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Alternative for wearisome

wearisome /'wiərisəm/
  • tính từ
    • mệt, mệt nhọc, làm mệt
      • a wearisome job: một công việc mệt nhọc
    • chán ngắt; tẻ nhạt

Tính từ

Causing physical fatigue and exhaustion
tiring arduous strenuous grueling gruelling hard onerous draining exacting grinding punishing tough burdensome crushing enervative stressful taxing trying uphill wearing challenging crippling demanding difficult hellish murderous rigorous sapping exigent killing oppressive strict stringent toilsome back-breaking exhausting laborious heavy fatiguing wearying severe rough formidable backbreaking testing tedious troublesome harsh tiresome rugged irksome herculean Herculean excruciating effortful stiff brutal moiling weighty enervating knackering sweaty bothersome killer grievous tall hellacious operose painful debilitating harrowing grim torturous ponderous labored laboured bruising persnickety toilful tortuous Augean energy-consuming agonizing unsparing vigorous agonising daunting pick-and-shovel unbearable cruel depleting mighty ambitious colossal extreme forbidding thorny fierce unremitting gargantuan cumbersome vexatious galling serious intolerable shattering painstaking weary sticky tough going unforgiving intense traumatic worrying gigantic relentless upstream intimidating titanic unyielding frustrating pressured fraught hairy vexing merciless exasperating hectic slavish distressing no picnic difficile nerve-racking immoderate Sisyphean inconvenient awkward drudging tense excessive immense anxious staggering steep boring impossible really hard very hard disturbing bitter hardhanded inhuman searing imperious almighty agitating prohibitive pressing worksome uncomfortable backbreaker tricky time-consuming unpleasant jarring solemn distressful anxiety-ridden unreasonable huge physical exorbitant unfair massive worrisome dour upsetting dogged responsible grave aggravating courageous forceful heroic impressive slow murder a nuisance wretched an imposition pestilent tight busy exerting a stinker of a carking superincumbent insufferable austere embittering overtaxing overpowering plodding headache dicey awful hazardous easier said than done high-impact torturesome unendurable hard-won drudgy vicious marathon troubling unnerving high-pressure problem ominous tormenting not easy like getting blood out of a stone ferocious savage scabrous problematic uphill battle discomforting protracted wicked lengthy hardworking hefty thoroughgoing major prostrating punitive inexorable searching overburdening weakening incapacitating devitalizing enfeebling stark bad inhospitable comfortless impairing devastating paralysing bleak disagreeable spartan paralyzing Spartan bare-bones overwhelming barren hostile desolate unfriendly frantic chaotic active eventful frenzied frenetic lively turbulent restless energetic flustering full tumultuous animated riotous madhouse furious tireless bustling wild full on unruly spirited action-packed rowdy bumpy raucous

