Đồng nghĩa của sanguine

Alternative for sanguine


Optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation
confident assured cheerful optimistic positive buoyant hopeful bullish bright certain cheery clear cocksure doubtless implicit sure upbeat animated enthusiastic expectant happy lively ridibund secure self-assured self-confident spirited undoubtful in good heart of good cheer disposed to look on the bright side satisfied convinced unwavering resolute trusting persuaded encouraged in no doubt full of hope categorical unfaltering unhesitating definite idealistic chipper easy in one's mind secure in one's belief conclusive can-do absolute Panglossian Pollyannaish buoyed up always expecting the best keeping the faith free from doubt looking on the bright side decided unvacillating unshaken unshakeable clear in your mind blithesome gladsome sunny winsome eupeptic gay lightsome blithe canty chirpy decisive disposed to take a favourable view seen through rose-coloured spectacles inclined to look through rose-coloured spectacles anticipative anticipating trustful valid assertive undoubtable believing questionless undoubting unflagging anticipant hoping comfortable reassured calm inspirited expecting emboldened content firm holding the unwavering view having no doubt having no questions about unshaken in one's belief unequivocal consummate unquestioning at ease looking forward to unshakeable in one's belief have no doubt not question hold the unwavering view unquestionable indisputable incontestable irrefutable unmistakable indubitable undeniable incontrovertible confirmed real genuine clear-cut unfailing concrete patent obvious manifest convincing unqualified unambiguous transparent guaranteed inevitable recognized nailed-on undoubted recognised without doubt without question acknowledged evident undisputed unquestioned enduring telling unchanging set unshakable fixed steady steadfast uncompromising abiding unchangeable for a fact constant unvarying changeless never-failing resolved unchallenged accepted uncontested proven authentic not in doubt not in question sure of yourself filled with aplomb believing in oneself sure of oneself self-possessed with no doubts about infallible palpable authoritative foolproof irrevocable unerring true unavoidable surefire confirmable verifiable inescapable unescapable determinate demonstrable express ineludible destined ineluctable automatic accurate solid inerrant precise safe failsafe self-conceited specific necessary rank cold affirmative perfect fail-safe in the bag sure-fire can't-miss as sure as eggs is eggs out-and-out inarguable downright thorough actual hard forceful explicit direct thoroughgoing complete factual forcible outright


Involving or characterized by bloodshed or cruelty
murderous bloodthirsty sanguinary homicidal bloody murdering sanguineous bloody-minded savage cruel ferocious brutal slaughterous vicious deadly fell lethal fierce barbarous destructive violent cut-throat dangerous killing barbaric devastating cutthroat ruinous destroying criminal ruthless merciless grim warlike inhuman mortal gory pitiless sapping exhausting harrowing hellish strenuous unpleasant arduous killer death-dealing butcherous maniacal vindictive hard-fought involving bloodshed decimating heavy heartless sadistic bellicose callous horrible remorseless fatal baleful deathly terminal pestilent vital internecine malignant pernicious virulent noxious baneful poisonous harsh malevolent venomous wicked evil life-threatening brutish pestilential harmful malicious fiendish monstrous inhumane mortiferous unmerciful injurious incurable unkind truculent rough wild spiteful nasty mean toxic aggressive deleterious hostile bitter threatening maleficent beastly nocuous bestial brute hurtful butcherly unfeeling detrimental cold-blooded malefic sinister atrocious diabolical final disastrous calamitous abominable unrelenting mortuary hateful vile menacing malign stern severe wanton rancorous bad mephitic causing death hard-hearted implacable hard annihilative suicidal pestiferous devilish corrupting heinous thuggish uncaring damaging unhealthy unfriendly unsparing wolfish unsympathetic uncharitable catastrophic cold-hearted dead flinty stony-hearted furious catty dire cataclysmic rabid nefarious fiery tigerish vengeful crippling unsafe despiteful demoniac feral crazed impetuous delirious depraved untreatable relentless intimidating infernal unruly gruff mad uncompassionate untamed unrestrained unfortunate waspish dirty unforgiving withering revengeful frantic frightening terrible lousy forbidding insensitive uncontrollable wrackful poison murder uncompromising critical tough unpitying ill-natured evil-intentioned bad-natured evil-minded ravening