Đồng nghĩa của facile

Alternative for facile

Tính từ

Very easy or involving minimal effort
easy effortless simple straightforward painless uncomplicated elementary obvious quick smooth untroublesome cheap fluid undemanding downhill light a bludge a breeze a cinch a doddle a piece of cake a pushover as easy as ABC as easy as falling off a log a snap basic duck soup easy as pie easygoing easy-peasy money for jam money for old rope ready snap trivial trouble-free apparent hands-down breezy child's play inconsiderable no sweat picnic pushover royal as easy as pie leisurely soft unchallenging unexacting stress-free idiot-proof easy-breezy not difficult a cakewalk a gift a picnic a walk in the park plain sailing unproblematic fluent uninvolved piece of cake no problem a snip manageable not burdensome no trouble rudimental a piece of old tackle clear comfortable no bother easily done nothing to it cinch plain clear-cut natural flowing simple as ABC graceful mindless mere a five-finger exercise untroubled little paltry cushy accessible wieldy idiotproof evident elegant free-flowing unbroken uninterrupted continuous nothing not hard kids' stuff regular rhythmic open-and-shut a doss a snack easy as ABC self-explanatory direct unsophisticated easily learnable too easy rudimentary routine unfussy down-to-earth simplistic sinuous feline fast easy to learn parsimonious attainable efficient easeful perspicuous spontaneous instinctive intuitive weightless palpable unambiguous unmistakable workable unforced running cursive offhand unequivocal user friendly transparent user-friendly distinct slight well-ordered lax unburdensome no muss no fuss patent bed of roses relaxed uninhibited safe yielding manifest uneventful easy-going laid-back liquid articulate untaxing well ordered moderate casual bearable tolerable endurable low impact able to speak or write superficial minimal lazy cool cavalier benign tender nonabrasive mellow soothing bland balmy middle-of-the-road carefree unlabored feasible easy going smooth sailing easy progress straight sailing easy ride easily accomplished runaway easily won teeming streaming rushing gushing sweeping rolling sleek full flooded falling abundant prolific rich overrun issuing tidal spouting curving fluidic abounding rippling liquefied brimming brimming over pouring out

