Đồng nghĩa của overabundant

Alternative for overabundant

overabundant /'ouvərə'bʌndənt/
  • tính từ
    • thừa mứa, thừa thãi, quá phong phú

Tính từ

Excessively abundant
abounding excessive in excess profuse surplus boundless disproportionate dissipated dizzying enormous exaggerated exorbitant extra extravagant extreme immoderate indulgent inordinate intemperate limitless more needless over overboard overkill overmuch plethoric prodigal profligate recrementitious redundant self-indulgent sky-high steep stiff stratospheric super superabundant superfluous supernatural too many towering unbounded unconscionable undue unmeasurable unreasonable way out lavish overextravagant insane unrestrained overdue overweening intolerable devilish extortionate outrageous uncurbed OTT over the top too much out of all proportion a bit much unwarranted preposterous fancy unmerciful baroque unrestricted unnecessary gratuitous unlimited wanton wasteful overindulgent uncalled for imprudent prodigious O.T.T. very too a lot unrelenting unyielding unmitigated de trop unbridled substantial grandiose vast tremendous uncontrolled immense gross improvident monstrous infinite massive stupendous humongous astronomical huge monumental immeasurable astronomic fantastic unhampered thumping whopping giant epic mighty mega gargantuan silly monster extensive ridiculous colossal unchecked unfettered mammoth mountainous overgenerous gigantic ludicrous uninhibited super-duper over the odds unjustifiable unwarrantable uncalled-for supererogatory untempered irrational high unfair inflated unjustified severe punitive unjust improper heavy over-the-top overpriced prohibitive harsh expensive pricey drastic austere draconian unprovoked criminal dear swingeing too great illogical senseless too-too absonant wild inexcusable egregious unbalanced up to here indefensible fulsome reckless costing an arm and a leg unacceptable strict out of bounds unseemly inappropriate rampant punishing overdone indiscriminate elaborate out of control overblown overripe far-out posh unrightful unlawful wrongful peremptory arbitrary unbending elevated unequal stringent unsuitable iniquitous violent uncontrollable non-essential unmerited unhindered abandoned runaway unbecoming dissipative debauched unpardonable unforgivable cruel raw rigorous burdensome theatrical hardhanded ill-advised penal groundless dissolute tough ruinous undeserved extraordinary crippling over-elaborate incontinent incommensurate sharp excessively high oppressive riotous bizarre effusive gushing overstated flamboyant overelaborate great far-fetched beyond the pale nonsensical uncivilised barbarous uncivilized ungrounded not in proportion to out of proportion to out of proportion highly coloured bottomless illegitimate relatively too small for relatively too large for over the limit unreasoned going too far wildly excessive costly inflexible savage demanding wrong dramatic crushing absurd unneeded ruthless tyrannical merciless gushy unreserved passionate very great authoritarian hard tall tempestuous raised fancy-pants blown up out of all proportion increased very high very expensive exceeding inept untimely underhanded unapt unfitting forbidden indecorous sinister inapt ill-timed illegal unseasonable imposing lofty boosted ungovernable decadent overinflated soaring diabolical grossly excessive imbalanced ornate greedy outré not required excess extremely high unthinkable inconceivable shocking appalling sneaky conscienceless knavish reprehensible wicked ungodly horrifying unholy additional rococo radical exacting onerous grievous rough surplus to requirements inadequate insufficient bitter brutal rugged grim without justification iron-fisted iron-handed heavy-handed striking multistorey impressive supreme sky-scraping daylight robbery highway robbery costing a bomb a rip-off inessential elegant decorated free murderous trying strong excruciating searing costing the earth out of sight over one's head outstanding paramount titanic magnificent Brobdingnagian surpassing superior altitudinous unfounded causeless dire desperate uncompromising stern grotesque curlicued convoluted flowery fussy hardheaded pitiless intractable relentless headstrong inhuman inexorable unconstrained unconfined transcendent hulking sublime stellar ginormous serious forceful momentous far-reaching unconvincing unlikely dubious doubtful implausible questionable unbelievable avoidable baseless unshackled untrammelled rigid zealous remorseless unusual exceptional consequential robust intense inequitable incommensurable florid ostentatious overdecorated busy bedecked wedding-cake showy gingerbread unreasoning dispensable without reason brutish nonessential unessential careless airy imperial preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery skyscraping undisciplined unimpeded natural unsuppressed fanatical overdramatic high-flown incredible sensationalized without cause overworked downright unconventional flagrant uncommon thorough absolute remarkable ferocious irrepressible unbound loose unquenchable unstoppable footloose uncontainable embellished ornamental ornamented rich gilt decorative very elaborate disproportionate to unsupportable assumed reasonless over-effusive laboured overemphasized over-enthusiastic fabulous utter sheer unrepressed highly unlikely actorly melodramatic stagy affected sensationalistic forced hyped out-and-out spontaneous licentious frank candid audacious impertinent blunt out of hand ungoverned saturnalian immoral impotent plenary open untrammeled lawless camp uneven not appropriate for not proportional lacking parity at odds with not necessary last straw crazy sensationalised labored overemphasised hyped up out of line out of keeping with beyond all bounds irregular laid on with a trowel inconsistent unsymmetrical overbalanced asymmetric disparate lopsided top-heavy nonsymmetrical not appropriate to not commensurate with more than one can afford

