Đồng nghĩa của harmless

Alternative for harmless

Đồng nghĩa: innocuous, nonmalignant,


Not exciting, adventurous, or controversial
tame boring dull uninteresting tedious monotonous flat humdrum dreary wearisome tiresome pedestrian drab dry insipid stale unexciting slow ponderous bland lifeless leaden heavy stodgy prosaic tiring jejune wearying uninspiring colorless vapid stuffy numbing uninspired jading old colourless arid drudging monochromatic weary dusty stupid spiritless feeble routine weak ordinary limp dead bloodless mediocre conventional inoffensive unobjectionable mainstream safe diluted halfhearted ho-hum mind-numbing run-of-the-mill wishy-washy white-bread boiled down without punch lacklustre lackluster unimaginative commonplace mundane banal characterless uneventful trite tired blah unremarkable sterile anaemic anemic lame plain nothing plodding common vacuous vanilla ho hum workaday unvaried apathetic listless nondescript repetitious nowhere bromidic everyday hackneyed pallid barren unstimulating usual unanimated samey draggy watery as dry as dust zero dim half-hearted unvarying innocuous inane dull as dishwater unenthusiastic quotidian lustreless muted featureless wooden zestless prosy indifferent torpid fatiguing dry as dust mild unoriginal platitudinous undistinguished neutral derivative milk-and-water laborious repetitive antiseptic weariful stiff soporific pabulum deadly banausic plain vanilla dullsville common or garden tasteless uninterested flavourless passive tepid unexceptional subdued irksome flavorless middle-of-the-road big yawn passionless pathetic monochrome poor irresolute ineffectual ineffective inadequate matter-of-fact dreich lacking variety lukewarm enervating exhausting unmemorable no great shakes perfunctory cool nothing to write home about average laboured drivelling driveling plebeian normal vacant uniform quiet stilted turgid garden-variety soulless lackadaisical hacky unchanging namby-pamby unpalatable bog-standard soul-destroying flat tire mechanical impassive unrelieved meager ornery labored yawnsome downcast dull as ditchwater monotone depressing meagre unentertaining unenjoyable lacking excitement lacking interest a dime a dozen not up to much puny stereotyped unexceptionable pale sleepy anodyne gentle standard threadbare non-stimulating well-worn uncreative sluggish interminable soft unconvincing pointless unimpressive mindless stagnant etiolated cut-and-dry cut-and-dried standard-issue undistinctive unexcited reluctant pedantic unromantic enervated so-so unemotional forced gray grey languid one-horse OK corny lusterless square toneless unwilling desolate unmoved half-pie empty unconcerned dead-and-alive customary regular simple tenuous unspirited faint depressed sapless fuddy-duddy day-to-day unseasoned deadening run of the mill lacking variation treadmill deadly dull dragging prolix low-key dismal usual thing familiar long-winded unlively unpassioned bummer drag cloying drear moth-eaten bomb impotent powerless vigourless indistinct inferior peaceful unoffending uneager slack straightforward droning emotionless sombre somber clumsy unnatural awkward artificial annoying irritating typical serious stolid solemn unprogressive inactive unproductive unimpressed unresponsive weakly fruitless futile worthless backward bleak dowdy overlong businesslike boresome vexatious garden variety clinical unfeeling expressionless mat unexpressive matte dulled waterish nerdy wimpy unappealing unsentimental unvarnished unembellished unpoetic nitty-gritty literal terrestrial factual clear unadorned truistic backwoods comatose heavy-going formal paltry blasé uninflected worn-out mortal poky snooze institutional not so hot staid raw dispiriting wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy deadpan nebbish beige fatuous slight whitebread blind crude simplistic hack endless long-drawn-out cardboard without variety verbose overused diddly practical lowly actual practicable prose yawn clean overworked behind the times reiterated samely monotonic all the same recurrent sing-song unchanged flaccid predictable unartistic uninventive watered-down thin weighty lead balloon clichéd heavy going puts one to sleep flat as pancake unadventurous derived unappetizing hard to digest matter-of- fact least Milquetoast unflavoured savorless unsavory savourless stock out of date outdated old-fashioned timorous outmoded archaic obsolete defunct unsavoury unpleasurable