Đồng nghĩa của impenitent

Alternative for impenitent

Đồng nghĩa: unremorseful, unrepentant,


Being such by habit, long-established, and not likely to change
confirmed hardened seasoned chronic entrenched habitual rooted deep established inveterate settled committed devout firm fixed intrenched lifelong perennial resolute set thorough true ardent complete dedicated devoted earnest enduring faithful fervent immutable incorrigible indelible loyal proved stalwart staunch steadfast uncompromising unwavering unyielding vehement wholehearted compulsive diehard fanatical fiery ineradicable inexorable intransigent irredeemable longtime obsessive obstinate persistent stubborn supreme thoroughgoing torrid unapologetic unashamed unreformable unshakable unshakeable zealous accustomed definite explicit habituated incurable ingrained inured staid sicker dyed-in-the-wool long-established bona fide hard-core long-standing deep-rooted deep-seated die-hard hard-line deep-set firmly established through and through all-consuming bred-in-the-bone card-carrying deep-dyed well established well-established red-hot hard-shell shameless reprobate obdurate unregenerate radical profound abiding innate long-lasting deeply felt fundamental basic rigid extreme built-in irremovable secure inbuilt subconscious lingering inherent inbred endemic embedded obscene pornographic X-rated implanted grounded determined unwaivering based on congenital persisting radicated indurated old continuing customary permanent sworn adamant long-lived usual intense inborn longstanding heartfelt strong impassioned avid fervid powerful abject acute passionate genuine burning deep down honest exceptional enthusiastic sincere consuming heightened severe unfeigned serious keen extraordinary lodged in one's brain excessive stirring great inflamed warm grave rousing


Showing no shame or embarrassment
shameless brazen flagrant unabashed unashamed audacious brash barefaced unblushing abandoned blatant corrupt hardened unembarrassed depraved improper indecent outrageous overt profligate arrant dissolute impudent incorrigible insolent remorseless transparent unconcealed undisguised unprincipled unrepentant immodest reprobate brassy cheeky high-handed immoral lewd overbold presumptuous rude unchaste without shame bold forward saucy fresh cocky impertinent sassy pert nervy wise brazen-faced cocksure disrespectful brass-necked pushy arch brassbound bold-faced flip contumelious bold as brass malapert defiant irreverent lippy familiar unapologetic presuming overfamiliar smart-alecky smart mouthy arrogant discourteous confident impolite brazenfaced free bald-faced daring assuming unmannerly out of line insubordinate inveterate ill-mannered bad-mannered overconfident smart-arsed obdurate confirmed unremorseful irredeemable unreformable incurable smart-assed flashy boldfaced flippant shocking mannerless chronic indecorous habitual unregenerate open uncontrite inconsiderate adventurous unrepenting uppity indelicate compulsive undaunted seasoned self-assured smug fearless wanton gaudy showy conscienceless naughty ballsy gutsy dyed-in-the-wool unshrinking insulting loud crude indiscreet temerarious forthright in-your-face bare-faced gritty bumptious uncivil overweening assumptive procacious bantam cool presumptive as bold as brass inappropriate pompous pretentious ill-bred forceful conceited meddlesome intrusive coming on strong obtrusive self-assertive snippy supercilious unseemly amoral sheer unconcerned undismayed boldface obvious heavy unawed unflinching mischievous frank naked abashless poised unaffected composed unshamed unrestrained coarse relentless temeritous callous hardhearted recidivistic unreformed combative volatile weisenheiming cute smart-aleck smarty-pants facetious assertive brave feisty without regret without remorse eye-catching startling flamboyant ostentatious striking persistent unreserved aggressive adventuresome courageous venturous venturesome uninhibited spirited overassertive direct chirpy dapper dashing bright breezy keen unafraid dauntless indulgent overindulgent over-free relaxed overfriendly thrusting committed long-standing long-established regular established pathological unspeakable dazzling set fixed accustomed nerveless game strident harsh noisy blaring personal unhandsome thoughtless tactless unmannered uncalled-for unsubtle undiplomatic ungracious obsessive hopeless obsessional tolerant free-and-easy snippety grating jarring swashbuckling daredevil