Đồng nghĩa của distinctive

Alternative for distinctive

Đồng nghĩa: classifiable, typical,

Tính từ

Characteristic of one person or thing, and so serving to distinguish it from others
characteristic distinguishing individual typical peculiar special unique extraordinary idiosyncratic singular particular classic diagnostic diagnostical different differentiating discriminating distinct especial exclusive identifying noteworthy original proper remarkable specific symptomatic uncommon unusual diacritic discrete signature individualistic personal representative odd emblematic separate private unprecedented indicative express strange unconventional personalized distinguished unorthodox unmistakable respective atypical uncustomary essential unfamiliar symbolic rare personalised exceptional eccentric notable novel individualized patented subjective disparate identifiable precise individualised quirky abnormal aberrant anomalous marked unwonted own independent out of the ordinary privy striking inherent bizarre weird queer outstanding outlandish quaint innate curious refreshing single intrinsic regular inimitable new conspicuous standard idiomatic nonconformist fresh off-centre offbeat set significant particularized avant-garde unaccustomed prodigious irregular particularised groundbreaking pioneering freakish customized funny preternatural freak discriminative recognizable unheard-of categorical kooky specialized usual unparalleled phenomenal superior individualising exceeding way-out individualizing uncanny recognisable exotic innovative definitive quintessential archetypal signal off the wall extraordinaire imaginative creative prototypical customised innovatory select specialised sole inventive astonishing concrete innovational endemic definite stock ingenious appropriate unknown far-out inspired untried custom newfangled oddball distinguishable foreign isolated unthinkable demonstrative untypical unreal explicit kookie suggestive true inborn inbred eminent archetypical wacky fixed aberrated lone bohemian model textbook local exemplary limited maverick paradigmatic solitary stereotypical astounding vintage ideal natural amazing familiar bizarro defined dissimilar fantastic awesome prominent screwy restricted weirdo out-of-the-way exact clear surprising left-field only mind-boggling mind-blowing trailblazing revolutionary conventional habitual off-the-wall seminal unitary predictable peculiar to particular to indicatory visionary resourceful found only in originative native funky artistic disruptive one-off reserved inspiring established in character one and only ground-breaking breaking new ground true to type determining welcome clear-cut stimulating nonconforming resident monogrammed tailor-made all your own claimed nonstandard memorable erratic very own incredible queerish whacky wild exclusive to superlative impressive incomparable autonomous awe-inspiring salient typical of characteristic of unordinary sensational spectacular fabulous tremendous unimaginable not just another ingrained perceptible stupendous terrific advanced modern considerable miraculous arresting selfstanding consummate absolute ultimate warning signalling specified futuristic intimate certain off-kilter emblematical representational fundamental supreme patent untested experimental new-fashioned neoteric denotive indicating denotative associated evidential designative noticeable detectable decipherable alternative out of the way allegorical meaningful token obscure leading-edge state-of-the-art cutting edge just out contemporary ultra-modern cutting-edge recent out-of-the-box far cry modernistic signaling informal determined one pure unexplored alien unexpected freaky radical unheard of esoteric wacko pointing to at its best at her best at his best unmixed unshared uncompounded separated undivided simple unalloyed unblended kinky intriguing unrecognized brand new little known uncharted unrecognised hippy heterodox out there rum unceremonious madcap zany outré far out way out boho by itself previously unencountered one only left alone only one singled-out outside one's experience crazy predetermined off the beaten track out in left field identified selective copybook illustrative given straight-out outright classical prime archetypic prototypic prototypal stereotyped stereotypic unconstrained egoistic unfettered liberated untrammelled free-spirited freethinking patterned typic perfect self-indulgent selfish pompous egomaniacal self-serving conceited individualist self-absorbed self-interested egoistical self-centered self-loving vainglorious narcissistic egotistical megalomaniac egotistic egocentric self-reliant stuck-up self-concerned untrammeled self-centred clever fertile productive demiurgic Promethean wrapped up in oneself customary avant garde common average ordinary traditional expected routine normal consistent prevalent orthodox accepted unremarkable anticipated foreseeable chronic everyday foreseen reliable prescriptive accustomed frequent commonplace formulaic likely ubiquitous unsurprising steady unexceptional proverbial recognized recognised wonted clichéd cliched acknowledged true to form cut-and-dry in keeping old hat cut-and-dried to be expected only to be expected run-of-the-mill bog-standard par for the course standard-issue on the cards time-honoured … all over monstrous unlike inconceivable contrary incongruous incomprehensible supernatural jarring uncharacteristic divergent unnatural deviant newsworthy mysterious unrepresentative cranky spaced-out whimsical flaky flakey droll nutty off-center Bohemian capricious absurd outre ridiculous perverse dotty daggy quizzical in left field daft insane puzzling nuts mystifying mad perplexing baffling suspicious dubious twisted cockeyed heteroclite bent unco grotesque fanciful surreal perverted crackpot cuckoo unpredictable extreme warped dippy eerie cracked demented unhinged unbalanced ludicrous questionable dilly unaccountable beat inexplicable loony gonzo silly nonsensical batty lunatic bonkers daffy extravagant looney barmy non-standard balmy preposterous wayward deranged loopy crazed psychotic mental certifiable amusing crackers screwball deviating loco gaga schizoid goofy bats unhealthy meshuga old-fashioned sick devious irrational deviate heretical corrupt pervy distorted aberrational outrageous unmatched unequalled unrivalled non-typical suspect sicko anomalistic touched unrivaled fishy non compos mentis off-key matchless unexcelled unequaled unexampled record peerless spooky creepy momentous marvellous out of line off-base first-time in a league of its own without equal beyond compare off-color marvelous sui generis one of a kind without parallel impressionistic biased partial exaggerated unconforming internal wigged out schizo skittish alternate eccentrical progressive excentrical not tightly wrapped laughable depraved marginal mischievous playful scarce kookish digressive transgressing rogue rummy inscrutable like nothing on earth arty waggish unsavoury degenerated sadistic degenerate masochistic doubtful shady out of the box anarchistic dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky doubtable equivocal dodgy rad deep hippie ultramodern groovy mod cool licentious deviative immoral problematical problematic arty-farty wandering varying variant dissenting out-there dissident nonorthodox heretic iconoclastic dissentient crinkly twisty unsavory improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal left bank carefree laid-back relaxed beatnik anarchic untraditional sectarian schismatic fantastical crotchety chimerical funny peculiar dicey humorous random chancy uncertain witty comical arbitrary flighty out of this world off the beaten path malformed unnormal heteromorphic foolish stupid out of the common not normal senseless all-time clownish comic fatuous witless brainless asinine potty unwise brainsick maniac wud maniacal unsound bedlam scatty meshugge bughouse crackbrained slang fruity haywire moonstruck whacko psycho harebrained simpleminded bubbleheaded lunkheaded featherheaded looney tunes loony tunes hare-brained jerky disturbed tomfool sappy inept unstable fool frenzied distraught psychopathic distracted sectionable raving bananas delirious off the air acting crazy frantic manic barking hysterical nutso buggy squirrelly nutsy illogical bushed porangi yarra impractical half-witted not right upstairs nutty as a fruitcake not quite right in the head not all there have kangaroos in the top paddock mad as a hatter away with the fairies weak-minded of unsound mind have bats in the belfry round the bend foaming at the mouth out of one's head mentally unbalanced stark mad as daft as a brush mentally ill raving mad not together stark staring mad not the full shilling mad as a March hare round the twist barking mad have a screw loose up the pole not right in the head stark raving mad half-baked sick in the head wonderful barbarous awkward eye-popping most typical

