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prototypical /prototypical/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) người đầu tiên; (thuộc) vật đầu tiên; (thuộc) mẫu đầu tiên, (thuộc) nguyên mẫu

Tính từ

Constituting or representing an original type of something that others are modelled on, or derived from
archetypal quintessential classic model ideal exemplary standard representative characteristic archetypical paradigmatic stock classical regular emblematic symbolic essential illustrative prototypal indicative average normal archetypic suggestive typic standardised standardized common habitual patterned prototypic ordinary orthodox commonplace everyday expected general natural prevalent unexceptional matter-of-course in character in keeping old hat typical definitive textbook conventional supreme consummate signature ultimate perfect copybook absolute stereotypical prime best imitable proper distinctive true vintage usual complete idiosyncratic optimal idyllic excellent particular fundamental unmistakable distinct distinguishing flawless individual fitting pure peculiar true to type appropriate utopian unblemished transcendental idealised idealized best possible hackneyed trite original predictable staple dinki-di hacky clichéd familiar routine true to form at her best at his best at its best customary epochal dream come true pie-in-the-sky best-example fairy-tale presentational mainstream proverbial seminal recognizable optimum run-of-the-mill bog-standard identifying par for the course important historic untainted unsullied untarnished identifiable diagnostic stereotyped discriminating stereotypic diagnostical iconic recognisable totemic traditional faultless immaculate seamless impeccable irreproachable indefectible exact superlative picture-book without fault picture-perfect letter-perfect have-it-all opportune precise right relevant special very apt pertinent well-suited spot on requisite correct made to order on the money just right tailor-made on the button suitable just the job separate inherent exclusive endemic personal unique singular intrinsic restricted peculiar to symptomatic reserved particular to innate particularised found only in especial specific particularized standard-issue established set individualistic unremarkable vanilla accepted accustomed regulation garden-variety native plain current prevailing popular differentiating discriminative workaday simple basic daily inborn inbred local individualising individualizing settled wonted fixed ingrained valid recognized recognised going day-to-day cut-and-dried common or garden cut-and-dry garden variety time-honoured present middle-of-the-road ornery quotidian prosaic homespun homely universal boilerplate canonical plain vanilla one-size-fits-all a dime a dozen consistent marked foreseen reliable anticipated foreseeable prescriptive chronic frequent exclusive to formulaic unsurprising steady likely ubiquitous cliched acknowledged characteristic of typical of to be expected on the cards only to be expected … all over official formal approved sanctioned legal ceremonial ceremonious legitimate lawful authorized stated authorised bona fide tried and true tried and tested tried and trusted time-honored most typical most characteristic most common

Tính từ

Not reprehensible, blameless, without blame
irreprehensible admirable model laudable meritorious excellent praiseworthy estimable commendable righteous honorable honourable virtuous pure good classic paradigmatic quintessential sterling worthy punctilious bueno classical correct neato blameless characteristic illustrative representative typical irreproachable unblamable guiltless inculpable innocent not bad batting a thousand lily-white not too shabby ideal fine perfect faultless copybook flawless consummate exceptional impeccable outstanding textbook definitive imitable archetypal archetypical without fault unimpeachable applaudable exemplary above reproach very good beyond reproach honest moral upright sinless noble ethical principled respectable squeaky clean upstanding immaculate incorruptible clean scrupulous high-minded right-minded whiter than white morally correct just reputable dignified lofty moralistic untarnished angelic squeaky-clean pure as the driven snow self-righteous high-principled decent unblemished stainless wholesome clear right saintly spotless lawful saintlike godly elevated cleanhanded unbribable law-abiding uncorrupted right-thinking in the clear anti-corruption sanctimonious clean-living proud chaste decorous seemly redoubtable proper modest celibate rectitudinous equitable unobjectionable undefiled professional vestal G-rated untainted favoring obedient balanced incorrupt dutiful sound incorrupted reverent conscientious noble-minded chivalrous greathearted natural gallant high magnanimous lordly cultivated tractable charitable well-behaved seamless picture-book absolute picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible favouring religious prim lenient sportsmanlike saving dinkum sportsmanly irreprovable reproachless pristine uninvolved straightforward snow white unsullied unoffending above suspicion unspotted clean-handed guilt-free beyond criticism crimeless sackless not to blame not responsible not guilty trustworthy straight true nice faithful kosher legit true-blue on the up and up up front without reproach on the level of excellent character all right

