Đồng nghĩa của sexy

Alternative for sexy

sexy /'seksi/
  • tính từ
    • khiêu dâm, gợi tình
      • sexy film: phim khiêu dâm

Tính từ

Physically attractive or exciting in a primal way
sensual inviting seductive desirable provocative hot luscious voluptuous alluring erotic flirtatious sultry arousing beddable come-hither lush nubile provoking shapely tantalising tantalizing tempting bodacious come-to-bed coquettish dishy fanciable fit foxy sensuous sexually attractive suggestive titillating toothsome bootylicious busty curvaceous cute gorgeous handsome kissable spunky dashing dreamy yummy delicious peng attractive beautiful captivating bewitching charming ravishing beguiling pretty enchanting appealing irresistible enticing fetching lovely stunning good-looking comely fair engaging delightful tasty bonny taking striking glamorous knockout prepossessing beauteous smashing sightly pulchritudinous drop-dead winning charismatic adorable sexual lovesome easy on the eye seemly drop-dead gorgeous pleasing slinky aesthetic esthetic bonnie good likely arresting entrancing luring magnetic nice winsome well-favored fine nice-looking goodly sweet glamourous intriguing elegant dazzling adorbs divine sexually exciting sexually arousing exquisite heavenly eye-catching passionate buxom well favoured immodest as pretty as a picture graceful radiant delectable tarty amorous fascinating hunky out of this world babelicious sensational becoming fabulous naughty siren bedroom indecent stylish shameless feline fine-looking raunchy steamy easy on the eyes specious kinky on fleek well-favoured studly curvy interesting elfin agreeable darling pleasant enthralling lovable wonderful likable scrumptious splendid sublime delicate wholesome blooming likeable personable very beautiful a ten well favored ripe marriageable saucy cuddly devastating eligible dainty phat indelicate pornographic sexually mature mesmeric beckoning breathtaking exciting piquant racy juicy stimulating endearing dear beseeching lurid vixenish clean-cut top welcome grateful congenial delightsome blessed gratifying pleasurable palatable dulcet savoury enjoyable blest jolly felicitous savory satisfying encouraging cheeky intoxicating heady ample trim dreamboat eyeful bijou jaw-dropping X-rated picture-perfect extremely attractive opulent full-figured full-bosomed angelic physically attractive grand Junoesque Rubensesque resplendent aesthetically pleasing aesthetically appealing statuesque fleshly carnal drawing attracting dollish superb classy symmetrical refined photogenic ideal well-formed gainly well-stacked well-proportioned well formed telegenic willowy fashionable dapper camera-friendly presentable prettyish showstopping sheen debonair well turned beaut flamboyant magnificent precious marvellous marvelous tasteful admirable mesmerizing mesmerising excellent spellbinding disarming choice cutesy artistic terrific idyllic amiable affable fab hypnotizing genial magical loveable neat hospitable smart ambrosial hypnotising chocolate-box fairy-tale extremely beautiful very attractive very pretty fetcjomg compelling picturesque young youthful decorative a sight for sore eyes goodlooking entertaining diverting ornamental visual creative fantastic amazing incredible romantic teasing enhancing fancy sirenic young-looking beautifying enamoring infatuating engrossing suave magnetizing absorbing magnetising electrifying glorious virile cherubical cherubic exceptional artful inventive aesthetical strong robust sharp noble impressive athletic spruce smooth innocent twee kawaii hypnotic good looking entranced charmed enchanted bewitched as nice as pie in good taste positive satisfactory great mind-blowing fairylike fiendish dreamlike conjuring pretty-pretty well-dressed mild acceptable exhilarating worthy favorable joyous super comforting enviable flashy euphoric comfortable valuable sound sunny clear A1 rad prime amusing glossy honourable snazzy ace commendable fun capital hunky-dory OK honorable cunning cheery reputable splashy sterling zingy soothing rapturous superior slick boss spanking showy in order relief unspoilt not bad glad too good to be true paradisiacal super-eminent passable shipshape first-class select super-excellent paradisal stupendous paradisaical calming paradisaic elating splendorous deluxe copasetic first-rate recreative supercalifragilisticexpialidocious paradisiac gnarly ecstatic copacetic relishable recherche appetizing irie favourable succulent chic suitable immaculate orderly decent tidy swank prim spotless welcoming clean delish flavourful flavoursome mouthwatering moreish flavorful flavorsome flavorous scrummy nummy toothy nectareous ambrosian rich tangy sapid nectarean appetising finger-licking mouth-watering yum-yum lip-smacking