distasteful unobtrusive extinct antiquated unostentatious antediluvian timid frail unsubstantial fragile superannuated unpretentious hoary passé restrained droopy reserved cliché-ridden timeworn without spice big zero flimsy lily-livered moderate faint-hearted meek middling forgettable antwacky out of the ark played out old hat time-worn worn out cut and dried submissive melancholic languorous dejected spineless unimpassioned languishing melancholy dispirited despondent mopy desiccated low slothful blue down cowardly disconsolate gutless dopey inanimate indecisive broken downhearted sad drippy understated run-of-the-mine passable medium run-of-mine second-class fair second-rate subtle down in the mouth down in the dumps cast down lacking in vitality discreet light conservative intermediate basic nothing special no-frills sober desultory cursory superficial inconspicuous dispassionate unnoticeable repressed unflashy nothing to get excited about fair to middling middle of the road Laodicean toned-down low-keyed tolerable set habitual accustomed stereotypical adequate general fair-to-middling cornball shopworn traditional musty frequent wonted decent ubiquitous popular established fairish prevailing hokey cliché familiar tune warmed-over ready-made modest natural prevalent worn bathetic amateur amateurish okay unnoteworthy overdone household insignificant cliched drained used-up chain exhausted mildewed all right not much cop orthodox acceptable dime-store accepted satisfactory not bad respectable obligatory hackney cliche homespun formulaic stereotypic platitudinal garden characteristic mean generic archetypical cobwebby widespread ten a penny serviceable good sufficient homely fixed archetypal representative expected recognized classic good enough universal staple par for the course recognised presentable not very good public daily settled well worn fairly good matter-of-course reasonable dime-a-dozen current fine bog standard goodish going classical regulation bush-league typic pretty good standardized standardised proverbial domestic majority O.K. overall sufficiently good moderately good plastic true pervasive humble time-honoured acknowledged chronic inconsequential allowable admissible unspectacular nothing out of the ordinary meh out-of-date family anonymous old-hat tripe not too bad warmed-up imitative boilerplate tidy casual informal unimportant ruling indistinctive trivial immaterial jake received comfortable suburban two a penny competent rife of no consequence rampant endemic shared prescriptive commensurate proper midway up to standard midsized native median up to scratch sufficing time-honored midsize middle off-the-shelf past their sell-by date inconsiderable prescribed menial diurnal enough in-between workday constant of poor quality unaspiring unambitious silly extensive fair enough unfateful noneventful inconclusive dumb cornfed facile noplace heavy-handed vieux jeu blending into the background periodic formalistic minimal canonical readily available widely available plain-Jane unextraordinary scheduled no big deal phoned in superabundant familial one-size-fits-all mimetic plenty nothing to shout about able cromulent seasonal methodical numerous in use ongoing cheap and commonplace collective blank considerable repeated known grind limited mimic admitted domiciliary pervading predominant generous abundant significant appreciable marked noticeable goodly sizable worthwhile substantial sizeable biggish useless inert static faceless noncommittal prototypical well established vulgar acquired honoured widely held honored livable unimpeachable of little importance irrelevant of no importance whatever of little consequence meaningless not worth mentioning piddling of no great concern of no account well-known acquainted apish prototypal model ideal presentational quintessential signature broad effete mawkish fetid past bent foetid yesterday's out unsophisticated homey home obvious starch confirmed common variety well known recognisable recurring recognizable slavish random neither one thing nor the other non-specific across the board par halfway medial central midmost intermediary medium-sized mediate mid middle-sized boiler plate gone off played-out old-chestnut old-saw epigonous epigonic ample better than nothing like a dinosaur favourite favorite canned outclassed déclassé to be expected only to be expected foreseeable in character indicative inherent steady symptomatic