Đồng nghĩa của choicest

Alternative for choicest

choices, choicer, choicest

Đồng nghĩa: alternative, best, cream, decision, option, pick, preference, selection,

Tính từ

Of outstanding quality
thoroughbred top-quality choice exclusive first-class first-rate high-grade high-quality rare select distinguished excellent exceptional fine prime prize singular superb unique upmarket best finest marvelous marvellous matchless outstanding peerless special superlative unequaled unequalled flawless perfect of the first order of the first water par excellence top of the line top of the range leading top premium dominant greatest apex consummate unparalleled premier unprecedented complete number 1 unrivaled unsurpassed preeminent principal foremost superior supreme terrific primary prominent chief transcendent beyond compare of the highest quality optimal top-of-the-range crack crown undefeated highest blue-ribbon vintage champion a cut above the rest second to none boss unrivalled notable top drawer out-of-sight estimable without equal top-drawer star optimum top-notch number-one record-breaking big-time incomparable unbeaten first class first unsurpassable ace capital superfine industry leading number one tops main exemplary prize-winning topflight dominating A-1 sans pareil world class unexampled one-in-a-million surpassing nonpareil paramount unbeatable best possible top-class head primo illustrious unexcelled inimitable utopian noted Grade A super top-tier high-class pre-eminent wonderful great fantastic magnificent glorious grand splendid awesome stellar sensational fabulous prodigious standout fantabulous remarkable brilliant divine cracking topping cool heavenly sterling radical extraordinary fab beautiful neat quality dandy swell wicked lovely nifty peachy supernal groovy righteous classic immense dynamite hot unmatched crackerjack prizewinning noble corking mean faultless keen gilt-edged dope phat slick gangbusters famous untouchable wizard accomplished formidable dazzling bumper gangbuster banner hype brave bonnie frontline excessive brag bully down extreme bonny boffo winning effusive top-shelf on fleek five-star inflated jim-dandy gilt-edge peachy keen of the highest order world-class first-string top-of-the-line above and beyond gone exaggerated blue-chip bang-up four-star numero uno supercalifragilisticexpialidocious worthiest tip-top of highest order A-OK most excellent

Tính từ

Superlative for appropriate for a given situation

Tính từ

(of speech or words) Superlative for purposefully offensive

Danh từ

The best or most desirable among a category, kind or class
pick best cream choice elite prime flower pride elect royalty fat aristocracy prize pink illuminati jewel finest priesthood treasure top preference option gem pearl selection discretion tops volition druthers alternative bet election liberty chosen way select choosing aces bag A-list upper crust jewel in the crown corps d'elite crème de la crème cream of the crop best choice top choice cup of tea pick of the litter nonpareil paragon ultimate favorite ideal favourite height nobility pick of the bunch core gentry first class top drawer upper class trophy pride and joy crown jewel leading light most select quality perfection select few epitome beauty lifeblood model apotheosis heart quintessence essentiality essence soul embodiment shining example substance spirit prototype archetype first stuff masterpiece acme classic Hall of Fame standard chef-d'oeuvre showpiece exemplar catch glory wonder personification jet set plum gentility beautiful people haut monde high society masterstroke darling outstanding example masterwork champion magnum opus four hundred ne plus ultra tour de force peak stroke of genius work of art piece de resistance pinnacle zenith paradigm utmost nonesuch taonga peach trump triumph coup privileged better sort second estate something else monument perfect example hit one in a million perfect example of its kind knockout blue blood patriciate beau ideal master work favoured dearest apple of one's eye best of the bunch the top of the heap pet lap dog the best upper-crust find favored gold source of envy envy object of envy latest most fashionable ruling class newest apogee apex valuable object objet of virtu objet d'art norm stereotype picture criterion good example idea eidolon pattern angel cynosure representation type byword most up to date dernier cri crackerjack champ lovely love sublimation original noblesse most accomplished most skilful patron saint the last word in-crowd last word typical example boast acme of perfection finest example honour honor credit finest specimen beau idéal best example best specimen choicest specimen choicest example sensation cultured class the privileged the Four Hundred privileged class smart set society the quality high life beau monde the better sorts specialty charm genius phenomenon rarity speciality prodigy phoenix star marvellous feat great work head pièce de résistance gentlefolks gentlefolk lead humdinger godsend leader meridian success capstone climax culmination chief first place high point highest level highest rank crowning point utmost extent high-water mark

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