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Alternative for intrepid

Tính từ

Fearless with an adventurous streak
brave courageous valiant fearless bold gallant valorous daring dauntless heroic mettlesome plucky doughty gutsy stalwart stout unflinching ballsy lionhearted manful spirited stouthearted unabashed unblenching unshrinking audacious greathearted gutty heroical nervy undaunted venturous adventurous gritty impavid spunky unafraid undauntable confident dashing dynamic game indomitable resolute unalarmed undismayed go-ahead lion-hearted stout-hearted have-a-go daredevil hardy venturesome adventuresome feisty enterprising determined temerarious rash nerved emboldened foolhardy unfearful reckless noble manly free-swinging chivalrous rock-ribbed fire-eating brash death-or-glory assured tenacious staunch brassy aweless spartan devil-may-care unfearing steely as game as Ned Kelly cocky strong tough madcap swashbuckling risky vigorous forceful heedless overbold peppy frightless pushy powerful honourable positive wild decisive firm overconfident dangerous steadfast elevated dogged headstrong hazardous death-defying impulsive lively quixotic honorable imprudent urbane cheeky sporting fortitudinous redoubtable assertive smart risk-taking dareful carefree forward puissant icy worthy herolike keen persevering unswerving unwavering unfaltering unyielding unbending stubborn macho great-spirited resilient cool full of determination assuming bantam sassy ungoverned uncurbed unabashed by unshakable undaunted by orped unconcerned unworried unapprehensive hairy suave dignified unscared sure unalarmed by unfrightened brazen eager impervious undisturbed defiant chin-up exciting restless exploratory presumptuous thrill-seeking seeking zealous superhuman aggressive sturdy resourceful hot-headed Herculean fiery not scared hasty classic exaggerated grand epic extravagant high-spirited on the go gung ho high-flown inflated grandiose stylish brisk desperate impetuous precipitous hell-for-leather incautious ill-advised irresponsible kamikaze harum-scarum hare-brained mythological champion ardent gingery peppery strong-willed jaunty sporty dazzling debonair tearaway bull-in-a-china-shop mettled resolved frisky sprightly flamboyant exuberant salty impudent smart-alecky obtrusive crusty stand tall having nerves of steel hotheaded breezy bigger than life high-minded fire eating hot shot attractive romantic raffish animated buoyant energetic go for broke knightly out on a limb swish elegant dapper showy chivalric magnanimous exclusive swank alert gay rousing striking vivacious loyal sublime just gentlemanly big fair natural lofty great high true courteous lordly virtuous courtly constant gentlemanlike benevolent great-hearted noble-minded well-mannered careless precipitate thoughtless overhasty headlong harebrained unwise injudicious indiscreet unthinking unconsidered unheeding furious over-adventurous over-venturesome ill-considered shameless abandoned irrational cavalier inattentive unguarded negligent improvident unrestrained foolish immature frenzied premature jumping to conclusions slapdash unwary insuppressible passionate immoderate frivolous inconsiderate out of control wanton intemperate breakneck stupid silly precipitant ill-conceived fast and loose nerveless ill-judged crazy misjudged unthought-out violent crackpot impractical senseless not thought through badly thought out unsafe mad happy-go-lucky casual nonchalant crackbrained radge frantic easy-going lawless daft chaotic wacky wide open off deep end out on limb airy flippant insouciant capricious swaggering untroubled indifferent monstrous heinous scandalous anxious lavish lackadaisical worried shocking atrocious distracted mindless unreserved free and easy profuse abundant free volatile excessive prodigal unfettered regardless misguided overventuresome uncontrolled uncareful unsmart decadent fast-paced playing with fire self-indulgent self-gratifying salacious helter-skelter fast unconstrained slack harsh profligate licentious louche carnal corrupt gadabout

