Đồng nghĩa của fond of

Tính từ

Having an infatuation or the feeling of being in love
crazy wild fanatical fond infatuated enamoured enamored keen passionate smitten excited devoted ardent dizzy in love overwrought zealous avid enthusiastic hysterical mad eager beside oneself devoted to enamored of enamoured of gone on infatuated with smitten with sweet on very enthusiastic very keen on nuts fervent voracious pumped raring enthused obsessed desirous solicitous hungry fervid athirst juiced agog thirsty antsy gung ho perfervid potty anxious hopped-up impatient hot lively hepped up spirited dedicated geeked feverish nutty impassioned stoked wholehearted willing vehement energetic ready intent frenetic delirious longing keen as mustard yearning frenzied crazed greedy interested great ambitious manic dotty vivacious daft hooked earnest furious frantic violent restless committed intense itching raving craving mad keen rabid appetent sprightly psyched as keen as mustard ebullient ready and willing raring to go fierce exhilarated besotted hooked on captivated motivated driven bewitched unruly enchanted charmed assiduous addicted to lovesick high-spirited in love with game taken enraptured diligent maniacal keen on fascinated dying crazy about mad about passional bright-eyed and bushy-tailed nuts about pining fevered hankering fixated hot to trot champing at the bit nutso hot for amped industrious hopeful unrestrained uncontrollable engaged exuberant extreme conscientious warmblooded fired up wishing hung up beguiled animated desiring on fire concerned zestful determined over-enthusiastic thrilled pleased animate inflamed seduced bigoted titillated aching gung-ho spellbound intoxicated forceful raging possessed happy addicted in a frenzy amenable warm biased love-struck mad on fiery hearty disposed wishful intent on keyed up berserk diehard covetous chomping at the bit bugged deranged inclined breathless carried away restive gaga active passionate about rarin' to go dying to waiting with bated breath head over heels in love insatiable vigorous obsessed by doting on besotted by very keen prepared habitual unreluctant glad ravenous grasping acquisitive dynamic avaricious rapacious enthusiastic about up rhapsodic aflame wacky tantalized afire unqualified set turnt tantalised red-hot zesty full of beans nutso over shook on nutty about very enthusiastic about fain very fond of minded gotta have up for on for in the mood of a mind favourably inclined pysched up hoping absorbed irresistible disorderly engrossed involved effervescent irrepressible ungovernable heated ripe gagging overcome preoccupied occupied knee-deep high set on on the edge of your seat bent on on pins and needles desirous of on tenterhooks self-starting hankering after obsessive strong unmanageable unquenchable unstoppable uncontainable overwhelmed angry stirred up high as a kite full prepossessed distracted struck overawed affected stunned incredulous distraught uncontrolled stirred uproarious hyper immoderate overpowered steamed up wigged-out hyperactive untrammeled tumultuous untrammelled intolerant uncompromising extremist compulsive burning overzealous visionary like one possessed beside yourself devastated destroyed not knowing what to do with oneself prejudiced one-sided unreasonable irrational partisan ferocious illiberal very excited wackadoodle overenthusiastic wackadoo infuriated intemperate swivel-eyed narrow-minded berko jumping up and down credulous impulsive willful erratic monomaniacal partial fanatic obstinate headstrong contumacious domineering incorrigible opinionated stubborn freaked out overboard sick infected naked poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased insane corybantic sizzling bitten unwell militant virulent flipped ill attracted entranced silly amorous bewitched by carrying a torch for enchanted by charmed by beguiled by wild about fascinated by head over heels in love with stuck on far gone on captivated by hung up on enraptured by hopelessly in love potty about consumed with desire for twitterpated by swept off your feet bowled over by very attracted to hypnotized by swept off one's feet by under a spell turned on by under the spell of greatly enamoured of nuts for turned on high on sold on taken with