Tính từ

Not being of the same kind
different distinct disparate contrasting distinguishable differing discrepant dissimilar divergent diverse separate alternative clashing conflicting contradictory contrastive discrete disproportionate distant distinguishing incompatible incongruent inconsistent independent mismatched particular respective alternate antithetic contrary especial express incomparable individual nonidentical other unalike unequal unlike unrelated deviating non-identical variant heterogeneous varied manifold diversified mixed omnifarious assorted miscellaneous sundry motley variegated multifarious unconnected poles apart divers unique at odds all manner of incongruous unsimilar opposite unassociated numerous changing multitudinal legion many several multitudinous populous polymorphic many-sided changeable peculiar varying multiform protean like night and day at variance discriminable various opposed single contrasted offbeat polymorphous discordant antithetical as like as chalk and cheese not the same like chalk and cheese indiscriminate eclectic disconnected detached irregular differential otherwise dissonant incommensurate inconsonant disharmonious uncoordinated ill-matched not alike far cry very unlike a far cry from very unalike very inconsistent discriminatory discriminating discriminative opposing unequivalent uneven discriminational specific diverging nothing like precise altered streets apart diacritical anomalous autonomous very different not similar another foreign irreconcilable incommensurable contradistinctive contradistinct unmistakable differentiable oppositional sole weird myriad mismated antonymous bipolar unattached separated isolated far from disunited apart divorced march to a different drummer not capable of comparison a range of a number of an assortment of a mixture of a variety of sui generis free in opposition individualized divided disjointed dispersed individualised solitary colorful varicolored multifaceted aberrant exotic colourful many and various inharmonious disagreeing polar oppugnant adverse antagonistic lopsided out of keeping ill-assorted mutually exclusive counter repugnant unsuited diametrically opposed out of line not in keeping out of sync out of step at loggerheads on the outs unbalanced asymmetrical unidentical unsymmetrical reverse diametric diametrical off-balance odd antipodal antipathetic piebald patchwork raggle-taggle ragtag kitchen-sink magpie promiscuous antipodean mingled dissentient hostile unallied not matching conglomerate not kin not kindred not related complementary unharmonious uncongenial asymmetric unjust misallied one-sided inequitable unreconcilable antipathic untypical unnatural off-key factious atypical factional disconsonant unmixable farraginous anti unfriendly irresoluble reluctant hateful not so loose hybrid not as such other than supposed sour note uncoupled unlinked wide-ranging composite mongrel multiplex jumbled mosaic amalgamate confused impertinent nongermane irrelative inappropriate unmatched remote removed out of tune out of harmony in disagreement at outs fluctuating variable converse irrelevant to incompatible to incongruent with unequal to incomparable to inconsistent with immaterial to unrelated to kaleidoscopic chromatic prismatic polychromatic multicolored polychrome multihued rainbow colored unsteady erratic unstable random obverse cross inimical competing inverse reversed paradoxical contrapositive violative inequal not uniform dappled versicolor mottled multicolor multicolour coloured multicoloured warring facing enemy restrictive repelling battling exposing protesting denying confronting controverting defensive disputed crossing allergic objecting combating defending obstructive gainsaying disputing rival flip-side awry askew at cross-purposes up against remaining jerky unsmooth serrate spasmodic harsh top-heavy asperous unlevel nonsymmetrical spotty fitful scabrous overbalanced notched out of true not flat not level not parallel