Tính từ

(attributive) Feeling or exuding self-assurance
confident assured positive assertive poised collected cool calm phlegmatic composed nonchalant unperturbed imperturbable unruffled impassive serene tranquil audacious certain gung ho gutsy relaxed sanguine settled unhesitating upbeat brave courageous dauntless fearless self-sufficient unflappable secure self-asserting together unfazed bold can-do sure of yourself nonplussed surefooted sure-footed equanimous at ease believing in oneself cool-headed filled with aplomb laid-back level-headed self-assertive self-assured self-confident self-possessed self-reliant sure of oneself self-respecting controlled daring unshakable plucky unafraid unemotional nerveless patient cool, calm and collected equable sure unworried placid coolheaded steady unmoved stable even-tempered sensible dependable sedate reliable sound undisturbed untroubled grounded commonsensical self-controlled limpid peaceful equal unshaken recollected level possessed smooth self-composed easy reasonable realistic sane firm unerring pragmatic sober mature rational circumspect strong practical judicious balanced prudent businesslike wise well-balanced unflustered unbothered unagitated dispassionate levelheaded easygoing solid at peace well balanced full of common sense commanding authoritative cocksure overconfident safe steadfast dignified urbane suave puffed up undoubtful elegant moderate chilled calmed temperate clearheaded keeping your cool as cool as a cucumber well adjusted well-adjusted complacent hotdog know-it-all hotshot self-secure doubtless pushy implicit brazen clear competent infallible capable unabashed graceful cocky believing expecting expectant rosy high straight debonair aggressive defiant forward pumped up dashing militant with one's feet on the ground with both feet on the ground unperturbable quiet stolid unexcitable serious quieted soothed disimpassioned staid repressed suppressed still strong-willed full of oneself keeping a stiff upper lip cool as cucumber have one's act together not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on fast unfaltering good-tempered unswerving staunch unwavering reserved no-nonsense cool as a cucumber hard-headed discreet deliberative farsighted all there good definite fixed calculable established conclusive unanxious absolute responsible trustable trusty carefree able trustworthy hopeful resolute tried determined well-founded true shoo-in tried and true nailed down tried and tested locked on tried-and-true in the bag

Tính từ

Boldly self-assured
dominant assertive commanding confident domineering assured bold bullish strong demanding determined feisty firm authoritative forceful imposing pushy controlling decisive forward insistent bossy imperious overbearing positive ambitious audacious driven fearless fierce collected committed composed daring emphatic poised powerful resolute resolved spirited staunch steadfast steely tenacious tough zealous self-assertive self-assured self-confident self-reliant strong-minded can-do cool-headed decided self-possessed strong-willed aggressive dynamic vigorous energetic potent in-your-face enterprising vehement effective influential competitive militant robust violent strenuous self-asserting driving go-ahead go-getting pushing not backward in coming forward uncompromising hardline muscular resounding full-blooded convincing compelling persuasive stout dogmatic assaultive high-pressure carnivorous pushful brassy sure absolute certain believing in oneself hard-hitting self-respecting fast-track high-octane supreme go-go mighty weighty effectual authoritarian efficient ruling forcible successful high-powered in control full of get-up-and-go highly capable in the saddle courageous brave plucky valiant gritty heroic unflinching gutsy valorous mettlesome spunky dauntless stalwart lionhearted ballsy gallant doughty stout-hearted game hardy stouthearted undaunted unafraid indomitable manful dogged daredevil greathearted gutty heroical nervy undauntable unshrinking unyielding dashing venturous lion-hearted as game as Ned Kelly adventurous keen venturesome unfaltering have-a-go resilient unabashed indefatigable ardent eager aweless unflagging stubborn obstinate purposeful unfearful persistent gung ho two-fisted unshakeable unbending earnest enthusiastic rugged hardened adventuresome motivated cutthroat hungry thirsty brash unblenching unwavering unfearing iron-willed rock-ribbed irrepressible active avid enduring ruthless desirous frightless bloodthirsty hard-nosed obdurate sporting persevering temerarious gladiatorial foolhardy chivalrous untiring scrappy single-minded defiant cocky icy unalarmed fire-eating having killer instinct warlike hard-driving manly invincible unconquerable swashbuckling fiery unconcerned unworried unapprehensive sassy rash free-swinging nerved emboldened reckless high-spirited unsurpassable invulnerable impervious undisturbed carefree lively brisk intransigent assuming bantam gingery peppery unswerving death-or-glory mettled frisky sprightly perseverant fit hard willful undefeatable combative brazen superhuman chin-up imprudent fortitudinous herolike red-blooded as tough as old boots tough as old boots hard as nails cynical emulous contentious undismayed hard-bitten Herculean noble devil-may-care vying classic exaggerated grand epic extravagant fanatical competing elevated high-flown inflated grandiose inured passionate bigger than life warring spoiling for a fight on the warpath opposing mythological impavid champion antagonistic stand tall ready for action oppositional capable headstrong toughened dedicated resistant sturdy intense quick to recover difficult to keep down sound quick to bounce back rolling with punches loyal sagacious firm in spirit independent perceptive tough-minded faithful ironclad keen as mustard animated resourceful unhesitating take charge mean diligent assiduous aspiring unremitting relentless tireless intent sedulous rigid undeviating steady sustained rigorous ferocious pertinacious inspired unrelenting unabated progressive industrious pioneering stringent eager beaver power-loving self-driven hang-tough self-willed bound and determined get up and go high-reaching intensely competitive stop at nothing power-hungry brutal go for broke cut-throat self-seeking self-starting goal-oriented dog-eat-dog bullheaded fiercely competitive