emblematic consistent distinguishing … all over true to type true to form in keeping distinctive anticipated likely individualistic unsurprising idiosyncratic foreseen on the cards reliable automatic methodic rigid emulative systematic imperfect sorry poorer low-grade low-quality shabby worse lousy bad substandard junk wretched lemon tawdry low-rent good-for-nothing base two-bit traditionary off-the-rack bought mass-produced store-bought store off-the-peg ritual proven suitable appropriate agreeable ceremonial ritualistic solid alright fit palatable sound tried and true doctrinal taken for granted conformist sanctioned widely used rooted tried and tested immemorial valid fitting convenient correct up to the mark assuaging swell up to snuff kosher snug quite good in order up to par assuasive appeasing pleasant completely understandable A-OK totally fine most common


Free from blame, guilt or censure
lily-white impeccable innocent guiltless faultless pure irreproachable blameless immaculate clean unsullied sinless spotless stainless virtuous unblemished righteous upright exemplary inculpable unimpeachable clear honest cleanhanded pristine undefiled chaste uncorrupted good untainted angelic virginal unstained impeccant uncorrupt unoffending crimeless uncensurable uninvolved lawful legal legitimate licit angelical safe unblamable guilt-free above suspicion not guilty free of in the clear pure as the driven snow moral honourable honorable ethical decent upstanding squeaky clean noble squeaky-clean respectable just worthy principled high-minded right-minded reputable scrupulous perfect untarnished whiter than white saintly wholesome incorruptible right above reproach nice flawless law-abiding meritorious true trustworthy laudable correct irreprehensible conscientious ideal anti-corruption morally correct model admirable seamless picture-book absolute picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible without fault moralistic proper straight praiseworthy white faithful stand-up high-principled all right incorrupt fair lofty pious unspotted modest beyond reproach equitable unerring self-righteous undamaged commendable kosher clean-living as pure as the driven snow dignified sound unspoilt intact without blemish whole accurate beyond criticism uncontaminated elevated copybook saintlike godly unbribable estimable dutiful right-thinking conscionable holy noble-minded unpolluted true-blue square unspoiled untouched unimpaired unmarked consummate unflawed exact precise error-free unaffected sackless not to blame seemly decorous virgin unmarred exquisite charitable sanctimonious celibate free apple-pie straightforward chivalrous reverent aboveboard spiritual errorless guileless responsible gallant magnanimous legit on target vestal impartial punctilious G-rated up front just so on the level proud fresh clean-handed undisturbed snowy redoubtable unsoiled antiseptic spic-and-span spick-and-span rectitudinous free from guilt free from blame unobjectionable unbroken uninjured unhurt demure professional not responsible free of sin of principle circumspect above board mint favoring obedient balanced incorrupted superlative superb rustproof ten aces infallible A-okay note-perfect fleckless truthful cultivated tractable well-behaved God-fearing masterly fitting distinguished loyal fair-minded reliable dependable above-board of good repute honest-to-goodness veracious devoted matchless deserving tip-top philanthropical devout philanthropic godlike creditable peerless greathearted natural high lordly humane favouring religious prim lenient sportsmanlike saving dinkum sportsmanly morally right morally acceptable true blue Christian salt of the earth courteous maidenly as sound as a bell as good as new entire outstanding exceptional absolved calm serene cleared exculpated peaceful untroubled tranquil at peace exonerated irreprovable reproachless edifying uplifting continent pure as driven snow lily white unblighted unprofaned wet behind ears wide-eyed babe in woods inviolate snow white beautiful improving non-erotic non-violent lovely entrancing adorable simple all there hale and hearty sanitary open invigorating helpful ruddy sane in fine feather normal practical open-faced clean-cut sensible together fresh-faced envigorating in the pink hygienic commonsensical blooming classic meticulous lovable beatific enchanting adorbs foolproof right on on the nail on the mark bang on supreme spot on unguilty textbook on the button on the up and up without reproach of excellent character


