Đồng nghĩa của coarsened

Alternative for coarsened

coarsen /'kɔ:sn/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm thành thô
    • làm thành thô lỗ
    • làm thành thô tục
    • nội động từ
      • trở thành thô
      • trở thành thô lỗ
      • trở thành thô tục


    Past tense for to make or become physically rough or coarse
    roughened harshened toughened abraded hardened indurated roughed scratched seasoned stiffened roughed up crumpled strengthened fortified tempered reinforced thickened rigidified inured annealed consolidated steeled cemented developed climatized acclimated acclimatised acclimatized shored up firmed up built up set petrified fit solidified conditioned congealed accustomed habituated starched coagulated crystallized clotted ossified firmed caked precipitated curdled jelled crystallised fixed adapted desensitized adjusted case-hardened benumbed baked dried densified braced familiarized vitrified buttressed girt girded fitted amalgamated pressed settled calcified fossilized fossilised compacted chilled desensitised inspissated put familiarised become solid numbed galvanized forged ruggedised prepared matured anaesthetized trained contracted nerved closed galvanised casehardened attuned book accommodated brazed tailored shaped aged gelled toughened up conformed fashioned qualified primed mellowed frozen froze disciplined readied ripened equipped concreted suited anesthetized made insensitive deadened rendered insensitive naturalized doctored edited gelatinized made experienced moderated mitigated naturalised vulcanized stabilized jellied condensed inflated propped become stiff stabilised candied steadied starkened schooled accultured became solid become accustomed become hard made stronger calloused shope equipt became stiff putten became hard became accustomed got used to gotten used to


    Very experienced in a particular job or activity and therefore not easily upset by its more unpleasant aspects
    hardened inured accustomed habituated toughened cast-iron deadened desensitised desensitized experienced hard hard-bitten hardy rugged seasoned stout strong sturdy tough vigorous acclimatised acclimatized indurate used benumbed callous case-hardened coldhearted contemptuous cruel cynical disdainful hard-as-nails hard-boiled hard-edged hardhearted heartless impenetrable impious inaccessible indurated irreverent obtuse prepared resistant steeled unashamed uncaring uncompassionate unemotional unfeeling unrepenting unsentimental unsubmissive robust solid resilient durable sound stalwart firm familiarized well-built substantial familiarised trained hard-wearing strengthened adapted indestructible stable staunch tempered long-lasting strongly made heavy-duty hard as nails resolute conditioned iron fit unbreakable lusty stubborn imperishable mighty hard-nosed brawny tenacious bombproof enduring annealed well-made built to last disciplined adjusted gritty hearty healthy rigid stiff inflexible used to impervious uncompromising strapping reinforced fortified muscular fast feisty capable indefatigable familiar secure able-bodied powerful unflagging safe given wont heavy acquainted unyielding reliable broken in invincible cohesive dependable addicted made to last as tough as old boots settled in in the habit schooled stark bulletproof learned modified athletic perdurable hulking forceful husky beefy inexpugnable made ready thick thickset indomitable well-constructed galvanized galvanised accustomed to leathery dogged determined hale aggressive liable practised practiced inclined hooked prone dense molded tight moulded withstanding hefty well fresh fighting fit able burly obdurate obstinate hale and hearty in good health in good condition doughty tough as nails fit as a fiddle in fine fettle in rude health physically fit in good shape steady red-blooded two-fisted self-assertive impregnable invulnerable unassailable hard-headed tough as old boots self-confident high-powered inviolable everlasting rock-solid storm-resistant stormproof well defended tried-and-true well-protected fixed lasting steely impassible knockabout well protected flourishing armoured established unattackable well fortified well-founded well-armed concrete immovable airtight armored shrewd practical realistic down-to-earth matter-of-fact world-weary irrepressible spirited consolidated adamantine set compressed compacted hard-handed packed stony compact concentrated rocky serviceable valiant plucky intrepid headstrong lacking sentiment stouthearted toughened by experience as hard as nails difficult to keep down quick to recover quick to bounce back rolling with punches exercised familiar with grooved acquainted with at home with experienced in versed in no stranger to conversant with habituated in in the habit of given to active bouncing energetic wholesome buff whole lively in good trim well-conditioned in tip-top condition vital shredded blooming fine jacked ripped as fit as a fiddle alive and kicking bursting with health right as rain potent sinewy trim as fit as a flea hunky virile in shape dynamic sprightly full of life muscly in the pink spry as strong as an ox thriving peppy animated in trim good chipper glowing Herculean thewy restored vivacious zippy perky intense brisk jaunty tireless spanking forcible snappy bright-eyed bushy-tailed fit as a flea aerobicized ball of fire untiring young powerfully built in good kilter sparkling refreshed rehabilitated healthful bouncy zestful invigorated strong as an ox vibrant all right in good physical shape frisky enthusiastic sparky airy animate keen fair driving pert strenuous jazzy springy enterprising vehement up to snuff in top form pizazzy gay pizzazzy florid ruddy rosy dewy bright clear in excellent shape full of vim bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans kinetic sound in body and limb in fine feather breezy normal influential sporty important flush right physical gingery significant agile nimble lithe powerhouse effervescent mesomorphic OK high-spirited unimpaired in good physical condition steamroller manful puissant rosy-cheeked manly dashing solidly built spunky masculine passionate effective steadfast zealous racy as strong as a horse mettlesome abled resounding emphatic bubbly fiery assertive in good form solid as a rock jock beefcake radiant gutsy hard-hitting persistent unwavering industrious unbending single-minded full-blooded full of vim and vigour full of the joys of spring go-go bright and breezy pushy full of get-up-and-go as right as rain A1 bulky upright better broad-shouldered muscle-bound healthier full-bodied well-developed built meaty sane recovered herculean fleshy well muscled like new unused revived unwearied alert unfaded undimmed stimulated verdant rested creamy relieved unwithered relaxed ok upstanding nondisabled healed well-proportioned rude dour formidable well-knit well knit mended cured in peak condition up to par together luxuriantly not disabled slim muscled toned abiding roaring rough macho toned up moving demoniac motive mobile kinematic dynamical locomotive motile big as strong as a lion fitter perduring long-continued diuturnal studly hunky-dory as strong as a ox fine and dandy thick-skinned relentless unshakable bullheaded long-lived leading dominant flushed youthful-looking pink blushing healthy-looking youthful unblemished predominant authoritative prestigious controlling complete exciting electrifying wieldy omnipotent strengthy boss almighty peaches-and-cream flamboyant alive zesty dazzling bustling happening stirring impassioned colorful humming colourful buzzing vivid rousing barnstorming hopping coruscating intensive stimulating busy astir bold abuzz storming ballsy punchy sensitive vibrating responsive peart thoroughgoing thorough all-out abubble have-a-go full of pep high-octane aboil full of spirit fanatical strong as ox committed violent wholehearted total sweeping full unrestrained playful strong as an lion buoyant strong as an horse upbeat go-getting dedicated iron-willed fierce driven ardent safe and sound all-embracing all out uncontrolled exhaustive unbridled wick persuasive take-over exuberant take-charge efficient hard-driving earnest unflinching raring to go out-and-out unmixed out and out pulling no punches the picture of health sure loyal avid eager sagacious strong-willed water-resistant unaffected waterproof insusceptible firm in spirit strong-minded independent perceptive resolved faithful keen as mustard decisive brave confident heroic purposeful stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad courageous resourceful unhesitating unfaltering certain take charge mean full of energy protected repellent immune immune to unsusceptible to imperviable to unaffected by repellent of impervious to proof against invulnerable to

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