Đồng nghĩa của large order


A difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situation
predicament hole corner fix jam mess pickle spot dilemma plight quandary bind scrape crisis difficulty emergency muddle state how-do-you-do issue pinch situation tight spot trouble awkward situation box difficult situation hot water impasse jackpot mire quagmire rattrap swamp asperity catch-22 circumstance clutch condition deadlock drag exigency hang-up hardship imbroglio juncture lot pass perplexity position posture problematic situation puzzle rigour rigor soup strait tight corner vicissitude deep water kettle of fish rabbit hole sticky situation sticky wicket bad news rough go problem tricky situation complication dire straits distress entanglement stew extremity embarrassment conundrum bother misfortune adversity spot of bother crunch headache confusion zero hour disaster fine kettle of fish hindrance setback hitch calamity hassle turning point no-win situation catastrophe question head pretty kettle of fish crossroads mix-up catch obstacle tinderbox unfortunate situation straits mishap squeeze complexity case snag tribulation tight situation cataclysm Dunkirk tragedy conjuncture crossroad ticklish situation hell breaking point flash point boiling point crunch time sad state hurdle hard times can of worms obstruction impediment drawback misadventure worry doubt botheration urgency critical situation disorder fiasco hell on earth knot uphill havoc double bind depression danger shambles contingency challenge sorry condition conflict difficult position double trouble vicious circle mare's nest tangle nuisance pain comess dispute stage disputed point train wreck point at issue upheaval disarray turmoil concern chaos blow debacle desperate straits pressure trauma pitfall drama affair meltdown matter horror spot of trouble bewilderment complicated situation difficult problem embarrassing situation embarrassing problem bit of bother crux rub stumbling block panic stations snake pit controversy puzzlement worst-case scenario accident struggle circumstances car crash count disagreement jumble inconvenience equation urgent situation uncertainty intricacy need necessity woe bugbear hazard burden bottleneck hot spot frustration poser reversal worriment facer incident reverse barrier tension failure stress occasion hiccup collapse crash cleft stick affliction handicap point bad situation vexation devastation scourge contretemps exigence apocalypse messiness disorderliness enigma trammel difficult choice grievance trial hornets' nest mystification a jam a scrape a hole a fix with nowhere to turn to-do source of trouble stumper fly in the ointment spanner in the works big trouble hot potato monkey wrench in the works reversal of fortune matter of contention point of contention awkward climacteric Gordian knot snarl unpredictable situation dog's breakfast hornet's nest snafu troublesome problem hard nut to crack complex problem Pandora's box place mass of problems involvement discomfiture upset indigence destitution stalemate grief disappointment deep trouble torment emergency situation potential crisis cul-de-sac morass cessation pause rest situational problem indecision time state of perplexity state of uncertainty delicate situation connection combination spectacle tight squeeze moment troublesome situation diffict situation extreme suffering peril jeopardy bar crimp demand commotion fuss botched situation uphill battle damned if you do, damned if you don't concurrence crucial point business adventure row scene disturbance melodrama imperilment worst case hot seat between a rock and a hard place task thrill fracas sensation excitement up a tree lose-lose constraint requirement hamper farce endangerment worst outcome subject pretty undertaking nut acuteness want demandingness worst possible outcome worst that could happen worst comes to worst traverse state of affairs disadvantage risk a bad situation a plight a mess a sorry condition a predicament a difficult situation brouhaha enmeshment embroilment period phase compulsion push climax unforeseen circumstances needfulness requisite essential imperativeness wont criticalness pressingness focus theme topic thorn in your flesh oppression state of things thorn in one's flesh vexed question question mark thorn in one's side gremlin source of difficulty moment of truth mistake a tight corner a bind duress misery interval status instant point in time choice millstone prob cumber tear-jerker interest contention subject matter argument choke point point of no return exertion painfulness mischance moment in time soap opera barricade discouragement sweat labor hardness labour harassment harm's way pest a stew a spot dead end a pickle habit downside unfortunate occurrence awkward moment irritant aggravation negative aspect glitch teething trouble irk annoyance thorn peeve exasperation aggro ruffle clutter mystery nark blight whammy ruin shock shipwreck desolation bust monstrosity bomb holocaust destiny disorganization pain in the rear bane pain in the backside source of irritation source of annoyance pain in the neck fair cow hair shirt pain in the bum bore fate fortune secret brain-teaser teaser disarrangement dishevelment head-scratcher why misorder disorderedness hash ravel scramble muss heavy blow koan rebus paradox doom stroke of ill luck fankle botch heck break kismet disorganisation ataxia tumble Chinese puzzle tough nut to crack stickler riddle brainteaser distraction charade mind-boggler tough proposition labyrinth knotty question brain-twister twister unsolved problem maze closed book sixty-four dollar question cryptogram predestination foreordination breaks chance-medley free-for-all mess and a half confused state rat's nest pig's breakfast karma way cookie crumbles Moirai hand one is dealt