Tính từ

Being the only one of its kind
unique exclusive classic essential exceptional exemplary extraordinary ideal model novel quintessential singular special typical ultimate unequalled unparalleled unprecedented incomparable inimitable irreplaceable matchless one-off standout unequaled unmatched unrivaled beyond compare extraordinaire one of a kind peerless second to none signal sui generis unexampled unexcelled unparagoned unrivalled unsurpassable unsurpassed without equal archetypal best consummate far-out in a class by itself one and only paramount superior superlative supreme transcendent unimaginable incredible nonpareil notable noteworthy phenomenal remarkable something else unrepeatable unrepeated utmost amazing new newfangled once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind primo purpose-built separate unconventional unheard-of unordinary without precedent exquisite fresh perfect only rare outstanding surpassing alone without parallel beyond comparison excellent original top solitary lone greatest out of sight record par excellence pre-eminent in a class of its own one towering champion sole without peer individual best ever all-time super unbeaten faultless tops unbeatable unchallenged absolute without match hors concours groundbreaking perpetual everlasting enduring independent self-contained unapproached distinctive solid-gold gilt-edge aces most limited-edition never-to-be-repeated unmatchable sovereign one-in-a-million preeminent elite choice world class custom-built custom-made tailor-made leading foremost premier prevailing highest first culminating final in a class of one's own unbelievable stand alone without an equal all-time best exceeding ascendant predominant transcendental great sublime priceless invaluable excelling magnificent whole entire awe-inspiring uplifting moving primordial unconfined intact unequalable infinite inspiring boundless unlimited innate abstract intellectual eternal theoretical accomplished finished obscure hypothetical inspirational intuitive fantastic transcending prized cherished treasured indispensable beyond price inestimably precious without price beyond grasp of incalculable value of immeasurable worth of inestimable worth of inestimable value of incalculable worth of immeasurable value worth its weight in gold chief principal prime dominant primary main grand capital head number one key central cardinal arch primal overbearing prominent lead overriding commanding master overmastering sovran major first-class finest top-drawer numero uno apex presiding premium supereminent biggest maximum big topmost prior select distinguished illustrious uppermost first-rate star industry leading ace best possible number-one stellar top-tier top-class a cut above the rest topflight top drawer top-notch largest complete high optimal peak governing authoritative max uttermost optimum dominating eminent utopian undefeated greater furthermost number 1 crack better top of the line top of the range terrific senior larger record-breaking first class noted high-class top-of-the-range famous well-known renowned exalted prize-winning arch- glorious sans pareil definitive No. 1 lion's share decisive total directing untouchable higher bigger elder unconditional in a league of its own maximal hugest upmost highest ranking mother of all of the highest quality out-of-sight crown vintage A-1 Grade A big-time blue-ribbon choicest boss estimable superfine extreme significant maxi the most fabulous sensational paradisiacal awesome gorgeous brilliant divine to die for marvellous fantabulous fine idyllic dreamy out of this world splendid beautiful blissful wonderful too good to be true splendorous heavenly marvelous superb paradisiac out-of-this-world A-OK fab major league recognized high profile influential honourable honoured elevated gifted high-minded well known resonant revered legendary alpha mighty well-connected powerful trusted all-important esteemed heroic magnanimous triumphal noble regal idealistic imposing honorable high-powered reputable august fabled highly regarded high-level puissant respected redoubtable formidable first rate recognised prestigious highly rated learned famed notorious potent seminal admired lofty stately iconic celebrated of the first rank acclaimed important dignified honored big league valued reigning regnant predominate ruling unassailable core domineering controlling prevalent most excellent most important most influential most outstanding most prominent