not backwards in coming forwards meddling prying offensive inquisitive incongruous unsuitable interfering nosy disgracious over-assertive raucous piercing not contrite thorough thoroughgoing complete utter thundering cacophonous deafening booming jangling dissonant shrill off base smart alecky egotistical discordant ear-splitting vulgar through and through reckless rash uppish congenital jazzy tinny loud-mouthed garish off-base huffish impetuous self-asserting haughty huffy high-hat stiff-necked previous hifalutin premature superior toploftical overhasty lofty chesty imperious masterful high-and-mighty hasty peremptory foolhardy important precipitate cavalier highfalutin lordly toplofty sniffy bigheaded overbearing hard high-pitched metallic loudmouthed flirtatious self-satisfied egotistic self-confident too big for your boots tawdry meretricious spunky hotshot proud self-important disdainful snooty vain patronizing condescending vainglorious high and mighty domineering stuck-up snobbish patronising boastful swaggering prideful contemptuous opinionated puffed up bossy scornful hoity-toity hubristic snotty pontifical self-opinionated narcissistic full of oneself magisterial toffee-nosed affected bragging blustering swollen-headed egoistic egoistical snobby swellheaded self-conceited self-centered aloof officious self-centred grandiose stuck up selfish bloated know-it-all biggity biggety full of yourself assured egocentric autocratic dictatorial self-affected self-promoting self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying fancy-pants elitist authoritarian dismissive big-headed sententious tyrannical despotic pushful self-righteous pushing smarty self-serving complacent la-di-da orgulous wise guy ambitious stiff holier-than-thou blusterous obnoxious strutting mocking scoffing sneering pontificating puffed-up portentous dominating cold-shoulder sure puffy self-aggrandizing flaunting jumped up braggart braggy on an ego trip nosey oppressive intruding bullish snoopy busy protrusive heavy-handed consequential above oneself hotheaded high insistent impulsive impolitic inflated careless indifferent heedless posh swanky stuffy boasting flatulent high-minded la-de-da on high horse highfaluting too big for one's breeches too big for one's boots self-respecting putting on airs self-complacent self-flattering self-applauding extraverted bombastic self-loving self-pleased self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery extroverted vaunting puffed highhanded offhand arbitrary driven loudmouth poncey windy throwing one's weight around high-pressure enterprising fierce go-getting militant refined offensively self-assertive casual curt madcap undemocratic sharp-elbowed remote tony persnickety honourable honorable gracious insouciant uninterested pleased with yourself overfree standoffish riding for a fall overoptimistic full of hot air willful rigid inflexible wilful anti-democratic repressive high falutin on one's high horse reserved distant detached unceremonious unduly familiar grand spectacular magnificent splendid exaggerated flowery overstated effervescent trashy headlong untactful incautious vivacious maladroit abrupt brusque glib terse cursory off perfunctory on your high horse airy commanding wiseguy aristocratic high-flown ironhanded dominant take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish coercive bullying making passes at making advances towards go-ahead swollen with pride tyrannous autocratical overproud authoritative tyrannic dogmatic heading for a fall throwing one's weight about chatting up lording it iron-handed aweless preponderant imperial imperative demanding regnant ascendant prevalent crowing big self-aggrandising cock-a-hoop blowing one's own horn positive certain jaunty smart aleck smart guy smarty pants untimely soon overearly early oversoon too early ahead of oneself too soon


Showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others
