Đồng nghĩa của the right stuff


The capacity of the mind to acquire and apply knowledge and skills
smarts intelligence acuity acumen alertness aptitude brainpower brains brightness brilliance cleverness competence comprehension intellect IQ judgement judgment know-how mind perception perspicacity precocity reason savvy sense understanding gray matter what it takes wit penetration nous insight ingenuity wisdom brain intellectuality intuitiveness discernment cunning reasoning intuition knowledge cognizance sagacity shrewdness capacity perspicuity smartness sapience perceptiveness braininess awareness gumption discrimination sharpness perceptivity astuteness percipience perspicaciousness canniness aptness sagaciousness foxiness grasp quickness mentality wits sageness precociousness profundity thoughtfulness keenness ability trenchancy giftedness caginess knowingness cageyness headpiece intellectual capacity mental capacity mental agility intellectual power powers of reasoning sharp-wittedness mental acuity mental ability quick-wittedness quickness of mind brain power clear-sightedness brain cells common sense grey matter I.Q. horse sense prudence acuteness genius judiciousness erudition skill talent enlightenment experience practicality learning capability rationality levelheadedness hardheadedness sanity good judgment discretion expertise apprehension sensibleness faculty sensitivity proficiency flair good sense adroitness arguteness foresight cognition head inventiveness savoir faire knack subtlety thought resourcefulness finesse education clear thinking mastery balance tact circumspection gift lucidity ingeniousness adeptness logic dexterity incisiveness soundness marbles sophistication worldliness vision facility artfulness scholarship farsightedness saneness ratiocination native wit creativity expertness sound judgment lucidness sound mind level-headedness stability power consideration learnedness poise imagination loaf skilfulness grip intellection policy prowess tactfulness reasonableness deftness wariness artistry refinement common profoundness discreetness mother wit daylights appreciation fitness clear mind cultivation presence of mind pansophy caution initiative virtuosity insightfulness accomplishment enterprise bent soundness of mind maturity observation art forte heedfulness clear-headedness pragmatism watchfulness savoir-faire acquaintance intimacy inclination schooling conception inspiration rationalness depth culture coherence suss good judgement intelligence quotient instinct craftiness diplomacy command cognitive faculties wiliness powers of discernment responsiveness healthy mind logical thought delicacy right mind familiarity information calculation solidity normality clarity brainbox ken competency nimbleness propensity kop potential craft faculties esprit excellence means imaginativeness upper storey sound judgement conversance skillfulness vigilance strength acquaintanceship mastership forethought providence control address omniscience commonsense good taste senses native intelligence logicality authority keen-wittedness deepness level of intelligence degree of intelligence good reasoning scientific thinking knowledgeability psyche edification accomplishments suitability cerebrum reasonability soberness cogency study guile accuracy attainments recognition calculatedness great intelligence great intellect masterfulness courtesy percipiency skills agility artifice disposition observance deep insight potentiality consciousness urbanity hold spirit smoothness distinction creativeness intellectual capabilities instruction care heed sleight presence quick wits amenity suavity sentience gallantry capableness wherewithal delicatesse repose politicness predilection proclivity qualification apperception realization book learning efficiency stuff might mental faculties mental health realisation subtleness strong point weightiness weight sharp-sightedness slyness fineness razor-sharpness docility equanimity moderation fairness brilliancy prodigiousness cunningness greatness rationale taste knowing originality doctrine acquirements invention practical intelligence selectivity handiness dexterousness cavernousness fathomlessness reach immensity eye nose panache innovativeness prescience pundit cerebration egghead quick thinking innovation sensitiveness mental powers soundness of judgement pate noggin noodle bean leaning fluency powers of intuition niftiness neatness simplicity divination realism plain sense tendency clout cordiality mannerliness respect decorum politeness polish respectfulness etiquette ego subconscious ableness nippiness illumination endowment cool breadth of view potency mental age qualities focus need notice thinking regard acknowledgment note attention mindfulness idea right-mindedness proneness politesse worldly wisdom academic attainment aplomb concept tuition sense one was born with powers of thought function natural ability sensibility savviness exposure involvement upper story balance of mind preparedness clue expertism fine mind intellectual brilliance acknowledgement bookishness knowledgeableness humanities belles-lettres literature books training practice practical knowledge fluency in light ability in cop on sound sense sweet reason thinking outside the box feeling powers of comprehension interpretation familiarity with intimacy with acquaintance with predisposition qualifications impression professionalism precision temperament conversance with knowing inside out take aha prehension conscious thought lore physical ability innate knowledge trick penchant contact action grounding ability to understand slow take double take sixth sense feel enthusiasm drive spiritedness letters literacy letter academic training empiricism evidence life skills touch technique right stuff doing hindsight proof participation suaveness development energy ambition vigour vigor vitality zest push dash book-learning quick wit elegance science academic study intellectual attainment research philosophy academic achievement vim go pep oomph pizzazz zip pzazz resource get-up-and-go caliber calibre readiness stature adequacy the goods up to it