Tính từ

Striking in extent, seriousness, or importance
signal notable outstanding noteworthy distinguished eminent prominent remarkable illustrious extraordinary conspicuous exceptional striking superior famous significant prestigious preeminent marked renowned memorable noticeable noble pronounced obvious arresting star momentous impressive special bright salient unforgettable rare redoubtable luminous unusual uncommon particular astral glaring arrestive peculiar eye-catching catchy important dramatic brilliant kenspeckle emphatic consequential historic spectacular dazzling surprising showy indelible commanding bodacious splashy flamboyant bold noisy grabby haunting out of the ordinary monumental stunning not to be forgotten never to be forgotten astonishing strong eventful appreciable observable imposing amazing staggering astounding sensational incredible phenomenal celebrated vivid notorious cherished lasting considerable substantial treasured enduring visible wonderful major rememberable remembered perceptible glorious breathtaking engaging unmistakable awe-inspiring awesome conclusive decisive powerful manifest out of this world telling fixed in the mind meaningful attractive singular great jaw-dropping gee-whizz worthy of attention attention-grabbing startling forceful pre-eminent persistent famed leading main well known super amazeballs pointed resounding storming decided definite positive beautiful gorgeous captivating thumping thundering can't miss it sizeable reasonable fair tidy detectable measurable distinct evident goodly big unexpected clear-cut fundamental serious sizable critical drop-dead clear of importance of consequence landmark eye-popping forcible dynamite jazzy cogent compelling lofty charming fascinating electrifying confounding bizarre wondrous much fateful weighty headline front-page high-level preponderant extensive heavy-duty severe earnest earth-shattering extreme resonant hefty cardinal especial impactful unordinary large-scale vital deep high-priority material ponderable potent large heavy climacteric newsworthy mighty portentous pressing urgent pivotal all-important capital intense keynote carrying a lot of weight crucial quantum principal generous earthshaking grave burning milestone far-reaching unfading timeless perpetual everlasting undying immortal eternal imperishable enthralling superlative exciting supreme thrilling surpassing standout mind-blowing red-letter stamped on your memory noted acclaimed well-known esteemed honoured exalted respected influential honored venerable lionized big-name legendary revered of note foremost of high standing popular lionised well thought of august of repute grand big-time top storied lauded high-profile major-league big-league dominant admired vaunted elevated chief plain recognizable name superstar predominant major league recognisable world-class high-powered patent acknowledged lively paramount puissant of distinction estimable high-ranking highly rated reputable tectonic much touted well received recognized VIP applauded celebrious redoubted celeb laureate marvellous feted big league splendid big-shot recognised fabulous highly regarded solid apparent traditional smashing blatant terrific praised citable marvelous mentionable namable nameable palpable thick discernible distinguishable epoch-making fantastic unreal underlined flashy heroic extolled identifiable big-gun peerless earth-shaking worthy of note broad action-packed proverbial worthy of mention stand-out epic infamous widely known of significance fabled well-thought-of something else of mark much publicized up there in the limelight magnificent superb fab picturesque ostentatious splendent active busy full perennial evergreen abiding classic time-honoured ageless reputed venerated interesting inescapable respectable resplendent sublime obtrusive valued shining hard flagrant monster established nonpareil aristocratic tense unique groundbreaking in the public eye top-drawer assured forestanding exhibitionistic colourful glittery loud event-filled strenuous well-regarded having made a name for oneself much-publicized different ground-breaking easily seen suspenseful commemorated number one numero uno public lurid gaudy garish hectic of particular interest talked of on the map distingué big name far-famed widely knowbn talked about gripping riveting dense well marked colorful raving hot utmost murder splash boss cool graphic climactic senior trendsetting dominating regnant big-wheel sovereign hot-dog winning seminal governing apocalyptic to the fore paragon genius in the foreground shock-horror effective stem-winding high-octane heady epochal boldface bold face much vaunted commended hailed cheered worth mentioning worth taking a look at the end sudden studied very great high-up high-flying life-changing of moment world-shaking life-and-death world-shattering breath-taking highly esteemed rip-roaring highly thought of hair-raising high miraculous sharp open mythical transparent unambiguous prodigious unbelievable unambivalent unequivocal tremendous explicit categorical stupendous mythic nonambiguous uncanny leonine lionlike page-oner lucid written all over one mythological fairy-tale ringing bald enunciated audible primo wicked fictitious folkloric imaginary perspicuous luculent straightforward barefaced unco world class plain as day well-defined open-and-shut bright-line well defined clean-cut crystal clear easily distinguishable bald-faced black-and-white apocryphal fictional hypothetical imagined gilt-edged allegorical parabolic symbolic zero cool fanciful storybook made up enchanted magic make-believe magical

