Đồng nghĩa của short fuse

Danh từ

The personality trait of being quick to anger
acerbity anger annoyance bad humor cantankerousness crossness dander excitability fit fretfulness furore furor fury grouchiness heat hotheadedness huffiness ill-humor impatience irascibility irascibleness ire irritability irritation low boiling point miff outburst passion peevishness petulance pugnacity rage resentment sensitivity short temper slow burn snit sourness spleen stew sullenness surliness tantrum tartness tear temperament tetchiness tiff tizzy touchiness wax testiness grumpiness crankiness bad temper temper pettishness choler crotchetiness waspishness perversity perverseness irritableness biliousness snappiness crabbiness shortness asperity edginess ill temper snappishness uncertain temper fieriness paddy strop bate paroxysm sulk paddywhack pet blowout fit of rage bad mood huff fit of ill temper mood fit of bad temper skid foulie hissy fit grump fit of pique pique displeasure vexation indignation exasperation ill humour querulousness moodiness wrath outrage chagrin infuriation gall fractiousness aggravation acrimony dyspepsia prickliness sulkiness animosity madness hatred bother frustration churlishness storm conniption irateness ill humor bile angriness lividness lividity umbrage wrathfulness birse agitation curmudgeonliness antagonism crustiness bad-temperedness rankling enmity botheration soreness distemper disapprobation rancour spite discontent malice air rage rattiness dissatisfaction blow up cat fit malevolence provocation bitterness spitefulness nervousness stroppiness tension anxiety restiveness disgruntlement uneasiness viciousness rancor jitteriness quick temper hot temper sharpness caprice mad harassment bedevilment vehemence hate hatefulness grief disturbance violence aggro pip dudgeon nuisance high dudgeon unhappiness distress oversensitivity hypersensitivity hot-temperedness short-temperedness captiousness quick-temperedness quarrelsomeness pettiness terseness hot-headedness ticklishness crabbedness stickiness lather fume trouble seasickness nausea sickness vomiting queasiness ill-humour hassle venom hostility motion sickness unsettled stomach arbitrariness whinginess tantrums capriciousness mardiness ungraciousness cynicism road rage discontentment scratchiness malignity maliciousness flare-up vengeance rise offense offence malignance a mood shrewishness pepperiness restlessness orneriness chippiness shirtiness ill nature a bad mood soreheadedness boiling point extreme anger antipathy vindictiveness nastiness malignancy cattiness meanness animus despite discomfort upset stress miffiness snakiness a sore head ill feeling fierceness fire blood lust resentfulness histrionics furiousness nerves tenseness milt dislike melancholy lien ill will grudge whim depression a short fuse impetuosity jitters flightiness skittishness jumpiness fidgets fidgetiness abruptness intolerance curtness brusqueness disquietude twitchiness nerviness harrying importunity bugging mard teasing nervous tension bothering persecution pestering