Tính từ

Very exciting or appealing
exciting appealing arousing exhilarating rousing stimulating interesting provocative stimulative stirring thrilling fashionable intriguing trendy inspiring galvanizing electrifying mind-blowing galvanic mind-bending heart-stopping breathtaking hair-raising mind-boggling rip-roaring charged exhilarative kicky electric fascinating intoxicating galvanising heady invigorating strong powerful potent hallucinogenic compulsive enchanting elating eye-popping exhilarant enthralling envigorating mind-altering thought-provoking lively challenging entertaining sparkling inspirational refreshing provoking piquant adrenalizing moving encouraging motivating spine-tingling exalté gripping titillating hectic giving one food for thought energizing energising captivating animating enlivening bracing riveting absorbing compelling engaging vitalizing tonic restorative emotional arresting dramatic astonishing engrossing amazing spirited striking quickening beguiling inspiriting amusing vivifying overwhelming startling renewing reinvigorating wonderful diverting mesmerizing uplifting entrancing involving roborant consuming bewitching immersing dynamic shocking unputdownable spectacular astounding mesmerising brilliant alluring tantalizing attractive impressive staggering tantalising stunning spellbinding sensational eye-opening charming impelling innerving energetic persuasive stem-winding racy soul-stirring inviting colourful puzzling vivid action-packed curious incredible colorful affecting pleasing delightful magnetic motivational stupendous influential enticing remarkable hypnotic preoccupying buzzworthy wondrous horrifying suspenseful mesmeric anthemic magical enjoyable affective bright witty meaningful exhilaratory explosive attention-grabbing sensuous touching intense cheering inciting readable cliffhanging awakening complex complicated difficult baffling confusing knife-edge magnificent sensual vibrant dazzling pleasant resplendent irresistible seductive noteworthy transfixing hypnotizing pleasurable charismatic monopolizing notable hypnotising relaxing clever awesome monopolising noticeable awe-inspiring jaw-dropping fabulous fresh out of the ordinary newsworthy marvellous unique marvelous reviving cordial rejuvenating vital sensorial portentous sultry very interesting out of this world marked influencing prompting galvanical spiriting shareable viral vigorous inflammatory animated agitational enthusiastic hearty heart-pumping ensational brisk exalting emotive instigative triggering instigating revitalizing gladdening impassioned wild addictive passionate emotion-charged spine-chilling bloodcurdling terrifying frightening hair-curling alarming chilling nerve-racking distracting piquing driving revitalising elevating giddy animative fantastic stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic sensitive adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat laden pervaded permeated filled imbued suffused fraught loaded full saturated obsessing all-consuming controlling glowing boisterous rollicking ripping riotous uproarious heartbreaking heartrending salty spicy raunchy risqué salacious edgy enrapturing beautiful scintillating juicy fetching elfin tense propelling amazeballs luring tempting delectable ravishing glamourous glamorous adrenaline-fueled funny winning seducing heart-stirring sensory surprising rallying humorous bold jolting agreeable fun heart-pounding buzzy volatile adrenalized congenial recreative droll nice graphic warm blinding radiant extraordinary stimulant intoxicant hilarious chucklesome power-driven AC DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic plug-in rechargeable exceptional comical hot high glaring gleaming pronounced definite scandalous poignant scream riot be a ball cheerful fun-filled gas gay side-splitting priceless battery operated sharp biting far-out like a dream come true unimaginable special divine fantastical unheard-of majestic far out empyreal blissful fabled splendorous prodigious heavenly sublime ethereal miraculous glorious tremendous enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like unbelievable dream-filled eventful worthy of note memorable fine splashy showy lurid appalling sensationalistic revealing prepossessing emphatic easy eloquent well-written satisfying worthwhile ingenious gratifying rewarding smooth meaty trenchant topical unboring newsy relatable sensationalist significant screaming important gee-whiz catchpenny well written yellow shock-horror historic momentous melodramatic signal extravagant tabloid vulgar coloured pointed prominent rough pungent excessive livid coarse conspicuous X-rated salient colored worth reading easy to read