Tính từ

Unusually good or remarkable
rare exquisite incomparable peerless prodigious superb excellent exceptional matchless unique fine outstanding special unequaled unequalled consummate great inimitable unparalleled superior superlative unrivaled unrivalled unsurpassed admirable select stellar surpassing dainty delicate elegant extreme unprecedented amazing choice invaluable unexampled valuable astonishing awesome distinguished eminent incredible marked memorable notable noteworthy particular phenomenal precious priceless prominent recherche refreshing rich significant striking awe-inspiring first-class first-rate mind-blowing mind-boggling top-notch very fine original one-of-a-kind in a class by itself extraordinary unmatched supreme remarkable marvellous marvelous unexcelled fantastic singular prime perfect sublime without equal pre-eminent grand of the first water of the first order world-class beyond compare fabulous terrific best flawless premium unsurpassable greatest capital tip-top wonderful glorious magnificent transcendent sensational good unheard-of premier sterling preeminent splendid nonpareil signal par excellence highest second to none sui generis one of a kind number one high-quality novel prize high-grade record standout classic new brilliant top fantabulous cracking divine heavenly noble wicked leading beautiful dandy fab super faultless mean famous fresh dazzling ace accomplished formidable newfangled out of this world without parallel primo extraordinaire paramount A-OK very good numero uno exclusive top-quality tremendous exemplary finest uncommon abnormal unusual topping cool chief primary radical quintessential freakish unknown anomalous neat topflight peachy swell quality lovely nifty supernal especial champion main principal illustrious groovy righteous optimum immense untypical strange groundbreaking atypical unaccustomed unfamiliar freak revolutionary dynamite hot prizewinning crackerjack corking bodacious outré momentous pioneering unbeatable keen gilt-edged dope elite renowned one-off dominant foremost phat gangbusters wizard tops bumper hype slick boss untouchable gangbuster banner outre odd preternatural outlandish aberrant idiosyncratic eccentric miraculous bizarre exotic predominant dreamy crack brag bully down effusive brave bonnie boffo frontline bonny winning excessive gorgeous star sovereign applaudable first-time gone inflated exaggerated supercalifragilisticexpialidocious worthiest unusually good ground-breaking top of the line top of the range high-class overbearing out-of-sight jim-dandy arch blue-chip primal in a league of its own one and only peachy keen of the highest order high A-1 bang-up top-shelf on fleek too good to be true first-string above and beyond four-star out of the ordinary unheard of of highest order all-time blue-ribbon five-star gilt-edge first out-of-the-way top-of-the-line in a league of their own one in a million stupendous better greater wondrous upmarket only impeccable beyond description beyond words choicest perpetual everlasting enduring one good quality high-caliber a cut above irreproachable unimpeachable thoroughbred central individual alone out of sight paradisiacal to die for idyllic blissful splendorous paradisiac out-of-this-world good-quality high-calibre of a high standard commendable laudable meritorious blameless praiseworthy impressive breathtaking delightful key A1 smashing topnotch extremely good eximious essential model ideal ultimate prototypical typical rad tiptop nice spanking cardinal big overmastering master sovran No. 1 overriding class worthy schmick beaut ripping spiffing sound irreplaceable cream amazeballs uppermost marvy magic def mega belting fabby brill bonzer sik goodly bosting pearler beezer lead crucial awesomesauce barrie chillin' lank exo kif bosker flagship unparagoned top-class of the highest quality top-level top-grade in a class all by itself highest quality very best top-tier far out top-hole of the highest standard too much prize-winning of high quality top-drawer award-winning far-out unimaginable archetypal utmost unconventional purpose-built once-in-a-lifetime unrepeated something else separate without precedent unordinary unrepeatable celebrated elevated major important influential honourable esteemed honorable exalted august famed seminal dignified noted magnanimous regal commanding fabled respected lofty stately iconic prevailing major league recognized high profile senior honoured gifted high-minded well known prior resonant revered legendary alpha mighty well-connected powerful trusted all-important well-known heroic triumphal idealistic imposing high-powered reputable highly regarded high-level puissant redoubtable first rate authoritative recognised prestigious highly rated learned notorious prized potent arch- admired of the first rank acclaimed honored big league valued