tainting troublesome diseased infectious contaminating annihilating necrotic crude coarse treacherous lupine voracious ravenous unconcerned bearish tactless indifferent murtherous slaying cannibalistic carcinogenic grave tragic irreconcilable ill-fated death dealing ill-starred serious grievous cataclysmal shattering arch unappeasable intimidatory dodgy ill-boding foreboding ominous creophagous carnivorous annihilatory devastative damning fateful crushing inflexible hardline antagonistic inexorable desperate uncivilised minatory viperous minacious villainous abhorrent rowdy serpentine uncivilized abandoned dark costly bullying intransigent berserk immoderate impoverishing extravagant depleting draining wasteful frenzied intemperate sworn terrorizing pugnacious man-eating hazardous unwholesome at each other's throats risky fearsome ungentle steely explosive maddened hotheaded forceful frenetic assertive dicey wounding perilous nocent parlous precarious dour raging louring frightful convulsive austere impassioned fuming crazy terrorising headstrong radge agitated hysterical feverish potent forcible incessive raving stark lowering enraged rugged undomesticated fearful inimical adverse disadvantageous negative painful unfavourable angry infuriated rapacious cancerous incendiary prejudicial prejudicious undesirable counterproductive subversive mischievous ill unfavorable thick-skinned obdurate hard-boiled compassionless desensitized indurate soulless case-hardened pachydermatous insensate stonyhearted stoney stony affectless slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners ironhearted hot-tempered hot-headed animalistic primitive biffo aggers knock-down-and-drag-out blood-and-guts knock-down hammer and tongs out of control drag-out hardhearted marble-hearted undermining lethiferous corrosive noisome insalubrious eradicative extirpative harassing wreckful sinful full-blooded bang-bang hardened intolerant rigorous sour tyrannical with a heart of stone avaricious unregenerate greedy unrepenting desensitised indefatigable unyielding unbending uncontrite hard-bitten environmentally unfriendly corroding hideous ghastly bloodless unemotional inclement draconian dastardly immoral wrathful roughshod


Naively or unreasonably optimistic
Panglossian hopeful buoyant cheerful bright positive upbeat confident idealistic sunny merry happy assured expectant high promising trusting encouraged utopian cheering hoping rosy roseate keeping the faith rose-colored looking on the bright side looking through rose-colored glasses on cloud nine on top of world ray of sunshine optimistic joyful cheery effervescent lively contented bouncy glad bubbly ebullient carefree jocund jovial gay blithe vivacious jolly sparkling exuberant gladsome peppy frolicsome chirpy chipper winsome light-hearted zippy blithesome feel-good perky up zingy lighthearted full of beans auspicious heartening encouraging welcome heartwarming propitious pleasing animated breezy hearty enthusiastic jaunty joyous sprightly elated sparky grinning radiant genial gleeful smiling untroubled pleasant laughing mirthful lightsome smiley eupeptic canty hilarious content zappy in good spirits in high spirits cock-a-hoop satisfying golden fair likely airy bucked unworried peart enlivening cheerly of good cheer full of the joys of spring good-natured sunny side up full of pep full of hope without a care in the world happy-go-lucky glass half full snappy bright-eyed and bushy-tailed good-humoured good-humored full of vim and vigour high-spirited vital frolic crank bullish gamesome zestful debonair supple full of zip elastic expansive invigorated resilient laid back good great comforting reassuring believing fresh determined uplifting go-getting stirring redeeming gratifying can-do proactive unmarred delighted wonderful jubilant pleasurable delightful ecstatic enjoyable fantastic euphoric overjoyed blissful amusing rapt thrilled glowing humorous boon boisterous peaceful rapturous enraptured satisfied chuffed exhilarated riotous pleased stoked uproarious wrapped larking jumping festive grooving orgasmic rhapsodic saturnalian entranced paradisiacal beatific paradisiac rousing well thankful rollicking fulfilled paradisal rhapsodical enchanted fun paradisaical rocking rejoicing beaming triumphant paradisaic gratified sportive convivial tickled blessed captivated light comfortable playful blest entertained exultant magical wild intoxicated in seventh heaven tickled to death beside oneself with joy on top of the world starry-eyed at ease tickled pink rip-roaring flying high over the moon blissed out can't complain looking good as pleased as Punch as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy walking on air on a high floating on air as happy as Larry fun-loving in a good mood jumping for joy like a dog with two tails


