Đồng nghĩa của paradigmatic

Alternative for paradigmatic

  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) hệ biến hoá
    • (thuộc) kiểu, mẫu, mô hình


Constituting or representing an original type of something that others are modelled on, or derived from
archetypal quintessential model classic exemplary ideal archetypical prototypical representative standard characteristic definitive symbolic classical stock emblematic illustrative regular textbook essential indicative prototypal suggestive average imitable archetypic normal habitual standardised standardized typic patterned prototypic common ordinary orthodox commonplace everyday expected general natural prevalent unexceptional matter-of-course in character in keeping old hat typical prime copybook supreme conventional stereotypical signature consummate ultimate perfect absolute vintage best distinctive true usual idiosyncratic unmistakable proper fundamental complete pure true to type idyllic transcendental idealised idealized utopian epitomic predictable staple dinki-di hackneyed trite original epochal familiar hacky clichéd distinguishing distinct at her best at his best at its best seminal recognizable identifying true to form identifiable particular dream come true pie-in-the-sky best-example fairy-tale best possible important historic diagnostic stereotyped discriminating stereotypic diagnostical individual peculiar iconic recognisable totemic traditional evocative optimal flawless untainted unsullied optimum unblemished untarnished representational emblematical connotative symbolical allegorical demonstrative expressive denotative adumbrative delineative depictive descriptive excellent fitting appropriate routine customary presentational mainstream proverbial run-of-the-mill bog-standard par for the course faultless immaculate seamless impeccable irreproachable indefectible exact superlative picture-book without fault picture-perfect letter-perfect have-it-all opportune precise right relevant special very apt pertinent well-suited spot on requisite correct made to order on the money just right tailor-made on the button suitable just the job separate inherent exclusive endemic personal unique singular intrinsic restricted peculiar to symptomatic reserved particular to innate particularised found only in especial specific particularized most typical most characteristic


Not reprehensible, blameless, without blame
irreprehensible admirable model laudable meritorious excellent praiseworthy estimable commendable righteous honorable honourable virtuous pure good classic quintessential sterling worthy punctilious bueno classical correct neato prototypical blameless characteristic illustrative representative typical irreproachable unblamable guiltless inculpable innocent not bad batting a thousand lily-white not too shabby ideal fine perfect faultless copybook flawless consummate exceptional impeccable outstanding textbook definitive imitable archetypal archetypical without fault unimpeachable applaudable exemplary above reproach very good beyond reproach honest moral upright sinless noble ethical principled respectable squeaky clean upstanding immaculate incorruptible clean scrupulous high-minded right-minded whiter than white morally correct just reputable dignified lofty moralistic untarnished angelic squeaky-clean pure as the driven snow self-righteous high-principled decent unblemished stainless wholesome clear right saintly spotless lawful saintlike godly elevated cleanhanded unbribable law-abiding uncorrupted right-thinking in the clear anti-corruption sanctimonious clean-living proud chaste decorous seemly redoubtable proper modest celibate rectitudinous equitable unobjectionable undefiled professional vestal G-rated untainted favoring obedient balanced incorrupt dutiful sound incorrupted reverent conscientious noble-minded chivalrous greathearted natural gallant high magnanimous lordly cultivated tractable charitable well-behaved seamless picture-book absolute picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible favouring religious prim lenient sportsmanlike saving dinkum sportsmanly irreprovable reproachless pristine uninvolved straightforward snow white unsullied unoffending above suspicion unspotted clean-handed guilt-free beyond criticism crimeless sackless not to blame not responsible not guilty trustworthy straight true nice faithful kosher legit true-blue on the up and up up front without reproach on the level of excellent character all right


Representing an abstract or hypothetical optimum
ideal abstract conceptual theoretical metaphysical notional academic hypothetical intellectual speculative ideational conjectural conjectured philosophical suppositional theoretic putative suppositious suppositive transcendental impractical assumed imaginary unsubstantiated general in theory formularized analytical idealized ideological idealised unreal formalistic imaginative codified as a premise instanced contingent in the abstract pure visionary hypothetic tentative vague logical presumed unproved intelle unapplied not practical fanciful fancied supposed illusory imagal unproven unpragmatic unrealistic untested unfounded academical groundless irrelevant indefinite useless experimental hairy based on guesswork dangerous projected conceptive ivory-tower ivory-towered ivory-towerish quixotic pedantic problematical unearthly on paper postulated transcendent fundamental abstruse essential recondite basic deep intangible esoteric supernatural profound high-flown universal spiritual oversubtle unsubstantial immaterial impalpable unpractical incorporeal jesuitic discarnate unfleshly nonphysical supramundane eternal philosophic unphysical supermundane insubstantial superhuman bodiless suprahuman nonmaterial difficult numinous supranatural mystical ontological superior presupposed presumptive imagined uncertain suspect doubtful non-practical postulatory non-technical blue-sky nominal higher nonconcrete alleged apparent inferred indeterminate casual contestable disputable equivocal assumptive stochastic concocted questionable conditional conjecturable debatable refutable provisory proposed guessed unconfirmed pretending problematic purported suspected surmised supposititious made up postulational guessing unresolved surmising guesstimated figured reputed likely asserted inferential on a hunch on a long shot

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