Tính từ

Lewd in an offensive way
provocative rude adult bawdy dirty explicit improper impure lewd obscene pornographic racy ribald smutty X-rated blue crude lubricious vulgar indecent indelicate lascivious off-color coarse suggestive salacious raunchy filthy erotic naughty spicy off colour titillating gamy gross profane prurient nasty porny near the knuckle earthy locker-room foul risqué saucy fruity wanton trashy gutter unprintable porno offensive wicked juicy steamy stag porn immodest indecorous near the bone arousing raw hard-core off gamey off-colored broad immoral unseemly Rabelaisian rank salty lustful nudge-nudge taboo vile sordid mature soft-core sensual skin scatological lecherous low scatologic sexual licentious shady libidinous corrupting carnal exploitative sexually explicit disgusting shameless purple foul-mouthed Fescennine loose Cyprian ithyphallic close to the bone unchaste scurrilous unclean in bad taste unrestrained uninhibited inappropriate risque ruttish seductive tempting cheap tasteless off-colour profligate rough page-three scabrous unwholesome lusty unconventional unvirtuous fast incontinent questionable libertine rakish scandalous depraved full-frontal lively exciting stimulating entertaining goatish dissolute degenerate amoral debauched XXX sick shocking lurid crass excessive barnyard grown up beyond the pale fleshy uncouth unrefined corrupt abusive debased sinful base blasphemous dissipated bad decadent impolite concupiscent reprobate perverted evil mean lowbrow lowbred colourful distasteful inelegant profaned perverse desecrated promiscuous sleazy colorful demoralized abandoned hot boorish unpolished raffish bad-mannered demoralised uncleanly dishonourable randy uncultured fleshly outrageous defiled uncivil roughneck wrongful vicious dishonorable degraded not pure horny vulgarian uncultivated ill-bred foulmouthed common tacky warped brutish rakehell jackleg voluptuous loutish rugged rakehelly churlish incult discourteous unsavory villainous unscrupulous brutal iniquitous unmannerly unprincipled obnoxious unsavoury orgiastic irreverent mucky repulsive blunt tainted malicious unsophisticated odious impious low-down-and-dirty unworthy unbecoming lowdown and dirty low-down atrocious disrespectful gruff passionate grubby insensible unhealthy ungodly ungracious vituperative contaminated malodorous indiscreet insulting nefarious lubricous unblushing intemperate satyric graceless hypersexual tactless corrupted itchy vitiated fallen ill-mannered dirty-minded disreputable wild uncivilized criminal whorish unrighteous sacrilegious wayward miscreant sickening rotten unjust low-minded uncivilised of easy virtue in the gutter XXXX sullied profanatory barbarian evil-minded bodily shameful illicit sooty libellous libelous embarrassing revealing scurvy gruesome dysphemistic barbaric undecorous ridiculous untoward corporeal barro rogue devilish slippery outlandish sneaking contemptible fractious daring sly rascally loathsome noisome repugnant untactful callow in poor taste grody ignorant awkward desirous scungy rough-hewn voyeuristic Philistine hankering ignoble longing hideous horrible itching sizzling unequitable reprehensible unrightful low-down and dirty out of line grimy strong illiberal brash sexually suggestive degrading unsettling affronting vilifying tawdry colloquial derisive unutterable vitriolic farmyard unethical lickerish disparaging contumelious denigratory invective derogatory pejorative deprecatory opprobrious venereal dishonest wolfish venomous hircine brusque curt wrong hot to trot irreligious unholy godless hedonic deviant pervy tough unconscionable vituperatory scurrile infamous scurril groundless truculent fraudulent dour severe hard oafish bluff riotous unfair underhand morally wrong devious indulgent flagitous louche twisted forbidding fierce stern bearish stiff austere inconsiderate roughcast grim vituperous offending crooked cutthroat Machiavellian dodgy black unlawful dark unconstrained sicko sybaritic kinky unnatural swinging voluptuary desecrating cruel untutored intimidating louring grievous steely stark inhuman harsh violated easy drunken deteriorated open saturnalian flinty onerous ungentle heavy artless unceremonious bitter hardhanded oppressive loud fast-living not cricket heathen violating pagan irreverential infidel unhallowed heretical atheistic in the fast lane self-indulgent pleasure-seeking fast and loose high living murderous unladylike lowering ungentlemanly gone bad gone to the dogs night owl lacking restraint