Skill or talent
ability talent skill gift competence expertise finesse mastery proficiency strength adeptness capability command deftness savvy skillfulness adroitness aptitude artistry caliber competency craft expertness flair knack know-how prowess aptness craftsmanship dexterity nous skillset smarts technique virtuosity bent chops clout handiness makings mind for promise qualification the goods what it takes accomplishment calibre energy force forte might resources right stuff savoir faire skilfulness effectiveness effectualness form potency puissance stuff capacity faculty savoir-faire knowledge genius capableness faculties facilities potential touch endowment power facility parts wherewithal skills potentiality brilliance panache head qualities polish moxie experience qualifiedness fitness pizzazz cleverness means art inventiveness masterliness nose pzazz cutting it hacking it cutting the mustard making the grade the formula strong point green thumb intelligence ingenuity excellence inclination efficiency instinct propensity quality wisdom distinction creativity professionalism masterfulness smartness imagination cunning readiness mind brain giftedness resourcefulness quickness leaning turn artfulness dexterousness inspiration virtue strong suit speciality disposition specialty value feel brightness grace sharpness attribute natural ability long suit suitability originality merit understanding imaginativeness workmanship wit worth ingeniousness artifice proclivity sagacity attainment stature metier drive métier asset gumption sense perception class intuition predilection advantage thing address insight agility eminence brains ableness worthiness acumen credit grasp qualifications intellect credentials sophistication trick quick-wittedness style invention method greatness initiative precocity creativeness penchant feeling precociousness character braininess tendency predisposition sleight expertism mastership standard superiority nimbleness habilitation enterprise innovativeness bag education zip wizardry poise astuteness shrewdness goods acquaintance constitution slickness department maturity abilities efficacy meritoriousness courage claim to fame adequacy approach cup of tea plus point innovation magic urge redeeming feature way fluency execution performance set expressiveness enthusiasm spirit familiarity medium eminency oyster natural gift acuity assets finish push versatility resource ambition vigour spiritedness achievement training creative skill intuitiveness dash vitality zest goodness essence gifts strengths perceptiveness background tier benefit good awareness go pep creative power vigor grounding plus productivity artistic ability oomph account importance learning sixth sense vim pre-eminence impulse action function dynamism perspicacity pro development property discretion excellency practical knowledge profession usefulness efficaciousness refinement niftiness suitableness sharp-wittedness perfection get-up-and-go native wit good point life skills game docility prospects mental powers delivery savviness feature brilliancy cerebrum psyche self-confidence essential qualities dependability whatever it takes bravery the makings guts the stuff characteristic hope line ideation acquirement manner mentality éclat mojo numen encouragement proneness bias grip stimulation thought pistol peculiarity light sensibility taste sensitivity diplomacy chic glamor splash presence glamour shine musicianship affinity partiality possibilities dodge nippiness competitiveness bookishness learnedness suss knowledgeableness erudition eloquence poetry craftship gracefulness elegance vision individuality handiwork trademark knowing way around reach advance advancement oil headway progress formula vocation record past superability personal talent secret affection attributes accomplishments features calculation esprit discernment certificate advantageousness efficacity productiveness edge eligibility agency up to it creative talent quick wits temperament bone distinctive daring great ability innate knowledge perceptivity employability deeds cardinal virtue good quality special talent preparedness endowments quick wit hang of something boldness diploma document degree audacity hang of it curriculum vitae delicacy smoothness spryness legerdemain calling leadership thoroughness powerfulness organisation organization pièce de résistance special subject warrant licence exposure involvement effortlessness hand-eye coordination sleight of hand eye-hand coordination zeal ambitiousness verve acceptability aggressiveness eagerness alertness hustle intrepidity welly intimacy practice venturesomeness adventurousness willingness pluck level worldliness impression judgment area arena desert grade contact authority conversance comprehension self-reliance spirit of adventure special ability need compulsion deservingness integrity domain realm field sphere racket discipline province mission prudence empiricism evidence scholarship foresight judgement enlightenment rationality reason tactfulness profundity doing hindsight