Difficult or challenging in nature, especially physically
rugged hard tough difficult arduous demanding exacting strenuous rough challenging gruelling laborious heavy rigorous formidable grueling testing toilsome taxing harsh onerous trying uphill backbreaking murderous herculean fierce moiling hellacious tall effortful killer austere sweaty Augean operose hairy spartan murder mean knotty pick-and-shovel no picnic heavy sledding severe stiff exhausting punishing burdensome tiring back-breaking fatiguing wearisome killing stressful oppressive brutal knackering Herculean excruciating grievous wearing exigent wearying troublesome grim crushing weighty hellish tedious grinding labored laboured irksome draining stringent bothersome sapping harrowing cruel painful torturous vigorous persnickety toilful sticky tricky ambitious energy-consuming enervating bruising ponderous relentless tortuous daunting agonizing tiresome thorny unpleasant unbearable uncomfortable agonising traumatic worrying frustrating pressured fraught vexing vexatious exasperating bitter hardhanded inhuman searing colossal unremitting debilitating painstaking extreme forbidding galling intolerable unsparing nerve-racking tough going tense awkward anxious agitating hectic mighty intense boring steep problematic impossible wicked unforgiving serious cumbersome crippling merciless imperious staggering upstream intimidating gargantuan distressing unyielding jarring solemn distressful worksome slavish difficile shattering backbreaker prohibitive titanic depleting discomforting anxiety-ridden really hard very hard prodigious stretching searching unreasonable Sisyphean upsetting overwhelming exorbitant excessive energetic monumental dour aggravating unrelaxing bad withering mammoth immoderate unfair dogged worrisome strained unrelenting hefty slow drastic pestilent tight inconvenient wretched protracted lengthy hardworking hypercritical thorough precise critical careful nit-picking despotic domineering unjust exerting a stinker of a a nuisance very difficult by the book an imposition racking chastening carking disturbing superincumbent dicey awful hazardous easier said than done high-impact torturesome unendurable hard-won drudgy immense vicious marathon troubling unnerving high-pressure problem ominous insufferable tormenting not easy like getting blood out of a stone ferocious almighty gigantic savage scabrous uphill battle delicate embarrassing ticklish nasty pressing sensitive prickly tricksy problematical dodgy spiny touchy catchy touch-and-go time-consuming barro enervative dangerous strict weary contrived artificial leaden bloodthirsty forced homicidal bloody disagreeable sanguinary tortured concerning fell dire bleak sanguineous prostrating perilous precarious bloody-minded devastating destructive deadly lethal powerful cutthroat destroying ruinous criminal aggressive slaughterous forceful industrious grave active drudging impressive busy sanguine murdering terrible spirited wild major rowdy chancy iffy dark intensive unfriendly dubious hostile suspect questionable ugly huge physical massive thoroughgoing punitive inexorable overburdening heart-pumping fiendishly difficult tremendously difficult very challenging heroic courageous clumsy ruthless diligent responsible timewasting inefficient long affected overdone studied pitiless no piece of cake embittering overtaxing overpowering plodding headache inept overwrought unnatural maladroit controversial annoying chronophagous butcherous irritating considerable disastrous significant life-threatening acute ghastly foul horrible rotten dreadful horrid vile bold consequential perturbing nagging daring grandiose appalling atrocious frightful horrendous abominable niggling maddening infuriating sobering big threatening peracute menacing plaguy pestiferous pestilential harassing grand elaborate extravagant intrepid frantic chaotic grotty unsettling pesky disquieting discomposing troublous pretentious visionary lofty eventful frenzied frenetic lively importunate magnificent lousy beastly intractable undisciplined infestive ungovernable alarming damaging repressive messy disorderly large-scale from hell turbulent restless flustering animated madhouse tireless full tumultuous riotous furious bustling full on unruly action-packed bumpy raucous a bummer of a vehement mettlesome resolute potent determined forcible fervent eager zealous enthusiastic ardent keen fiery resounding violent full-blooded muscular assertive passionate blunt hard-hitting uncontrolled dynamic unbridled emphatic unrestrained all-out punchy in-your-face brisk pulling no punches

Trái nghĩa của large order

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