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Alternative for pristine

pristine /pristine/
  • tính từ
    • ban sơ; xưa, cổ xưa, thời xưa

Tính từ

Completely clean and pure
immaculate spotless clean unsullied perfect unblemished unstained stainless fresh unsoiled untouched intact untarnished pure virgin flawless unspoilt chaste unmarked antiseptic undefiled fair untainted sanitary faultless unpolluted wholesome taintless snowy unspotted sterile sterilised sterilized uncorrupted squeaky-clean spic-and-span spick-and-span as new in perfect condition in mint condition undamaged unimpaired mint unbroken unmarred unharmed clear unaffected impeccable unspoiled virginal natural shining sound unflawed uncontaminated unchanged brand-new unadulterated new whole unused gleaming preserved unmutilated crisp excellent shipshape sparkling speckless unscathed neat entire tidy polished washed brand new laundered as good as new refreshing trim white like new unhurt hygienic span-new tip-top salubrious inviolate shiny undebased original uninjured spick and span squeaky clean exemplary brand-spanking new cleansed in tiptop condition without a scratch organic earthy prime unmoved ultra-clean invigorating dirtless squeaky unsmudged complete without blemish cleaned snowy-white peak primal restorative envigorating delicate dirt-free unaltered uninfluenced undisturbed incorrupt exquisite scatheless spic and span orderly bright spanking spanking-new spruce seamless irreproachable whiter than white well-kept unimpressed unstirred neat as a pin neat as a button solid secure indefectible untried neat and tidy clean as a new pin as clean as a whistle mint condition as sound as a bell in good condition cleaned up rustproof on point cleared fine unagitated glowing first-class innocent artless unimpeachable scrubbed unblackened well-preserved disinfected native burnished unprofaned sacred as good as before snow-white unmixed distilled purified uncultivated unassuming perfectly clean fleek sanitized modest freshly laundered decent impregnant firsthand unopened unprocessed recent latest young just out unstudied sponged laved showered sanitised unworn uninfected healthful very clean clean and tidy blank indigenous empty pasteurised aseptic intemerate healthy pasteurized unseasoned untrodden brand spanking new spanking new bare plain apple-pie order raw crude wilding agrestal good for you germ-free health-giving defectless ideal wild optimal optimum unviolated consummate superlative superb indifferent unfilled accurate picture-book absolute correct model picture-perfect masterly letter-perfect unerring error-free lily-white together unsevered unconcerned dry-eyed copybook A1 finished sweet luscious cleanly vanilla elegant simple graceful integral plenary compleat full grand comprehensive total errorless unexceptionable good without fault imperforate indiscrete uncut not rotten not sour vacant void just so unfermented in one piece out of danger all in one piece neat as a new pin safe and sound