Tính từ

Firm and unyielding in one's determination
resolute intent resolved committed dedicated determined steadfast dogged earnest firm intransigent obdurate obstinate purposeful relentless set stalwart tenacious uncompromising unswerving unwavering constant indefatigable mettlesome perseverant persevering persistent pertinacious spirited staunch steely strong stubborn undaunted unflinching unrelenting faithful gritty immovable implacable indomitable inflexible plucky true unbending unshakeable unshaken valiant vigorous adamant bold bound brave courageous decided decisive fixed gutsy indurate insistent purposive steady unfaltering unflagging unhesitating unshakable unyielding definite deliberate immutable loyal manful persisting serious spunky stiff stout strenuous unbendable unchanging bulldog out settled single-minded strong-minded strong-willed do-or-die four-square intent on stout-hearted bent on rock-ribbed set on bent upon dead set on insistent on intent upon meaning business determined to hell bent on hell-bent on hell-bent upon committed to the idea of on one's mettle tall in the saddle tough lionhearted hardy feisty enduring game invincible unbeatable unconquerable impregnable invulnerable unsurpassable ballsy bulletproof heroic unstoppable untameable fearless insurmountable insuperable unassailable doughty undefeatable willful impassable ruthless as game as Ned Kelly irrepressible hardened inured headstrong toughened capable rugged sturdy resistant stouthearted sound resilient robust difficult to keep down quick to bounce back quick to recover rolling with punches untiring full of determination driven undeviating unswervable dead set unflappable ambitious solid motivated ardent zealous assertive keen compulsive avid industrious enthusiastic eager inspired bent enterprising aspiring thirsty obsessed active fierce desirous fanatical striving hungry pushy energetic militant go-getting hard-driving self-starting goal-oriented self-assertive hell-bent self-driven firmly-based focused wholehearted inexorable unmovable direct grim diligent tireless devoted cast-iron iron assiduous hard-nosed pigheaded bullheaded straight reliable trusty unfailing self-willed never-tiring focussed hanging tough patient aggressive adventurous progressive pioneering thrusting eager beaver self-asserting get up and go high-reaching power-hungry self-seeking power-loving like a ball of fire on the make desiring success compelled consumed obsessive possessed galvanized monomaniacal forceful impelled fixated obsessional induced impulsive guided besetting pushed steered galvanised urged on

Tính từ

Having or showing initiative and resourcefulness
enterprising original resourceful bold daring spirited imaginative ingenious adventurous audacious enthusiastic energetic inventive vigorous creative able active alert ambitious bright capable clever eager gifted keen quick-witted sharp talented venturesome adventuresome courageous dashing dynamic emboldened entrepreneurial free-swinging go-ahead gutsy hardy nerved nervy up-and-coming venturous zealous advancing aspiring busy craving diligent driving go-go gumptious hardworking hungry hustling industrious innovative itching lively lusting peppy progressive pushing ready self-starting snappy spanking stirring take-over yearning zippy hard ball spark plug coming on strong pioneering advanced forward-looking modern disruptive liberal forward-thinking driven enlightened vital rising new go-getting high-powered avant-garde inspired determined committed aggressive motivated avid intent assertive ardent striving purposeful fierce desirous earnest thirsty pushy militant ruthless eager beaver power-loving self-driven single-minded self-assertive self-asserting get up and go like a ball of fire high-reaching on the make self-seeking goal-oriented hard-driving power-hungry bent upon desiring success practical perceptive nifty deviceful dedicated bent resolute tenacious resolved dogged uncompromising persistent staunch strong unwavering obstinate indefatigable steely stalwart steadfast unflagging obsessed untiring plucky mettlesome fanatical unbending persevering thrusting undaunted strong-willed strong-minded full of determination dead set hell-bent hopeful forceful upwardly mobile