(attributive) Feeling or exuding self-assurance
confident assured positive assertive poised collected cool calm phlegmatic composed nonchalant unperturbed imperturbable unruffled impassive serene tranquil audacious certain gung ho gutsy relaxed settled unhesitating upbeat brave courageous dauntless fearless intrepid self-sufficient unflappable secure self-asserting together unfazed bold can-do sure of yourself nonplussed surefooted sure-footed equanimous at ease believing in oneself cool-headed filled with aplomb laid-back level-headed self-assertive self-assured self-confident self-possessed self-reliant sure of oneself self-respecting sure cool, calm and collected complacent cocksure implicit brazen doubtless clear pushy overconfident commanding authoritative rosy high hotdog know-it-all hotshot undoubtful self-secure puffed up pumped up sedate self-controlled undisturbed untroubled controlled placid unflustered unagitated equable unbothered unmoved even-tempered chilled coolheaded unworried dispassionate unperturbable stolid quiet recollected self-composed level possessed limpid peaceful smooth equal unemotional unshaken unexcitable easygoing still easy levelheaded temperate keeping your cool as cool as a cucumber at peace good-tempered steady sober insouciant unconcerned casual stoical rational stable easy-going mild carefree mellow balanced moderate undismayed blithe cold reserved well balanced detached sensible patient cool as a cucumber staid formal halcyon grounded dignified cool as cucumber undemonstrative sane businesslike reasonable restrained happy-go-lucky unexcited stoic aloof reticent unaffected tolerant unshakable even serious in control sound mature unresponsive demure self-contained stress-free unhurried comfortable gentle devil-may-care informal realistic modest proper free and easy undemanding practical pacific seemly breezy decorous emotionless unstirred stilly wise flexible somber dependable commonsensical hushed indifferent lown withdrawn shy reliable uncommunicative retiring unfeeling constant stiff solemn distant stately frigid secretive diffident sombre clearheaded prim bashful close-mouthed laid back taciturn cautious lax backward standoffish soft-spoken solitary reclusive offish leisurely liberal full of common sense self-restrained pragmatic resolute circumspect nerveless judicious prudent restful apathetic all there untouched complaisant uninhibited grave passionless urbane unapproachable philosophical deliberate disimpassioned close low-pressure unimpassioned cold-blooded impassible inhibited callous misanthropic uncompanionable conventional icy ceremonious noncommittal eremitic unrestrained poker-faced regular loose well-balanced enlightened accommodating well adjusted untaxing undaunted liberated forgiving down-to-earth unceremonious civil firm unrestricted lackadaisical amenable clinical reposeful hard-headed lenient unsentimental uninterrupted unbroken hassle-free forbearing unvexed unanxious blasé conciliatory logical mild-mannered unflinching affable thick-skinned offhand suave peaceable content uncritical hard-hearted unflurried calmed unsympathetic elegant remote numb affectless unsociable trouble-free without a care in the world fair normal unfluctuating uncaring lucid centered centred benign indulgent insensitive coherent serious-minded discreet permissive timid self-effacing hard-boiled heartless well-adjusted introverted clear-headed measured matter-of-fact able to reason clearly able to think clearly compos mentis of sound mind cozy unburdened unalarmed daring in a relaxed manner balmy plucky no-nonsense idyllic unafraid slack free compromising unchanging unvarying taking your time cosy fine undistracted uniform even-keeled clubby graceful agreeable deliberative farsighted not moved straight bovine consistent invariable debonair neutral happy blissful unrestrictive resigned good-natured irenic docile silent stabile orderly systematic methodical unaltering unalterable soothed repressed suppressed Zen quieted immovable smug self-satisfied freewheeling euthymic pellucid satisfied reconciled resting quiescent long-suffering easeful leisured fixed strong laissez-faire not dismayed unrushed fatalistic unforthcoming earnest anxiety-free well-disposed inscrutable with one's feet on the ground private non-restrictive in one's right mind unabashed hard as nails stiff upper lip roll with punches responsible outgiving indolent lazy hang-loose at rest in repose unimpressed unfriendly constrained stand-offish accepting profound deep moral ethical philosophic deep-thinking learned uncomplaining insensible friendly in your right mind in possession