Tính từ

Unique, such that it cannot be mistaken for something else
unmistakable clear unambiguous unequivocal plain certain explicit definite indubitable manifest positive straightforward evident indisputable unambivalent undeniable categorical conspicuous distinct glaring nonambiguous lucid luculent noticeable obvious pronounced apparent bald barefaced palpable particular patent pellucid perspicuous striking telltale transparent decided luminous obtrusive ringing undoubted unique univocal unquestionable blatant broad inimitable sure clear-cut bald-faced well defined crystal clear open-and-shut self-evident bright-line open and shut no ifs ands or buts beyond a doubt beyond question for certain as plain as daylight as plain as the nose on your face self-explanatory overt visible unconcealed unsubtle undisguised direct bold open full prominent marked discernible appreciable detectable recognizable perceivable distinguishable tangible observable significant apprehensible sensible discernable audible signal traceable cognizable understandable measurable recognisable perceptible comprehensible intelligible limpid sharp incontrovertible salient graspable incontestable absolute flagrant express outright well-defined unblurred easily understood cut-and-dried lucent black-and-white simple fathomable knowable graphic downright demonstrable blinding inescapable gross undisputed definitive specific crystalline emphatic blunt plain to see beyond doubt stark writ large candid precise as plain as a pikestaff standing out a mile sticking out a mile conclusive clear as a bell as clear as day sticking out like a sore thumb standing out like a sore thumb black and white cut and dried crystal-clear crystal clearly expressed comprehendible perspicacious cogent understood vivid evinced divulged disclosed joined-up notable revealed evidenced rank egregious transpicuous noncontroversial clear cut crisp unquestioned runaway assured coherent articulate out-and-out exclusive controlled glaringly obvious arrant hard and fast sharply defined clear as day outstanding enunciated dramatic digestible in the bag cinched for sure on ice guaranteed unalterable stunning credible plausible ostensible seeming remarkable believable colorable arresting user friendly user-friendly easily grasped plain as day clean-cut easily distinguishable decisive written all over someone crystalling staring one in the face unqualified straight unreserved well constructed uncontestable undisputable resolved convinced satisfied confirmed no strings attached flat-out no fine print no holds barred nailed-on no catch straight from the shoulder point-blank straight out axiomatic frank exposed public staring someone in the face as plain as the nose on one's face written all over one right under one's nose

Tính từ

Naturally as part or consequence of something
innate essential inborn inherent natural constitutional intrinsic inbred indigenous inherited instinctive intuitive native congenital connate ingrained immanent built-in hard-wired spontaneous unlearned untaught basic connatural constitutive deep-seated engrained fundamental hardwired hereditary inbuilt ingrain ingrown integral organic quintessential characteristic deep-rooted elemental normal regular standard typical unacquired in the blood in your blood in one's blood in the family central underlying structural inexpungible indelible instinctual ineffaceable inseparable implicit ineradicable permanent indwelling resident individual unalienable inner latent elementary fixed internal indispensable integrated inward genetic original subjective intimate in-built part and parcel vital key principal primary rudimentary radical necessary cardinal chief prime profound primitive rooted core important foundational critical pivotal basal inveterate main focal root capital requisite crucial primal paramount bred in the bone entrenched staple salient constituent confirmed material gut component needed dyed-in-the-wool deep rudimental natural-born bottom-line deep-down major incorporated significant meat-and-potatoes inheritable natal heritable true real dominant settled foremost predominant first genuine genealogical patrimonial born integrant required existing from birth firm ingenerate imperative compulsory chronic inmost mandatory persistent secure hard-core intrenched bred-in-the-bone unshakeable irremovable established beginning needful obligatory consequential introductory abiding subconscious well established lingering long-lasting necessitous all-important substantive must-have high-priority called for prerequisite all important pre-eminent vitally important contained compelled temperamental frequent brassbound included composing uncomplicated particular native-born embedded implanted wild inwrought infused instilled nuclear raw unsophisticated complete utter endemic congenite genetous thorough mere base en suite sheer unlearnt in one's genes pure primordial initial abecedarian simple highest greatest ultimate supporting sustaining substratal substrative axiomatic grass-roots theoretical bottom underived axiological groundlaying demanded untutored incumbent leading overbearing arch prior sovereign preeminent sovran grand big supreme premier great overriding overmastering master sporogenous chromosomal phytogenetic digenetic matriclinous historical ancestral abiogenetic genital xenogenetic genesiological eugenic genomic involuntary forced nonelective peremptory burning appropriate compulsatory connected expedient wanted desired preferred compelling proper binding decisive momentous specified pressing urgent exigent recommended genetical number one numero uno of great consequence de rigueur incumbent on name of game life-and-death of the utmost importance of the essence at the heart of mental habitual longtime longstanding composite ingredient formative fractional divisional ethnic psychological emotional transmissible factorial combinative partial part maternal deep down traditional lodged in one's brain deeply felt paternal constituting cerebral in the genes handed down psychologic intellectual viscerous visceral most important

Tính từ

Having influence or power
important influential eminent powerful prominent extraordinary great outstanding worthy celebrated commanding controlling dominant eventful formidable head highest highly regarded notorious predominant pre-eminent premier prestigious prevailing prime prized renowned respected supreme top-level valued well-connected all-important alpha aristocratic authoritative big chief cogent deciding dignified distinguished elevated eloquent esteemed exalted fabled famed famous first-class foremost four-star glorious grand high-level high-powered high profile high-ranking high-up historical honorable honoured honored honourable illustrious imposing incomparable integral leading magnific magnificent majestic marvellous marvelous memorable mighty noble notable noted of influence of note oratorical phenomenal potent preeminent puissant recognised recognized reputable rich royal seminal senior signal successful superior top-ranking towering trusted upper upper-class VIP well-known good iconic resonant principal primary key noteworthy cardinal consequential central pivotal arch acclaimed focal fundamental material serious prodigious essential core public well known well thought of far-reaching in the public eye of mark of great consequence venerable admired august major respectable reputed top big-time revered estimable major league acknowledged name significant conspicuous legendary of high standing major-league big-league lofty star lionized lionised feted of distinction well-regarded of repute highly rated big league much touted regal stately brilliant venerated paramount remarkable peerless lauded redoubtable superstar well received heavyweight top-drawer much-publicized big-shot big name impressive splendid considerable monumental exceptional luminous main heroic bright capital astral sublime appreciated resplendent recognizable celeb storied top-notch greatest high-minded number one recognisable much vaunted first high-profile in the limelight big time primal well-thought-of overbearing highly esteemed high-flying highly thought of critical crucial decorated celebrity heavy vital praised high-status of good standing requisite intrinsic vaunted marked famous name singular necessary needed indispensable applauded especial special striking unforgettable shining infamous laureate visible beloved reliable well respected meritorious with a good reputation of good repute magnanimous big-name popular redoubted nonpareil arresting salient heavy-duty earnest high-priority world-class widely known superlative learned triumphal idealistic worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out master dynamic instrumental energetic having made a name for oneself up there lead talked of skookum patrician refined premium unparalleled unequaled unequalled gifted matchless prior first rate unexcelled arch- of the first rank unsurpassed apex transcendent genteel elite sovereign posh biggest largest highbred gentle widely praised well born highborn huge upmarket upper-crust sovran silk-stocking large number-one high-born overriding blue-blooded numero uno overmastering grave wellborn kingly familiar excellent imperial hallowed accomplished superb proud solemn lordly awe-inspiring heroical portly epic massive grandiose gallant baronial staid Homeric extolled established pompous highfalutin'