Tính từ

Free from blame, guilt or censure
lily-white impeccable innocent guiltless faultless pure irreproachable blameless immaculate clean unsullied sinless spotless stainless virtuous unblemished righteous upright exemplary inculpable unimpeachable clear honest cleanhanded undefiled chaste uncorrupted good untainted angelic virginal unstained impeccant uncorrupt unoffending crimeless uncensurable uninvolved lawful legal legitimate licit angelical safe harmless unblamable guilt-free above suspicion not guilty free of in the clear pure as the driven snow perfect white untarnished squeaky-clean wholesome uncontaminated squeaky clean whiter than white unspoiled unpolluted undamaged fresh untouched undisturbed snowy moral decent flawless model ideal incorrupt holy modest virgin demure copybook outstanding sackless free of sin as pure as the driven snow meritorious consummate exceptional honourable admirable honorable seamless beyond reproach picture-book picture-perfect absolute letter-perfect indefectible above reproach irreprehensible irreprovable reproachless snow white ethical upstanding worthy noble respectable reputable vestal proper just nice saintly celibate scrupulous laudable praiseworthy unaffected maidenly right right-minded high-minded G-rated principled unspotted decorous estimable without fault commendable simple correct unspoilt pious abstinent incorruptible law-abiding true clean-living punctilious maiden trustworthy unwed intact unmarried self-denying self-restrained seemly beyond criticism excellent continent anti-corruption straight dutiful prudish moralistic paradigmatic classic sterling quintessential platonic bueno prototypical classical neato all right batting a thousand not too shabby not bad dignified not to blame equitable whole quiet refined elegant clean-cut faithful restrained austere morally correct free apple-pie inexperienced neat impotent intemerate controlled monogamous subdued charitable sound self-righteous conscientious spiritual unobjectionable stand-up distinguished noble-minded characteristic typical illustrative representative unflawed unerring unmarred cleared exonerated artless natural angel-like reliable dependable untouchable unassailable clean-handed without guilt having clean hands not responsible highly respectable unsoiled without sin free from guilt free from blame redoubtable unexceptionable gleaming shining non-sexual friendly unwemmed chase polite fine high-principled without blemish innocent as a lamb rectitudinous conscionable respected inoffensive unmarked uninjured unimpaired unhurt truthful nunlike peaceful professional saintlike godly lofty imitable archetypal archetypical textbook definitive chivalrous aboveboard exquisite exact precise in good taste esteemed gallant magnanimous applaudable favoring obedient balanced elevated right-thinking unbribable incorrupted square courteous kosher very good highly regarded dapper alright goody-goody precious accurate errorless ten aces infallible A-okay note-perfect fleckless free from sin calm serene tranquil at peace cultivated tractable well-behaved sanctimonious on target salt of the earth true-blue guileless beautiful fair favouring religious prim lenient sportsmanlike saving dinkum sportsmanly absolved exculpated untroubled unblighted unprofaned inviolate lovely straightforward proud God-fearing entrancing adorable lily white wide-eyed devoted reverent impartial matchless deserving philanthropical devout philanthropic godlike creditable peerless edifying uplifting lovable beatific enchanting adorbs wet behind ears babe in woods improving non-erotic non-violent pure as driven snow sanitary open invigorating helpful ruddy sane normal practical open-faced sensible together fresh-faced envigorating hygienic commonsensical blooming let off free to go free of blame off the hook scot free all there hale and hearty in fine feather in the pink

Tính từ

Of, relating to, belonging to, or occurring in, a former time (near the beginning)
early primitive ancient primaeval primeval primordial antediluvian earliest first prehistoric primal anterior preceding antecedent former original prior proleptical earlier previous precursory primigenial aboriginal foregoing budding antiquated past early bird of yore pre-existing of long ago primary initial old autochthonous autochthonic antique indigenous fundamental prime introductory elementary native embryonic bygone maiden premier inaugural starting opening foremost archaic remote immemorial pioneer essential old-time foundational initiatory headmost beginning underivative underived basic virgin leadoff of old olden elemental radical inceptive commencing infant rudimental rudimentary prototype prototypal immediate first-hand direct firsthand endemic born domestic long-ago forgotten unmediated bog-standard lower ur- proto- local untouched by humans nascent foregone departed uncivilised underlying substratal unevolved uncomplicated coarse barbaric uncivilized long past long ago gone by long departed long gone aged historic sometime moth-eaten relic stale old as the hills decayed traditional old as Methuselah worn-out quondam unoriginal erstwhile old-fashioned timeworn superannuated time-worn rusty onetime outmoded late passé done unfashionable once out-of-date hackneyed demode dated cast-off hoary venerable age-old crumbling oldfangled archetypal obsolete medieval dateless atavistic mediaeval ancestral long-standing hoar outdated vintage obsolescent fossilized very old out of date fossilised antwacky past its sell-by date past your sell-by date out of the ark before the flood vernacular mother fixed time-honoured rooted home-grown long-lived timeless quaint anachronistic cobwebby well-established forever long-established time-honored classical congenital unacquired ethnic chthonic connate homegrown inherited old-fangled outworn old-world mouldy retrograde creaky clunky old-school retro elderly old-timey mossy centuries old rooted in the past old hat moldy behind the times as old as the hills horse and buggy old as Adam extinct defunct prehistorical superseded neolithic démodé deprecated dinosaur fossil had it done for dead and gone Stone Age