of all one's faculties calm and collected keeping a stiff upper lip have one's act together unswerving good having both feet on the ground calculable media-shy guarded aggressive forward defiant not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on unimpressible insusceptible understated dry-eyed stony closemouthed chilly tight-lipped laconic dumb shrinking impersonal downbeat nonpassionate stuffy dashing militant unrevealing hardened dry indurated inexcitable spiritless Olympian retired snobbish unpassionate stony-hearted sober-minded sobersided stick-in-the-mud boring starchy analytical scientific uninterested oblivious strong-willed tough abstract iceberg low-key impervious heedless immune right easy-peasy introspective unimpressionable live-and-let-live non-emotional chilled out cold sober unmindful congenial mentally sound sound of mind inward-looking chill coldhearted obdurate marble uncompassionate inexpressive blah objective disinterested deadpan listless flat glacial regulated unexcessive medium curbed conservative warm muted checked unextreme in possession of all your faculties having all marbles with both one's feet on the ground right in the head immune to insensate impervious to heedless of stubborn unyielding oblivious to open meek timorous indrawn unconstrained simple unmindful of proof against deaf to cold-fish unfussy contemplative sheepish self-absorbed self-interested coy introvert thoughtful pensive recessive cool cat couldn't care less unofficial versatile ruminative meditative reflective inner-directed self-centred along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches self-centered with both feet on the ground


Causing horror or disgust
grisly gruesome awful dreadful ghastly shocking hideous horrible macabre terrible appalling frightful horrid grim sickening abominable terrifying dire fearful horrific horrifying distressing horrendous monstrous repellent repulsive revolting abhorrent atrocious disgusting grewsome gross hellacious loathsome lurid nightmare nightmarish odious repugnant sick terrific unspeakable bloody disgustful eerie grody loathly yucky spine-chilling gut-churning sick-making blood-stained sensational exaggerated graphic explicit melodramatic startling gory trashy sensationalist rubbishy overdramatized extravagant unrestrained colourful salacious prurient kitschy tasteless ribald cheap pulp violent suggestive filthy savage dirty tacky grotesque morbid vivid shock-horror juicy unearthly full-frontal yellow fiery obscene striking off-color sinister raunchy extreme colorful deep rough distinct racy offensive salty garish low-down purple vile frightening nasty beastly ugly foul harrowing heinous nauseating disagreeable unpleasant hateful forbidding distasteful alarming execrable objectionable scary bad detestable fearsome evil nauseous despicable obnoxious unsightly scandalous hair-raising direful contemptible unnerving grievous off-putting spooky cruel disturbing dark ghoulish upsetting noxious displeasing unpalatable God-awful creepy godawful formidable intimidating daunting noisome weird deplorable rotten repellant unattractive from hell rancid deformed fulsome uninviting wicked reprehensible disquieting ghostly redoubtable unsavoury putrid mean bogging yucko disfigured intolerable unsavory wretched brutal as ugly as sin traumatic disconcerting icky hellish chilling outrageous diabolical severe rebarbative unsettling grave skanky funereal vicious dread insufferable base egregious misshapen shameful lousy bleak sombre somber gloomy lamentable bestial beyond the pale worrying fiendish fugly unpleasing shadowy ominous miserable sepulchral spookish perturbing tragic devilish petrifying harsh calamitous dismal ruthless unacceptable agitating bloodcurdling merciless stomach-turning stomach-churning black scurvy vomitous stinking bloodthirsty troubling cringe-making abysmal unappealing unlovely troublesome irksome discomforting solemn twisted disheartening depressing unnatural villainous vomit-inducing inhuman dismaying nefarious serious barbarous brutish infamous woeful sadistic unforgivable unfortunate doleful demonic sad hairy shady undesirable unbearable desperate gut-wrenching pitiless hostile grotty unwelcome unpretty unprepossessing galling unhandsome unbeautiful unhealthy murderous uncomely unwholesome barbaric abnormal ill-favored cold disgraceful repelling reptilian terrorizing sullen morose sober worrisome sickly disastrous discouraging ill-favoured diseased dreaded agonizing stressful torturous huckery terrorising desolate wraithlike deathly poor annoying difficult discomposing distressful uncomfortable bitter black-hearted death-obsessed humourless humorless sedate perverted flagitious aberrant dislikeable