Tính từ

Extremely or exceedingly abundant
superabundant excessive extra in excess profuse surplus abounding a dime a dozen alive with ample aplenty bounteous bountiful copious crawling with extravagant extreme exuberant fulsome galore generous immoderate lavish liberal lush luxuriant no end openhanded opulent overflowing plentiful plenty prodigal profusive prolific riotous sumptuous superfluous swarming teeming thick with unstinting abundant rich rampant jungly rank plenteous handsome considerable cornucopian comfortable munificent large substantial over the top voluminous bumper full great huge lank inexhaustible heavy infinite flush sizeable extensive rife a gogo commodious big replete thick on the ground significant hefty wealthy affluent substantive sizable princely respectable tidy well-provided healthy vast countless innumerable myriad in abundance productive gushing plenitudinous major good sufficient stinking with appreciable broad largish biggish goodly well-supplied numerous whopping immense immeasurable expansive no end in sight spacious luxurious roomy fertile packed flowing fruitful dripping unsparing thick prodigious grand capacious exorbitant many multifarious multiple manifold multitudinous unlimited boundless in plenty fat hulking bulky outsize oversize oversized outsized no end of well-stocked gross crammed stuffed proliferous wordy prolix verbose moneyed mucho wide comprehensive notable meaningful effusive abundant in abounding in stink with complete serious important inordinate open-handed gushy unrestrained easy dilatable extended distensible spacey expandable a mess of prosperous awash filled competent swimming chock-full enough improvident coming out of ears thumping elegant whacking ginormous kingly flushed fraught swamped overrun bonny lousy with rolling thronging saturated brimming enormous astronomic massive astronomical gigantic gracious pleasant lousy deluged thumping great whacking great whopping great monstrous giant meaty jumbo king size monumental pronounced mountainous king-size elephantine titanic hulky grandiose colossal humongous tremendous herculean mammoth king-sized measurable stinking crawling suitable not to be sneezed at goodish knee-deep unrestricted well-fixed satisfactory well-situated adequate well off decent endless free from hardship well-off well-heeled well-to-do enough and to spare measureless diverse uncounted miscellaneous disparate varied multifold large-scale numberless multiplied uncountable unremitting assorted incomputable legion sundry prevalent several motley incalculable populous unnumbered frequent mixed limitless unbounded various more than enough