Tính từ

Polite, elegant, and sophisticated in manner
smooth suave urbane charming debonair glib mannerly persuasive slick chivalrous civil considerate cultivated decent decorous genteel gentlemanly polite refined respectable respectful sophisticated cool courteous ingratiating smarmy together unctuous collected composed courtly gracious polished svelte civilised civilized genial possessed silky unruffled coolheaded equable oily royal sedate self-composed self-possessed silver-tongued smooth-tongued media-savvy affable cultured well-bred worldly worldly-wise gallant bland pleasant well mannered stylish smart dignified elegant poised diplomatic tactful gentle obliging cosmopolitan well bred friendly amiable dashing smooth-talking spiffy dapper well-mannered sharp good-natured swish politic cordial sociable self-assured swanky fly well dressed metropolitan experienced knowing mature well-groomed well turned out congenial unemotional agreeable soft impeccable fulsome soft-spoken pleasing formal distingué assured smooth-spoken balanced confident deferential trim spruce snappy attractive enlightened knowledgeable thoughtful ladylike trig well groomed jet-set classy chic citified intelligent blasé happy casual nonchalant detached buoyant sprightly cheerful jaunty unprovincial seasoned aware mondaine erudite well-behaved well behaved discreet kind complaisant world-weary on fleek broad-minded unprejudiced liberal worldly wise well brought up conciliatory attentive punctilious mild amenable sympathetic well brought-up neighborly obsequious well-spoken well spoken concerned neighbourly condescending solicitous good-mannered streetwise well-travelled well travelled been around hip catholic planetary gregarious public ecumenical trendy snazzy sassy fashionable happening posh kicking spiff swell schmick supercool swank sporty chichi well-dressed smartly dressed well turned-out in vogue fashionably dressed discerning educated tasteful graceful learned discriminating fine perceptive highbrow intellectual modish accomplished couth sensitive astute shrewd wise ritzy proper literate informed clever exquisite scholarly au courant handsome tony exclusive seemly advanced voguish sagacious in distinguished stately well-read a la mode natty literary kicky well read well informed well educated majestic artistic beautiful lettered plush judicious nice with it bright up-to-date acute brainy sage savvy dressy well-educated fresh high-class well-informed aristocratic aesthetic modern fastidious versed developed illuminated percipient insightful sapient esthetic luxurious studious now fancy grand upscale genius groovy mod ostentatious correct uptown widely read lovely trendsetting brilliant glamorous opulent with-it up to date academic rational noble contemporary sensible perspicacious bookish in the know canny cognizant highbrowed expert deep conversant esoteric scholastic delicate well versed having been around creative critical quick-witted sumptuous keen well-rounded tolerant up to the minute progressive upmarket appealing prudent arty ingenious subtle dressed to kill inventive profound superior schooled cerebral quick swinging oversophisticated befitting alert ultra-modern instructed nifty selective well-born funky big donnish switched-on de rigueur practical becoming new ceremonious clear-sighted sharp-witted plugged in posted in fashion rich all the rage original penetrating down clued-up piercing imaginative well-off sublime expensive dainty aesthete elitist comely flattering engaging charismatic reasonable august conscious ornate affected gnostic traveled inspired likeable likable esthete prim travelled precise acquainted elaborate familiar select intuitive apprised studied understanding witty fetching flash restrained hot accurate able with good taste designer captivating observant argute appreciative abreast sound competent hep turned-on skilful pedantic recondite def pretentious razor-sharp cunning flashy tuned in skilled rakish dap in the picture absorbing sentient calculating jazzy current neat in style au fait intellective swagger sussed omniscient latest thing sleek latest skillful bang up to date high-toned clued up genned up in thing in the loop tuned-in dressed to the teeth larger than life on the ball as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox classical privileged comfortable discriminative modest high-quality eloquent industrialized good mannered humane particular finished lively poetic expressive coffee-table popular honorable honourable cavalier well-brought-up strong fully developed imposing highbred preux lofty adulatory complimentary high-bred conventional womanly plushy obscure glitzy spirited active flippant high-society dicty high-fashion understated downtown airy close rigorous late evolved improved forward high pinpoint spot-on higher mathematical responsible reliable into dress fast supersmart well schooled international global highborn blue-blooded patrician avant-garde specialist gorgeous stunning bling glossy well produced dependable adult initiated insighted culty wise up vivacious faddy in-thing fancy-pants high-minded high-brow nimble ultrasmart faddish clean du jour steezy modernistic showy harmonious groomed presentable splashy pizzazzy pizazzy elite well-traveled open-minded taught trained upper-crust mindful flamboyant colorful gay loud proficient whiz highly-developed industrialised looking sharp dressed up prestigious intellectualistic intellectualist psychologic good einstein last word colourful jet-setting prescient à la mode in the mainstream with experience old matured fitting fit incisive exceptional sharpened in high feather eggheaded geeky clerkly well put together practised privy across pretty dressed to the nines patronizing hollow prudish straitlaced prissy stuffy pompous confined la-di-da intolerant patronising artificial snooty priggish snobbish precious blue nerdish nerdy solid polymath professorial philosophical abstruse philosophic solemn pansophic grounded well-grounded scientific grave been there old hand seductive considered rapier-like razor-like with a knowledge of up on at home practiced switched on with an understanding of no stranger to leet level-headed grown-up primed spick and span well-turned-out dolled up well-tailored well-developed clean-cut spiffed-up besuited well-presented soigné tutored razor sharp selfish materialistic grasping quiet unobtrusive in good taste splendiferous aesthetically pleasing pure chaste unaffected gratifying subdued prestige watchful very smart cautious careful sharp as a tack hyperintelligent worldly-minded avaricious greedy covetous high-end deluxe lavish upper-class free-thinking expedient provocative gripping stimulating thought-provoking intriguing callous hardened self-centered unprincipled opportunistic self-centred disenchanted power-loving mondain impressive circumspect commonsensical gnarly massive advisable enchanting art-house logical strategic sober hip to wised up endearing briefed sane pawky tactical judgmatical judgmatic desirable self-aware vigilant stylin' efficacious well-versed versant sweet prepossessing bewitching adorable cute winning excellent distinctive first-class artistically aware innovative knowing what's what well-advised well judged heads-up seasonable far-sighted wary judicial common-sense well advised long-headed just well-judged thorough well thought out analytical plugged-in apprized well briefed dreamy lovable entrancing enticing delectable alluring resourceful masterly blue-stocking intellectually aware savant distingue abreast of the facts filled in up to speed serious riveting powerful heavy interesting heavyweight fascinating irresistible beguiling winsome adorbs divine luring well versed in the ways of the world all the go enterprising gifted inviting couthy magnetizing bonny delightful magnetic magnetising electrifying le dernier cri talented capable qualified absorbed thinking engrossed ratiocinative innovational trailblazing fertile originative Promethean innovatory wily dexterous pioneering adroit crafty dextrous sly deviceful ready thinking outside the box clear-eyed classic choice ornamented rare overdone recherche stylized well-designed