Tính từ

Trendy or fashionable
good stylish contemporary dapper dressy fashionable hip smart trendy a la mode all the rage chic chichi cool current dashing designer faddy favoured favored finest fly formal genteel happening hot in in style in-thing in vogue latest modern modish natty new newest newfangled nice nicest now party popular prevailing rakish smartest snazzy styleworthy Sunday swank swanky trendsetting upscale up-to-the-minute usual voguish with it young youthful up-to-date faddish recent popularized progressive new-fashioned popularised in fashion culty du jour red-hot mod present-day up to the minute state-of-the-art fresh modernistic ultramodern au courant space-age new age advanced up to date big avant-garde last word latest thing kicky tony with-it well-liked latter-day sharp a go-go swinging vogue snappy swish spiffy exclusive customary swell supercool sassy cutting-edge favorite cutting edge prevalent favourite bang up to date posh ultra-modern modern-day kicking leading-edge neoteric trig in thing leading edge high-tech pop large crowd-pleasing novel nifty groovy innovative classy funky present schmick brand-new present-time elegant on fleek all the go modernized flash modernised revolutionary forward-looking innovatory updated nouvelle hi-tech sophisticated just out à la mode today futuristic twenty-first-century sought-after immediate late in favour 21st-century in demand leading de rigueur radical topical def hep downtown turned-on swagger in favor ground-breaking groundbreaking pioneering newly discovered recently developed never-before-seen brand new just released well-heeled expensive today's gimmicky hippest extant concurrent coincident concomitant contempo high-class high-toned glamorous timely last-word the new massive unique ongoing desired down celebrated breakthrough just issued quite recent big thing ritzy nontraditional attractive hot off the press de nos jours twenty- first century trim flattering high-fashion understated tasteful debonair wanted preferred legendary desirable liked well-known complex landmark forward future le dernier cri fad chi-chi craze go-ahead hot off press latest fad dernier cri new look latest fashion latest wrinkle in the mainstream commercially successful successful widespread stylin' contemporaneous plugged-in well-groomed well turned-out well put together well-dressed dap clean in with it ahead of its time twenty-first century on the cutting edge in the latest style immediately prior just completed just done immediately prior to just finished cosmopolitan gnarly trailblazing avant forefront highly developed SOTA most recent