Tính từ

(of a plan or piece of work) Difficult to achieve, requiring great effort or ability
ambitious demanding hard challenging difficult exacting formidable aggressive arduous bold strenuous tough daring grandiose monumental onerous trying exhausting industrious severe taxing elaborate extravagant grand toilsome energetic hellish impressive lofty pretentious stiff visionary killing knackering magnificent large-scale high-pressure herculean killer grueling gruelling rigorous testing laborious rough backbreaking punishing stressful oppressive back-breaking effortful harsh burdensome daunting torturous tortuous excruciating tedious ponderous wearisome tiring bruising rugged wearying agonizing brutal troublesome grievous moiling draining forbidding harrowing uphill thorny fierce crushing bothersome fatiguing unsparing heavy agonising exigent mighty painstaking hellacious intense stringent extreme colossal impossible unforgiving weighty titanic wearing grim toilful debilitating galling tiresome cumbersome operose upstream vigorous intimidating unyielding grinding sweaty tall painful sapping hairy gargantuan energy-consuming Herculean unreasonable tricky immoderate crippling merciless immense unremitting staggering gigantic prohibitive imperious murderous really hard very hard intolerable unbearable unpleasant distressing jarring solemn distressful shattering backbreaker depleting exorbitant excessive unfair steep persnickety pressing time-consuming Augean pick-and-shovel audacious dicey awful hazardous easier said than done nerve-racking high-impact slavish torturesome unendurable hard-won drudgy labored serious no picnic vicious marathon cruel uncomfortable troubling difficile laboured unnerving tough going problem ominous insufferable sticky tormenting not easy worksome like getting blood out of a stone ferocious almighty savage scabrous problematic uphill battle discomforting stretching unrealistic improbable ballsy unfeasible brash idealistic unreal fanciful unlikely far-fetched difficult to achieve hefty thoroughgoing major irksome enervating vexatious worrying relentless exasperating traumatic worrisome vexing mean awkward disturbing frustrating inconvenient enervative upsetting wicked aggravating hectic maddening pressured fraught strict terrible annoying inhuman superincumbent disagreeable pesky bitter hardhanded searing pestilent austere irritating bad nagging weary infuriating niggling nasty murder knotty plaguy pestiferous pestilential punitive troublous rowdy carking prostrating embittering hostile grave tense perturbing anxious dour Sisyphean drastic draconian dreadful harassing unsettling rankling concerning intractable ungovernable objectionable drudging repressive infernal irking agitating busy domineering inexorable despotic headache abrasive riling very difficult overwhelming ugly boring unmanageable wretched chafing nettling nettlesome peeving incommodious confounded undisciplined disorderly unjust recalcitrant wayward discouraging puzzling unruly rebarbative cussed pesty plaguey a stinker of a anxiety-ridden physical powerful huge prodigious searching responsible withering racking chastening massive unrelaxing strained uncharitable unkind fiendishly difficult tremendously difficult very challenging unrelenting stern overtaxing overpowering plodding mammoth careful hypercritical thorough precise critical nit-picking a nuisance flinty protracted lengthy hardworking steely tight an imposition dogged gruff stark overburdening ungentle high forceful heroic courageous louring slow lowering by the book spartan grating provoking displeasing no piece of cake shocking repugnant exerting large order heavy sledding swingeing sky-high inflated extortionate enraging lamentable deplorable unwelcome antagonizing harrying afflicting disappointing ghastly foul horrible rotten horrid vile iniquitous inordinate outrageous teasing festering antipathetic appalling atrocious frightful horrendous abominable tyrannical unsatisfying unattractive antagonising dictatorial autocratic offensive enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall undemocratic grotty frantic chaotic insupportable perverse complex complicated tyrannous active eventful frenzied frenetic lively authoritarian iron-fisted lousy beastly improper overbearing pitiless ruthless coercive anti-democratic disquieting discomposing mystifying high-handed overweening peremptory from hell unacceptable egregious importunate turbulent restless disheartening gloomy sombre dispiriting ironhanded rough going dismal depressive bleak heavy-handed somber depressing confining infestive dangerous alarming damaging messy flustering animated madhouse tireless full tumultuous riotous furious bustling wild problematical bewildering intricate incomprehensible convoluted perplexing baffling confounding beyond bearing not to be borne full on spirited action-packed bumpy raucous a bummer of a disobedient rebellious dysfunctional defiant delinquent socially impaired belligerent willful self-willed naughty badly behaved uncooperative impudent erratic errant hot-tempered disturbed disruptive badly-behaved misbehaving whiny roguish sullen cantankerous undisciplinable loudmouthed contumacious ill-behaved bellicose incorrigible insolent maladjusted rude confrontational combative argumentative malicious ill-disciplined mischievous truculent pugnacious unrestrainable uncontrollable stubborn scrappy uncompliant rascally insubordinate uncontainable peevish devilish petulant indocile

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