose on your face written all over someone clear cut clearly expressed blunt legible scrutable appreciable unsubtle downright inescapable penetrable unclouded axiomatic logical candid specific sensible plain to see sure undoubted black and white as clear as day as clear as crystal staring someone in the face cut and dried univocal beyond a doubt graphic crisp absolute frank straight demonstrable blinding undisputed unqualified decisive gross distinctive emphatic unreserved exposed irrefutable clear as a bell plain as day staring one in the face hard and fast plain as the nose on your face no ifs ands or buts straight from the shoulder particular point-blank sharply defined glassy perspicacious articulate cogent conceivable full noncontroversial easily grasped imaginable glanceable readable joined-up rank egregious crystalling evinced revealed divulged evidenced disclosed unique telltale for certain obtrusive inimitable as plain as daylight much in evidence staring you in the face out in the open make no bones notorious under one's nose seeable no strings attached flat-out no fine print no holds barred nailed-on no catch uncontestable undisputable straight out unquestioned out-and-out glaringly obvious arrant standing out clearly visible on show easily seen defined spelled out detailed comprehensive exact stunning outstanding enunciated dramatic clean-cut audible easily distinguishable well-constructed public right under your nose written all over one unproblematic runaway assured readily comprehensible clearly explained without explanation easy to follow in the bag cinched for sure on ice guaranteed unalterable undimmed unblemished forthright unmisted abrupt flat straight-from-the-shoulder focused notable in focus well focused focussed discernable credible plausible ostensible seeming remarkable believable colorable arresting

Trái nghĩa của clear as day

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