Tính từ

Showing or characterized by great energy and movement
racy lively spirited animated energetic mettlesome snappy sprightly vivacious active airy animate bouncing brisk dramatic entertaining exciting frisky gay jaunty jazzy kinetic peppy perky pert pizazzy pizzazzy spanking sparky springy vital zippy sparkling stimulating vigorous buoyant exhilarating heady zestful bright clever distinctive fiery forceful forcible gingery keen peppery piquant playful poignant pungent rich sharp sportive strong tangy tart tasty witty zesty fancy smart psychedelic jazzlike salacious glitzy colourful wild colorful bouncy full of beans spry high-spirited chipper bubbly zingy dynamic effervescent chirpy frolicsome full of life bright-eyed and bushy-tailed happy full of vim and vigour cheerful exuberant upbeat spicy vibrant alert merry zappy cheery peart nimble breezy dashing light-hearted biting sunny carefree jolly light agile blithe enthusiastic sparkly wick lighthearted ebullient as merry as a grig as lively as a grig fresh hot acrid gamesome blithesome quick swinging full of energy jumping hyper go-go full of pep savoury savory full of the joys of spring vivid bold cutting joyful salty stinging lightsome genial insouciant lusty spiced debonair rollicking spunky frolic scintillating jocose in high spirits happy-go-lucky rocking striking alive and kicking casual pointed caustic sarcastic acid nonchalant penetrating piercing energized activated acute humorous jovial bitter passionate flippant glad confident excited interesting aromatic ardent gleeful energised mobile untiring powerful potent skittish easy mirthful elated unconcerned tireless crank sporty ludic strenuous industrious perk eager red-blooded high-powered devil-may-care feisty acerb whimsical jocund brash fun-loving jocular full of fun waggish smart-aleck smart-alecky in good spirits on the go bright and breezy in fine fettle full of get-up-and-go ball of fire highly seasoned neat daring bubbling outgoing dapper pertinent relevant dull tight saucy sassy youthful excellent outstanding fast swift magnificent marvellous new whopping wonderful marvelous rapid remarkable exceptional breathless graceful peppered gritty fairylike grooving fervent busy coltish irrepressible aware valiant robust flush bustling easy-going informal fun uncaring unthinking unconsidered untroubled heedless unworried indifferent alive avid barnstorming burning go-getting full of vim and vigor impassioned heated romping occupied full of the joy of living hale and hearty raring to go unserious insubstantial zealous severe high kittenish frolicky enlivened punchy relaxed eventful dexterous full of zip dextrous deedful on the move wanton vitalized fanciful elastic volatile resilient stirring graphic to the point jumpy excitable wicked larkish prankish easygoing easy-breezy low-pressure ventilated affable mellow laid-back sour feeling one's oats full of joie de vivre imaginative invigorating effective unconstrained without a care in the world offhand free and easy festive envigorating refreshing moving aggressive demoniac motive stalwart enterprising hardy tough kinematic driving unflagging dynamical locomotive motile sturdy rugged indefatigable joyous frivolous seasoned convivial cheering pleasure-seeking slaphappy laughing winsome rakish gladsome eupeptic canty vinegary forward pushy self-assertive presuming industrial-strength as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy on top of the world stinking odoriferous nosey whiffy sharp-tasting highly flavoured effluvious overpowering scathing barbed acrimonious acerbic trenchant sardonic incisive mordant sharp-witted amusing highbrowed snazzy glib teasing profound quick on the draw ironic funny tactful nimble-witted tongue-in-cheek mischievous droll risible comical quick on the uptake slapstick facetious quick-witted stringent corrosive telling rapier-like devastating vitriolic acidulous astringent impish exhilarated snarky smart-mouthed acidic mordacious venomous razor-edged scalding virulent waspish satiric critical polemic satirical devilish trim natty venturesome flip joking spruce showy provocative salt pithy