Tính từ

Showing or characterized by great energy and movement
racy lively spirited animated energetic mettlesome snappy sprightly vivacious active airy animate bouncing brisk dramatic entertaining exciting frisky gay jaunty jazzy kinetic peppy perky pert pizazzy pizzazzy spanking sparky springy vital zippy sexy sparkling stimulating vigorous buoyant exhilarating heady zestful bright clever fiery forceful forcible gingery keen peppery piquant playful poignant pungent rich sharp sportive strong tangy tart tasty witty zesty bouncy full of beans spry high-spirited chipper bubbly zingy dynamic effervescent chirpy frolicsome full of life bright-eyed and bushy-tailed happy full of vim and vigour cheerful exuberant upbeat spicy vibrant alert merry zappy cheery peart nimble breezy dashing light-hearted biting sunny carefree jolly light agile blithe enthusiastic sparkly wick lighthearted ebullient as merry as a grig as lively as a grig fresh hot colourful acrid gamesome blithesome quick colorful swinging full of energy jumping hyper go-go full of pep savoury savory full of the joys of spring vivid bold cutting joyful salty stinging lightsome genial insouciant lusty spiced debonair rollicking spunky frolic scintillating jocose in high spirits happy-go-lucky rocking striking alive and kicking smart casual pointed caustic sarcastic acid nonchalant penetrating piercing energized activated acute humorous jovial bitter passionate flippant glad confident excited wild interesting aromatic ardent gleeful energised mobile untiring powerful potent skittish easy mirthful elated unconcerned tireless crank sporty ludic strenuous industrious perk eager red-blooded high-powered devil-may-care feisty acerb whimsical jocund brash fun-loving jocular full of fun waggish smart-aleck smart-alecky in good spirits on the go bright and breezy in fine fettle full of get-up-and-go ball of fire highly seasoned neat daring bubbling outgoing dapper salacious glitzy fancy jazzlike psychedelic pertinent relevant dull tight saucy sassy youthful excellent outstanding fast swift magnificent marvellous new whopping wonderful marvelous rapid remarkable exceptional breathless graceful peppered gritty fairylike grooving fervent busy coltish irrepressible aware valiant robust flush bustling easy-going informal fun uncaring unthinking unconsidered untroubled heedless unworried indifferent alive avid barnstorming burning go-getting full of vim and vigor impassioned heated romping occupied full of the joy of living hale and hearty raring to go unserious insubstantial zealous severe high kittenish frolicky enlivened punchy relaxed eventful dexterous full of zip dextrous deedful on the move wanton vitalized fanciful elastic volatile resilient stirring graphic to the point jumpy excitable wicked larkish prankish easygoing easy-breezy low-pressure ventilated affable mellow laid-back sour feeling one's oats full of joie de vivre imaginative invigorating effective unconstrained without a care in the world offhand free and easy festive envigorating refreshing moving aggressive demoniac motive stalwart enterprising hardy tough kinematic driving unflagging dynamical locomotive motile sturdy rugged indefatigable joyous frivolous seasoned convivial cheering pleasure-seeking slaphappy laughing winsome rakish gladsome eupeptic canty vinegary forward pushy self-assertive presuming industrial-strength as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy on top of the world stinking odoriferous nosey whiffy sharp-tasting highly flavoured effluvious overpowering scathing barbed acrimonious acerbic trenchant sardonic incisive mordant sharp-witted amusing highbrowed snazzy glib teasing profound quick on the draw ironic funny tactful nimble-witted tongue-in-cheek mischievous droll risible comical quick on the uptake slapstick facetious quick-witted stringent corrosive telling rapier-like devastating vitriolic acidulous astringent impish exhilarated snarky smart-mouthed acidic mordacious venomous razor-edged scalding virulent waspish satiric critical polemic satirical devilish trim natty venturesome flip joking spruce showy provocative salt pithy optimistic positive of good cheer radiant hopeful flamboyant smiley smiling good-humoured good-humored pleasant grinning contented boisterous euphoric cock-a-hoop jubilant intense dazzling hilarious beaming blissful brilliant content gutsy hearty sanguine