Tính từ

Inclined to be generous or to share in abundance
liberal generous bountiful charitable free kind munificent unsparing unstinting altruistic beneficent extravagant magnanimous unselfish bounteous lavish open-handed prodigal benevolent philanthropic ungrudging big-hearted kind-hearted overgenerous bighearted freehanded free-handed freehearted fulsome immoderate improvident intemperate open openhanded open-hearted profligate thriftless unrestrained wasteful wild casual eleemosynary exuberant free-and-easy giving handsome openhearted princely soft-touch unstinging generous to a fault over the top helpful humanitarian noble considerate kindly selfless humane chivalrous big good self-sacrificing indulgent kindhearted compassionate hospitable public-spirited loving philanthropical decent benignant thoughtful caring gracious benign greathearted tolerant self-denying extroverted disinterested obliging great-hearted devoted denying incorruptible self-effacing self-forgetting sympathetic high-minded lofty all heart warm-hearted friendly profuse loose do-good self-forgetful honourable affable plenteous honest honorable just neighbourly goodhearted abundant gallant willing neighborly large-hearted genial cordial ready easy sociable fair amicable understanding congenial merciful amiable unstinted accommodating willingly given warm tender warmhearted moderate excellent reasonable almsgiving good-hearted ample plentiful well-disposed tenderhearted full lenient upright good-natured lordly elevated great softhearted high welcoming equitable well-meaning soft-hearted effusive moralistic acceptable convivial gentle solicitous affectionate socially concerned pleasant worthy eager natural righteous virtuous courteous respectable upstanding ethical principled cheerful moral soft clement fatherly comforting maternal likable tender-hearted polite likeable motherly well meaning sweet good-humoured nice good-humored rich substantial unreasonable unprejudiced human unkind unrelenting cruel excessive inexorable procrustean immaculate useful beneficient valuable social-minded respected approving holy pharisaical inoffensive goody-goody spotless angelical esteemed unerring creditable welfare nonprofit donating prosocial patriotic contributing bleeding heart good scout Robin Hood amenable not-for-profit non-profit non-profit-making conscientious valiant goodish heroic unmarred pietistical chaste pristine graceful pietistic unflawed well disposed doing good works public- spirited sublime forgiving guestfriendly redeeming virginal untouched prayerful unblamable redeemable knightly wholesome angelic lovable easygoing agreeable mild soft touch cooperative benefic pitying brotherly calm tactful propitious unoffensive mellow dutiful bleeding-heart delightful attentive good-tempered regardful well intentioned fatherlike respectful sweet-tempered heart in right place feeling pleasing supportive engaging patient well-mannered deferential forbearing Santa Claus has heart in right place reputable uncorrupted cultivated redoubtable illustrious outgoing communicative outstanding brave refined courtly talkative hearty remarkable meritorious extraordinary noble-minded stand-up anti-corruption unreserved comradely enthusiastic loquacious garrulous uninhibited fond heartfelt cheery sincere earnest happy wholehearted genuine demonstrative forthcoming inviting companionable approachable chatty voluble extrovert conversational palsy matey amorous deep chummy bonhomous empathetic responsive buddy-buddy paternal palsy-walsy discursive talky effervescent unconstrained expansive gushy gregarious