Tính từ

Causing weariness through being boring or monotonous
boring monotonous tedious tiresome uninteresting dreary dull humdrum pedestrian drab laborious leaden ponderous prosaic slow tiring unexciting wearying colourless colorless flat heavy drudging fatiguing jading jejune monochromatic numbing old stale stodgy stuffy arid dry dusty enervating exhausting weary stupid tame mind-numbing ho-hum insipid lifeless run-of-the-mill mundane vapid uninspiring banal commonplace unimaginative bland lacklustre uninspired lackluster routine uneventful repetitious trite characterless tired unvaried blah spiritless unvarying repetitive plodding unremarkable nothing hackneyed common ordinary sterile dead samey vanilla workaday draggy wishy-washy dry as dust ho hum bromidic everyday deadly unoriginal mediocre vacuous quotidian soul-destroying lame unstimulating derivative banausic dim dull as dishwater prosy barren as dry as dust weak dullsville weariful limp feeble bloodless turgid torpid platitudinous soporific stiff nowhere wooden unanimated featureless plain hacky nondescript dragging lacking variety lustreless mechanical unchanging monochrome depressing laboured zero dreich milk-and-water inane pabulum common or garden labored treadmill interminable stereotyped day-to-day anaemic usual irksome heavy-going uniform zestless stock inoffensive conventional clichéd stilted apathetic antiseptic listless deadly dull pointless unrelieved unentertaining unenjoyable sluggish watery monotone muted anemic middle-of-the-road plain vanilla dull as ditchwater ornery namby-pamby innocuous corny lacking variation no great shakes mindless not up to much big yawn nothing to write home about difficult pallid non-stimulating threadbare predictable customary normal sleepy serious hack typical regular unmemorable quiet soulless safe overused overworked trying moth-eaten well-worn pedantic undistinctive white-bread desolate unexceptional toneless prolix stagnant dismal yawnsome expressionless forced downcast empty one-horse lusterless fuddy-duddy so-so truistic hoary lacking excitement sapless lacking interest trivial timeworn heavy going stereotypical worn-out time-worn cliché-ridden dead-and-alive undistinguished worn out old hat played out annoying irritating menial unlively unpassioned neutral indistinct bummer drag cloying drear bomb plebeian longwinded long-winded nitty-gritty terrestrial passionless over-serious boresome vexatious overlong unspirited frustrating lethargic workday lowly deadening clumsy unnatural awkward artificial mortal poky snooze slack puerile uncreative disheartening unsatisfying demoralizing unfulfilling endless crude meagre simplistic meager stolid solemn average cautious droning sombre somber depressed matter-of-fact bleak dowdy static circumspect formal uninterested tepid unprogressive inactive unproductive tasteless backward half-pie bog-standard OK raw dispiriting wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy prudent staid waterish flavourless flavorless nerdy wimpy unappealing vacant backwoods comatose chary verbose cold hollow unfeeling mat unexpressive matte unexcited dulled poor half-hearted inadequate cardboard attentive weighty not so hot long-drawn-out uninflected overdone inexpressive emotionless lacking vitality passive timid unseasoned whitebread unpalatable blind soft mild drivelling nebbish driveling beige fatuous tenuous slight subdued behind the times demoralising shopworn cliche obligatory cornball musty hackney cobwebby formulaic passable low-grade two-dimensional gingerly unadventurous considerate careful heedful wary calculating without variety out of date dime-store outdated reiterated samely monotonic all the same recurrent sing-song unchanged lead balloon conservative old-fashioned unobjectionable hard to digest harmless slothful spent outmoded facile noplace dumb hokey cornfed tripe square mainstream incomprehensible inarticulate incoherent archaic obsolete halfhearted diluted defunct unenterprising extinct antiquated antediluvian superannuated garden-variety garden variety dense unreadable boiled down without punch leery flat as pancake passé puts one to sleep badly written antwacky out of the ark cut and dried a dime a dozen deadpan unemotional no-nonsense sober gray grey unimpassioned indifferent uncomic unadorned impassive down-to-earth humourless factual languid unsentimental humorless unamusing distasteful unappetizing literal simple sedate indistinctive unsavoury inert blank unembellished straightforward practical straight unresponsive phlegmatic unsavory unpretentious desiccated grave uninviting disagreeable unpleasant inedible unvarnished undemonstrative unattractive level-headed hard-headed uneatable unexceptionable unenthusiastic noncommittal numb faceless realistic pragmatic insensitive businesslike anodyne pathetic hardheaded pragmatical indecisive calm stern earthy flat tire gross grim unfunny severe run of the mill enervated unidealistic cold-blooded slow-moving uncomedic unwitty clean clear unsmiling off-putting earnest disgusting serious-minded constant restrained repeated familiar ineffectual stoical nauseating glassy savourless rational sensible yucky unromantic unobtrusive loathsome revolting faithful stoic institutional ineffective peaceful frigid nasty foul commonsensical iterative benumbed placid lackadaisical standard unexcitable unmoved ceaseless reiterative insistent continual languorous understated dispassionate spineless impassible savorless lacking in vitality sick-making unostentatious affectless watered-down irresolute unembroidered undistorted unaffected exact lukewarm intense sullen straight-thinking repressed lazy droopy humble unflashy low-keyed languishing mournful elementary dour sour unconcerned hard-boiled cowardly down homely austere low-key with both feet on the ground toned-down folksy miserable long steady slow but sure literal-minded unidentified unspecified prosing usual thing pompous dry-as-dust unmodulated earthbound shiftless sickening clinical uninventive unartistic wordy glassy-eyed not fun unpoetic least Milquetoast repugnant derived unspecial logical useless duplicative vile general futile unnoteworthy unfateful noneventful inconclusive in the doldrums generic profitless vain unambitious noisome fishy standard-issue cut-and-dry cut-and-dried reserved unrewarding devoid of feeling devoid of emotion fruitless worthless lacking personality lacking charisma thin accustomed valueless unprofitable purposeless aimless actual practicable yawn diddly prose unmotivated catatonic effete glazed subtle run-of-the mill unavailing bootless otiose unsuccessful inefficacious abortive neither one thing nor the other light discreet backwater wet limp-wristed weak-kneed sobersided bovine unflavoured drawly regimented unfruitful unfilled unprolific matter-of- fact unsympathetic inconspicuous puritanical douce strict supine wimpish weakened nerveless frail invertebrate weakling unnoticeable unkind indolent coldhearted not amounting to much anaesthetic insensible anesthetic unflappable unpleasurable governmental utilitarian rudimentary corporate functional ugly innocent twangy imitative twanging callous numbed stony asleep inhuman po-faced unhumorous repulsive desensitized groggy disinterested tranquil uninvolved uncompassionate lymphatic uncharismatic senseless anesthetized yucko along for the ride desensitised detached without spice big zero peaceable unoffending vacillating wavering retiring drawling brackish detestable yukky abhorrent anaesthetized paralysed paralyzed still frequentative standard issue unrefined robust unsophisticated rough natural grody unenticing stinky icky forgettable innoxious nonprovocative meek direct uninhibited slavish inelaborate pure and simple normophilic uncluttered unornamented rustic your basic modest unelaborate uncomplicated undecorated submissive melancholic dispirited despondent mopy low dejected melancholy white non-aggressive non-violent benign non-combative hurtless stark nameless blue disconsolate gutless dopey broken sad drippy inanimate downhearted withdrawn tempered pensive fogeyish out-of-date backward-looking crusty gentle friendly pleasant frank chastened creaky mouldy old-fogeyish controlled home folk basic homey funky lowbred easygoing lusty down home outdoorsy dated antique fusty moldy past it old-time inobtrusive down in the mouth down in the dumps cast down lacking originality naked accurate impersonal feasible truthful