full of hope invigorated determined fearless plucky delighted enjoyable overjoyed dizzy refreshed bullish reinvigorated coruscating up revived fortified emboldened speedy renewed theatrical inspirited swashbuckling gallant buzzing healthy emphatic effusive exultant pleased fascinating nippy hasty gratified fleet fleet-footed welcoming lightning flying breakneck satisfied ecstatic gushing chuffed whirlwind courageous glowing loud encouraged amiable splitting blistering rapid-fire galloping rattling alacritous festal extravagant brave delightful pleasing rosy assured supple over the moon efficient rejoicing good-natured expansive thrilled felicitous fast-moving assertive tickled vehement expectant certain sure tickled pink floating on air can't complain pleased as punch disposed to look on the bright side tickled to death self-confident gregarious storming uproarious party hurried expressive wacky noisy rowdy formidable beatific frothy agitated urgent tumultuous turnt warm stylish clubby social abuzz friendly benign lightweight adroit agreeable rhapsodical willful unruly laid back ostentatious happening humming partyish adventurous cordial sunbeamy holiday aglow puckish joshing loony chaffing jokey bantering jollying larking nutty bucked revitalized recreative romantic attractive raffish glittering bubbling over camp fancy-pants Pickwickian daffy rapturous roguish flourishing picturesque game fay sportful tricksy antic elfish larky rascally enlivening cheerly naughty trivial trifling diverting revivified rejuvenated rested restored eye-catching roseate audacious swish venturous free-swinging elegant nervy adventuresome intrepid nerved very happy can-do espiègle elvish wrapped gruntled athletic fit strapping fine glimmering glinting unusual arresting electric magnetic enchanté able-bodied thriving blooming off-the-wall stimulated heartened as pleased as Punch as happy as Larry made up well pleased like a child with a new toy like a dog with two tails thankful lots of laughs recreational dry fun-filled chucklesome full of spirit in good health urbane charged revitalised reenergized functional go-ahead hale in good trim in good kilter strong as an horse in good condition strong as an lion strong as an ox sound in tip-top condition in good shape detailed evocative characterful virile effectual flighty exclusive swank rousing strengthened pepped up freshened reanimated motivated perked up looking on the bright side buoyed up pushing full-blooded high-octane glass half full sunny side up resplendent flashy gaudy persuasive take-over steamroller fighting fit take-charge hard-driving inspired supported aided roused reassured cheered ballsy over the top over the top OTT in the pink full of vim lurid have-a-go operating functioning unwearied unfatigued fresh as a daisy like a new person untired quickened garish doubtless implicit clear cocksure charismatic activating productive self-motivated highpowered energising influential compelling energizing hyped-up go-getter vitalizing handy occupational working diligent operational serviceable operative splashy lucid elaborate bombastic highly coloured willing flexible like new rehabilitated bright-eyed like a new man bushy-tailed gratifying play hard ball play for keeps coming on strong practicable utile beautiful ridibund undoubtful secure self-assured in good heart fit as a fiddle deep devout adjustable adaptable variable utilitarian well-oiled generous unreserved accommodating deepest backslapping uninhibited responsive malleable abiding profuse full unrestrained honest frank back-slapping fluid compliant deep-rooted warm-hearted deep-felt good natured fanatical steadfast resolute tenacious pliant changeable pliable modifiable alterable yielding firm versatile complaisant tolerant conformable iron-willed fierce driven dedicated prompt expeditious firm in spirit strong-minded persistent staunch independent perceptive resolved dogged hard-nosed faithful sagacious keen as mustard uncompromising decisive unwavering obstinate heroic strong-willed indomitable stubborn unflinching mean single-minded loyal earnest two-fisted purposeful stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad resourceful unhesitating unfaltering unyielding unbending take charge recuperative mutable soaring cracking high-speed express fast-track ready headlong volant tantivy accelerated expeditive going harefooted nifty