Tính từ

Not tolerant of views, beliefs, or behaviour that differ from one's own
intolerant bigoted narrow-minded prejudiced illiberal small-minded dogmatic narrow blinkered one-sided biased inflexible insular parochial provincial racist unsympathetic chauvinistic dictatorial fanatical partial partisan rigid uncompromising unfair unforgiving xenophobic discriminatory racialist sectarian uncharitable unjust antipathetic averse contemptuous disdainful fractious hateful indignant individualistic irate irritable jaundiced obdurate outraged short-fuse snappy stuffy tilted unforbearing unindulgent unwilling upset waspish worked-up hidebound petty chauvinist small myopic closed-minded limited Lilliputian small-town picayune sexist inward-looking close-minded restricted localist parish-pump conservative distorted little warped jerkwater anti-Semitic short-sighted opinionated reactionary parti pris petty-minded diehard conventional anti-gay homophobic heterosexist weighted dyed-in-the-wool entrenched blimpish claustral closed puritanical doctrinaire jingoistic inequitable discriminating nationalistic slanted prejudicial selfish mean coloured obstinate grudging pigheaded colored blind twisted strait-laced moralistic prim prudish priggish starchy prissy nationalist shockable ethnocentric isolationist influenced ungenerous predisposed loaded unsophisticated preferential non-objective preconceived ageist disablist prepossessed set invidious tendentious extreme classist sceptical base sectional local skeptical deaf unpersuadable resistant stubborn shortsighted puritan borné inexorable swayed subjective embittered skewed unimaginative introverted favouring racially prejudiced racially discriminatory ethnocentrist shallow regional hick factional circumscribed ignoble racially bigoted jingo set in one's ways contracted secluded sequestered confined separated clannish cliquish favoring flag-waving nasty vulgar schismatic jingoist superpatriotic exclusive extremist fanatic denominational suburban woman-hating anti-feminist excessively nationalistic excessively patriotic misogynist discriminational uninformed male chauvinist differential discriminate upcountry corn-fed excludent homespun rude unpolished outmoded pastoral bucolic simple homegrown unfashionable unobjective male supremacist religious nonconforming dissident nonconformist splinter conditioned resentful discriminative fattist cynical bitter jealous inclined presupposing intransigent leaning ultra-conservative envious suspicious fundamentalist unenlightened authoritarian tight sordid strict despotic undemocratic parsimonious miserly stingy alt-right anti-democratic oppressive repressive tightfisted totalitarian disenchanted soured disillusioned hostile pessimistic close-fisted draconian fascist tyrannical distrustful disappointed misanthropic green-eyed covetous unenlarged proscriptive greedy antiliberal penny-pinching spiteful yellow unenthusiastic unindifferent tainted jaded opprobrious disapproving unequal iniquitous unwarranted unprincipled undue dishonorable unbalanced dishonest unlawful discreditable uneven devious improper fraudulent unethical cheating arbitrary bad blameworthy culpable unrightful immoral deceitful dishonourable inexcusable vicious cruel injurious shameful false low vile wrongful wrong criminal grievous wicked shameless uncalled-for

Tính từ

Characterized by strong and turbulent or conflicting emotion
mercurial passionate ardent fervent fiery excitable impassioned intense spirited temperamental vehement fervid incandescent passional perfervid rash tempestuous violent volatile charged demonstrative emotional feverish impetuous overzealous torrid wild agitable burning dithyrambic fierce heated hysterical impulsive neurotic religious superheated warm blazing flaming hyper volcanic hot-blooded hot-tempered warm-blooded high-strung hot-headed red-hot highly strung short-fuse quick-tempered capricious erratic unpredictable on fire nervous sensitive skittish edgy jumpy touchy hasty irascible tense unstable brittle moody twitchy uptight chippy unsettled jittery snappy hyperexcitable spasmodic skittery spooky hyperkinetic fluttery adrenalized flighty hyperactive stressy testy wired uneasy galvanic susceptible enthusiastic restless peevish quick uncontrolled inflammable impatient reckless alarmable fidgety intolerant short fused easily frightened easily upset easily agitated blowing hot and cold fiddle-footed glowing zealous eager earnest excited fanatical keen heartfelt animated strong vigorous profound consuming wholehearted deep-seated frenzied raging angry furious lively committed hot sincere forceful avid powerful deep thrilling sentimental melodramatic dedicated urgent vivid deeply felt frantic inflamed feeling hopped up acute incensed energetic expressive forcible messianic ecstatic tender responsive raw heightened ungovernable assiduous deep-rooted full-hearted explosive uncontrollable hearty stormy white-hot stirring potent amorous moving enthused mad keen true blue extreme emotive ablaze gung ho overemotional all-consuming steamed up fired up fuming enraged arousing sexy titillating wrathful mighty tremendous seething red-blooded vivacious sultry mettlesome spunky high-spirited aroused gingery resolute peppery scintillating desirous hectic bubbling over aflutter devout inspired steadfast allegiant nutty effusive gung-ho worked up mushy starry-eyed romantic rousing touching from the heart emphatic card-carrying very angry stirred exciting overcharged loving roused heartwarming tumultuous severe immoderate inordinate hellacious intemperate heavy excessive blistering intensified penetrating unqualified marked ferocious piercing serious pious unfeigned warmhearted clamorous outspoken vocal loud noisy vociferous sentient verklempt forthright insistent strident inspiring eloquent poignant high-pressure hotblooded stimulated precipitate affecting headlong quickened high-powered gotta have dying to keen as mustard hot for touchy-feely desperate rabid full-throated pronounced opinionated concentrated delirious on the make euphoric elevated boisterous

Trái nghĩa của short fuse

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