Tính từ

Causing annoyance or irritation
annoying irksome irritating bothersome vexatious exasperating frustrating pestilential troublesome disturbing trying distressing difficult vexing upsetting troubling aggravating worrisome tiresome inconvenient burdensome unsettling nagging harassing unpleasant perturbing worrying provoking disagreeable galling painful discomforting discomposing maddening disquieting disconcerting awkward pesky agitating troublous discouraging discommoding plaguy pestiferous pestilent alarming rankling infuriating nasty riling abrasive distressful peeving onerous chafing carking nettling nettlesome dismaying niggling severe displeasing pesty rebarbative plaguey hard tedious infernal taxing confounded toilsome nerve-racking thorny frightening startling laborious tricky ominous cussed unnerving gloomy sinister foreboding depressing perplexing demanding grating unwelcome creepy harrying threatening intrusive impeding disruptive consequential embarrassing harrowing wearing pessimistic challenging traumatic teasing antagonizing disappointing enraging jarring antagonising uncertain prophetic problematic agonizing concerning incommodious agonising enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall hairy fraught boring irking tormenting bedevilling knotty unamusing unpleasing oppressive shocking confronting punchable uncongenial tense uneasy bedeviling mean tough unsatisfying heavy ugly wicked grievous nail-biting nerve-wracking sticky discomfiting rough prickly hurtful objectionable wretched repugnant forbidding lamentable deplorable puzzling restless nervous anxious daunting afflicting festering antipathetic arduous grave devastating unattractive impossible gut-wrenching off-putting scary anxious-making importunate intractable ungovernable undisciplined murder damaging repressive uphill rowdy messy infestive dangerous disorderly apprehensive charged tickly flustering bitter torturous dolorous bumpy formidable weighty causing discomfort itchy uncomfortable distressed afflictive ill-fitting scratchy embittering stressful crushing exacting intolerable hefty testing pressing exigent harsh unsuitable offensive distasteful unpalatable inappropriate bad obnoxious discordant inopportune insensitive inexpedient untimely unseasonable unlovely unfortunate yukky rotten unsavory icky yucky discommodious inharmonious cruel inconsiderate rude unfriendly hateful unkind unsavoury raucous shrill sharp sour unfavorable unfavourable cacophonous horrible invasive incommoding strident disadvantageous nauseating grotesque unaesthetic unhandy dissonant unmanageable unwieldy vicious malicious detrimental cumbersome spiteful stridulent undesirable poisonous gruff execrable ill-timed venomous vindictive detestable abusive malign churlish unbearable wounding out of place repellent lousy ill-humored mean-spirited ill-tempered ill-natured ill-humoured bad-tempered accursed dislikable humiliating provocative sickening acid plaguing remote prejudicial stupid interfering imposing idiotic stridulous ill suited dry harsh-sounding ticklish unpopular complicated sensitive delicate unlucky undesired incongruous clashing screeching piercing blaring intricate involved disobliging regrettable rejected unwanted malevolent conflicting incompatible grinding contrasting malignant dodgy baffling blameworthy unacceptable reprehensible excluded uninvited noisy rasping jangling scraping squeaky uncharitable catty vile surly hostile despicable unsought not wanted ill-advised too bad ill-favored ill-favoured exceptionable unwished for unwished-for inadmissible complex tricksy problematical touchy spiny catchy snide cantankerous ignominious sordid ignoble currish dirty despiteful dishonorable contemptible base virulent low paltry squawky boisterous fierce rabid rugged ferocious squawking unavoidable prominent high-profile inescapable interrupting convoluted uncharacteristic loud unharmonious ornery ruthless sarcastic dishonourable explosive forceful convulsive ear-piercing furious echinated briery stimulating pointed evil-minded low-minded low-down paroxysmal turbulent volcanic blustering unmelodious unmusical tumultuous forcible buffeting miserable cutting unlikable impolite repulsive biting unlovable appalling horrid caustic awful invidious terrible abominable odious dreadful revolting disgusting abhorrent gross ghastly frightful insufferable stern in one's face impossible to ignore unloveable vitriolic grody gnarly cross unfeeling brusque brutal acerbic callous curt pitiless acerb unsympathetic comfortless aggressive spiky argumentative eye-watering rubbing the wrong way hard to take