common sense sageness proof sagaciousness tact wire burden in succor succour body license pith gist connection core security purport meat honor arete honour weight high quality dignity significance note participation observation suaveness natural inclination use substance hunch reflex inborn tendency natural tendency sentiment nature makeup idea inherent tendency inner prompting service avail consequence meaning appeal allure upper hand intestinal fortitude natural feeling utility validity meaningfulness attractiveness attraction second sight funny feeling valuation helpfulness upside relevance aid moment assistance mark behoof gain desirability help percentage mileage estimation point profit beauty recommendation gut reaction gut feeling thinking outside the box positive feature attractive feature selling point ace up your sleeve compensating feature ace in the hole


Having gained knowledge or skill in a particular field over time
experienced expert skilled accomplished knowledgeable adept master trained professional veteran capable practised proficient qualified seasoned competent consummate skilful adroit crack ace tested tried battle-scarred compleat complete crackerjack educated familiar good great hardened long-serving masterful masterly practiced professed skillful time-served versed virtuoso well trained well versed well-versed wizard accustomed dynamite instructed mean practical pro rounded sport vet broken in on the ball knowing one's stuff knowing the score able talented deft dexterous clever dextrous efficient gifted savvy polished brilliant handy sharp artful excellent apt smart slick fine mature stellar au fait tasty ingenious workmanlike nifty first-rate habile wicked effective bravura up to speed outstanding delicate genius schooled first-class suitable impressive superb magnificent intelligent fit wise top-notch cunning acquainted canny old marvellous shrewd effectual astute conversant worldly supreme learned well-informed marvelous formidable superlative informed smooth exceptional elite versant a dab hand at quick established well-rounded deadly disciplined ready up to snuff hot with it au courant sly prepared conscious agile out of this world big league demon abreast matured knowing superior fitted equal brainy facile adult ripe nimble-fingered whiz up-to-date cool up to it tuned in full-fledged quick-witted certified in the know actual wily developed been around finished crafty splendid streetwise multitalented multiskilled refined dazzling proper leading grown aware equipped street smart cognizant effortless full-grown specialist nimble useful serviceable up sophisticated sure-handed taught tutored all-round all-around suited worldly-wise adequate foxy perceptive cagey class world-class old hand topflight magic hotshot sharp-witted up on no stranger to endowed full-blown ripened sensible highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly qualified extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly trained there at home plugged in wonderful out-and-out genuine wised up on the beam know one's stuff a hand at advanced street-smart neat understanding bona fide balanced eligible across grown-up calculating exercised bright businesslike weathered long-time reliable strong apprised sussed switched-on fully developed fully fledged real not born yesterday leet hep hip smashing fab versed in keen precise nippy familiar with full-size full-term very good active alert working exquisite best tip-top perfect finely judged peerless brill prompt cute resourceful cognizant of at home with faultless well up in kept posted used to exceptionally good having know-how well versed in skilled in proficient in well up on au fait with experienced in clued up genned up A1 know the ropes au courant with in full bloom no slouch top-drawer tough unbelieving methodic methodical impeccably credentialed systematic decent accurate satisfactory very well champion prodigious quintessential well credentialed habituated productive handpicked capital deluxe choice organized kosher exemplary ultimate employable long-term fluent toughened sensational fantastic fabulous terrific tremendous licensed chartered dominant appropriate of age virtuosic preeminent transcendent certificated rangé awesome pitch-perfect happy credentialed drilled phenom organised of long standing past your prime patriarchal full of years steady old-time inured phenomenal right on errorless dead-on well sporting on-target trustworthy spot-on thorough sure-fire exact stringent well up confirmed verified extraordinary first class powerful artistic remarkable supremely skilled worldly wise been there right fitting dynamic ultraefficient well versed well informed sufficient having the know-how top topnotch distinguished super star authorized cut out for having a knack for class act shining at crisp hardy ideal desirable preferable easy fully grown feasible fleet know one's business know ins and outs know the score all around know the answers prescient licenced proved authorised accepted worthy responsible senior full knows one's stuff from way back wise to ways knowledgeable about percipient sentient abreast of informed about witting alive comprehending into acquainted with apprehensive of the old school in one's prime evolved prime cultured cultivated reasoned considered perfected mellowed consummated aged cured culminated privy omniscient well-read killer useable realizable realisable hyperefficient usable practicable top-shelf clean perfectly-executed well-executed flawless impeccable highly endowed posted down appreciative very able sharp as a tack