callous case-hardened hard-boiled heartless insensitive soulless unfeeling unsympathetic harsh cold cold-blooded hard hard-bitten hardened indifferent indurated obdurate uncaring affectless hard-hearted indurate ruthless stony-hearted uncharitable bloodless brutal cold-hearted compassionless cruel desensitised desensitized hardhearted inhuman inhumane insensate insensible ironhearted merciless pachydermatous pitiless remorseless slash-and-burn stoney stony stonyhearted take-no-prisoners thick-skinned unconcerned unmerciful unsparing unsusceptible apathetic careless impassive inflexible insentient inured lacking compassion marble-hearted spiritless stiff stubborn torpid tough toughened unaffected unbending uncompassionate unimpressionable unresponsive as hard as nails blind to deaf to with a heart of stone unkind severe savage unemotional unforgiving barbarous unmoved sadistic stern unpitying mean vicious unrelenting relentless fierce inconsiderate cool barbaric nasty grim rough implacable hard-nosed ferocious unfriendly emotionless aloof dispassionate fiendish austere bestial beastly monstrous uncompromising coldhearted bloodthirsty brutish unyielding intolerant wicked truculent frigid wanton inexorable phlegmatic malevolent atrocious steely violent rigorous thoughtless unpleasant strict malicious detached brute butcherly hateful vile heinous murderous draconian unfair disinterested passionless stolid firm spiteful flinty vindictive rigid hard as nails unsentimental stoical evil cutthroat mean-spirited untouched sanguinary tyrannical lukewarm diabolical exacting gruff stoic inclement despicable base forbidding impervious heavy-handed horrible fell undemonstrative uninterested numb malignant hostile unruffled hurtful cut-throat cynical unremitting authoritarian heedless calm listless contemptible impassible adamant dog-eat-dog selfish distant icy reserved laid-back depraved dastardly tactless matter-of-fact dour uninvolved aggressive inattentive bad foul flat hellish coarse rugged unloving dangerous low sharp feral abominable homicidal unkindly imperturbable unimpressed dishonourable low-down wild horrid deadpan bloody serene catty hard-headed nonchalant wolfish illiberal adamantine flagitious rancorous ironfisted ungenerous rotten snide inexpressive degenerate terrible poker-faced unstirred stringent repellent repugnant halfhearted aversive immoral maleficent oblivious dirty frightful collected obtuse unmindful cold fish detestable unflappable execrable dishonorable threatening ramrod benumbed oppressive pococurante heedless of virulent disdainful incurious frightening hard-edged revengeful hard-line obnoxious impenetrable solid resolute exploitative expressionless blah hideous unappeasable frosty unwelcoming surly disagreeable stone-hearted ghastly blank inhospitable dead wooden devilish appalling shabby unempathetic insouciant rowdy egregious without sentiment untroubled loathsome deplorable unperturbed unamiable haughty feelingless ungracious supercilious indelicate composed awful dreadful odious blasé abrasive negligent anesthetized scummy crude degraded unruly intimidating glacial unaroused unexcitable world-weary impersonal deadened unworried ill-natured objective remote crass uncommunicative anaesthetized uncordial tyrannous ungentle rude malign curt wounding nefarious corrupt lawless louring inert indiscreet uncivil perverted infernal unchristian abusive neutral ignominious low-minded self-centred fiery stark unflinching boorish dry criminal perverse villainous headstrong passive oblivious to sinful abhorrent untamed petty lowering fearful lacking sentiment shameful extreme antipathetic uncongenial seasoned reticent grisly unrepenting gruesome equable hardy strong cast-iron vigorous sturdy stout currish drastic pernicious brash hard-shelled unprincipled debased reprobate unrestrained fearsome iron-fisted not nice obstinate vengeful uncalled-for demanding infamous hasty wrathful ignoble toughened by experience nonplussed scornful casual profligate lethargic licentious self-centered blind lackadaisical uncontrollable despiteful hard-as-nails languid impious intractable supine crazed no-nonsense browbeating formidable venomous hardheaded wimpy moony draggy cool, calm and collected could care less contemptuous couldn't care less dire don't give a damn what the hell as tough as old boots unhappy intemperate killer mortal uncommiserating casehardened hatchetjob coldblooded satanic without pity lifeless stonehearted premeditated competitive unnatural cannibalistic loveless mechanical killer instinct punishing intense bearish upsetting stingy stone-faced ice-cold punitive constant unjust excessive forceful heavy dry-eyed undismayed utilitarian gray grey bleak faceless subhuman armour-plated invulnerable cantankerous churlish crotchety sensationless imperceptive indefatigable sour avaricious unregenerate greedy uncontrite horny censorious ravening unsensitive bullying controlled ill unsympathizing tormenting torturous stony-eyed clinical