concerning tormenting troublous fraught irritating unpardonable supernatural corpselike exceptionable adverse maleficent baleful painful unkind callous inhumane heartless wanton inexcusable tragical deathlike unhappy very bad astounding iniquitous sorrowful tremendous shameless sleazy excruciating hurtful agonising depraved invidious overwhelming wrong festy immoral shuddersome critical Kafkaesque blood-and-guts sanguinary blood-and-thunder menacing threatening bone-chilling diabolic nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal fierce taboo emetic eery poignant malformed freakish demoralizing bothersome foreboding scaring satanic spine-tingling parlous discommoding distorted homely teratoid mutant miscreated shapeless great haunting lou freaky misproportioned abject hard oppressed impoverished stark vexing insupportable vulgar poisonous terribly bad stupefying heavy onerous poverty-stricken frozen gnarly sordid unthinkable unmentionable inconvenient dangerous punk excessive lewd stunning astonishing bewildering amazing staggering hateable tainted rank malodorous fetid mephitic surprising strange sublime demoralising ornery hated reviled unlikable glaring uncanny dim faint mortuary haggard anemic weak anaemic like death warmed up squicky cloying surfeiting sleazeball unappetizing scuzzy like the back end of a bus yecchy crummy mortifying offending foetid on the nose biting embarrassing cutting opprobrious infernal unsatisfactory heartbreaking unendurable vexatious regrettable spectral uncool yukky saddening sour pathetic awkward afflicting afflictive affecting flagrant low anguished heartrending uncongenial catastrophic cataclysmic ruinous deadly infected ailing devastating nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking cadaverous spiritual phantomlike butcherly brute truculent unsound malignant pathological plain-featured plain-looking contradictory inconsistent opposed incompatible otherworldly demoniac demonlike demonish ethereal cacodemonic facinorous plain inimical averse antipathetic antagonistic perverse brooding warped moody unusual irascible unfriendly extrinsic counter against extraneous unconformable different opposite revulsive unfitted alien foreign demonly skeletal dreary melancholic glum melancholy dispirited depressive cheerless tenebrous unseemly in opposition murky drab mirthless lugubrious drear gray mournful dingy grey ghostlike inauspicious corpse-like cataclysmal unpropitious forlorn destructive blue sorry bad-looking short on looks hard-favoured hard-featured debased unfeeling rancorous licentious dissolute scoundrelly self-indulgent vitiated deceitful disparaging delinquent dishonest errant crooked amoral exploitative hard-hearted unfair libertine slippery mean-spirited unrighteous unconscionable wrathful malevolent crafty scrofulous sly evil-minded bent self-seeking vengeful felonious contemptuous pernicious conscienceless cold-blooded tyrannical ignoble two-faced squalid underhanded incorrigible scornful morally wrong shifty reprobate dodgy decadent dishonourable defiled despiteful dishonorable unlawful malicious ungodly corrupt unconscientious devious scheming virulent lawless profligate degenerate inexorable questionable unprincipled improper vindictive criminal sinful unethical corrupted unscrupulous dastardly disdainful spiteful debauched disreputable


Free from anxiety or doubt
secure reliable assured dependable solid certain settled calculable confident definite established fixed good sound steady sure safe steadfast able absolute carefree conclusive hopeful resolute responsible trustable trustworthy trusty unanxious undoubtful determined easy shoo-in tried true well-founded locked on nailed down tried and tested tried and true tried-and-true in the bag firm stable unwavering constant staunch unfailing durable strong faithful enduring unfaltering lasting long-lasting unswerving permanent guaranteed fast loyal long-lived deep-rooted infallible continuing sturdy abiding foolproof stout long-term unerring honourable honorable confirmed honest long-standing proven sure-fire unassailable fail-safe immutable reputable recognized true-blue tested indubitable indestructible decided stalwart persistent persisting recognised unshakeable perdurable positive imperishable ingrained well-built unhesitating approved upright clear never-failing goofproof doubtless old committed eternal robust effective airtight perennial indelible unbreakable remaining toughened undying inured immovable irrefutable proved devoted cast-iron unshakable certified faultless set hardened everlasting unremitting unquestionable dedicated convinced unfading unvacillating well-established surefire lifelong substantial categorical undoubted satisfied