Đồng nghĩa của breakthrough

Alternative for breakthrough


Đồng nghĩa: discovery, find,

Danh từ

A sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development
advance improvement development discovery find progress advancement enhancement finding innovation invention quantum leap refinement revolution step forward success boost gain headway hike increase leap rise leap forward leap forwards new idea turn of events step in the right direction progression amelioration growth betterment elevation furtherance enrichment promotion augmentation evolution evolvement expansion movement melioration upgrading upgrade upswing procession escalation heightening emergence buildup coming-of-age cultivation passage maturation march preferment transformation embellishment step up rally regeneration momentum anabasis civilisation change for the better civilization forward movement movement forward onward movement increment creation upturn inroads contrivance modernization augmenting step concoction coinage process jump forwarding scientific advancement break technological advancement intensification spread meliorism steps forward elaboration aggrandizement metamorphosis blossoming raising flowering inspiration aggrandisement expedition stride giant strides upsurge recovery boosting ground gained revival recuperation climb journey steps flourishing benefit strengthening going onrush continuance continuation mobilisation mobilization velocity emanation stage magnification amplification inflation career move forward march getting ahead going forward swelling lift stress emphasis exaltation extension level maturing evolving growing blooming reinforcement proliferation encroachment inroad surge jacking up moving forward onward motion forward motion correction rectification incubate nurse nourish wrinkle amendment product rectifying face-lift reformation upbeat plan brainchild idea pioneering design introduction renovation turnaround enlargement revision inception formulation conception launch institution origination construction change kaizen reclamation induction inauguration devising initiation release device discovering conclusion abrupt change leaps and bounds quantum jump transilience radical change lucky strike ripening course flow fruition burgeoning stream unfolding motion ascent advancing current tide drift path spate mushrooming rush flux push run wind strides sequence boom maturity way buildout thriving succession chain proceeding passing unraveling arrival coming prosperity spurt continuity string mellowing unravelling advent nearing ballooning snowballing flood accession kick upstairs move up step up the ladder turn-up ground existence advantage life transspecific evolution adaptation supplementation endowment natural process education preference reworking modification training transmogrification developing order unrolling recasting reconstruction perfecting way forward furthering transition voyage working out mastery edification reform germination achievement shooting up stepping forward spreading operation springing up series upgrowth increasing making progress sprouting macroevolution exponential growth direction imperialism capability ability draft scheme consecution resilience strength trend upward mobility geometric growth growth spurt tendency adulthood ontogenesis ontogeny explosive growth rampant growth rapid growth streak vegetation vigor vigour draught traction pullulation ebb and flow bout expanse pregnancy multiplication accrual accretion swell fast track outpouring incubation diversification spike uptick uptrend diffusion economic expansion tenor gush train line array upping unfurling elasticity buoyancy gravidity outflow approaching reaching leaning persistence field increase in size spreading out opening out build-up blow up scaling up blowing up roll sweep issue swirl circulation economic growth career development expansionism moving up deluge jet percolation trickle squirt welling a kick upstairs a step up a move up a step up the ladder high level of activity being upgraded drip river discharge ooze leak effusion parturiency onset approach presence appearing tideway oozing undertow seepage spout dribble gestation reproduction family way fecundation leakage drawing near imminence coming nearer showing up coming near appearance turning up entrance

Danh từ

Something that is made larger by size or amount
increase rise addition growth surge increment buildup escalation expansion increasement inflation spread boost burgeoning development extension intensification proliferation upsurge accretion accumulation enlargement gain multiplication accession maximisation maximization optimisation optimization swell swelling upturn accrual accumulating augmentation creep distension distention doubling explosion hike lengthening merger quadrupling raise tripling upgrade access addendum advancement aggrandisement aggrandizement appendix appreciation assemblage bump collection complement continuation cumulation elaboration exaggeration gathering incorporation jump more plus run-up spike step up uptick uptrend avalanche broadening crescendo dilation waxing top-up large increase advance improvement upswing supplement boom enhancement elevation spurt up wax upward turn jack up amplification mushrooming magnification heightening build-up snowballing widening upping leap acceleration compounding procreation strengthening exacerbation climb stretching propagation spiralling spiraling deepening reinforcement worsening reproduction evolution generation buildout dilatation boosting aggravation maturation upgrading breeding ascent elongation amassment lift amassing soaring prolongation diffusion promotion spreading raising augmenting progress mass rapid increase multiplying piling up stacking up price increases blowing up unfolding production building up recovery stimulation stockpile creation concentration supplementing deterioration profit stepping-up bulge spreading out sharpening store revival extent developing annexation price rises collecting rush intensifying progression growing diversification tumefaction scope compass fleshing out push upgrowth expanse ascension evolvement continuing drawing out turnaround flowering increasing exponential growth ramp up unfurling ballooning growth spurt topping up protraction spawning increase in size blow-up opening out blow up conception amelioration opening mounting quantity enrichment adjunct vicious circle virtuous circle accruement uprise augment aggrandization high pickup bounce step-up small increase accrument formation stepping up reflation recuperation skyrocketing beefing up logjam backlog agglomeration gestation cultivation nurture rocketing aggregation thickening fattening rising ascendance expanding pooling pileup assembly enlarging stockpiling inflaming gradual growth towering soar intumescence stack advertising load hype publicity puff plug heap building assembling hoarding reserve annex profit margin price increase puffing up filling out loudening expatiation dramatic increase sudden increase move-up jump-up snowball effect grab annexing attachment annexe furtherance embellishment inflammation stress geometric growth explanation padding contribution producing young bloating leg-up margin pretension move up jump up upward movement pretentiousness shooting up explosive growth rampant growth rapid growth sudden rise maturing affectation unraveling evolving advancing pretence grandiosity pretense condition deepening stocking up gross profit significant addition affectedness maturity scaling up prosperity transmission producing rounding out incubation puffiness reinforcing elaborating ripening dissemination adulthood perfecting ongoing unravelling markup adding to making progress reduplification manifolding repetition repeating exponentiation reproducing reduplication recurrence duplication postponement perpetuation suffusion dispersal scale extra time profusion term coverage division period distribution dispersion transfusion allotment ramification radiation prolonging additional period of time branch orbit conservatory allowance denotation arm sweep radius stretch reach lean-to leeway span porch purview additional room