restrained self-controlled hard-hitting demoniac unreasonable gloating disorderly immune inured to cat-and-mouse accustomed habituated glazed uninfluenced destructive level-headed businesslike cool-headed not caring despotic dictatorial chilly suppressive onerous rational unagitated sober ruffianly lawbreaking bored non-committal half-hearted sluggish fixed immune to impervious to mean machine Rhadamanthine unambitious unmotivated menacing furious cutting having a killer instinct tranquil with a hide like an elephant abject disgraceful dull desperate refractory immutable pugnacious proof against unmindful of critical experienced biting red in tooth and claw Laodicean two-fisted unmanageable indifferent to quiet chill marble caustic hardhanded droopy dispirited lazy numbed hollow asleep shocking horrific rabid wretched meanspirited self-contained acclimatized coarsened used impetuous raging delirious convulsive baleful insensible to insensible of insensitive of insensitive to disregardful of grating unfazed inscrutable raving enraged incessive undomesticated cold-faced insipid vacant glassy senseless hard-shell grubby sordid vitriolic bitter frantic infuriated rapacious angry mad along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches steady easy-going nonaffected unexcited inaccessible acclimatised steeled irreverent resistant unashamed unsubmissive prepared brusque annoying irritating acerbic horrendous horrifying harrowing tigerish biffo animalistic primitive aggers shrewd practical realistic toneless paralysed paralyzed still worthless grave galling unimpressible insusceptible cheap lame lousy narrow-minded down-to-earth carefree acerb comfortless blithe hair-raising macabre nightmarish unrevealing sedate placid taciturn inexcitable disciplinarian resolved dogged hard-core steadfast ascetical immovable domineering by the book absolute mulish ossified determined pressing astringent disciplinary bullheaded single-minded imperious dyed-in-the-wool stiff-necked ascetic autocratic contaminated faulty lewd putrid insubordinate impure libidinous indecent reprehensible demoralised miscreant abandoned demoralized spiky argumentative relaxed compacted packed hard-handed compact rocky set iron concentrated consolidated compressed scurvy scabby scungy ratty terrifying unspeakable repulsive alarming unscrupulous debauched graceless withdrawn amoral sinister shameless rubbing the wrong way hard to take devil-may-care happy-go-lucky terrific grewsome spine-chilling revolting lurid nightmare unanxious easy deceitful unlawful wrong unethical iniquitous dishonest devious nauseating terrorizing sickening lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair formal unsophisticated unsavoury delinquent crooked shady slippery scandalous unconscionable two-faced defiled scheming improper disreputable unrighteous sly felonious underhanded shifty unconscientious gross unclubbable antisocial standoffish buttoned-up unsociable asocial standoff from hell lou bloodcurdling terrorising eerie unthinking unenthusiastic inept clumsy gauche unsubtle maladroit self-indulgent vitiated disparaging errant libertine demonic evil-minded self-seeking conscienceless morally wrong objectionable dodgy decadent questionable corrupted dissolute scoundrelly crafty scrofulous black-hearted bent squalid incorrigible ungodly unsavory dark clammy cold-eyed antiseptic hard-eyed brittle stand-offish tasteless uncouth unbothered not bothered forgetful feckless deaf at ease undisturbed undaunted offish slaughterous impolite discourteous roughshod gelid bungling unpolished blundering awkward unthoughtful disrespectful without a care in the world not giving a toss precipitate vulgar untactful rash straightforward unhandsome unmannered impertinent undiplomatic unmannerly impartial incautious short reckless ignorant unceremonious unconcerned about equitable unbiased uninvolved with apathetic towards apathetic about nonchalant about unprejudiced offhand about casual about nonpartisan regardless uncaring about uninvolved in uninterested in like a bull in a china shop bored by dismissive of mindless of equal careless of square frivolous about evenhanded candid just reckless about unimpressed by regardless of fair cavalier about ill-mannered ill-bred weary of unenthusiastic about unresponsive to lukewarm about unmoved by phlegmatic about nonaligned unsocial highbrow diffident silent superior not giving a monkey's

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