Tính từ

rudimental basic fundamental elementary essential rudimentary elemental introductory primary underlying basal beginning foundational abecedarian initial primitive original preliminary ABCs clear plain prefatory primo simplest simplex simplified substratal uncomplex easy straightforward uncomplicated meat-and-potatoes child's play duck soup meat and potatoes key necessary principal vital cardinal first central chief radical indispensable root crucial intrinsic prime critical early initiatory primordial important inherent pivotal requisite constitutional preparatory simple staple quintessential needed structural main focal capital ingrained salient primal major significant paramount core profound constituent innate integral constitutive underived bottom-line lowest basilar foundation bog-standard causal uncompleted larval nuts-and-bolts nitty-gritty organic deep-seated substrative axiomatic grass-roots theoretical bottom ultimate deep supporting sustaining axiological groundlaying required consequential mandatory imperative characteristic substantive natural necessitous all-important compulsory needful obligatory burning connected component earliest prerequisite all important must-have at the heart of high-priority called for pre-eminent vitally important premier inaugural foremost maiden primeval pioneer starting embryonic native opening indigenous aboriginal headmost inceptive virgin commencing leadoff infant autochthonous underivative autochthonic pristine prototype prototypal primaeval first-hand previous leading urgent dominant predominant pressing inborn great big inbred overriding preeminent immanent prominent material serious grand deep-rooted supreme hardwired influential congenital built-in life-and-death decisive engrained prior master acute momentous arch ingrain of great consequence considerable compelling overbearing overmastering far-reaching meaningful of the essence of the utmost importance greatest weighty connate heavy number one sovereign numero uno hard-wired sovran highest inbuilt grave outstanding substantial ruling top connatural hereditary exigent powerful indwelling number-one head heavy-duty noteworthy dire large-scale monumental intense historic high-level pertinent appreciable in one's blood earth-shattering instinctive lead notable sizable strategic precursory uppermost distinctive eminent of consequence in-built inductive big-time big league utmost earnest deciding latent prevailing inherited inseparable topmost determining indelible immediate severe commanding permanent pronounced ponderous ineradicable germane climacteric determinative presiding supereminent implicit intuitive exceptional imposing high rooted trial intimate overruling particular instrumental test pilot internal extensive desperate controlling formative deep-down eventful instinctual exploratory preceding seminal special mighty conspicuous major-league earthshaking readying preparing high-ranking in the blood relevant applicable ancient true bread-and-butter real apposite prehistoric large apropos pointed incorporated genuine ineffaceable distinguished standard preparative antique antediluvian striking fixed marked celebrated inner telling operative senior impactful subjective noted integrant especial importunate imperious keynote inmost prelusive landmark top-level top-priority heavyweight almighty reputable illustrious prodigious tectonic extreme appropriate prelim primigenial clamant emergent arch- demanded life-changing big-league life and death prestigious honoured superior hefty tough crying noble honourable honorable top-ranking epoch-making resonant life-or-death in your blood honored of moment much needed fateful emphatic in the family well known major league high profile high-up natural-born bred in the bone high-powered wanted highly regarded everyday part and parcel life-preserving life-sustaining mere qualifying sheer prevalent pure nuclear contained alpha axial fitting causative contributory contributing connecting popular absolute climactic natal star stellar No. 1 stipulated underlined apt composing definitive actual trusted included embedded entrenched chad authoritative inveterate dynamic invaluable gut in demand spontaneous unlearned untaught name-of-the-game world-shaking indicative brassbound executive emergency drastic sore impelling infused instilled ingrown coal-and-ice very important chronic confirmed terrible driving parlous right-hand base lead-in prolegomenous transcendental sublime categorical unacquired normal typical regular strongest immense tremendous implanted wild inwrought difficult top-notch big time puissant skookum top-drawer of high standing first-gen mission-critical incumbent advance prodromal precursive experimental explorative en suite maximum dyed-in-the-wool instant elevated empyrean empyreal lower ur- proto- super solemn firsthand direct inexpungible enormous sizeable huge called-for very great involuntary nonelective forced peremptory prodromic preludial prelusory unalienable inward resident genetic individual integrated compulsatory sombre super colossal hard mammoth of great import no joke sober valuable no laughing matter of significance somber responsible unmediated decision-making nascent exceeding ultra titanic vast astronomic astronomical ample first-edition first-ever testing expedient desired preferred proper de rigueur binding incumbent on name of game specified recommended creative trying searching settling second-to-none uncivilised unevolved old uncivilized coarse barbaric demanding attention goodly biggish psychological extraordinary innovative forceful milestone relative clamorous imaginative groundbreaking recognized famous respected noticeable signal memorable carrying a lot of weight impressive remarkable ponderable touchy insistent showdown climatic appurtenant applicative renowned touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice pioneering productive now or never ground-breaking sensational much rare portentous uncommon conclusive glaring front-page unusual newsworthy well-known famed business-critical first-generation pointful associated strong headline preponderant obvious unforgettable worthy of attention quantum generous unordinary potent glorious sweeping formational constructional esteemed iconic acclaimed dignified precautionary prep before historical formidable recognised public worthwhile ad rem to the point to the purpose fractional composite ingredient divisional organizational configurational oustanding fatal germinal prior to inspiring in anticipation of inspirational in advance of generative overshadowing dangerous grievous of concern high-profile of note of influence of mark well thought of in the public eye partial factorial combinative part constituting systemic constructural formalistic skeletal organisational architectural anatomical anatomic most important most prominent most influential