Tính từ

Kind in behavior or actions
good altruistic bighearted charitable compassionate friendly generous giving good-hearted humane humanitarian kind kindhearted kind-hearted magnanimous munificent philanthropic philanthropical selfless sympathetic unstinting beneficent benevolent considerate immaculate kindly merciful obliging self-sacrificing unselfish angelical approving benign bounteous bountiful creditable do-good eleemosynary esteemed free freehanded goody-goody greathearted holy inoffensive liberal moralistic openhanded openhearted pharisaical respected social-minded spotless unerring unsparing chaste gentle goodhearted graceful gracious great-hearted pietistic pietistical tolerant unflawed unmarred well-disposed large-hearted prayerful redeemable redeeming unblamable untouched virginal helpful big-hearted caring benignant thoughtful big tender understanding lavish decent open-handed warm-hearted public-spirited warm ungrudging noble amiable hospitable amicable good-natured indulgent softhearted warmhearted tenderhearted all heart high-minded honourable honest just fair honorable soft-hearted lenient neighbourly neighborly accommodating tender-hearted nice lofty excellent easy mild free-handed loving chivalrous mellow well meaning almsgiving acceptable moderate reasonable loose soft-touch cordial affable equitable congenial responsive genial patient soft princely well-meaning civilized fulsome open freehearted profuse prodigal pleasant willing civilised agreeable likeable likable approachable human clement forbearing feeling socially concerned lovable righteous pitying respectful easygoing cheerful sociable delightful engaging fatherly well intentioned bleeding-heart motherly good-tempered good-humoured good-humored gallant sweet idealistic self-denying abundant ample unprejudiced ready solicitous plentiful full useful beneficient valuable donating prosocial patriotic contributing wonderful personable lovely loving and giving welfare nonprofit plenteous unstinted willingly given handsome gratuitous bleeding heart good scout Robin Hood not-for-profit non-profit non-profit-making forgiving unassuming generous to a fault public- spirited humble unpresumptuous modest mild-mannered swell ingratiating even-tempered self-effacing jovial doing good works affectionate empathic commiserative empathetic respectable elevated upstanding conscientious upright valiant goodish moral virtuous ethical great high principled heroic lordly accessible courteous sweet-natured prepossessing winsome harmless open-minded sentimental sensitive wholesome polite well-mannered deferential broad-minded comforting angelic soft touch cooperative benefic maternal brotherly calm tactful propitious unoffensive dutiful attentive regardful fatherlike sweet-tempered heart in right place pleasing supportive kin concerned commiserating fond open-hearted consoling condoling doting sympathizing sympathising hearty piteous permissive encouraging touchy-feely easy-going mushy sparing comprehending receptive ruthful companionable accepting having heart in right place condoning paternal full of pity moved pardoning pitiful very kind appreciative perceptive reassuring mindful well disposed old softie well-intentioned avuncular consolatory sorry heedful civil observant interested charming diplomatic thoughty social appealing welcoming well-bred appreciating vicarious winning taking enchanting captivating quiet placid comradely enthusiastic meek reverent soft-spoken temperate shy peaceful bland retiring non-confrontational cool pacific peaceable laid back dove-like lamblike demure sisterly dovelike simpatico barley-sugar as nice as pie heartfelt cheery sincere earnest happy wholehearted genuine inviting eager palsy convivial matey amorous deep chummy palsy-walsy bonhomous buddy-buddy long-suffering emotional catholic lax unbigoted complaisant unbiased stoical uncomplaining stoic latitudinarian easy-oasy sophisticated easy on wide progressive advanced easy with broad excusing free and easy radical

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