Tính từ

Involving, or given to, open or heavy displays of emotion
red-hot passionate impassioned ardent blazing burning charged demonstrative emotional fervent fervid feverish fiery flaming glowing hot-blooded incandescent intense passional perfervid religious superheated torrid vehement warm warm-blooded arousing eager enthusiastic excited fanatical heated thrilling titillating zealous earnest fierce spirited keen wholehearted hot heartfelt animated committed violent sincere profound dedicated avid vigorous strong deep-seated inflamed frenzied amorous wild deep consuming powerful devout lively raging excitable angry furious mad keen lustful devoted steadfast erotic impetuous forceful loving heightened assiduous steamy card-carrying acute deeply felt resolute sizzling true blue all-consuming on fire energetic staunch faithful deep-rooted loyal serious true urgent hearty vivid unwavering rash tempestuous enthused desirous firm temperamental sentimental stirring white-hot active impulsive frantic deep-dyed melodramatic hopped up gung ho volatile dithyrambic aroused incensed red-blooded genuine sultry feeling forcible full-hearted messianic raw fevered vivacious unfeigned stimulated pious entrenched rabid expressive delirious ecstatic uncontrollable extreme severe hard-core romantic rooted obsessive stormy intrenched sworn pledged intent ungovernable motivated great potent hyper moving tender responsive inveterate thorough bona fide rousing supreme excessive driven diligent adherent hectic explosive overemotional nutty keen as mustard hot-tempered steamed up bred-in-the-bone fired up thoroughgoing mercurial emotive settled dyed-in-the-wool confirmed high-spirited unqualified zipless fuming enraged wrathful mighty tremendous seething frenetic scintillating effusive irascible gung-ho bubbling over aflutter worked up ablaze mushy inspired from the heart starry-eyed touching mettlesome peppery spunky gingery roaring susceptible unswerving dutiful bound studious engagé attached hard-working very angry immoderate inordinate intemperate heavy penetrating piercing uncontrolled hellacious blistering intensified marked ferocious sensitive emphatic sentient verklempt exciting heartwarming stirred overcharged roused touchy-feely volcanic short-fuse hysterical neurotic agitable overzealous hot-headed high-strung highly strung abject honest extraordinary exceptional warmhearted clamorous vocal noisy vociferous outspoken loud grave strident forthright insistent gotta have dying to hot for desperate full-throated concentrated pronounced opinionated febrile allegiant pyretic on the make flushed sweating sensual shivering tumultuous fast good true-blue down-the-line constant stanch steady burning up with a high temperature above normal running a temperature with a temperature aguey dinkum wanton eloquent poignant high-pressure precipitate headlong high-powered inspiring hotblooded affecting quickened heart-and-soul adoring goody-goody revering worshipping worshiping venerating pietistic licentious satyric concupiscent salacious lewd lascivious lecherous randy horny lubricious libidinous goody two-shoes through and through persistent enduring perennial proved sicker hard-line set irredeemable hardened unreformable stalwart uncompromising compulsive well established indelible ineradicable obstinate deep-set complete hard-shell chronic staid impenitent incorrigible ingrained lifelong habitual unshakable firmly established definite immutable fixed intransigent long-standing longtime incurable long-established explicit unshakeable stubborn established die-hard well-established inexorable unyielding accustomed diehard unapologetic seasoned inured unashamed habituated ebullient exuberant pumped raring obsessed thrilled turned-on prurient titillated willing dynamic stoked hungry agog voracious fascinated interested solicitous exhilarated zestful ready rhapsodic geeked aflame juiced keyed up wacky hot to trot turnt itching hepped up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed crazy gone on tantalised chomping at the bit concerned bugged ambitious hopped-up appetent thirsty zesty ready and willing animate as keen as mustard yearning athirst greedy conscientious impatient nuts champing at the bit gaga antsy anxious tantalized raring to go determined full of beans industrious pleased sprightly afire warmblooded turned on longing mad dying craving purposeful hopeful single-minded happy delighted hankering infatuated enraptured euphoric enterprising aspiring pushy elated desiring pining go-ahead self-starting go-getting unrestrained cheerful tenacious moved psyched resolved rapt potty expectant fixated dogged gagging unfaltering assertive covetous fond untiring aching absorbed strong-willed enamored rapturous overjoyed infatuated with