Tính từ

Able to express oneself easily and articulately
fluent articulate eloquent silver-tongued cogent glib voluble coherent communicative effortless expressive illuminating natural persuasive vivid well-spoken well-versed smooth-spoken assured chatty confident copious cursive declamatory disputatious effusive garrulous loquacious mellifluent mellifluous prompt quick running self-assured smooth-tongued talkative verbose vocal wordy smooth-talking grandiloquent lucid clear well-expressed effective convincing intelligible slick plausible easy fast-talking ready oratorical urbane insincere moving flip understandable suave slippery comprehensible magniloquent artful forceful vocative hot-air meaningful smooth operator impassioned facund nicely spoken hard to resist speechmaking debating flattering refined striking noticeable polite posh-sounding fathomable apprehensible thought through comprehendible speaking smooth powerful pat graceful pregnant revealing significant neat silky potent suggestive disingenuous meaning pointed telling strong stirring graphic revelatory flippant simplistic superficial oversimplified shallow sweet-talking indicative rhetorical ardent fervid sententious fervent touching well spoken outspoken passionate well expressed affecting impressive poignant having kissed the Blarney Stone with the gift of the gab telltale emotional deep evocative inspiring allusive mournful heartfelt profound sincere sad doleful feeling uplifting soulful symbolic redolent animated evocatory intriguing mobile impactful warming gladdening cheerful cheering witty well-crafted encouraging sensitive inspiriting heartening instigative elevating inspirative enriching improving inspirational heart-warming fiery stirred tender deeply felt well-turned knowing denoting symptomatic allegorical emblematic demonstrative token compelling representational figurative insightful representative symbolical calculating hinting indicatory significatory connoting characteristic valid insinuating giveaway reflective evidential oracular denotative informative relevant exhibitive pithy solemn purposeful signifying

