Đồng nghĩa của chronophagous


Requiring significant amounts of time
time-consuming laborious arduous inefficient long onerous slow timewasting taxing hard difficult exacting demanding burdensome heavy crushing exhausting oppressive weighty troublesome formidable challenging gruelling wearing toilsome trying severe back-breaking strenuous uphill Herculean exigent tiring stressful fatiguing killing stiff punishing grueling persnickety wearisome backbreaking ponderous rigorous pressing distressing intolerable galling tedious tiresome grinding painful cumbersome tough testing painstaking bruising harsh torturous debilitating tortuous daunting unsparing sapping moiling draining fierce murderous killer intimidating agonising harrowing hellish hairy imperious operose unpleasant gargantuan effortful wearying shattering Augean unbearable unforgiving knackering toilful rugged pick-and-shovel backbreaker sweaty grim unyielding stringent herculean ambitious tall jarring excruciating upstream energy-consuming forbidding solemn vigorous agonizing thorny distressful hellacious rough grievous bothersome brutal depleting tricky inconvenient awkward responsible grave irksome merciless excessive overtaxing overpowering vexatious serious austere embittering plodding headache cruel crippling enervating relentless labored laboured bitter strict inhuman searing hardhanded worrying enervative disturbing intense unremitting traumatic sticky upsetting colossal extreme unrelenting worrisome savage really hard knotty draconian no picnic hectic mighty nerve-racking critical spartan uncomfortable tormenting awful very hard tough going weary immoderate problematic inexorable steep monumental hefty heavy-handed pitiless frustrating pressured tight extravagant stern fraught impressive dire vexing rigid exasperating disagreeable gigantic staggering hazardous prostrating impossible despotic titanic flinty slavish difficile tyrannical domineering punitive tense exorbitant forceful Sisyphean superincumbent bold drastic anxious unreasonable abusive grandiose boring drudging prickly delicate bleak daring aggressive unmerciful racking murder mean dour agitating dangerous wicked lofty ruthless insufferable worksome almighty energetic problematical ticklish perilous chancy concerning dodgy iffy dark precarious bad nasty great authoritarian uncompromising wretched immense busy unfriendly dubious hostile suspect questionable prohibitive unendurable ramrod large-scale ferocious high-pressure very difficult hard-hearted hard-nosed anxiety-ridden huge stretching a nuisance physical unfair massive dreadful an imposition overburdening overwhelming carking protracted lengthy hardworking withering searching mammoth prodigious thoroughgoing strained dogged major nagging aggravating Spartan shocking unjust heroic courageous careful hypercritical thorough precise nit-picking pestilent exerting large order heavy sledding complex complicated profound confused concentrated intensive abstruse stormy te recondite sensitive controversial a stinker of a inflexible by the book firm ominous audacious inordinate undue ironhanded intransigent brassbound dicey easier said than done high-impact torturesome drudgy vicious unnerving scabrous uphill battle hard-won marathon troubling problem not easy like getting blood out of a stone discomforting unpermissive strong unconscionable swingeing sharp overweening towering heightened cast-iron hard-line unrealistic industrious hardheaded intractable overextravagant overmuch headstrong overdue insane plethoric baroque devilish chastening fiendishly difficult grand elaborate intrepid violent maleficent brutish wolfish truculent sadistic barbaric improbable ballsy brash idealistic unfeasible tremendously difficult very challenging implacable robust barbarous poignant pretentious visionary fanciful unreal humourless sedate humorless staid sober repressive sobersided unfeeling unkind callous heartbreaking unlikely disquieting heart-rending tyrannous inhumane intolerant heartless unsympathetic dictatorial magnificent unsmiling obdurate no-nonsense uncomic astringent far-fetched difficult to achieve yukky hurtful unwelcome unhappy sour miserable rotten distasteful unpalatable yucky afflicting heartrending chilling displeasing uncongenial unlovely unpleasing unsavory tragic sad suppressive insensitive icky sore remorseless mortifying unpitying illiberal unsavoury po-faced intemperate provoking annoying inclement offensive calamitous afflictive frantic chaotic gut-wrenching active eventful frenzied frenetic lively hard-boiled hard-shell turbulent restless flustering animated madhouse tireless full tumultuous riotous furious bustling wild full on unruly spirited rowdy action-packed bumpy raucous

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