Having a gentle or calm temperament or disposition
mellow placid soft tender gentle peaceful pleasant meek pacific compassionate affable caring peaceable unassuming modest benevolent benign calm easy serene sympathetic docile softhearted sensitive demure lamblike reverent warmhearted angelic complaisant deferential gracious mild retiring subdued tame unoffensive good-natured tender-hearted mild-mannered soft-hearted non-confrontational kind genial considerate amiable quiet agreeable pleasing laid back friendly lovable kindly humane lenient amicable understanding obliging likeable likable humble sociable decent respectful kind-hearted dove-like congenial moderate easygoing cheerful loving temperate shy merciful sweet-tempered tenderhearted moral good-humored large-hearted forgiving kindhearted bland good-humoured goodhearted cool dovelike forbearing soft-spoken motherly fatherly maternal sisterly brotherly paternal charitable thoughtful affectionate beneficent giving nice munificent warm neighborly tolerant neighbourly greathearted feeling generous benignant benefic philanthropical warm-hearted well meaning well intentioned good-hearted all heart great-hearted well-mannered bleeding-heart big bounteous comforting public-spirited wholesome attentive eleemosynary unselfish cordial altruistic good-tempered unstinting soft touch cooperative regardful polite chivalrous indulgent bountiful pitying fatherlike clement sweet liberal gallant heart in right place accommodating hospitable philanthropic good openhanded helpful tactful openhearted propitious magnanimous big-hearted open-handed noble courteous supportive engaging freehanded patient dutiful lavish princely selfless delightful humanitarian responsive solicitous fond


Very sweet or harmless
barley-sugar sweet kind pleasant likable gentle agreeable friendly caring sympathetic amiable affable likeable kindly lovable personable genial considerate cordial lovely compassionate good-natured nice unpresumptuous warm-hearted tenderhearted mild-mannered understanding soft easygoing good-tempered large-hearted well-disposed tender-hearted bighearted gracious good-humoured tender good-hearted kind-hearted tolerant amicable accommodating sweet-natured congenial prepossessing unassuming helpful good-humored obliging winsome cheerful warmhearted benevolent approachable big-hearted even-tempered warm softhearted mellow sociable engaging kindhearted goodhearted delightful soft-hearted good wonderful decent modest well meaning humble well intentioned swell ingratiating respectful self-effacing jovial unselfish enchanting mild mushy sensitive loving captivating charming affectionate simpatico thoughtful sweet-tempered reasonable companionable as nice as pie patient generous winning appealing taking neighbourly neighborly benign hospitable convivial courteous pleasing polite civil social gregarious charitable altruistic easy-going easy complaisant humane comradely merciful well disposed amenable conversable unreserved supportive easy to get along with lenient beneficent benignant magnanimous clubbable all heart accessible couthy attractive clubby happy buddy-buddy urbane giving cheery munificent greathearted responsive noble indulgent outgoing philanthropical righteous humanitarian chirpy bleeding-heart liberal great-hearted philanthropic well-mannered open bonhomous communicative perky civilized welcoming chummy calm matey harmonious mannerly civilised favourable favorable breezy honest respectable upright ethical all right honourable virtuous honorable feeling moral selfless angelic benefic maternal motherly fatherly upstanding just principled propitious regardful clement forbearing cooperative downright neighborly chivalrous pitying princely big public-spirited easy to get on with gallant sensible peaceful charismatic enjoyable relishable preferable temperate assent informal natural pally relaxed uninhibited approving good-looking expansive forgiving presentable hearty compatible acquiescent moderate compliant cozy copacetic handsome regular cosy kindred marshmallow softie empathic commiserative empathetic like-minded canny nice-looking bonny pretty broad-minded open-minded sentimental human willing to please favourably disposed palsy-walsy company-loving sweetheart aces comely okay white-hat elevated free moralistic high-minded conscientious valiant goodish