Tính từ

So lacking in originality as to be obvious and boring
banal commonplace ordinary tired stale stock trite hackneyed unoriginal boring dull pedestrian threadbare vapid platitudinous routine stereotyped unimaginative humdrum common conventional everyday hack predictable stereotypical clichéd dreary monotonous mundane overdone overused overworked prosaic tedious tiresome vanilla corny derivative hoary time-worn uneventful uninspired uninteresting bromidic cliche cobwebby cornball hackney hacky ho-hum mind-numbing moth-eaten musty obligatory repetitious run-of-the-mill shopworn timeworn well-worn worn out cliché-ridden dime-store old hat truistic unvaried wearisome blah bland cornfed dumb hokey noplace nothing nowhere pabulum played out square stupid tripe trivial zero ho hum dull as dishwater flat unexciting jejune dry worn-out insipid old colourless colorless workaday unremarkable drab uninspiring lifeless lacklustre tame lackluster stodgy heavy quotidian cliché worn ponderous stuffy arid jading monochromatic warmed-over plain vanilla tiring slow leaden wearying numbing drudging weary dusty set unexceptional characterless usual normal undistinguished familiar tune bathetic ready-made average mediocre sterile bog-standard stereotypic platitudinal exhausted drained mildewed chain used-up spiritless standard cliched antiquated indifferent middle-of-the-road a dime a dozen no great shakes nothing to write home about formulaic well worn plodding so-so unvarying mainstream obsolete customary not up to much unstimulating typical ornery garden-variety repetitive familiar matter-of-fact common or garden uninventive featureless regular samey half-pie garden variety uncreative warmed-up nondescript out of date dry as dust unmemorable second-rate imitative forgettable not so hot barren as dry as dust middling plain out of the ark outdated outmoded day-to-day banausic old-fashioned deadly dreich lacking variety defunct wishy-washy standard-issue cut-and-dry cut-and-dried OK unadventurous passé copied derived dead plagiarized passionless anaemic terrestrial monochrome lowly nitty-gritty soporific inane fatiguing prosy run of the mill turgid bush-league lame anemic unentertaining unenjoyable stiff passable inferior lacking variation yawnsome mean dullsville wooden plebeian dime-a-dozen draggy garden plagiarised not much cop weariful dim lacking excitement lacking interest archaic nothing to get excited about plagiaristic second-hand big yawn non-innovative rehashed mawkish out-of-date old-hat feeble vacuous frayed cribbed fuddy-duddy fair soulless unchanging zestless humble mechanical medium heavy-going prevalent tolerable soul-destroying unspirited irksome unrelieved unsophisticated traditional past their sell-by date prolix laborious amateurish amateur dismal depressing bloodless deadening dull as ditchwater insignificant unnoteworthy formal run-of-the-mine run-of-mine second-class white-bread monotone flavourless unappealing unanimated popular ten a penny plastic laboured deadly dull not very good labored flavorless cliché orthodox standardized conventionalized silly mass-produced typecast played-out old-chestnut old-saw vieux jeu unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed yawn ineffective difficult modest unspecial standardised homespun menial faded tarnished workday unpretentious serious unartistic simple over-serious phoned in gray grey sentimental kitschy cheesy mindless worn thin formalistic homely staple weak desolate past bent effete foetid fetid yesterday's out unsentimental unvarnished unembellished unpoetic literal unemotional factual clear unadorned uninterested tepid suburban unromantic deadpan overlong not bad empty crude meagre simplistic meager innocuous treadmill toneless gone off ancient mimetic boilerplate low-grade generic like a dinosaur raw dispiriting wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy downcast dragging enervating interminable mortal exhausting poky snooze mimic general pedantic