Tính từ

Denotes a well-dressed person, typically but not necessarily a male
sharp smart chic fashionable snappy stylish trendy attractive debonair sophisticated classy cool modish natty spruce dressy elegant fly snazzy tony dapper exclusive flash fresh happening hip kicking kicky nifty spiffy supercool swell swish ultra-modern voguish au courant in sassy schmick stylin' trig dashing excellent first-class swank a la mode in style in vogue now with it groovy modern trim on fleek swanky chichi mod up to the minute contemporary in fashion all the rage trendsetting hot up to date big funky latest swinging ritzy with-it popular in thing rakish flashy neat high-class posh well-groomed swagger well dressed up-to-the-minute fancy well turned out bang up to date jaunty upscale current designer all the go showy new up-to-date glamorous de rigueur dressed to kill as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox culty clean in-thing well groomed du jour plush crisp well turned-out hep turned-on def tasteful tidy high-toned faddy jazzy prim sporty well-dressed fine slick uptown sumptuous latest thing upmarket casual massive grand downtown courtly flamboyant besuited ostentatious gay genteel dainty faddish expensive newfangled favored favoured smartly dressed well-liked beautiful le dernier cri a go-go last word luxurious deluxe splashy suave lavish smooth urbane loud flattering high-fashion understated raffish ornate refined cosmopolitan polished confident pretentious plushy down gnarly majestic spiff bandbox prevailing usual stately snug dap customary vogue fashionably dressed popularized graceful stunning red-hot popularised sleek crowd-pleasing handsome dressed to the nines à la mode clean-cut undercool wicked informal appealing impressive opulent formal on trend exquisite elaborate rich peacocky swankish swishy avant-garde breezy pop large favorite last-word exciting lovely with style soigné cutting-edge favourite saucy dress in good taste gorgeous bling flippant quality superior fancy-pants well put together pizazzy pizzazzy as if you had just stepped out of a bandbox dicty select steezy modernistic spivvy dandy spiffing bright colorful the new orderly high fashion zooty presentable flaunting glittering glittery brazen gaudy glitzy colourful shipshape plugged-in bang up-to-date dressed up looking sharp nice uncluttered awake savvy knowledgeable perceptive familiar versed observant knowing alive informed apprehensive conscious aware devil-may-care groomed styleworthy kempt in high feather tidied on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on switched on hep to wise to hip to in the mainstream dressed to the teeth antiseptic nobby doggy spry nimble brisk smug chiseled chiselled neat and tidy class foxy clever in the know turned out ingenious well-turned-out crucial charming dressed to nines courteous impeccable stylistic spruced up cultured civil self-possessed gracious self-assured picked up well-pressed chivalrous gentlemanly gallant dignified well mannered sartorial well bred svelte gentle affable well-bred mannerly cultivated cheerful happy nonchalant detached buoyant sprightly pleasant newest well-presented prevalent state-of-the-art new-fashioned leading edge sexy progressive sought-after advanced in favour artistic recent in demand pretty restrained well-designed cutting edge innovative delicate discerning ultramodern comely in favor novel brand-new neoteric space-age present-day new age becoming aesthetic cute well-tailored classic esthetic well-heeled handy well-made fashion-conscious party young finest Sunday youthful smartest nicest couturial soigne streamlined comfortable offbeat swaggy desired celebrated shiny good aerodynamic flowing big thing legendary liked well-known wanted preferred desirable timely fetching craze fad chi-chi simple well-off enhancing spick and span dolled up spiffed-up dernier cri latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look widespread commercially successful successful dressed up to the nines agreeable in with it forward-looking distinguished inviting alluring on the cutting edge in the latest style noble decorous choice well-chosen leading-edge rare ornamented affected go-ahead high-tech overdone august recherche aristocratic stylized hi-tech modern-day immaculate decent spotless hospitable modernized modernised leading newly discovered contemporaneous latter-day groundbreaking innovatory pioneering recently developed never-before-seen ground-breaking updated nouvelle worldly worldly-wise suitable adorable good-looking welcoming enlightened experienced civilized jet-set intelligent citified blasé erudite mondaine civilised mature worldly wise been around media-savvy world-weary discriminating harmonious fastidious pleasing fit sensitive fitting quiet unobtrusive splendiferous pure chaste unaffected gratifying classical precise subdued aesthetically pleasing

Danh từ

A pursuit, area of study, or skill to which someone has devoted much time and effort and in which they are expert
speciality forte specialty strength thing bag bent gift long suit metier métier skill strong suit talent department special talent strong point cup of tea pièce de résistance claim to fame special subject aptitude asset ability tier faculty efficiency ableness medium competence effectiveness eminency oyster line special asset special ability likable trait good points redeeming quality redeeming feature advantage virtue body expertise pith connection in sense core license wire burden capability security purport gist meat succor succour intestinal fortitude upper hand career practice occupation minor number major profession work job hobby pursuit racket weakness special vocation masterpiece special project magnum opus distinguishing feature piece de resistance object of study field of concentration object of attention capacity power facility knack endowment proficiency aptness flair dexterity adroitness competency know-how adeptness caliber prowess calibre genius mastery virtuosity potential qualification skilfulness quality technique potency artistry cleverness expertness means potentiality fitness savvy excellence deftness nous command what it takes skillfulness accomplishment chops distinction capableness puissance touch right stuff value finesse head craft wherewithal readiness merit force handiness stuff brilliance worth attribute stature intelligence propensity skills skillset qualities nose form expertism turn art sharpness habilitation might artfulness masterfulness moxie the goods savoir faire character knowledge plus credit savviness superiority eminence ingenuity panache grasp smarts polish inventiveness standard craftsmanship understanding promise makings grace inclination sleight pizzazz instinct leaning masterliness clout good point plus point pzazz essence gifts worthiness strengths constitution versatility savoir-faire the right stuff resourcefulness green thumb pre-eminence abilities talents mental powers feature intellect quickness characteristic powers address mind for experience brains class creativity grip adequacy energy resources preparedness light professionalism workmanship suitability effectualness poise dodge mastership nimbleness mind brain eligibility benefit refinement goods agility style sophistication gracefulness elegance natural ability pistol knowing way around proclivity property peculiarity penchant predilection function personal talent natural gift up to it artistic ability reach imagination usefulness originality superability inspiration excellency advantageousness efficaciousness meritoriousness efficacy creative power great ability cardinal virtue good quality parts attraction attainment acquirement beauty pro recommendation set numen the formula positive feature compensating feature attractive feature selling point ace in the hole ace up your sleeve

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