Đồng nghĩa của maturation

Alternative for maturation

maturation /,mætjuə'reiʃn/
  • danh từ
    • sự chín (trái cây)
    • sự mưng mủ (mụn, nhọt...); sự làm mưng mủ
    • sự thành thực, sự trưởng thành


The realization or fulfilment of a plan or project
fruition attainment fulfilment realisation realization actualization consummation maturity completion perfection accomplishment achievement materialisation materialization ripeness close conclusion enjoyment finish resolution actuality effecting execution fulfillment implementation pass performance ripening success culmination effectuation fruitfulness gratification pleasure readiness reification satisfaction winding up polishing off sewing up triumph victory win feat glory masterstroke ascendancy eminence progress advance benefit grand slam flying colors arrival éclat walkover strike favorable outcome walkaway effectuality enactment efficaciousness conquest auspiciousness ascendency effectiveness feather in somebody's cap contrivance effectualness exploit successfulness successful outcome positive result favourable outcome favourable result jackpot deed acquirement skill miracle acquisition baby coup master stroke stroke of genius maneuver manoeuvre carrying out tour de force production masterpiece winning act finishing effort gain hit clean sweep stunt vanquishment result gaining procurement undertaking reaching closing discharge fulfilling mastery end feather in your cap carrying through dominion supremacy overpowering conquering trouncing thrashing crushing serenity beating upset contentment finalization defeating stroke prize gold work enterprise operation stratagem action prosecution engineering ending pursuance perpetration commission handiwork creation sweep completing concluding defeat vanquishing joy overthrow advantage sensation rout feather in cap hole in one finalisation crowning score splash successful completion big win killing propitiousness job opus product capping perfecting scoop coup d'état coup de mâitre obtaining getting securing realizing set notch in one's belt successful manoeuvre plot successful resolution reaping successful consummation successful fulfillment successful finalization successful execution successful conclusion procuring acquiring redemption successful stroke glee cheerfulness reward sense of achievement self-satisfaction realising succeeding bringing into being bringing to fruition carrying-out exercise move arrival at doing luck cessation termination upper hand game boon blessing godsend self-realization inner peace kicks observance kick nirvana self-fulfillment discharging you got it contentedness self-actualization just the ticket curtains dispatch completeness expiration wind-up hips integration windup finis wrap-up bringing about windfall good bonanza treasure asset superiority runaway victory decisive victory game, set and match landslide overwhelming majority subjugation sovereignty discovery subduing masterwork finishing point swan song sway successful result annihilation trick wonder knockout good fortune stroke of luck leadership subjugating subjection hammering clobbering subjecting domination dominating number massacre pasting caning murder drubbing paramountcy chef-d'oeuvre magnum opus downfall subdual routing victory over discomfiture triumph over prevalence marvellous feat supreme example grand achievement feat of strength spectacular achievement feather in one's cap piece de resistance great achievement precedence elevation smash belter palm smasheroo surmounting takeover cinch homer pushover wow smash-hit home run the gold big hit smash hit shoo-in


The way in which something progresses or develops
course development progress progression advance order unfolding flow growth movement sequence succession advancement continuity march passage procession buildup emergence furtherance proceeding spread advancing evolution evolvement evolving expedition flourishing metamorphosis motion operation passing process spreading transformation blossoming burgeoning chain expansion extension flowering forwarding growing headway journey maturing momentum promotion rise unravelling unraveling upgrowth consecution escalation fruition onrush scheme string forward movement movement forward onward motion onward movement step forward steps forward forward motion coming-of-age augmentation breakthrough improvement enhancement refinement elaboration betterment proliferation innovation amelioration boost enlargement upgrading elevation enrichment modernization blooming adaptation maturity change reworking modification revision transmogrification revolution leap working out unrolling ripening recasting reconstruction inroads melioration discovery find finding leap forward inroad step invention scientific advancement incubate quantum leap nurse nourish break technological advancement step in the right direction success boosting augmenting ground gained gain globalisation globalization increase expanse aggrandizement magnification swell multiplication accrual accession accretion mushrooming uptrend upgrade swelling amplification diffusion inflation diversification spike upsurge buildout upturn uptick embellishment upping unfurling ballooning snowballing increase in size blow up spreading out aggrandisement step up opening out scaling up blowing up build-up


The fact or process of growing old


A thick yellowish or greenish opaque liquid produced in infected tissue, consisting of dead white blood cells and bacteria with tissue debris and serum

Trái nghĩa của maturation

maturation Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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