staid lustreless prevailing going basic current endless pallid limp verbose lined decrepit aged dated apish jake moderate torpid extinct slavish household accustomed weighty stilted established adequate ragged weathered broken-down rundown antediluvian family casual ubiquitous habitual domestic frequent informal epigonic epigonous antiseptic superannuated hard to digest heavy going wonted middle of the road nothing special canned outworn dog-eared shabby wrinkled undistinctive inoffensive fair-to-middling whitebread meh waterish nerdy wimpy milk-and-water sapless long-drawn-out tattered battered used emulative antwacky intermediate decent fairish cut and dried readily available widely available fair to middling of poor quality the worse for wear stereotype counterfeit proletarian lower-class widespread working-class ignoble unappetizing unpalatable inedible secondary low obvious matter-of-course starch natural unsavoury tasteless distasteful uneatable uniform savourless uninviting boiler plate off-putting unpleasant unattractive disagreeable echoic baseborn low-class lowborn secondhand lumpen peasant low-life vulgar unwashed low-born prole low-ranking regimented copycat blue-singlet governmental utilitarian corporate functional institutional unsavory rudimentary ugly standard issue elementary evolved procured borrowed hereditary obtained acquired ancestral inferential subordinate cognate connate caused inferred of low birth coming from not original acceptable okay satisfactory all right unimpressive respectable inconspicuous straightforward sufficient serviceable indistinctive good bog standard good enough neutral bourgeois middle-class limited unexceptionable presentable unspectacular median fairly good reasonable fine inconsequential O.K. midsize midsized middle goodish uncomplicated par for the course pretty good conservative provincial allowable small-town lusterless admissible parochial practical nothing out of the ordinary conformist unimportant sufficiently good immaterial parish-pump moderately good two a penny tidy anonymous not too bad inconsiderable faceless noncommittal midway clean unobjectionable of no consequence off-the-shelf unimposing unspecified unidentified immemorable majority daily in-between no-frills businesslike enough small poor usual thing long-winded discreet settled public anodyne quiet unenthusiastic shiftless unextraordinary scanty unnoticeable middle-England petit-bourgeois annoying irritating diddly actual practicable prose unfateful indecisive noneventful inconclusive livable unimpeachable earthbound plain-Jane blending into the background skimpy light useless boresome vexatious irrelevant paltry considerable minimal pointless piddling worthless matter-of- fact blank expressionless no big deal meaningless whatever sparse superabundant competent noticeable goodly sizable generous worthwhile abundant substantial sizeable biggish significant comfortable appreciable marked pathetic better than nothing artless commensurate fair enough apathetic unambitious lazy able plenty cromulent sufficing unrefined up to scratch cheap and commonplace mid medial neither one thing nor the other lacking personality lacking charisma intermediary halfway of little consequence of little importance not worth mentioning of no importance of no great concern of no account bought insular inward-looking blinkered property-owning nothing to shout about unmotivated ample mediate central midmost store par run-of-the mill beige medium-sized middle-sized rural country shopkeeping propertied materialistic not amounting to much down-to-earth up to standard off-the-rack off-the-peg store-bought Pooterish hidebound folksy inelaborate pure and simple normophilic uncluttered unornamented austere rustic your basic unostentatious unelaborate undecorated philistine Victorian old-line illiberal harmless safe halfhearted diluted boiled down without punch straight unambiguous uninvolved easy specific painless clear-cut short precise non-complex