inveterate attested trusted prevailing decisive inflexible persuaded well constructed well-made well built sensible virtuous ethical assertive cocksure implicit righteous pious devout straight tough conscientious consistent down-the-line classic failsafe allegiant ardent liege tried and trusted questionless always there in no doubt time-honoured free from doubt safe as houses up front protected reliant safeguarded covered creditworthy straightforward bold lengthy extended predictable credible marathon vigorous redoubtable hard-working watertight flawless perfect efficacious sterling go-to poised composed stiff idiot-proof never failing competent rocklike copper-bottomed resilient unrelenting dogged adamant iron obstinate relentless tireless unflagging deep-dyed irremovable unflinching indefatigable unyielding good as one's word to be counted on carrying the load impervious inexpugnable demonstrated used hardy resistant bombproof perpetual tried out put to the test compelling steely heavy-duty built to last strongly made made to last holding the unwavering view having no doubt easy in one's mind secure in one's belief believing undoubting valid having no questions about self-confident undoubtable unshaken in one's belief surviving reinforced cogent unceasing unending unshaken unchangeable irreversible never-changing impregnable fortified rigid ceaseless immortal never-ending changeless dutiful pure true-hearted dateless endless unbroken timeless ongoing uninterrupted interminable unchanging ageless non-stop right just moral decent stanch sincere nice indisputable undeniable unambiguous inevitable unequivocal invulnerable inexpungible sempiternal inexhaustible indissoluble incessant longstanding forever continual supportive right-minded strengthened unmistakable irrevocable incontrovertible genuine palpable authoritative concrete balanced worthy truehearted veridical scrupulous creditable wholehearted all right undistorted estimable high-principled square invincible clear in your mind obvious confirmable verifiable real patent manifest equable rock-solid well-defined well fortified well-constructed well founded determinate incontestable demonstrable no lie on the up and up sealed ensured bulletproof traditional transparent accurate inerrant convincing precise unqualified accepted lifetime principled truthful unimpeachable incorruptible impeccable clinched as sure as eggs is eggs can't-miss well balanced well-balanced mature livelong in for the long haul till the cows come home orthodox nailed-on lifetime's official saintly dyed-in-the-wool insured racked pronounced clear-cut cinched usual level-headed long-running customary time-honored fly right straight-up above suspicion boy scout on the level for all your life rock solid as good as one's word to be trusted all-time worthy of trust true blue down home full of integrity for life common normal nailed on entrenched habitual general accustomed familiar beyond doubt made certain absolutely certain sewed up on ice wonted popular expected routine universal classical regular typical long-established acknowledged historic conventional mainstream acceptable widely used widespread standard traditionalistic stock rooted old-fashioned sanctioned vested old-style officially recognized upstanding noble respectable high-minded fair fervent proper law-abiding zealous earnest passionate blameless stand-up fanatical fervid uncompromising equitable stubborn laudable patriotic single-minded exemplary conscionable enthusiastic obdurate keen admirable serious deep correct inexorable irreproachable tenacious immaculate undeviating hard-core kosher anti-corruption intense strict vehement intent impartial persevering unbending sinless guiltless purposeful moralistic intransigent strong-willed praiseworthy meritorious complete angelic commendable bound authentic card-carrying impassioned thorough brave squeaky clean clean courageous elevated innocent thoroughgoing chivalrous spirited respected indomitable close bona fide insistent aboveboard emphatic implacable profound morally correct deep-seated right-thinking squeaky-clean out-and-out rock-ribbed through and through unfeigned bred-in-the-bone undaunted knightly heartfelt sworn attached adherent reasonable resolved pertinacious unquestioning avid lofty even venerable valiant strong-minded unstained bulldog plucky chaste circumspect lawful courteous mettlesome gritty strenuous diehard assiduous diligent fair-minded uncorrupted fitting invariable incorrigible untiring red-hot incurable noble-minded stout-hearted same behind one equal conservative die-hard above board spunky incorrupt mad keen clean-living unadulterated pure as the driven snow through-and-through dead set on meaning