Tính từ

Rich and profuse in growth
rank lush luxuriant abundant dense exuberant flourishing profuse vigorous overgrown productive prosperous rampant weedy fecund fertile jungly spreading coarse fructiferous grown junglelike lavish luxurious prolific rich semitropical tropical wild high-growing teeming plentiful fruitful riotous plenteous verdant superabundant green copious cornucopian bountiful fat fructuous leafy thick abounding generative yielding thriving breeding proliferant spawning overflowing excessive huge flowering vegetative bringing forth uberous breedy with child pubescent gravid loamy procreant black feracious virile pregnant bearing childing flowing with milk and honey producing puberal arable hebetic proliferous ample bounteous extensive rife heavy inexhaustible jungle-like untidy colossal unkempt grassy diffuse proliferating high-yielding propagative fruit-bearing bushy impenetrable condensed compact concentrated crowded prodigal serried impassable proliferative close-packed reproductive swarming high-volume generating reproducing leafed leaved shady shaded summery springlike umbrageous bosky wooded covered hidden substantial infinite sizeable countless broad large great bumper opulent voluminous innumerable myriad plenty aplenty comfortable boundless sufficient commodious in foliage no end of mucho liberal galore full lank considerable flush generous thick on the ground in abundance a gogo big handsome hefty significant sizable substantive tidy massive major goodly immense grand healthy good respectable vast whopping extravagant appreciable enormous astronomical prodigious bulky elephantine oversized monumental largish biggish solid hulking immeasurable no end replete gigantic outsize affluent mammoth serious titanic astronomic monstrous comprehensive herculean jumbo marked whacking spacious king-size wealthy king-sized complete oversize tremendous outsized exorbitant immoderate expansive a dime a dozen king size unstinting numerous expectant enceinte munificent capacious humongous noticeable decent gross giant large-scale roomy princely long reasonable unlimited sumptuous profitable wide fraught Himalayan thumping extreme not to be sneezed at entire whole mountainous extraordinary fine flowing loaded mega exhaustive gushing adequate cumbersome fancy much well-provided fulsome worthwhile plenitudinous high elaborate epic expecting Brobdingnagian inordinate meaningful super preggers detailed stinking with advantageous humungous gargantuan lucrative ginormous crawling with spacey no end in sight cosmic walloping cosmical galactic supersized leviathan parturient thick with vasty anticipating easy gestating hopeful parous grandiose heavyweight awash resplendent carrying a child elegant chic in family way in a family way global well-fixed well-situated well-supplied measureless beefy sweeping splendid thronging well-off well-heeled important satisfying notable unwieldy chunky gorgeous lousy mighty filling well-to-do fleshy thorough costly expensive square hearty unusual cumbrous superfluous palatial far-reaching corpulent improvident deluxe unrestrained l laden burdensome awkward built plush magnificent luxury effusive lead-footed posh monster unreasonable fair oceanic gigantesque heroic ornate plushy many multifarious multitudinous unsparing material intemperate pharaonic planetary supersize cyclopean heroical over the top profusive openhanded Lucullan limitless swanky ritzy stupendous strong weighty extended alive with gone caught quick in-depth pronounced husky abundant in towering cavernous abounding in super-duper valuable thumping great whopping great whacking great all-inclusive steady rewarding paying well-stocked filled remunerative gainful in plenty packed dripping crammed stuffed disproportionate goodish populous heavy-laden deep wholesale multiple manifold unrestricted pleasant gracious stink with booming fruiting progenitive billowing wordy prolix verbose legit suitable tolerable baggy lackless incalculable terrible kingly enough and to spare pretty hulky competent swimming chock-full enough eternal propagating moneyed bonny gilded gushy open-handed well off satisfactory boxcar heightened severe escalated increased jacked up phenomenal meaty measurable endless wide-ranging wide-reaching dilatable distensible expandable rolling in money protracted generously proportioned loose-fitting lousy with free from hardship a mess of illimitable widespread terrific almighty worth taking into account exquisite prolonged above average abnormal intensified legion sundry several convoluted swelling simple covering various awesome expanded overwhelming imposing interminable formidable spanking stylish coming out of ears Bunyanesque bull brobdingnagian lengthy decided massy mondo mastodonic monolithic far-flung spread-out mundo never-ending whale of a Gargantuan stretched-out very big Herculean very great very large unbounded upmarket classy swank superb comfort stodgy calorific swish glitzy real key snazzy palatian eventful historic momentous firm sturdy consequential sound leaden starchy useful durable principal spiffy embellished precious extra-large powerful big-deal earth-shattering tectonic major-league earthshaking high-class beyond price lavishly appointed fatty creamy full-bodied minute elaborated particular circumstantial particularized seriatim specific explicit exact precise painstaking overflowing with loaded with rich in rife with bursting with replete with Lucullian regal luxe palace exaggerated silken wasteful Babylonian accurate overloaded with brimful with teeming with jam-packed with fraught with brimming with swarming with jammed with packed with pretentious thriftless showy awash with crowded with charged with solid with crammed with chock-a-block with stuffed with well supplied with unabridged well stocked with chock-full of well provided with chocker with first-class unstinging impressive over-the-top profligate preggy blow-by-blow particularised clucky preggo encyclopedic expecting a baby with young with ch having a child having a baby impregnate intact perfect in detail broad-ranging up the duff storked carry in trouble knocked up in pod infanticipating up the pole expect bear integral plenary absolute cyclopedic embracive compendious in the club having a bun in the oven fertilised on the way in an interesting condition big with child with a bun in the oven with one in the oven having swallowed a watermelon seed with a joey in the pouch in a delicate condition in the family way up the stick fertilized with a baby on the way expecting a happy event prenatal heavy with child in the pudding club antenatal up the spout panoramic encyclopaedic itemized total universal compleat itemised inclusive choate uncut largest omnibus all-embracing in depth all-encompassing broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged all-in most more than enough

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