Tính từ

Being advanced in development
advanced forward progressive modern state-of-the-art avant-garde sophisticated innovative revolutionary higher developed foremost innovatory latest new newest up-to-date ahead complex evolved futuristic groundbreaking intricate leading newfangled pioneering prime recent supreme cutting-edge radical refined trailblazing avant complicated elaborate ingenious pre-eminent excellent exceptional extreme flash improved late nifty paramount precocious principal snazzy leading-edge ultra-modern up to date forward-looking forward-thinking highly developed new-fashioned newly discovered recently developed up to the minute up-to-the-minute far ahead far along high-end well ahead well along ahead of the times future contemporary innovational high ground-breaking hi-tech high-tech landmark updated current modernistic topical modern-day latter-day ultramodern new age fashionable present-day red-hot never-before-seen mod trendsetting hot 21st-century designer neoteric modish au courant space-age nouvelle fresh trendy now stylish in vogue with it voguish chic happening popular a la mode cool all the rage hip smart in fly in fashion novel inventive natty in style faddy chichi in-thing brand-new original just out dashing favored swank cutting edge favoured swanky upscale rakish tony contemporaneous faddish present latest thing prevailing usual genteel sharp kicky snappy big swish swell supercool exclusive leading edge today last word disruptive swinging spiffy sassy trig customary well-liked groovy elegant a go-go creative hot off the press experimental du jour bang up to date extant go-ahead newborn unconventional unorthodox unfamiliar posh kicking off-centre funky popularized schmick with-it dapper popularised hot off the fire brand new dressy latter contempo ongoing the latest instant existent up-and-coming automated unusual favorite unprecedented classy culty ultra modern de rigueur crowd-pleasing favourite on fleek in thing imaginative hot off press à la mode enterprising young liberal recently discovered enlightened unique gimmicky newfound styleworthy vanguard dynamic modernized modernised way-out immediate left-field debonair coeval up abreast present-time plugged-in twenty-first-century fancy tasteful vogue just released down def hep downtown turned-on of late dap high-class pop large prevalent seminal all the go well turned-out in the mainstream influential mould-breaking well-heeled expensive innovating spearheading sexy today's afresh party finest Sunday youthful smartest nice formal nicest supermodern hippest quite recent surrealistic dewy nontraditional concurrent forefront coincident high-toned glamorous bleeding edge just issued timely bohemian offbeat eccentric synchronous later good the new massive coexistent last-ditch far-out simultaneous coexisting swagger coincidental underground head lead beat coetaneous high-style ahead of its time relevant attractive twenty-first century fine flashy polished coterminous trim high-fashion understated flattering in the news existing bling resourceful occurring recently mistakenly trendy new wave ritzy fancy-pants SOTA live alive burning coextensive appearing recently urbane sleek ostentatious pretentious uptown beautiful jazzy steezy slick showy ambitious entrepreneurial common knowledge on front burner de nos jours balanced holistic planetary astrological supernaturalist spiritual mystic occult alternative synchronic dressed to the teeth dressed to kill well-dressed well-groomed clean vigorous spirited driven energetic enthusiastic vital nowadays prompt being commenced already started begun exciting well put together daring audacious adventurous intrepid rising high-powered go-getting bold courageous in duration going on ad hoc just now even now in process under consideration at this moment stylin' different unreleased for the time being le dernier cri bang up-to-date unpublished Age of Aquarius crystal healing uncommon singular gumptious untested rare strange fundamental surprising untried unknown exotic drastic unhackneyed previously unreleased newly arrived newly released newly published brand spanking new new-found spanking new involved subtle out of the ordinary game-changing world-shattering detailed delicate convoluted involute multifaceted labyrinthian byzantine complicate clever baroque tangled labyrinthine knotty more recent most recent

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