business reverent unalloyed rational natural driven undiluted unlimited torrid intrenched great intrepid true to life warm untarnished unvarying revering fiery daring utter bosom veracious venerating unflappable gallant magnanimous supreme boon seasoned obedient forthright chronic legit objective continuous unprejudiced unbiased unbribable confiding loving affectionate pledged direct big purposive unfluctuating inculpable ineradicable whole-hearted humane godly saintlike deliberate punctilious uniform deserving unapologetic unashamed unmovable eager homogeneous wholesome of principle benevolent explicit dinkum perseverant holy spiritual of good repute manful all-consuming compulsive string along with indifferent evenhanded nonpartisan disinterested on the up-and-up orderly well-mannered candid indurate gutsy dispassionate hard-line distinguished unbendable unalterable instilled adoring goody-goody self-righteous infixed whiter than white four-square well established hell-bent on fair and square bent on bent upon out and out deeply ingrained deep-down do-or-die deep-set full-fledged salt of the earth hell-bent upon unswervable humble uncontrived unpretentious right-hand important principal main favorite honored fundamentalist sane attentive concerned religious believable prayerful intimate discreet admiring consecrated adult immobile inseparable capable powerful abject burning acute God-fearing patient quality upfront active definitive in good faith Christian heightened severe extraordinary extreme exceptional consuming seemly full of determination grim godlike philanthropic matchless peerless charitable philanthropical perfervid morally right morally acceptable full-bore unrepentant rightful as thick as thieves arrant right-down sedulous decorous capable of being trusted worshipping worshiping heart-and-soul pietistic stirring excessive inflamed rousing grave on one's side boundless heroic valorous chivalric cohesive importunate stiff-necked to the core keen as mustard congenital impersonal doting rabid fond exuberant embedded audacious steamroller nervy powerhouse forceful unafraid coherent deeply felt refined purified greathearted gentlemanly high lordly sublime on-the-level right and proper on the square fair-and-square goody two-shoes honoured favourite excellent valuable worthwhile possessive mulish unforgetful pristine veritable fine dapper alright unmarred unobjectionable clean-cut esteemed lily-white highly regarded inoffensive precious applaudable model thinking twice fastidious critical extremely careful heedful punctual exact neutral even-handed non-partisan open-minded legitimate justifiable justified invaluable hanging tough bound and determined courtly dug in set firm of good report A-1 first-class anti-discrimination non-discriminatory studious intemerate conformist bottomless gentlemanlike manly great-hearted quixotic unmixed unstinting full total unreserved observant delivering there come-through virginal uncolored nondiscriminatory maidenly well grounded from the horse's mouth unmitigated unrestricted unconditional undivided hearty sheer hard single-hearted old faithful virgin modest dominant in earnest unmalleable raw out unsullied domineering true to the end going bent counted on undefiled outright doctrinal true to type as keen as mustard given over to stainless spotless unblemished entire fullhearted hard-and-fast guileless unspoilt unaffected tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon intent on set on determined to committed to the idea of hell bent on hang tough stand pat quickest shortest linear 24-carat celibate continent vestal white unprofaned inviolate unspotted unblighted kind obliging impenitent irredeemable unreformable obsessive longtime similar static helpful neighbourly of the true faith of the faith accommodating habituated staid lily white wide-eyed sustained identical unvaried matching equivalent invariant generous thoughtful gracious friendly amiable considerate hospitable hundred percent whole-souled sicker above reproach agreeable indulgent kindly unselfish amicable civil comradely altruistic benign sympathetic monotonous pure as driven snow babe in woods G-rated wet behind ears sociable polite pleasant without reservations ordered fated unmodifiable fateful well-proportioned ossified plumb symmetrical systematic consonant level undiversified of a piece compatible methodical smooth monolithic genial regardful peaceable companionable mannerly well-disposed neighborly well mannered well-brought-up beeline straight line straight ahead bee-line not crooked horizontal hard-shell firmly established irreprehensible without reproach in the clear of excellent character

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