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Alternative for generative

generative /'dʤenərətiv/
  • tính từ
    • có khả năng sinh ra, sinh ra


(of soil or land) Producing or capable of producing abundant vegetation or crops
fertile productive prolific fruitful lush rich fecund fat luxuriant flowering fructuous yielding abundant cornucopian high-yielding plentiful proliferating propagative teeming fruit-bearing plenteous arable bearing black bountiful breeding breedy childing feracious gravid hebetic loamy pregnant procreant producing proliferant puberal pubescent rank spawning uberous vegetative virile bringing forth with child flowing with milk and honey reproducing fructiferous profuse bounteous generating propagating proliferous reproductive fruiting progenitive copious proliferative creative rife flourishing inventive thriving high-volume swarming inexhaustible abounding potent able to have young able to conceive able to reproduce able to have children able to have babies lavish ample generous superabundant liberal galore overflowing aplenty plenty opulent comfortable exuberant large full great flush riotous dense overgrown bumper rampant huge considerable prosperous substantial lank prodigal no end infinite green excessive thick verdant jungly vigorous a dime a dozen voluminous leafy thick on the ground handsome extravagant commodious grown heavy affluent weedy a gogo wealthy unstinting extensive sizeable munificent immoderate fulsome jungle-like overabundant superfluous replete crawling with well-provided boundless in abundance loaded gushing grassy grand well-off luxurious vast well-fixed well-heeled big well-to-do extreme sumptuous profusive openhanded immense alive with thick with tidy roomy capacious spacious flowing well-supplied numerous countless broad innumerable sufficient over the top expansive myriad plenitudinous no end of stinking with no end in sight surplus in excess extra awash filled grass-covered well-stocked diffuse fraught verdurous thronging in plenty lousy crammed stuffed packed dripping mucho graminaceous fresh gramineous viridescent virid blooming successful lucrative complete booming profitable whopping princely spreading unrestricted competent swimming unlimited appreciable chock-full enough improvident remunerative tropical high-growing junglelike semitropical coarse wild decent stink with lousy with enough and to spare monied deep-pocketed paying fat-cat cushy moneyed silk-stocking moneymaking juicy economic well-endowed money-spinning gainful resplendent fancy chic gilded fine jammy billowing bulky well-situated baggy hulking outsize biggish hefty largish husky goodly sizable oversize massive oversized boxcar outsized effusive easy inordinate open-handed gushy unrestrained spacey loose-fitting cavernous innovational visionary imaginative ingenious innovative resourceful original many multifarious comprehensive swelling legion sundry several convoluted simple multitudinous covering various effective constructive efficacious effectual efficient dynamic energetic more than enough


Serving to refresh or reinvigorate the body or mind
vital envigorating invigorating rejuvenating restorative reviving vitalizing invigorative refreshing stimulating stimulative tonic bracing cordial quickening life-giving energizing exhilarating energising enlivening revitalizing rousing vivifying revitalising lively animating fresh uplifting fortifying electrifying interesting revivifying restoring healthful brisk rejuvenative cool strengthening salubrious pick-me-up inspiriting health-giving healthy exhilarative analeptic trophic crisp adrenalizing challenging arousing moving breathtaking spine-tingling hair-raising thrilling inspiring thought-provoking stirring provocative gripping titillating appealing hectic thirst-quenching chilly salutary beneficial vigorous freshening cooling keen cold reanimating inspirational galvanizing encouraging rallying heartening exciting high hyper esthetic charged fascinating aesthetic galvanising intoxicating exhilarant renewing reinvigorating motivating roborant provoking electric innerving motivational influential persuasive spirited impelling striking emotional galvanic affective kicky mind-blowing mind-boggling rip-roaring mind-bending heart-stopping meaningful touching inciting intriguing soul-stirring clean riveting sharp refreshful biting sparkling affecting exalting heady exhilaratory instigating instigative triggering awakening piquing enabling activating activation invigoration nippy absorbing captivating parky zesty pure clear envigoration cheering gladdening inviting advantageous giddy eye-popping animative elevating salutiferous sanative medicinal entertaining untainted airy unpolluted pleasant uncontaminated hygienic piquant sexy sanitary exalté giving one food for thought impassioned emotive passionate dynamic impactful dramatic memorable brilliant dazzling poignant animated impressive energetic anthemic vivid vibrant enthusiastic hearty bold bright emotion-charged graphic colourful warm blinding radiant glaring strong notable hot noticeable gleaming pronounced definite powerful marked colorful