militant positive devoted to confident unreserved enamoured breathless hooked on uninhibited intoxicated engaged bent fanatic striving unflinching addicted on cloud nine aggressive progressive pioneering persevering optimistic encouraged joyous joyful inclined enchanted cordial wishing beside oneself elevated enamoured of giddy psyched up possessed very keen on blissful enamored of unflagging buoyant hard-driving glad awakened gushing extravagant entranced engrossed hooked lyrical over-enthusiastic high disposed strong-minded self-driven self-assertive thirsting affectionate itchy enrapt smitten wishful captivated straining at the leash cheery over the moon ruthless in love with indefatigable smitten with dotty sure power-hungry assured jovial bullish addicted to frank fulsome restless upbeat bursting daft insatiable juiced up self-seeking lavish goal-oriented affable transported indomitable bent upon rarin' to go amenable unhesitating hung up eager beaver ravenous bigoted gushy amiable preoccupied open cock-a-hoop real reinvigorated rapacious occupied ravished restive keen on welcoming bent on heady focused overenthusiastic inspirited raving set on grasping enthralled sent sympathetic unbending in raptures immersed revitalized intent on supportive plucky voluble in transports in seventh heaven gutsy hoping wrapped focussed obsessional enlivened game blissed out undeviating dreamy warm-hearted decisive in love can-do OTT gone crazy about sanguine electrified over the top jolly beside oneself with happiness beside oneself with joy on tenterhooks solid self-confident refreshed exultant certain desirous of power-loving high-reaching decided jubilant self-asserting hell-bent get up and go nutso on top of the world disposed to look on the bright side waiting with bated breath tickled gritty tickled pink plain-spoken profuse full direct candid revitalised friendly kindly soapy unrestricted unconstrained atingle genial uproarious fired curious oleaginous hagiographical hagiographic expansive adulatory unctuous unquenchable wanting absolute total acquisitive besetting unruly abiding gluttonous monomaniacal approving over-effusive rhapsodical beatific pleasant kind oily emboldened reassured deepest galvanized ripe involved benevolent caring raucous adventurous steely comforting biased undaunted consumed hospitable bold feisty amicable compassionate empathetic immovable obdurate pertinacious irrepressible delightful attentive piggish swinish ravening edacious hoggish out glib unrelenting dependent gracious comradely riveted pumped up congenial good-natured esurient concentrating galvanised sociable iron-willed in a frenzy crazed orgasmic hyped up all agog pleasing extremist bewitched neighborly bright floating satisfied gratifying stirred up companionable insatiate geared up tireless authentic berserk mad about whole-souled bonhomous convivial matey chummy very excited palsy spellbound floating on air in a hurry very enthusiastic neighbourly solemn buddy-buddy sedulous nuts about cranked up itching for in suspense palsy-walsy out-and-out irrational doubtless cocksure dead set dependent on two-fisted in want of dying for secure full of determination desiring success like a ball of fire under the influence laid on with a trowel on the edge of one's seat of good cheer jonesing for wrapped up strung out self-assured heart-to-heart given over to on pins and needles jonesing on hankering after self-directed queer amped-up reborn hardboiled buckled down touched responsible tried tried-and-true proselytizing evangelistic exalted poetic self-motivated edgy restored blunt avaricious proactive banzai straining chafing inflexible amped untrammeled untrammelled lusting take-charge overwrought dizzy energized full of enthusiasm extremely enthusiastic prepared resilient radical influenced activated uplifted aglow born-again revolutionary carried away compelled dependable revived invigorated fortified heartened free-spoken all a-gog up admiring consecrated revolutionist lacking hoping for longing for chafing at the bit intending aspirant wannabe potential would-be budding unreluctant energised unbendable unshaken beguiled besotted charmed jumping up and down wild-eyed zealotic fireball doting big irresistible compelling overwhelming open-mouthed passionate about enthusiastic about articulate wild about sapless cottonmouthed juiceless bone-dry fain fond of sweet on impelled adamant urgently requiring hard riled up predatious future possible prospective likely proselytising evangelical lovesick using hard-nosed minded induced hungered unsatisfied unfilled ambitious for anxious for yearning for eager for driving maudlin supported aided cheered renewed deliberate do-or-die looking on the bright side chipper buoyed up peppy sparky piqued consumed with