Tính từ

Seemingly endless because boring
interminable endless never-ending ceaseless everlasting long-winded constant incessant long-drawn-out unceasing boring dragging infinite long non-stop perpetual unending uninterrupted unlimited boundless continual limitless monotonous protracted seemingly endless sustained tedious unbroken immeasurable laborious meandering overlong ponderous rambling unbounded without end continuous day-and-night dull eternal interminate looped permanent timeless unbound dragged out spun out strung out no end of no end to on a treadmill prolonged lengthy verbose prolix diffuse wordy extended discursive garrulous drawn-out windy tiresome digressive marathon spun-out lingering slow time-consuming circumlocutory pleonastic circuitous dragged-out logorrheic periphrastic ambagious enduring very long elongated king-size elongate king-sized lengthened oversized verbal maundering wandering circumlocutionary redundant logorrhoeic padded longish king size flowery full of verbiage lasting far long-lived long-lasting great long-term dilatory delayed diffusive late overextended tardy for ages forever and a day repetitious tautological tortuous talkative chatty palaverous bombastic expansive voluble gabby sesquipedalian loquacious long-drawn extensive drawn out spread out persistent long-standing turgid stretched out enlarged outstretched stretched continued expanded chronic perennial talky continuing inflated remote stretching far-off towering tall deep stretch lanky gangling rangy distant lofty faraway stringy high running far-reaching of considerable length gradual pompous empty vague loose waffly boastful waffling progressive draggy conservative flatulent gassy roundabout painful profuse random lavish copious exuberant durable abiding broad long-running multiyear multiday longevous grueling gruelling epic perdurable sustaining persisting advancing pursuing maintaining persevering progressing stale prosing flat commonplace pedestrian unimaginative prosaic uninteresting humdrum old as Methuselah full of years carrying on unabating prosy remaining increased unfurled unrolled widened proffered conferred ingrained deep-rooted settled lifelong routine habitual inborn ever-present recurrent usual fixed inbred deep-seated incurable tenacious stubborn ineradicable confirmed obstinate unyielding recurring inveterate rooted haunting unmitigated unfolded spread