Of or relating to the biological theory of evolution


Providing a reasonable or high degree of benefit
productive fruitful constructive useful valuable profitable rewarding worthwhile beneficial effective gainful gratifying formative helpful advantageous industrious positive practical win-win expedient good favorable favourable of use remunerative of service meritorious lucrative economic timely invaluable kindly benignant benefic serviceable of assistance opportune worth it paying beneficent significant encouraging worthy salutary informative efficacious advisable of help instrumental conducive of value friendly appropriate strategic propitious of benefit moneymaking meaningful satisfying enriching facilitative important substantial fat juicy handy illuminating money-spinning effectual sensible applicable estimable commodious auspicious behooveful relevant suitable necessary best fulfilling justifiable edifying pleasing well spent to one's advantage usable wholesome prosperous purposeful good for one comforting gladdening heartening cheering heartwarming agreeable benevolent supportive good for you excellent paid promising toward nice money-making priceless exemplary worth the effort going well-paying fructuous sweet lush generous rich uplifting inspiring benign pivotal essential vital crucial financially rewarding well paid in one's interests in one's best interests imperative paramount critical indispensable going concern paid off very productive in the black admired appreciated fundamental key requisite respected in demand exigent needed loved held dear hot esteemed of the essence worth its weight in gold central scarce worthful hot property contributive preferred right correct thriving apt rational acceptable wise pragmatic reasoned prudent judicious desirable logical sound proper fitting fit recommended instructive valid seemly presentable sagacious definitive tactical convenient compelling best suited clear suggested most correct


Strongly influencing later developments
seminal creative influential original formative important innovative groundbreaking imaginative ground-breaking pioneering productive major critical crucial epoch-making fundamental germinal inspirational inspiring pivotal primary fresh new innovatory inventive innovational novel unusual unconventional unprecedented unfamiliar unorthodox ingenious disruptive trailblazing revolutionary avant-garde newfangled experimental off-centre advanced modern new-fashioned ultra-modern modernistic futuristic unique neoteric different state-of-the-art cutting-edge leading-edge unknown refreshing strange visionary singular originative inspired special untried distinctive artistic unaccustomed unheard-of breaking new ground radical mould-breaking trendsetting innovating brand-new spearheading rare uncommon untested surprising exotic atypical out-of-the-box offbeat recent left-field cutting edge odd contemporary just out out of the ordinary funky peculiar far cry clever individual fertile individualistic Promethean demiurgic resourceful avant garde forward-looking progressive high-tech latest leading sophisticated complex unparalleled up-to-date alternative ultramodern ahead of the times space-age forward up to date breakthrough avant exceptional never-before-seen up to the minute eccentric nifty brand new up-to-the-minute newly discovered recently developed smart higher developed evolved newest improved game-changing fashionable refined future late extraordinary modish go-ahead abnormal unmatched unequalled remarkable unrivalled way-out vanguard flash hip outstanding underground prodigious incomparable unrivaled freakish anomalous current intricate snazzy elaborate unequaled matchless unexcelled striking unexampled record untypical amazing freak peerless fantastic outré phenomenal momentous marvellous hi-tech outre marvelous aberrant signal idiosyncratic miraculous bizarre preternatural outlandish updated first-time modern-day forward-thinking highly developed beyond compare hot latter-day sui generis science fiction unheard of mod au courant one of a kind in a league of its own without equal present-day red-hot nouvelle out-of-the-way new age without parallel designer ahead of its time quirky welcome fringe technologically advanced stimulating subversive unwonted high artful transformational without precedent out of the common variational in fashion in deviceful in style in vogue bohemian this season's new-fangled all the rage stylish not just another far-out voguish chic liberal lead beat head strategic well-thought-out multifaceted well-designed involved well-planned well-built trendy cool mistakenly trendy new wave with it swinging pathbreaking now happening natty leading edge self-regulating robotic automatic kicking landmark kicky tony fly unhackneyed drastic spiffy automated artificially intelligent powerful sassy modernised modernized stylin' 21st-century topical a la mode contemporaneous popular faddish plugged-in in-thing intelligent world-shattering up-and-coming capable of learning foremost prime ahead supreme complicated pre-eminent excellent extreme precocious paramount principal far along well ahead far ahead high-end well along all-time

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