Tính từ

Expressing opinions or feelings freely or loudly
vocal blunt frank outspoken forthright vociferous strident clamorous noisy plain-spoken candid direct forceful free-spoken insistent open uninhibited articulate emphatic enthusiastic expressive keen loud vehement vigorous zealous eloquent fluent free glib plainspoken raucous round smooth-spoken stentorian venting voluble demanding obstreperous full-throated honest plain vociferant upfront explicit boisterous earnest eager uproarious fervent shrill shouting impassioned unreserved rowdy fervid urgent fiery fierce heated importunate blatant straightforward straight unevasive unguarded openhearted forthcoming undissembling angry inflamed abrupt unequivocal downright rabid opinionated up-front up front straight from the shoulder straight-talking straight-shooting truthful clamant unvarnished bald loudmouthed not beating about the bush unmodified not pulling any punches rackety tumultuous loud-mouthed yowling yawping yauping squawking ranting vociferating caterwauling distracting shrieking resounding deafening clattery screaming clangorous clattering blaring riotous clamorsome strong ardent intense passionate powerful violent flaming forcible harsh grating jarring spirited rasping animated screeching discordant blazing superheated torrid passional charged religious red-hot emotional demonstrative glowing hot-blooded warm warm-blooded incandescent fanatical feverish perfervid burning stridulous unmusical desperate potent impetuous lively frantic hot concentrated hyper pronounced hearty delirious wild clashing stridulant rough piercing point-blank on the make hopped up jangling dissonant ear-piercing unmelodious unharmonious brusque unambiguous unceremonious bluff stridulatory stentorious artless freehearted square foursquare unreticent undisguised unconcealed hoarse baying stertorous persuasive squeaky squawky out-front talking turkey laying it on the line calling spade a spade excited committed avid wholehearted energetic raging frenzied dedicated deep devoted furious profound heartfelt sincere desirous impatient enthused hungry gung ho excitable athirst intent voracious resolute extreme unrestrained acute solicitous crazy antsy tempestuous mad keen consuming determined devout raring volatile willing agog ambitious pumped thirsty uncontrolled yearning assiduous longing deep-seated anxious vivacious active vivid interested stoked appetent explosive ready keen as mustard ready and willing steadfast mighty incensed ebullient temperamental stormy irascible full-hearted uncontrollable exhilarated aggressive motivated serious hot-tempered exuberant aroused craving nuts rash deeply felt dynamic zestful impulsive high-spirited juiced greedy geeked genuine restless on fire hopped-up champing at the bit strenuous hepped up mettlesome hysterical stirring conscientious raring to go pious heightened emotive driven warmblooded faithful raw staunch inordinate immoderate desiring intemperate loyal itching thrilling intensive firm fuming unbridled mad sentimental ungovernable stimulated true diligent excessive titillated melodramatic dithyrambic punchy hankering pining rampant mercurial dying to white-hot frenetic hard-hitting obsessed touchy hasty neurotic moving self-starting hot to trot great afire restive heavy true blue keyed up as keen as mustard bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ablaze chomping at the bit volcanic hot-headed feeling turbulent quick-tempered rousing hectic wrathful industrious deep-rooted messianic tough enraged sprightly overwrought agitated thrilled amorous unwavering terrible pleased wishing animate card-carrying hopeful compelling ecstatic sworn stanch seething hotheaded tender responsive sensitive hyperactive inspired nutty adherent unqualified hard effective assertive dramatic revering wishful stirred roused in-your-face venerating dying all-consuming severe breathless rarin' to go covetous cogent overemotional susceptible ferocious nervous high-powered weighty convincing dutiful blistering gung-ho militant aflame peppery hellacious overzealous raving intent on telling exciting steamed up pulling no punches agitable fired up true-blue efficient influential plausible possessed ripe adoring coercive credible out of control unanswerable spasmodic convulsive worked up high-strung very excited big from the heart in a frenzy easily provoked puissant on a short fuse full of beans highly strung short-fused bursting tremendous overpowering plucky scintillating contentious effusive acquisitive fevered sexy titillating arousing spunky bitter red-blooded aflutter gingery all out sultry bubbling over towering very angry thirsting marked allegiant penetrating aching inspirited galvanized energized intensified overactive loving heartwarming overcharged moved influenced activated encouraged uplifted hoping diehard fond doting supportive sentient verklempt potty daft untrammeled untrammelled unfeigned warmhearted primal visceral galvanised energised off the air on the warpath foaming at the mouth fit to be tied touchy-feely indignant irate acrimonious ireful jumping up and down mushy romantic touching stirred up fast good down-the-line constant steady pledged habitual set on on the edge of one's seat gagging bent on on pins and needles desirous of on tenterhooks waiting with bated breath hankering after self-driven gotta have hot for short-fuse deep-dyed dinkum single-minded purposeful pushy poignant high-pressure precipitate headlong inspiring hotblooded affecting quickened fundamentalist orthodox heart-and-soul goody-goody worshipping worshiping pietistic zealotic fired go-ahead fanatic wild-eyed obsessive itchy fireball traditional conservative reverent rampaging excruciating devastating pure prayerful amenable inclined engaged hung up disposed happy unreluctant game glad starry-eyed storming vicious exquisite unchecked fearsome unmanageable ghastly overwhelming sharp unfettered frightful uncurbed biting dreadful almighty fearful goody two-shoes agonizing painful blustery ruinous coming on strong paroxysmal heavy-duty gale force agonising outrageous full of force resolved adamant deliberate definite full-blooded arduous muscular taxing crazed berserk all-out rigorous exhausting brisk distraught unrestrainable distracted lustful manic unhinged deranged beside oneself maniac maniacal distrait unruly headstrong sonorous ringing thunderous thundering booming earsplitting in earnest set meaning what one says meaning business decided hell-bent serious-minded swivel-eyed berko edgy skittish valid impressive irrepressible in a state carried away maddened driven to distraction very upset unnerved out of one's wits panic-stricken in a panic beside yourself overexcited in a fit hysteric jumpy tense plangent slam-bang blasting strict unstable brittle uptight chippy moody twitchy unsettled jittery hyperexcitable skittery fluttery snappy spooky hot and heavy hyperkinetic adrenalized flighty testy stressy wired uneasy reverberating armed efficacious easily frightened easily upset inflammable fiddle-footed intolerant short fused reckless blowing hot and cold galvanic easily agitated peevish quick alarmable fidgety on the ball rational logical meaningful impactful lucid reasoned capable grand material striking pertinent charming histrionical trenchant able sufficient well-founded definitive relevant well reasoned imposing irresistible satisfying coherent reasonable authoritative significant successful theatric sound graceful important well founded performant clear powerhouse fulminating cacophonous crashing blustering roaring resonant rich forte drastic pealing ear-splitting conclusive lusty full wakes the dead high-sounding rotund rambunctious turned up full-mouthed compulsory loud-voiced fascinated rhapsodic wacky concerned tantalized tantalised bugged zesty gaga turnt gone on

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