desire thrusting sagacious taken love-struck seduced pushed steered guided unstinting unambiguous categorical pushing implicit clear favourably inclined competitive willing for ready for avid for in need of with an appetite covetous of lusting after with a yen dear agreeable collegial overdone mawkish nostalgic visionary in the mood of a mind pysched up up for on for unlimited unmitigated unequivocal unconditional undivided unremitting relentless hardy brave tough courageous partial to wild for crazy for dry as dust ultra cozy polite mellow social coming on strong telelogical calculated smooth-spoken facile plainspoken fluent free venting stentorian round crying out in great need of alive upfront cutthroat sustained rigorous rigid endeavoring endeavouring reassuring affectious clubby cosy thunderstruck astounded flabbergasted prehensile hopeful for envious aspiring towards keen for participating unalloyed unadulterated utter corny jejune languishing affected insipid overacted inane impressionable bathetic icky cloying idealistic moonstruck bloodthirsty unabated stringent wackadoodle wackadoo hail-fellow-well-met red-carpet hail-fellow independent perceptive heroic mean take charge ridibund undoubtful in good heart wasted shooting up abusing with a … habit prone unpretending meant fearless up for it in urgent need defiant bullheaded warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy rebel busy very keen undiluted unquestioning outright shook on nutty about very enthusiastic about nutso over ravening for greedy for thirsty for craving for wishing for hungry for on edge eulogistic hell-bent on mean business hell-bent upon gratified satisfying thankful chuffed erratic partial headstrong domineering credulous willful contumacious twenty-four carat actual undissembled honest to God pretensionless undesigning urged on firm in spirit stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad resourceful entire fullhearted playing hard ball dead set on be out for blood nose to the grindstone pleasurable heavenly enjoyable foaming at the mouth off the air on the warpath with bated breath fit to be tied understanding uplifting nurturing affirmative inspiriting aspiring to full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face fiercely competitive stop at nothing having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough self-willed go for broke bound and determined self-possessed terrorist unchecked rampant contributing influential activist over-the-top peaceful idyllic spaced-out harmonious wonderful flying cool perfect overpowering clamant obstreperous helpful employed working in ecstasies whole-hearted nuts for high on in the twilight zone in ecstasy loudmouthed dewy-eyed maniacal intolerant hopping bustling forward overflowing mad on hundred percent protective cheering heartening appreciative calming soothing gladdening runaway uncurbed watchful transfixed gripped lost lovey-dovey gleeful overexcited jumping for joy athrill delirious with happiness in exaltation sunny blubbery hammy intrigued observant mesmerized yawping yauping ranting vociferant vociferating blatant shouting squawking demanding caterwauling loud-mouthed yowling nervous febrific without reservations never-failing unreasonable illiberal prejudiced one-sided partisan walking on air hypnotized held upwardly mobile stimulating boosting fulfilling encouraging tied-up alert enticed prodigious infuriated swivel-eyed narrow-minded berko outpouring flying high very happy rowdy boisterous distracting shrill mesmerised hypnotised anticipative unhampered unhindered unstoppable uncontainable unbounded full-on abandoned riotous welcome infected naked insane corybantic deranged freaked out overboard sick poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased bitten unwell virulent flipped ill really into head over heels deep in caught up locked in dialed in pleased as punch tickled to death in transports of delight anticipating trusting trustful predisposed imbued hyped full of hope looking forward to calm comfortable keeping the faith at ease content anticipant expecting omnivorous unappeasable self-indulgent turbulent undisciplined unmanageable ungoverned unconcealed chaotic madcap generous given to abusing spaced out used to in the habit of using wedded to given to prone to given to using single-hearted old faithful free-flowing wolfish backslapping true to the end unbridled all over someone devouring gannet-like gay empty gorging gross sating piggy starving starved dog-hungry back-slapping deep-felt good natured fatherly benign very hungry inviting liberal approachable likable maternal charitable starved to death likeable softhearted motherly kindhearted paternal good-humoured good-humored

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