Đồng nghĩa của succeeding

Alternative for succeeding

succeeds, succeeded, succeeding

Trái nghĩa: fail, unsuccessful,

Danh từ

Something achieved with effort, skill, or courage
attainment realisation realization achievement fulfilment gaining accomplishment completion acquisition consummation fruition procurement getting obtaining reaching realising realizing securing winning acquirement actuality actualization baby coup effecting feat fulfilling fulfillment gain pass reaping success triumph acquiring effectuation procuring reification arrival execution finish arrival at carrying out implementation conclusion perfection discharge culmination performance finishing end close crowning carrying through prosecution materialization life's work lifework resolution gratification materialisation enactment perpetration commission closing completing winding up satisfaction ending discharging result of working life engineering pursuance polishing off sewing up obtainment product of working life maturity finalization appropriation dispatch getting hold of exploit self-realization self-fulfillment self-actualization kick contentedness contentment redemption termination production cessation finalisation concluding windup finis expiration wind-up wrap-up successful completion kicks observance you got it just the ticket achieving observance profit maturation capping perfecting purchase ripeness enjoyment undertaking ripening masterpiece conquest pleasure readiness fruitfulness curtains completeness hips integration enforcement serenity nirvana joy pursuit maneuver act effort deed manoeuvre exploits carrying-out operation administration effect bringing into being bringing to fruition feats master stroke successful resolution addition retrieval collecting amassing collection rendering successful fulfillment successful conclusion conducting inner peace conduct positive result successful consummation tour de force successful finalization successful execution salvage recovery carrying off doing bringing about finishing point swan song acts work bringing off nuts and bolts practice finale stop carrying into action get add-on terminus closure cease outcome determination upshot expiry stopping point result desuetude last word target bottom line adjournment period sign-off issue omega consequence payoff retirement desistance end of the line curtain discontinuance denouement

Động từ

Present participle for to come after and take the place of

Trái nghĩa của succeeding

succeeding Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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