Tính từ

Of the same origin as claimed
original authentic genuine actual real legitimate true veritable archetypal master kosher pukka bona fide first generation not copied official certified certifiable honest valid legit echt bonafide unadulterated pure pucka dinkum sound right unfaked credible reliable legal proper sterling lawful authenticated indisputable indubitable trustworthy uncounterfeited creditable sure-enough undisputed honest-to-goodness on the level dependable attested real McCoy unalloyed unquestionable faithful trusty rightful straight for real authoritative justified well-established up front well-founded regular strict orthodox loyal conforming the real McCoy good fair and square natural true to life aboveboard card-carrying untainted unspoiled convincing full true blue unvarnished complete sure true-to-life live true-blue simon-pure genuine article twenty-four carat real thing your actual unfeigned accurate precise proved veracious veridical fair dinkum factual absolute certain definite verified confirmed positive effective verifiable categorical undeniable accepted sincere concrete established documented truthful incontrovertible proven realistic authorized incontestable undoubted unmistakable acceptable correct clear existent conclusive recognized evident irrefutable unequivocal approved accredited authorised solid licensed tangible definitive recognised sanctioned manifest upfront validated licenced unqualified hard unambiguous clear-cut de facto unaffected heartfelt well founded earnest substantial compelling palpable cogent wholehearted very patent plausible sheer obvious persuasive acknowledged fair perfect serious demonstrable decisive out-and-out logical unassailable committed downright outright exact believable licit frank candid unpretentious hundred percent endorsed formal substantive ratified warranted fervent plain straightforward unarguable emphatic substantiated utter unconditional total profound dead-on irrefragable reasonable thorough ardent demonstrated thoroughgoing unmitigated beyond doubt beyond question full-hearted unanswerable nailed-on rational literal listed objective signed and sealed paid-up permissible binding guileless cardholding unpretended strong forceful contractual forthright transparent just admissible demonstrative constitutional likely allowed artless direct essential tried probable righteous sensible supported cordial legally acceptable tenable spot-on appropriate fitting suitable consummate perceptible passionate deep self-evident express unreserved on-target satisfactory historical watertight observable open influential legally binding decided arrant inarguable possible solemn simple unpretending bang on beyond dispute in effect unchallengeable accomplished well grounded not in doubt undesigning straight-shooting impressive satisfying enthusiastic unrestricted hearty in force on the up-and-up final physical warm inescapable in every respect presumable undiluted well-grounded from the heart non-fictional honest to God real-life from the horse's mouth dinky-die qualified expert professional according to law unsimulated permitted intrinsic unquestioned true story especial above board effectual copper-bottomed tested legalized unchallenged uncontested uncontrived unforced justifiable prescribed due statutory square stable telling usable checked doubtless assured supportable sustainable reasoned defensible coherent powerful unrefuted legalised unexpired unassumed learned implicit establishable upheld explicit methodical pragmatic lucid congruent warrantable viable workable grounded errorless conventional existing unimaginary scholarly tacit honest-to-God right as rain telling the truth not in question sustained preferable provable unembellished understandable potent virtual implied dear real-world unacknowledged apparent faultless flawless unimpeachable pro forma respected circumstantiated irresistible devout pat settled cold superior flat undoubtable undisputable de jure on the up and up down-to-earth matter-of-fact confirmable documentary nonfictional meant assuasive suasive verisimilar within the law sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff really-truly discernible distinct undebatable eager pretensionless heart-to-heart undissembled deeply felt colourable real live material appreciable sure enough down pat beyond a shadow of doubt for certain no ifs ands or buts without doubt tried-and-true sober firm moving carrying conviction swaying believeable hopeful on target chronicled ultimate characteristic representative typical ingenuous archetypical striking measurable intelligible on the right track free of error on the nose on the button unshakable uncontroversial straight from horse's mouth archival quantifiable detectable perceivable weighty pronounced marked clinching corporeal practical empirical everyday corporal average standard normal unstinting unshakeable so unerring corroborated recorded surefire apodictic uncontestable airtight unequivocable resounding staunch unlimited zealous determined unflinching undivided registered dinky-di considerable beyond a shadow of a doubt perpetual rank everlasting categoric all-out double-dyed untarnished untouched extraordinary flat-out unaltered dyed-in-the-wool habitual undying stark straight-out unremitting eternal unblemished clean unswerving dedicated steadfast unwavering devoted steady unfaltering subscribed immaculate unmistaken rigorous amen inerrant undistorted blunt well defined well documented as plain as a pikestaff nailed down staring one in the face no mistake sure thing no two ways about it significant enduring stalwart unquestioning one hundred per cent outspoken fundamental imaginable historic commemorated historial antique classical important impassioned abiding entire constant fullhearted right on enrolled commissioned financial inducted enlisted installed plainspoken forthcoming conceivable presumptive feasible without reservations never-failing whole-souled whole-hearted openhearted unguarded paid up signed sealed honest-to-god supposable colorable fiduciary credential thinkable freehearted bold foursquare round in truth ordered cleared customary cathedral canonical ex cathedra okay bald and delivered straight-talking free-spoken out-front up-front no-nonsense plain-spoken straight from the shoulder plain-speaking point-blank able to hold water within the bounds of possibility with a ring of truth ex officio straight from the horse's mouth

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