Tính từ

Awkward because of size or shape
cumbersome awkward clumsy clunky heavy ungainly unwieldy bulky cumbrous hefty inconvenient unmanageable weighty burdensome unhandy incommodious bunglesome cranky hulking impractical large ponderous lumbersome clunker clunking embarrassing galumphing leaden massive oppressive tiresome lumbering substantial elephantine big colossal gross huge immense enormous mammoth tremendous troublesome gigantic great vast solid titanic monumental gargantuan grand considerable overgrown oversized voluminous unmanoeuvrable difficult giant monstrous husky humongous mountainous prodigious sizable jumbo sizeable monster whopping mighty oversize stupendous handsome mega astronomical ginormous outsize epic outsized extensive thumping whacking towering Brobdingnagian king-size king-sized king size thumping great whopping great whacking great lumpish unco goodly graceless largish tidy biggish imposing astronomic humungous leviathan inordinate plodding high very large cosmic bumper supersize cyclopean galactic cosmical walloping slow pharaonic lumpy supersized sluggish bothersome super-duper beefy chunky onerous inopportune untimely inexpedient annoying unseasonable oafish clodhopping clumpy lubberly disadvantageous discommodious unsuitable boxcar discommoding vexatious disturbing heavy-footed pestiferous detrimental major ample unlimited long herculean stellar wide gigantesque oceanic excessive expansive immeasurable broad boundless man-size of considerable size man-sized giant-sized vasty giant-size dirty great heroical planetary super grandiose almighty extravagant mondo tall Herculean Himalayan heroic full-size very big mahoosive megalithic good-size good-sized a whale of a super colossal bumbling demanding hampering ill-shaped ill-contrived ill-arranged uncontrollable encumbering stout brawny burly fiddly tricky strapping sturdy a devil mesomorphic loutish powerfully built heavily built well-built solidly built hunky stark thewy difficult to handle hulky weighing a ton hard to use slow-moving bungling blundering uncoordinated laborious maladroit infinite limitless disruptive spacious Bunyanesque swelled massy thundering fair-size great big socking great exorbitant roomy extreme economy-size deep life-size magnific fair-sized comprehensive economy-sized mastodonic capacious lofty family-sized staggering family-size brobdingnagian whopper commodious magnificent nubby problematic significant princely generous bovine behemothic behemoth heavyweight blimp statuesque kingly nubbly serious lavish titan labored torpid laboured lethargic gawky stolid obtuse incommoding inappropriate unfavorable unfavourable unfortunate extremely large extremely big larger-than-life extra-large jumbo-sized barn door Cyclopean super-colossal shambling cracking curdy vexing aggravating irritating distressing ill-timed worrisome stupid puddingy doltish dull like a bull in a china shop lead-footed leisurely dragging crawling unhurried inelegant unwieldly remote prejudicial girthy extraordinary fantastic terrific abundant impressive very great profuse substantive formidable healthy appreciable good large-scale phenomenal pythonic respectable copious striking remarkable outstanding plentiful complete full plenteous superabundant whale of a marked notable whaling overwhelming awesome sky-high severe roaring extended memorable resounding thorough marvellous incalculable rip-roaring elevated measureless marvelous decent cavernous strong decisive exceptional profitable steep sweeping conclusive emphatic unbounded reasonable pronounced unqualified incredible unmistakable noteworthy out-and-out bountiful noticeable intense soaring sky-scraping astounding unusual multistorey endless skyscraping monolithic stiff illimitable majestic worthwhile altitudinous awful Homeric interminable important global prolific prosperous towery meaty immoderate sufficient advantageous not to be sneezed at entire lucrative terrible expanded whole unreasonable far-reaching wonderful bounteous amazing unmeasurable fabulous powerful surpassing decent-sized high-rise excellent mind-blowing fat sensible arduous much breathtaking muscular stunning unfathomable eternal mind-boggling spectacular tough high rise muscly thunderous unbelievable supreme thick thickset liberal rising raised stately high-reaching classic fathomless awe-inspiring Gargantuan abnormal mortal permanent splendid maxi historic ascending widespread extortionate material disproportionate ambitious undue transcendent august wide-ranging robust dreadful not inconsiderable broad-shouldered meaningful unconscionable overmuch wholesale plethoric fearful overdue insane overweening intolerable ridiculous silly exalted overextravagant devilish catholic universal imperial extra large exhaustive never-ending intemperate upraised detailed uplifted alpine consequential outrageous all-inclusive unrestricted preposterous mastodontic far-flung protracted steady lengthy all-encompassing numerous over the odds bull comfortable adequate Moby rewarding unmitigated deafening ear-splitting ear-piercing booming daunting maximum utmost top OS Brobdignagian rich elephantic thrashing superhuman paying crashing prominent lasting fine palpable superb uttermost startling miraculous cavelike enduring unforgettable very loud moving renowned irresistible dynamic eminent illustrious astonishing wicked pleasing spanking immortal remunerative gainful sensational flabbergasting dramatic rare max acute legit desperate loud shattering fleshy heavyset lank inflated high-cost fantabulous through the ceiling featureless impenetrable intractable faceless characterless immovable mundo appalling horrific fierce harsh wondrous frightful devastating distinguished epoch-making Falstaffian paunchy flabby fubsy interplanetary cosmopolitan cosmogonic empyrean interstellar cosmogonal space intergalactic ecumenical ominous consistent larger buxom greater zaftig abiding billowing macro spread-out stretched-out measurable heightened escalated increased jacked up fair baggy decided prolonged roly-poly big and strong muscle-bound broad in the beam corn-fed well upholstered well fed fairly large bonny crushing paralysing noble glorious gallant absurd outlandish unreal royal regal wide-reaching mass baronial overcoming paralyzing above average intensified ponderable spacey loose-fitting marathon nationwide exciting eye-opening legion sundry several convoluted many multifarious swelling simple multitudinous covering various leading heavy-duty packed across-the-board international chock-full stuffed intercontinental awash worldwide brimming crowded very long real key buff muscled well muscled jacked bruising rugged hearty eventful momentous firm sound bottomless hard strenuous gruelling useful durable valuable principal sinewy sturdily built obdurate stalwart ripped lusty manly pumped up stocky paramount baroque superior fancy unmerciful earth-shattering tectonic earthshaking inexhaustible inestimable sublime big-deal major-league back-breaking innumerable profound pervasive airy preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate indeterminable all-embracing unwarranted unbridled exaggerated superfluous unrestrained wearying uphill Sisyphean exacting exhausting taxing horizonless untold indefinite immensurable gratuitous needless blanket rangy prevalent prodigal surplus uncontrolled profligate wanton improvident jillion unnumberable myriad innumerous uncountable umpteen unreckonable zillion countless interdisciplinary scopic indiscriminate across the board scopious inclusive comprising multidisciplinary dissipated indulgent overabundant imprudent dizzying uncurbed redundant wasteful fatiguing toilsome killing knackering unhampered recrementitious stratospheric unchecked overindulgent ludicrous overboard supernatural overkill unfettered overgenerous extra unnecessary more uninhibited unexclusive wall to wall cross-disciplinary out of all proportion self-indulgent too many O.T.T. way out uncalled for too much a bit much OTT over the top crawling with no end to alive with no end of beyond measure grueling vigorous forceful backbreaking courageous