Tính từ

Strongly attracted and interested
fascinated captivated enthralled mesmerised mesmerized rapt charmed beguiled engrossed absorbed spellbound entranced enraptured hypnotised hypnotized gripped riveted immersed delighted bewitched enchanted intent involved enticed attracted enamoured enamored infatuated transfixed thrilled transported dazzled smitten intoxicated seduced tantalised tantalized titillated aroused excited overpowered very interested hooked on sold on stuck on under a spell in love with extremely curious extremely interested highly interested very curious very inquisitive stunned overwhelmed impressed awestruck awestricken held bedazzled won over attentive focused enrapt focussed ravished rapturous ecstatic intrigued rhapsodic giddy elated exhilarated elevated rhapsodical heady euphoric starstruck observant deep happy hooked preoccupied lured moonstruck tempted occupied engaged caught up hung up wrapped up head over heels awed snowed affected trapped amazed breathless agape over the moon on cloud nine captive open-mouthed all ears under someone's spell fixed earnest concentrated steady lost watchful gone consumed mentally enchanted intense concentrating studious steadfast ensorcelled settled enthusiastic alert fallen for turned on mad about have a thing about gaga about sent locked in set on dialed in deep in really into blissful absent joyful inattentive taken daydreaming employed wrapped dreaming absent-minded content abstracted busy unconscious oblivious interested blissed out carried away caught up in overjoyed joyous in seventh heaven jubilant pleased cock-a-hoop on top of the world gleeful stoked glad in raptures exultant gratified chuffed beside oneself with joy on cloud seven high satisfied on a high tickled pink tickled animated walking on air beside oneself with happiness jumping for joy delirious floating on air cheerful thankful in high spirits in transports of delight as pleased as Punch beatific sunny contented flying cheery gay exalted frenzied triumphant delightful orgasmic floating merry upbeat beaming wonderful pleasurable bright enjoyable in transports radiant turned-on delirious with happiness flying high made up pleased as punch as happy as Larry as happy as a clam like a child with a new toy like a dog with two tails rejoicing fervent ebullient glowing hysterical proud pleasing crazy mad dreamy peaceful gladdened corybantic wild effervescent jovial jolly exuberant jocund grinning carefree fantastic grateful deliriously happy gladsome flipping optimistic buoyant sparkling untroubled laughing smiling mirthful pleasant blithesome hopeful entertained fulfilled lighthearted smiley chirpy chipper wigged out peppy wild with excitement blithe extremely happy in heaven tickled to death in a frenzy of delight in good spirits looking good light-hearted as happy as a sandboy inspired zestful exhilarative energized obsessed electrified filled with joy exulting aglow high-spirited energised ardent blissfully happy amused diverted in paradise in rhapsodies passionate flushed emotional lyrical extravagant eulogistic enchanté crowing revelling flattered privileged airy bubbly sprightly breezy dizzy stimulated boastful crank glorying prideful swaggering gloating smug complacent gruntled over-the-top very pleased pleasantly surprised jaunty in transports of pleasure in transports of joy treading on air appreciative genial unworried roused victorious triumphalist reveling wowed positive well pleased cheered peart sparky popping honoured honored piqued galvanized moved concerned galvanised quickened only too happy of good cheer full of the joys of spring full of hope without a care in the world happy-go-lucky good-humoured doing handsprings good-humored blown away heavenly gratifying happy as a lark happy as a clam satisfying harmonious cool perfect idyllic beside oneself puffed up fired up hopped up set up spaced-out in ecstasies in ecstasy in the twilight zone welcome heartwarming vivacious amusing humorous winsome boon boisterous hilarious lively riotous uproarious larking jumping festive grooving zippy saturnalian paradisiacal sanguine zingy paradisiac rousing well zappy rollicking rosy paradisal fun paradisaical frolicsome rocking paradisaic sportive convivial up blessed perky light comfortable playful blest magical Panglossian in a good mood overexcited athrill feel-good starry-eyed at ease rip-roaring can't complain full of beans rose-colored fun-loving in exaltation in a frenzy very happy

Động từ

Enamored with
sweet on attracted to captivated by charmed by enamored of enamoured of enchanted by taken with daft about devoted to gone on infatuated with in love with into keen on love-struck by mad about smitten with struck on twitterpated by bowled over by head over heels in love with besotted with enthralled by obsessed with bewitched by hopelessly in love with beguiled by very taken with very attracted to potty about crazy about wild about carrying a torch for very keen on stuck on under someone's spell appreciate fancy dote enjoy adore like doting admire prefer venerate find irresistible feel deep affection for care for choose adulate be smitten with have a pash on be keen on be partial to prize be nuts about hold very dear care very much for be attracted to esteem carry a torch for be besotted with go for be potty about be wild about be infatuated with be passionate about leaning be devoted to be mad about overindulge feel affection feel affection for think the world of take great pleasure in have a predilection for be in love with hold dear nuts about be enamored of be enchanted by be hooked on have a penchant for thrive with have a passion for give one's heart to like very much delight in entranced by develop a crush on become smitten with be attached to have a thing for be fascinated with fall head over heels in love with consumed with desire for long for have affection for with a passion for become infatuated with be addicted to doting on get a kick out of be mad for derive great pleasure from thoroughly enjoy wild for get a buzz out of have a proclivity for have a soft spot for be captivated by be swept off one's feet by really like have a taste for get off on dote on get a buzz from of have a weakness for very much like enjoy greatly be crazy about have it bad be taken with take a fancy to be fond of have a great liking for go a bundle on lose one's heart to fall for take pleasure in have a thing about put on pedestal get a kick from of passionate about rejoice in luv feast on love luxuriate in wuv indulge in

Trái nghĩa của fond of

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