top-hole no dummy well suited well qualified having good hands tuned-in practised in well informed about apprised of know one's onions full grown full scale full blown know backwards and forwards clued-up up to date with-it adapted switched on with an understanding of with a knowledge of in the loop fully-fledged devious guileful tricky specialized applied firsthand experient up to speed on plugged into up to date on perfect in genned up on clued up on down with having the goods knowing the ropes green thumb old-timer confident empirical specialised sure having the right stuff has what it takes like a one-man band able to perform designing scheming objective hands-on like a pistol equal to the task up there on top of things deceitful existential experiential experimental empiric subtle slippery Machiavellian manipulative duplicitous deceptive in control competent at conversant with confident with inventive pragmatic heuristic non-theoretical factual grounded total well-developed fly imaginative fiendish slim sneaky cagy beguiling dodgy pawky vulpine introduced mindful carny in the field how-to in on insidious dishonest deep at ease with completely developed grand topping cracking divine fantabulous supercalifragilisticexpialidocious heavenly lovely glorious sterling peachy swell phat radical dandy groovy corking unsurpassed bully jim-dandy dope sublime boss quality admirable high-class amazing out-of-sight beaut spiffing bonzer boffo beautiful rad amazeballs primo on fleek mega A-OK number one blue-ribbon immense righteous classic prizewinning blue-chip first-string five-star top-of-the-line famous frontline par excellence ripping gilt-edged bosting supernal banner matchless noble bang-up gilt-edge bumper numero uno prize delightful select brag gangbusters gangbuster peachy keen mind-blowing tiptop gorgeous four-star bonnie bonny notable crucial bodacious A-1 unrivaled incredible hype brave def gone schmick unrivalled dreamy pre-eminent fabby sound spanking beezer goodly incomparable unparalleled belting far out premium sik chillin' premier marvy spectacular of the first water too good to be true pearler lank kif barrie exo finest estimable eminent breathtaking greatest splendiferous applaudable meritorious striking noted second to none out of sight stupendous unequalled unexcelled of the highest quality stunning unequaled top-class wondrous sovereign awesomesauce illustrious unmatched bosker of high quality bad of the highest standard optimum tops way-out top-tier without equal of the first order beyond compare memorable thrilling attractive commendable standout principal unique choicest first to die for prominent astounding chief noteworthy unreal singular uppermost splendorous creditable rare surpassing inspired unbeatable highest out-of-this-world high-grade top-level top-grade top of the line top of the range super-duper top drawer of the highest order inimitable too much enjoyable astonishing distinctive high priceless invaluable praiseworthy exciting important laudable mighty coruscating precocious honourable respectable predominant main celebrated deserving foremost apex banging paramount primary unprecedented hunky-dory better honorable head untouchable far-out effusive extreme winning excessive solid industry leading number-one world class lead renowned inflated exaggerated worthiest worthy of admiration worthy of commendation zero cool high-quality awe-inspiring optimal a cut above the rest unsurpassable best ever in a class all by itself highest quality best possible very best top-of-the-range ka pai top-quality the dog's bollocks prize-winning above and beyond nonpareil of highest order superfine unexampled piked pleasurable bewitching captivating charming enchanting entrancing radiant unforgettable arresting hypnotic staggering redoubtable tophole imposing invincible indomitable beauteous frabjous scrumptious delectable splendacious pleasant paragon model creative nice sup rior puissant golden cream moving eloquent surprising agitating most unbelievable stirring sunny all very well well and good legit outrageous special flagship exclusive like wow cat's meow innovational innovative reputable well-known pretty high-end A-grade award-winning awing enthralling innovatory well executed paradisiacal idyllic blissful paradisiac elevated elegant august lofty exalted proud inspiring affecting enterprising original mint fantastical virtuous top-flight baller crash hot nang No. 1 the very best state-of-the-art the best a standout number 1 tight worthwhile forward clever with one's hands good with one's hands adept physically dream meritable venerable valuable eventful mind-boggling improved enhanced five star top quality of the highest type grade A high quality highest-quality top grade best-quality key central influential profound momentous consequential hundred-proof one-in-a-million utopian crown vintage dominating Grade A record-breaking big-time undefeated unbeaten sans pareil miraculous colossal copacetic A-number-1 mostest have the goods ahead of one's peers out of the ordinary have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age better than usual of the best quality better than average cat's pajamas hunky dory intense vital rousing crash-hot gee-whizz forcible eye-popping jaw-dropping honest up to the mark reputed palmary nasty believeable organic well-thought-of of genius cardinal impassioned batting a thousand salt of the earth not too shabby biggest larger higher greater bigger major elder well-done arch- hot tamale most excellent most important

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