Tính từ

Disobedient in nature
difficult disobedient defiant dysfunctional rebellious delinquent badly behaved ill-disciplined mischievous naughty undisciplined unruly wayward bad badly-behaved impudent insolent misbehaving petulant problematic pugnacious whiny aggressive bellicose belligerent cantankerous combative confrontational contumacious disorderly disruptive errant erratic rascally recalcitrant stubborn trying uncontrollable uncooperative argumentative disturbed exasperating fierce hostile hot-tempered ill-behaved incorrigible maladjusted rough rowdy rude scrappy socially impaired truculent willful bold demanding devilish indocile insubordinate loudmouthed malicious mean nasty pesky roguish self-willed tiresome uncompliant uncontainable undisciplinable unmanageable unrestrainable irksome peevish sullen troublous contrary froward refractory intractable ungovernable obstreperous fractious wilful troublesome untoward rebel recusant incompliant balky restive mutinous perverse headstrong awkward wild unbiddable impish bolshie turbulent riotous insurgent non-compliant seditious disaffected obstinate noncompliant incontrollable aberrant treacherous factious sinful wrong out of control anarchic nonobservant resistive reckless fickle obdurate unpredictable resistant revolutionary unbearable intolerable impossible undependable persistent malign maleficent determined malevolent resolved spiteful mulish dissentious uncomplying nonconformist dissentient malcontent disloyal immoral ornery arbitrary insurrectionary cross-grained self-indulgent strong-willed threatening militant warring individualistic iconoclastic armed restless sabotaging quarrelsome alienated treasonable dissident radical anarchistic attacking offending sinning erring deviant culpable lawless criminal lawbreaking guilty transgressing misbehaved straying playful impolite wicked tricksy puckish annoying brattish scampish prankish devious unorthodox fallible deviating miscreant shifting stray unreliable heretic meandering errable wanton teasing gallus worthless fiendish tough evil off straight and narrow bad-mannered attention-seeking full of mischief unrestrained out of hand mistaken uncontrolled vexatious blundering transgressive faulty untrained unsteady capricious unschooled aberrative aberrational stroppy troublemaking unsettling disturbing upsetting ungoverned inconsistent in error distracting lacking self-control divisive noisy raucous out-of-order out-of-line off-base disrupting causing trouble

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