fair lofty great self-sacrificing high heroic lordly wholesome favourably inclined favorably inclined fit unanimous adapted frictionless united suitable shared public comforting eleemosynary unstinting soft touch brotherly tactful unoffensive open-handed dutiful lavish bounteous attentive bountiful fatherlike heart in right place openhanded openhearted freehanded deferential solicitous well-suited sympathique well suited fond congruous amical consistent consonant good egg regular fellow right neighborly trustworthy community amusing popular familiar informative common pleasurable collective organized communal group entertaining polished general diverting receptive incorrupt worthy dependable peaceable right straight true organised societal clean-living on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean well mannered stand-up right-minded


Not objectionable
unobjectionable acceptable adequate admissible agreeable A-OK average big common cool copacetic decent delightful fair hep hip hunky-dory innocuous inoffensive kosher large okay passable pleasant pleasing respectable standard sufficient swell tolerable trendy unexceptional welcome all right peachy keen right on cooking with gas in the swim on the ball on the beam up to code up to snuff satisfactory unexceptionable fine reasonable OK tame good unoffending innocent fairish in order serviceable so-so up to scratch mild unremarkable moderate middling gentle appropriate goodish commensurate safe proper alright not bad competent anodyne jake innoxious good enough peaceable run-of-the-mill suitable palatable correct fitting fit peaceful sufficing comfortable fairly good neutral fair-to-middling up to standard up to par up to the mark bland benign commonplace white hurtless sound valid solid copasetic presentable plenty minimal vanilla satisfying pretty good quite good tickety-boo middle-of-the-road plain vanilla bog-standard insipid faultless beyond reproach irreproachable mediocre on the money on the mark spot on ordinary undistinguished medium indifferent non-provocative non-controversial flourishing fine and dandy as it should be able cromulent enough half-pie nothing to shout about nothing to write home about no great shakes providential fortunate prosperous useful lucky well happy bright convenient ample commensurable wholesome unprovocative uncontroversial assuaging assuasive appeasing abundant snug risk-free riskless unoffensive sufficiently good requisite proportionate completely understandable totally fine unmalicious uninjurious inobnoxious offenseless unhurtful congruous playful plentiful suited plenteous apposite apropos bounteous quiet retiring well-suited necessary fitted enow as much as is necessary aplenty copious as much as you need bountiful unintended well-intentioned unintentional humble unobtrusive non-injurious nonprovocative well-meant ducky non-aggressive non-combative non-violent calm friendly clean dull okey-dokey fair to middling allowable workaday apt rightful due not up to much substantial generous tidy moderately good becoming not too bad deserved right just condign merited not much cop opportune befitting felicitous applicable mean timely intermediate expedient O.K. meet bearable run-of-the-mine run-of-mine second-class second-rate just right considerable sizeable noticeable biggish significant goodly sizable appreciable marked worthwhile fair enough amateur amateurish modest everyday normal unimpeachable livable usual midway median uninspired unexciting middle midsize midsized groovy delighting cogent gratifying peachy fulfilling inconsequential inconsiderable limited easy not so hot advantageous perfect wealthy luxurious justified better than nothing propitious favourable opulent liberal elegant ideal golden promising auspicious obligatory warranted ripe seemly done equivalent corresponding affluent gracious desirable seasonable pertinent relevant comparable equitable worthy germane commodious comme il faut comely heaven-sent favorable well timed best cornucopian handy cut out for user friendly advisable in keeping fit for purpose righteous right up someone's street to the point in keeping with politic in character nice legit well-timed proportional equal bounden well-fixed well-situated well off correspondent consistent right and proper free from hardship well-off well-heeled well-to-do compatible coextensive matching symmetrical in accord

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